MAY 2010 - OCTober 2011


Greetings Vywamus,

Six months have passed now where I have had many near black outs. Are these really necessary to get me on the path to clear out parasites ? Why didn't these happen before I moved interstate ? How can I be of assistance to mankind once I am free of these blockages ?

Dear Ruth,

While I do not give specific diagnostic or therapeutic medical advice through this channel, for you and for others who are also challenged with physical problems, I do have some general suggestions, and some words to say about other aspects of medical conditions.

When someone asks for help in a medical situation, I always suggest that first you look for the very best that Western medicine has to give you, and also the very best that alternative medicine can offer. This is, of course, a commonsense part of everyone’s responsibility to provide the best possible care for your body, your faithful companion on your path. You have done this, to some extent, already, and I urge you to be very thorough in exploring every option. Particularly with near blackouts, which can occur as part of many different medical conditions, it is important for you to explore every possibility.

From a larger perspective, living with a medical condition always brings important lessons, whether practical ones such as learning how to pay attention to and care for your body, or karmic and other lessons your soul came here to experience. However, I want to emphasize for everyone that a medical condition is not a detour on your spiritual path, but is an essential part of it. It is part of what you came here to do. And your ability to be of assistance to humanity and to contribute to the world is not at all dependent on waiting until health problems and their associated emotional energies are resolved.

Right in the midst of your medical problems, you are in a position to help the world. First and foremost, your contribution to the world is always to spend as much time as possible being in the light, in touch with your inner Being, and in touch with the aliveness that is always there within you. Meditation is one way to be in this state of higher consciousness, of course, or you can use whatever way you have found works for you. One way of entering this higher state that may be especially helpful when you have a physical problem is to focus on going deeply into the energy field of your body, beneath and beyond the surface level where the pain and other problems typically are, deep into the very core of your physical being. And simply be there. Just your spending some time every day being in this higher state of consciousness helps all beings on the planet – and it is good for your body as well.

Second, be mindful of the opportunities for growth a physical ailment provides on your path, for learning greater and greater acceptance of the reality of the present moment, even while you have this physical problem. Accept it all -- the ailment, the resistance you feel to having it, the actions you may need to take to care for your body, the role you play in allowing others to help you, or in presenting a challenge to physicians and other practitioners that enhances their learning. And of course, accept the knowledge that you have a deeper Life in you that is beyond the physical, that you may access in meditation or other ways. All this is part of your contribution to the world.

For you, Ruth, there is a high probability that some aspects of your physical problem will be resolved soon, especially if you carry out the suggestions I’ve given you here. Then, certainly, other ways to be of service will come to your attention and we will help you notice them. You are definitely needed for other service in the future. And, this future service may well be based on the learnings you are getting now, in the course of dealing with the physical problem you have.

But meanwhile -- and I say this for everyone, because perhaps 90% of you reading this will be facing a major or minor physical problem sometime before you leave this body—embrace your physical conditions and the situations you are put in because of them. They are an essential part of your journey, and may be the foundation for your next step.

And, whatever you have to deal with, please remember, we are always here to guide and support you through it all.




Dear Vywamus,

Is there a meditation to increase one’s frequency for greater good on this planet? Your answer is very important to me.

 Dear Rosalind,

Actually your frequency level does not need to increase, because you always have within you all frequencies, up to the very highest, which I often call the “numinous” frequencies. At these highest levels of yourself you are always in touch and one with the deep aliveness that underlies all realities, including the everyday reality you live in. So the idea is to become more aware of and in tune with these frequencies that are already in yourself.

How to do that? For some people, creative or healing work may bring you into this higher level. For most people, one of the many forms of meditation will help you focus more often and for longer on your own highest frequency levels. There are many books you can explore if you want to know more about the different forms of meditation, and I have briefly described some of them in other letters on this Web page. There are also recordings you may find helpful in leading you into a higher state. I would say that if a particular form of meditation already attracts you, use that form. If no particular one attracts you, choose any one and stick with it for a while. Then you may be drawn to a different form. Or you may start to create your own.

As you continue to practice you may notice the feelings of deep peace or joy which are characteristic of the numinous energy levels. But even if you don’t have these feelings right away, or every time, by meditating regularly you are holding open a space for the numinous energies to come into your consciousness and you will eventually be able to experience them with greater and greater awareness.

Just meditating in any form and so entering your own numinous level on a regular basis is an important help in raising your own consciousness and that of humanity, of Earth, and of all beings on the planet. This is so even if you do not engage in any outward activity.

Of course, some opportunity to take part in an outward activity to help others or the planet may come along, and you may decide to also act on that. And if you are looking for a path of activity to help Earth in your everyday life, that path will surely arise when you live more and more in your own numinous levels. All you will have to do is be alert in everyday life and notice when the opportunity to take action presents itself. But consciously spending time at your own numinous levels is always the greatest contribution of all that you can make to your planet.

If you would like a meditation specifically focused toward the good of Earth, I would suggest that if you can, you be outdoors and experiment with feeling your feet in contact with Earth, touch the ground with your hands, even lie down on the ground, if feasible. And breathe. Let yourself notice your connection with the Earth, not just mentally, but a very physical and emotional bond as well. If you have made this connection, you may feel comfort, or love in your heart. The earth likes to be touched by anyone who touches with awareness. Then, if you are not already at your own numinous level, keep touching Earth and use whatever form of meditation you like to go to your numinous frequency levels. Take the planet and all its inhabitants into that meditation with you and then just be there. When you’re there you don’t have to keep reminding yourself of your intention to help the planet. You and Earth are there together in the oneness of Being, which is all that is necessary.

If you cannot do this meditation while outdoors and physically touching Earth, simply picture yourself as doing so. After all, even in a plane or a tall building, as an inhabitant of Earth, you are always in its energy field and within the collective energy field of all humans and all other beings on the planet.

I and the other guides and teachers at my level thank you, Rosalind, for your desire to move toward the greater good on your planet. We assure you that we will be with you, both in dreams and in waking life, and you may call on us for insight and for our energies at any time.



Dear Vywamus,

A Call from Denmark
The other day I read about you in a book of Doreen Virtue and felt deeply that I … had to try and get in contact with you. I found this fantastic website… Thank you Andrea for sharing and giving this to us and thank you Vywamus for your beloved and enriched answers.

I seek for… guidance in my personal life and would have liked an individual setting but it’s not possible for me right now. I try this instead thinking that some of my… life themes may be recognizable to others.

One of the main themes is fear. How to face and transform fear, how to avoid creating and attracting fearful situations and people that can bring fear into your life, and to find out when fear is an illusion or real and you therefore need to act and need protection … I want to have the courage to be who I am and stand up for my beliefs... I so much feel that I need a spiritual teacher now in order to open up to find answers but I just don’t know how and where to find such a teacher.

I will be grateful if you will spent some time on giving me some advice.
Thank you. Yours sincerely,


Dear Gitte,

From Andrea and myself, you are most welcome, and we are both glad you have found us on this web site. And we hear and understand your struggle. It isn’t surprising that you often feel the lack of a spiritual teacher, as do so many others. This is partly because you’re living in a time of transition, where forms are changing.

Gradually you are all becoming your own spiritual teachers and finding the guidance you need within yourselves rather than at the feet of a master. But meanwhile, in the transition, you may feel somewhat lost and alone, which is why I and other guides who work with me come to you in dreams, or in meditation, and also through books you may read, people you may encounter, and here on the Internet, of course. Even before you received this response to your questions – in fact, as soon as you asked them – I and other guides have been working with you both in dreams and while you’re awake, to bring you insights and help you shift your energies into a more satisfying pattern for you.

Now to your main question: What about fear? Fear is an amazing teacher for you and for all humans. It can be one of the greatest helps on your spiritual path. And to begin with, the most important thing to remember is, don’t fight it or try to make it go away, or even try to transform it. Instead, if you can find a way to fully accept your fear and even embrace it as an ally in your learning, it will eventually transform itself. When fear comes up in a situation, the first thing to do is pay attention and watch it arise. The second thing is to keep breathing. The third thing is to say to the fear, in some form, “ I accept you as part of my everyday reality right now.”

Part of you will be watching, breathing, and accepting, and part of you may well be submerged in the fear, your mind repeating over all the things you fear will happen, your emotions and body reacting, tightening up, perhaps your stomach in knots, your breathing faster, and so on. Maybe at some point you will get totally submerged in fear. That’s all right, it’s just part of the learning process.

At that point, if you can take some time in a private place, it can be very helpful to accept the fear I a bodily way. Move your body in tune with the fear, let the fear flow through it. Express your fear in movements, make fearful noises, and keep breathing long, deep breaths and letting them out fully. You may want to moan or whimper, or make short exclamations such as, “Oh no!” or “I’m so afraid,” or whatever comes up. Stay with the feeling. Don’t let the mind get involved in explaining all the reasons you are afraid, just feel.

As you do this, you may gradually notice, underneath the fear, a deep sense of energy and aliveness. Your fear may gradually shift into another emotion, possibly anger, or determination. If so, stay with that feeling for a while and see where it leads. Make movements, sounds, and statements to go with the new feelings. You may now find yourself saying things like “No, I won’t!” or “Yes, I will!” or “Never again!” and so forth.

The first time you work with your emotions in this way, you may feel this shift, and your body, if you keep paying attention to it, and breathing, will guide you into what to do next. If you don’t feel a shift the first time around, keep going. At the very least you will be relieving some of the static and pressure of your fearful thoughts by letting them flow through the body and not stay trapped going round and round in your head. Definitely a step in the right direction!

After this work, when the fear pressure is a bit lessened, take some time to meditate in whatever form you like to use. There are many good books and recordings to help you get into the deeper and broader levels of your consciousness, beyond your everyday worries and concerns. Go there as often as you can. Healing and comfort are there, along with the awareness of the great force of life within yourself, and the awareness of the You that is always all right and never can be harmed – the You that need never fear. When you are in this state of being, you need no protection and need not be concerned with protection. Any action that you need to take in your everyday life will arise of itself from this state of deep aliveness, without your figuring it all out with your mind. You will be led to do the “right’ things. You can trust this guidance.

So go to this place often until you feel and know for yourself that deep sense of peace, trust, and aliveness. It is your destiny and that of all humans to be more and more in this state of consciousness. And thank the fear that pushed you into finding it.

These steps I suggest will help you if you try them. They will also help with the other challenges you are facing. Please know that I and other guides fully understand how it is to be you, to feel fear and to face the many situations you have to deal with. And of course, go inside and call on us at any time for our help and support.



Hello my dear friend Vywamus,

Is there such a thing as Indigo Souls? IAm I one of them? I often feel like they say about these souls: misunderstood, lonely, different and gifted. You and the “gang” have been my best friends since 1999 and I love you very much. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being with me.
With love from Brasil,


Dear Renata,

From long ago in human history, at any one time there have always been certain souls who in everyday life, have felt set apart from others by their special qualities, and often also felt misunderstood and lonely. In the present time many have used the term “Indigo Souls.” Usually these are gifted souls who may be more creative and evolved in consciousness than people around them. And there usually are certain personal issues they are here to work on as well.

Of course, not everyone who feels lonely and misunderstood is an Indigo Soul. Sometimes these feelings are simply the result of not having learned enough relationship skills in dealing with others – or, of happening to be surrounded by others who do not have the inclination or the ability to try to relate to you. But if you have developed these skills and still feel that there is much growing within you (creativity, healing talent, psychic ability, spiritual opening, etc.) that you cannot easily communicate to others, you are likely one of the Indigo Children. This is the case with you.

Many of you are coming in now in order to radiate the new consciousness to others and possibly be teachers as well. You are pioneers in the forefront of the evolution of human consciousness, and often after a period of your feeling alone, we guides are able to draw you toward other Indigo Souls who are here to do the same work, so that you can work together, and so that you no longer have to feel alone and misunderstood. So do be alert for this happening in your life.

Meanwhile, always, we guides are here to be your support and your “best friends.” We are glad you can feel our presence. Hang out with us as often as you can.



Dear Vywamus,

Today I experienced you through a friend in Sun City, AZ so did a Google search, finding you here. I feel I am meant to remember our connection and would appreciate any insight you would offer as to our relationship…

Like many who write you I feel like I am currently existing in ‘Limbo land’, but do realize this is all in divine order and part of the exercise in ‘just being’… My question has to do with my ‘secondary purpose’. I’ve been tested through loss, letting go and finally surrendering to God’s will. Because of this experience/journey I am thinking that this is something I took on… so that I can share it with others… Yet the final key to this experience has not arrived – the key that would make the ‘story’ worth sharing, i.e. the miracle manifestation based solely on faith and surrender – not doing.

Am I on track…?

Blessings, Joseph [Surprise, AZ]

Dear Joseph,

Thank you for writing, you’ve put into words what you and many others are experiencing right now. Our connection is that you have in other lives been a student of mine, and of the other masters you mentioned. You are continuing your learning with us, especially in the dream state. I and the other guides commend you for your level of acceptance of loss, of being temporarily in limbo, and of surrendering to God.

All this has well prepared you to teach and help others. The opportunity to do so and the forms you need will crystallize in time. You can be alert for such opportunities in your daily life, but practice not being attached to finding them right away. Don’t be trapped into somehow expecting a manifestation, whether internal or external. That lets your ego pull you into looking for a future “result,” which of course gets you away from being present in the now.

You are on track, particularly in the sense that your loss experience and your process of dealing with it are important for your soul’s growth and for opening up new roles for you in teaching and helping others – eventually. But the growth and opening cannot be rushed. The ego, of course, likes goals and results, and will always attempt to persuade you to try to make something happen, right now.

Your best bet, however, is to stay as much as you can in the not-doing, the surrender, and simply be. Spend as much time as possible in the wider consciousness of meditation, surrender, and acceptance. Feel the joy of being there. If you get impatient and want “results,’ simply watch these thoughts arise and accept them like a wave passing over you. Of course, try out whatever comes along that attracts you. Eventually the right action will arise out of being in this higher state and your next step will be clear and joyous.

Meanwhile, I would like to point out that even if at this time you are taking no specific action in your everyday world, just by being present in that broader, deeper level of consciousness (whether you reach it in meditation or some other way), you are already a source of light, radiating the higher energies and so greatly helping others and the planet. You and others who can do this are particularly needed at this time to contribute in this way. Please feel free to call on me or the other guides at any time, and you can also, before sleeping, make the intention to remember our work together in the dream state.

We thank you for your service.



Dear Vywmaus,

Do you know me? Who am I? What is my purpose in life? I feel like I don't belong here. Since I had ilahinoor energy from Kiara, I see number 11 a lot around and every scenario is happening twice. I am with my twinflame. …I gave birth to my daughter in 2007 just like gaia was giving birth to the female energy… At the moment I feel like I am on a mountain top and dont know where to go from here. Can you please guide me? …There was a message in the internet from extraterrestrials recently... They ask if we would like them to show up. I read in several sites that some extraterrestrials… downsized our spritual nature so that we are trapped in our physical bodies and forget our divine source. So, although I would like to get in touch with the extraterrestrials, I feel a lot of fear.

Thank you so much,


Dear G.,

With the number of specific questions and concerns you bring up you would certainly benefit from one or more individual sessions with someone you trust, if that could be arranged. These issues you bring up deserve a great deal more time and space than can be managed on this page. However, I have made some general suggestions for you here, since there are many others like you who are dealing with some of the same challenges.

You ask if I know you. Yes. You are a beautiful soul whose main purpose in life, as with all humans, is to enter higher consciousness. Other roles will grow out of that. Your feeling of not belonging is mostly attributable to your problem in being fully present in the world. There is an imbalance here, in that, like many others, you tend to spend much time in your mind, without being very present in your physical body or your emotional body. Often when you do experience your body or emotions, this is not a direct experience but done through your mind.

Your mind has been keeping you very busy, and the more spiritual or other “information” you feed it, the faster it goes. Moreover, some of the material you’re getting is not really accurate in the reality you live in, and it may be hard to be sure about which information to trust. Simply adding more and more information will not help you decide. In trying to make judgments about spiritual information and about everyday problems, if you stay in your mind alone, you never arrive at any deep sense of certainty about the choices you make. And having so much going on in your head can become a torture.

You need to slow down and become more grounded in your body. One good way to do this is through movement and dancing, paying attention to what sensations you experience in your body while moving. If emotions come up, let them also flow through your body in movement. Just be with fear, love, joy, anger, sadness, as they are expressed in your body. Don’t try to figure anything out. Insight may come afterward.

Then, when you have worked with your body and emotions, experiment with finding the forms of meditation that work best for you. Doing this enables you to enter a higher level of consciousness, beyond the mind, where you will find “answers” to your questions and concerns about relationships, work, and your path in life, and where you will be able to create a reality for yourself that is safe and joyful.

For more details on how to do this work with yourself, look through the letters on this web page, where I have responded to a number of others who have similar needs to yours. I and other guides are aware of your struggles and are with you always. Call on us for energy and support.



Dear Vywamus,

I am interested in how to connect with my inner being and the higher realms. Is there a guide line to follow? Whom do I ask for help?

I am fairly new to these concepts and have learned how to do Reiki, so that was my first opening door. I sooo want to learn more. I have been told I am going to be a very strong healer and very needed, so I need all the help I can get to evolve.

Thank you,
Mary Ann


Dear Mary Ann,

Congratulations on getting to this point. You have many beautiful learnings and experiences ahead on your spiritual path. I and the other guides are glad for you.

Since you have already laid a fine foundation with the Reiki, perhaps you can start there, continuing to practice Reiki on yourself, on others, on the Earth, on pets or plants, and learning more and more about the higher Energy that flows through you when doing the healing work. As you probably learned in your Reiki training, this Energy flows through you to heal, whether you can at first perceive it or not. As you pay attention and further attune yourself to the Energy, you can develop your ability to perceive it more easily, and allow a greater flow to come through you.

You will find many writings that tell of others’ experiences in the higher realms. These can be good food for your mind, and may whet your enthusiasm for your own further explorations, But they will not be enough. On the spiritual path words and writings are no substitute for your own direct experience. So, in addition to the Reiki I would also recommend that you try out various forms of both movement and sitting meditation.

There are many good books which describe the various forms of meditation you can use, and I have gone into detail about some of these forms in other letters on this web site. If you have already looked through them you’ve probably seen that much of the advice there about how to connect to your inner being applies to you as well.

You may also try some of the many audio recordings that are designed to lead you into a state of higher consciousness, and see which are helpful to you. And finally, you might look into Part Two of my book, The Next Big Bang: The Explosion of Human Consciousness where I present in an easy to use form a set of exercises for accessing your inner being and the higher realms of consciousness. All these may be helpful to you, and it is not necessary that you follow all the directions to the letter. These are only forms designed to help you make a space in your awareness to allow a direct connection to your inner being. So try them out, and then trust your own inner wisdom as to how you use them.

As for asking for help, you may already be aware of having some help from various beings, especially those who specialize in healing, while doing your Reiki, and you may get a clearer sense of them as you continue to work together. And for personal guidance and supportive energy on your path, you may ask me, or any one of us guides and teachers that you feel drawn to. We are all here and always available as your companions on this exciting journey. Call on us any time.



Depuis le 4 Août je suis rentré en canalisation avec Vywamus, je peux vous dire que je doute encore

(Following is a translation by Andrea)
Since the 4th of August I have begun channeling with Vywamus, I can tell you that I still have doubts.

Thank you…

Bonjour Nicole,
I have enough French to understand your e-mail, but not really enough to respond adequately in French, so I have taken the liberty of translating your question as best I can and responding to you in English. I trust this won’t be a problem, since from your address I assume you are bilingual.

How great that you have been channeling! I’m glad for you. And yes, I think that doubts are always part of the process, at least at first. Every channel I know, including those in my Learn to Channel classes, goes through this. I have channeled from Vywamus some suggestions here for you and others who are channeling.



Dear Nicole,

I want to assure you that you are indeed channeling, but of course you need to develop your own inner “yardstick” to feel real certainty about it. And practice, and more practice, is the best help for this, whether it is channeling for people you trust, or for yourself. It is also very helpful to record what you channel, either in writing or in an audio recording -- or, if you are channeling for someone else, to have them do so.

You may have noticed that while you are in the state of consciousness where you channel, often everything you receive seems perfectly obvious to anyone and nothing out of the ordinary. So after you finish channeling, looking over what you recorded is frequently helpful in validating to you that you have indeed gone beyond what you could do in your usual everyday perceptions.

If you have looked through some of the letters on this web page, and the material on the News page, you may have found other material that will be of help to you in developing your channeling further, but the main points are practice and recording. I hope you will continue on this path of exploration. It is not only the information you may be getting, but channeling is a powerful tool for your own personal growth. It certainly stretches your boundaries and helps you go beyond who you think you are. And often the information you get and the process of getting it will help you examine and move through many of your own personal issues.

My best wishes for your continued adventures with channeling, and I encourage you to enjoy it as part of your spiritual path. I and the other teachers and guides, and your higher Self are always with you as you learn to better and better hear us.



Dear Vywamus,
My name is Walter and I was wondering if you had anything to tell me about my growth in my spiritual world. And I sure miss having sessions with you.


Dear Walter,

I well understand that at times you feel alone and in need of reassurance. So I would like to assure you, your spiritual growth is proceeding well, whether you are aware of it or not. It will go even better if you don’t forget to notice that every day in your “ordinary” life presents you with events that have a deeper meaning. They are all gifts or challenges on your spiritual path. Keep responding to them as such.

I and your larger Self are always with you to give you inner guidance in waking life and in dreams. I would add that our sessions together do go on, in the dream state, and you and I are doing a lot there together. If you wish to “tune in” better to these dream sessions while you’re actually awake, I suggest you look through the letters on this page and the material on the News page, for advice I have given others on tuning in to spiritual guidance.

It is no accident that you, and many others, are not right now in a position to receive guidance in personal sessions. For some this is because of financial limitations, and for others a trustworthy channel or psychic may simply be unavailable at this time. And often the reason for this is that you are at a point on your path where you need to be spurred on to developing your own inner wisdom and learning to trust it. This is the point where you are now. As you develop this aspect of yourself, you will connect inwardly with me and other guides, and eventually even reconnect with others in body who can reinforce and validate what you are learning.

So, be encouraged that you are in exactly the right phase of your learning right now. And I will see you in the dream state, and in other states as you continue to grow.


16 Apr, 2011

Dear Vywamus,

What is God’s plan regarding the evolution of conscious for African people, looks like we are left behind, nobody seems to care about futur in this world, are we going to stay like that for ever? Or do you have a project for Africa?
Thank you
Joele-renee Atouga

Dear Joele-Renee,

Never think that you are forgotten. Of course you are not left behind in the evolution of consciousness, and every one of you in Africa, as in every other country, is invited to be a pioneer on the forefront of the evolution of human consciousness. No matter where you are, you as an individual have your part to play. In whatever circumstances you may be, you can always go beyond the level of your everyday life and into the deeper awareness at the core of your being where you are in touch with the Infinite. For more about how to do this, read or reread answers to others on this ASK VYWAMUS page, and also the general guidelines given on the NEWS page. If many of you as individuals do this more and more often, you are making space for the energies of higher consciousness to come in for all other humans, and you will be guided into actions in your everyday life that will further your own and others’ evolution.

If you go to your own deepest soul levels – by meditation or other ways – you will also find there the souls of all other humans who are now in body and living on earth, and also a more specific group of all those of you living in Africa. One of the best things you can do for the evolution of consciousness in Africa, and globally, is to spend time there being present in the space of your higher Selves where all of you are one. When you come back from this place into daily life, situations will arise that may ask for your attention. Focus on these and you will be guided to the best action to take.

Now, Africa is a very special place for all humans, because it is your mother land. It is in Africa that you first came into human form, and later wandered to all parts of your world. So all your roots are there. Since that time Africa has played many roles for the world, among the m the birthplace of great civilizations, and also the place of preservation of much that is wild and beautiful in nature. Africa’s current world role is a temporary one, though it may seem very long to you. Right now, there is much suffering in Africa, from disease, from human hate and violence, from harsh government and corruption. You could say that Africa is acting as a mirror for the world to look in, in which humans can see some of your darkest sides. And yet also you can see there the vast love, courage, and inspiration of which all humans are capable. Many Africans who do not always get into the news are showing these every day. And many nonAfricans, when they see the suffering Africa is going through, are moved to compassion and love, and to taking action to be of help. Africa has a special role in helping all others in the world to grow in consciousness and open their hearts.

Now as to those of you actually living in Africa, or in any land where you are suffering, the pain you all go through is an amazing spur to you to push you forward in your evolution. Do not think that because of the suffering in your land that you are in a “backwater,” fated to be overwhelmed by your own troubles, and to be ignored by the rest of the world. In fact, wherever there is great suffering, there is also the most potential of awakening consciousness. This is partly because you are so motivated by your pain that you will do what is needed to move out of it, more readily than some who have a more comfortable life. And, as with any suffering, I always say, of course do what you can to relieve it in yourself and others by any practical means. But eventually, to deal with suffering, you must go beyond it. You cannot solve suffering, or many of the other problems you have now, at the level where these problems arise. Rather you must go beyond, into the deeper vaster place of your larger Selves, where you will find peace – and love and joy – and the practical answers you need. In doing this, you may evolve very fast, and you will be helping all others to do so as well.

We guides at my level thank you in Africa for the role you have taken on. We never forget you. We are always with you to help you in the difficult times and to help you reach your own deep place of aliveness and joy, where you and we are one, and where you can never really be harmed. Call on us at any time. We love you.

16 Apr, 2011

Dear Vywamus,

I have recently “discovered” you…and… I want to ask you to address the issue of religious baggage for some of us who have open hearts and really want to learn and grow and contribute….I was raised…Catholic… but even at a young age felt that there was “more” out there, that God was bigger than even the church taught, etc….Jesus, or Jeshua as I have come to know him has been a touch stone lately, and I wanted to ask you your thoughts on how those of us steeped deep in dogma can be healed to embrace the larger whole.
Thank you,

Dear Francine,
I see you are already finding your way. For you as a Christian, spending time being present in the energy of Jesus (or Jeshua) is perhaps the most effective way of all to heal and embrace the larger whole.

Often in human history a powerful stream of Energy/Consciousness from the level of Spirit has come to you. And inevitably, usually in a well meaning effort to preserve and carry on this stream, humans have constructed around it a structure of beliefs, rules, and rituals – that is, a “religion.” This is the case with all your major religions. Yet since every religion is a human organization, built by humans, the form of the organization itself is subject to human limitations. And so the pure stream of Energy and Consciousness that Jesus (and other great teachers and masters) brought to humanity has been filtered through the minds and egos of the people who received it, through the framework of beliefs about God and the world that were current at the time. Your religion and other religions, since their beginnings, have continued to be strained through successive “mind” filters right up through the present day.

When a human organization is established to define and carry on the spiritual energies and message, it is subject to the same problems, dynamics, politics, and shortcomings as any other human organization. This is a mind and ego dominated form, and it is a pattern typical of the stage most humans have evolved to, so far. To get out of this pattern – and you will, eventually -- humans need to evolve so that your minds/egos contribute to but do not dominate the process. You will need to get beyond trying, as the mind always now wants to do, to “nail down” the message and set up rules and dogmas and rituals around it. 

In a sense, the mind is always trying to get the spiritual energies “under control.” Of course you can’t do that. These energies are alive and evolving in your heart and everywhere. And the best way to get back to the “original” message and let it grow within you is to do exactly what you are doing: go to the pure stream of Energy and Consciousness where the message came from, and keep spending time being present there – in your case, with Jesus. Or with another teacher, if you are of another religious background.

By the way, you don’t have to intentionally set about “ditching” or rebelling against the religious structures in your past. You can do so if you wish, and if it seems to be part of your growth. But this is not really a polarity where you have to choose between a religious affiliation and an experience of the broader spiritual energies you long for. Rather than an “either-or” situation, it can be “both-and.” You can embrace religion as one aspect of Spirit, a human and limited aspect which is never able to “contain” or fully express Spirit, yet which may be helpful at times on your spiritual path.

If you keep spending time with Jesus in that pure stream of Energy/Consciousness he brings, you will simply find that you are in harmony with the deepest core meanings of your religion (of any religion), and that nonessential or limiting beliefs and structures will simply fall away, or their importance to you will shrink, so that they are no longer a problem. You will have eyes only for what is essential. You can embrace the limited view of Spirit offered by a religion as one part of the infinite whole – one view through a limited human perspective – one view among the infinite number of views in the infinite sight of the Divine.
With love and encouragement to you on your path,

16 Apr, 2011

Dear Vywamus,

Hi vywamus,
A few years ago I realized – and started writing them down, so I won’t forget them – numerous situations where there MUST be a ‘guardian angel’ who protects me, was that you?
I’d like to thank you or whoever it is for that!

Dear Egon,
Yes – and you’re welcome! I have been around you often, along with other guides, and angels. It’s good that you’ve been noticing these situations and writing them down. This makes you more open to receiving our help at any moment in your day.
We are always available to give you our love, support, and guidance. Call on us any time.
Many blessings,

16 Apr, 2011

Dear Vywamus,

I am caught up in a complete veil of confusion at the moment and would like your help. I have been on a path of healing in many different forms, but currently am struggling to make them work together in a way that makes sense. Can you see a path clear of how I make it all work in a way that actually benefits all the people that I want it to, yet still challenging me intellectually, and not causing me to personally fall victim to my own many many thoughts?

Dear Tammra,
To you and to many others who are torn between many paths I would say, there is a great tendency at this time to overthink decisions in your life situation. And while your mind can gather for you much useful information, it can only take you so far. You must go beyond your mind to find the solutions you want. Otherwise, you will keep circling round and round in a loop of pros and cons and “what if’s” without any lasting sense of conviction. And, by the way, your mind is getting tired and bored with going round and round with your problems. Why not give it something interesting or creative to do that is not related to your problems, while you explore other approaches?

Some of my suggestions here you may have tried already, though probably not all of them. I am giving them all here so that other readers with concerns like yours can try them. And I ask you to be open minded about trying them again, perhaps coming from a different standpoint.

To deal with your confusion among alternatives, and how to make them work together, you have many more resources than you have been using. So first, pay more attention to the intelligence of your heart. Amidst all this mental confusion, notice where your heart is drawn to go, and follow it. If you have trouble feeling connection to your heart, or if it seems to want to go in more than one direction, pay attention to the intelligence of your body. This is a real resource that many of you don’t use. Your body is constantly giving you feedback on how you feel about people and events and choices in your life. The feedback comes in many forms – everything from muscle tension and holding your breath to a bodily relaxation and a sense of wellbeing. Bringing a problem to mind and then allowing your feelings to be expressed in physical movement or dancing is one bodily way to get clearer on what your real feelings and desires are, and also to eliminate some of the confusing static that arises in your mind when you have pent up emotions. Dance your confusion, dance your attraction or resistance to the alternatives facing you. And so on.

Finally, activate more fully your connection with Spirit, either by meditation, prayer, or in other ways that work for you. When you spend some time every day in the still and deeply alive place at the core of your being, while you are there you attain a sense of inner peace which comes out of simply being, and being present there. In this state you realize that the agitation and confusion among alternatives you experience are simply ways your mind/ego has of keeping you busy. In the state of deep stillness, it may be obvious to you what I often tell people – that is, you are here on this earth to be. That is everyone’s destiny. If you can do this, you are fulfilling your purpose here. Period. And often out of being fully present in the deep stillness within, there will effortlessly emerge things that you feel inclined to do, and any doing you need to engage in can and does easily emerge.

Of course, there are many paths of doing that each of you may take while here on earth in body. Every one of them leads to some important learning. It may make you feel better to know that in a sense, there is no one “perfect” or “right” path for you. All paths eventually lead you back to the Infinite, your Home.

So, be easy. Pay attention to your heart and your body. Your mind doesn’t have to do everything. Indeed, it can’t. Go to the level of Spirit often. As you spend time there you will find certain inclinations to act emerging. You may end up choosing one of the paths you are considering, or a combination, or something entirely new. The main thing for you at this time is to get out of that unending mind/ego cycle where you will find much information but no satisfying answers. As I said, to find a solution to your challenges you must go beyond the (mind) framework where they are generated. When you do so, the answers you need will emerge. This is the life lesson in front of you and many others at this time: to go beyond.

Finally, be aware that we teachers and guides are always with you, and sending you the support and insights you need, in dreams and in the waking state. Watch for us. Call on us.

16 Apr, 2011

Dear Vywamus,

I would be interested in … (your) interpretation of the following …(about the) March 9, 2011 Dawn of the Unity Wave.
Thank you,

Dear Charlotte,
This message you refer to, in its essence, can be helpful for many people. It is a more mind-oriented message than many, and will therefore resonate with those of you who are more mind-centered. We guides at our level send out our guidance and support in many forms in order to reach as many of you as possible. Channel and others who receive and pass on our guidance do so through their own mind structures, and so on the surface many messages seem quite different. But this is fine because the concepts and words from one source resonate with some individuals, whereas others will respond more to the same message through a source that offers different words and concepts.

As long as all of you pay attention to the real essence of the messages without getting caught up in the details, you will receive the guidance you need.

I would add that you are all essentially moving toward oneness, or “unity consciousness,” and we are happy to support you, whatever words and ideas work best for you. And I assure you, whatever you were doing on March 9, you received as much of the higher energies as you were open to, and will continue to do so.

15 Jan, 2011

Dear Vywamus,

What about the crisis in Greece? It will be resolved normally and quickly?
Thank you

Agapi Kousi

Dear Agapi,

Although I do not make specific, concrete predictions, at this time the probabilities are that Greece will recover gradually over the course of several years. Notice that I say “probabilities.” These depend on many conditions, including choices made by many people, and they shift so much from hour to hour to hour that making an accurate prediction is not really possible. So I give you probabilities.

I’m answering your question on this page because it is relevant for many people right now. Greece’s problems are not occurring in a vacuum. Around the globe the economies and politics of many countries are in turmoil. This is partly due to shortsighted policies on the part of your leaders. But I would add that it is also a result of the beginning of a vast shift in all areas of human life. Old forms that used to work for you are breaking down – not only in the area of economics but also in politics, communication, education, religion, family life styles, your relationship to the Earth, and so on. As this shift goes on you will all develop new forms, but that hasn’t yet happened. You are still in the period of breakdown of old forms, and the very beginnings of ideas for new, more effective forms. So economic and other troubles in Greece and other countries are just one expression of this breakdown of forms.

Humanity will move out of this stage and into the new forms you need, but how fast you do this depends on choices you all make. Naturally some will drag their heels and keep trying to make the old ways work, while others will be ready to move forward and find the new forms you need.

What do you do in the meantime? There are lessons to be learned in the current period of turmoil. Perhaps the two most important are the interdependence of all humans on each other, and the need to understand what are your true priorities in life.

The new forms you need, economically and otherwise, will depend on your thinking globally, and seeing how much you depend on each other and how much your own welfare relates to the welfare of others in other countries. Concerning economics, there is a natural physical baseline of your material needs: adequate food, clothing, shelter, and medical care. How may you best help each other so that everyone eventually reaches this baseline? An overall attitude of compassion and collaboration, rather than competition, will be important in your developing successful new forms.

Second, it will be important to do some soul searching about what your real priorities are and whether they produce the fulfillment in life that you want. Maybe in the current economic times you are feeling the pinch, and feeling deprived of some of the material things you are accustomed to having. These may be “extras” or even necessities. For those of you who are worried about basic necessities, we send you our love and support. This is an opportunity to come together with others to help fulfill each others’ basic needs, and to develop your creativity in finding new ways to get your needs met. I do not say that this is easy. Yet in the ways you handle this hardship and help others to do so, be sure that your contribution is important. Your life can make a difference.

For those of you who are being deprived of some of the “extras,” or who are worried that that will happen, you have some questions to ask yourself. Beyond the baseline of your physical needs, has having more material things brought you lasting satisfaction and security, or has it eventually led to your feeling the need of even more things? How do you enjoy and value nonmaterial things such as your relationships with family and friends, your creative activities, your spiritual experiences, and so forth? Beyond the baseline need for certain material things, what makes, for you, a rich and fulfilling life?

The current shakeup of economies in many countries offers all of you the opportunity to learn much about how you all depend on each other, and about what you really value in life. Your embracing these challenges and responding to them will be helpful. The sooner you begin to learn these lessons, and incorporate them into new forms, the sooner you will pass out of this current period of turmoil.

Meanwhile, I and other guides and teachers are always here to give you our love and support. Do not hesitate to contact us in meditation, or ask for our help in dreams.



19 Dec, 2010

Dear Vywamus,

I have often been told that I have an over-active imagination ;)

Although I am completely aware that the art I create is inspired and comes through me from Source, I have a much harder time accepting that those little whispers inside my head that speak in my own voice are coming from anyplace other than my imagination.

I manage to meditate at least 30 minutes a day, in segments of 15 minutes each. I read everything that comes to me when I have asked a question, and watch for signs, so I am good at picking up on outer messages. And some days, my entire day is a meditative one, with focus on my breathing and being 'in the moment' no matter what I'm doing.

Is there a way, other than this, for me to learn to accept that the voices are not me going crazy or imagining things and learn where specifically they are coming from, as well as how to hear them more clearly? Also, have I visited your Ashram recently?

Thank you for any information you can give me.

Many Blessings,

Dear Patricia,

Yes to your last question. I have many places of teaching on the nonphysical levels, some of which you may experience as ashrams, or simply centers of learning. You study with me often, whether in the dream state or at levels beyond your usual conscious mind, and I see that you have picked up some memories from there.

Clearly you already are a channel when it comes to creating your art. But like many others, you find it harder to receive accurately and trust what comes to you in the form of words. This may be because most of you have limiting beliefs about yourselves and your reality, implanted in you at a very young age, and the words or sentences in which these beliefs are expressed clash directly with words you may be receiving from Source, your guides, or from your own higher Self. So it may be useful for you to do some work to let go of the specific beliefs you carry, two of which you have already stated: “I’m crazy (or people will think I’m crazy) if I believe in this inner voice,” and “I’m only imagining what I think I hear.”

It would be ideal if you could join a channeling class where you can discuss doubts and fears and where you had the opportunity to practice, and receive feedback and validation. Whether you are in a class or doing it on your own, practice, with an open mind, is the best thing. It is also very important to record whatever you think you are receiving. The more you practice and record, the more it will start to flow. Afterward, you can evaluate the accuracy and clarity of what you get. But, just as with an artistic process, rather than interrupt with censoring and evaluation as the process is occurring, it’s important to let the flow of channeling come and then evaluate it later. Validation can come either by evidence from the external world or from other people you may get information for, or by your own growing inner sense of what “feels right” to you.

So, more and lengthier practice, asking questions and recording what you get, could be your next step if you want to develop this ability. And, of course, not everything you hear inwardly is directly from Source or guides or your higher Self. Some of it may well be from your own unconscious mind, or your personal hopes and fears, and to be aware of the existence of these personal reactions within yourself is always essential in determining what source your material is coming from. As you practice, you will gradually develop your own inner “yardstick” for measuring whether you are on target with the information you’re getting, or whether it is solely coming from the personal concerns of your everyday self. 

This shouldn’t be too hard for you, since you have already developed a very strong and accurate “yardstick” to measure where your art is coming from. So you already know how.

If you can’t find a channeling class, and want extra help while doing it on your own, Andrea often recommends to her classes Sanaya Roman’s book Opening to Channel, in which the author offers steps to go through and shares her own experiences. You may also find it helpful to look over the letters on this web page, especially those I’ve written to others who are also trying to develop their ability to channel.

As to the practices you are already doing – the meditation and being present in the moment, as well as your art – congratulations! I am glad that you have made the efforts you have to open up space in your everyday life to be present to the larger realities around and within you. This is tremendously helpful to your progress on your path in life. And you are only one moment’s step away from resolving some of the remaining doubts and issues you’ve written about here. In the language of your everyday self, you are on the “right track.” (Of course, in the larger sense, you don’t need a “track” since You are already “there.”)

Please feel free, in meditation or before sleeping, to call on me whenever you need to. My blessings and help are always with you.


14 Oct, 2010

…I am writting to ask Vywamus is there such a thing as twin soul and if this is correct is there one for me at this moment? In this life time and if so, i can i know?
I know that is a simple thing to ask but i feel that there is a void in me, of cours being on my own for a long time, is not doing much for the moment...

 Dear Jacqueline,

So many of you ask about twin souls and soul mates, that I have decided to offer here some guidance on the subject. This longing for soul mates certainly reflects the loneliness and sense of incompleteness that many of you are feeling now. As a general answer, I would say that most of you do have a soul mate. Most often, one of you is in body and the other is between lives, but closely connected to you, and those soul mates between lives may be even more helpful to you than if you were to meet them in body. When you are both in body at the same time, you usually do meet each other, and you may have the glorious reunion you picture and hope for, but at other times this does not work out well, because of baggage either of you may be carrying, and your meeting up again incarnated may be painful and full of problems. Such problems do not occur if one of you is out of body. In that situation, the soul connection is uppermost and so your relationship can be at its most harmonious. If you have a soul mate who is not in body, you can often learn to have an internal dialogue or receive dream messages from him or her, and this can comfort you, help you grow, and help you toward a better relationship next time you are both in body.

To learn more about whether you yourself have a soul mate living in body now, and what the outlook is for meeting and creating a good earth life together, I always recommend that you have a personal reading with a psychic, channel, or other intuitive reader that you trust. It requires going into depth and detail beyond what can be done briefly on this web page.

As to the loneliness and sense of incompleteness, whether or not you find a soul mate in or out of body, these feelings in you reflect a passage you are going through on your spiritual path.They are a painful spur to help you get out of the old mindset that leads you to believe that you are separate, and that there is something or someone “out there" which will make you complete. You are complete. But to realize and enjoy your completeness, you must get beyond the level of your limited everyday self, which is usually so dominated by the narrow ideas of your mind/ego. If you stay in the limited mind focus, you will never be satisfied because you’ll be looking for your completeness and fulfillment in the wrong place. So, go beyond the everyday level into the infinitely deep and joyful level of your larger Self. On this ASK VYWAMUS page and on my NEWS page you can read a number of my suggestions on meditation and other ways to get beyond the level of everyday reality. When you spend time there in that larger Reality beyond the everyday, suffering disappears, and you will know without doubt that you are complete and that you are not alone, but are always held lovingly in the deep Aliveness that is the root of your being.

Now, of course we guides know that even while you practice and enjoy being in that larger Reality, you still need company and love from other humans in the everyday world. You are not expected to lead a totally self-sufficient and isolated life. Sometimes after you let go of the need to be completed by another, a soul mate appears. Other times that does not happen but you realize that you have much support and love around you that you were ignoring while focusing on needing “the one and only” person. Or you realize that you need to focus for awhile on loving yourself, before you can let love in from others. Just be assured that you will have enough love, that love is being given to you, at this moment and always. Let it in, of course. But don’t expect the limited love of anyone to make you a complete person, that will not happen even if the soul mate shows up. No other can make you complete because you already are. You must let yourself move to the level where you can notice and acknowledge that. The bonus is that if you do that, any earthly relationships you do have will be much better than if you had put expectations on them that are impossible to fulfill.

I send my love and blessing to all of you who are working on relationships. That truly is one of the most rewarding, and demanding, experiences of being human.



08 Jun 2010

Dear Viwamus!

Please, help me to realize my life purpose. What do i have to give to people, what have i come to share. I am thinking about it all the time, but there is nothing certain comes to my mind...I need your help very much. Give me clarity and clear vision of what are my possibilities, and what i should focus on.
Thank you very much for your help and light!

Dear Ailsylu,

You are certainly in the mainstream of those who are most ready to evolve at this time in human history. Right now, so many of you are unclear and wondering about your purpose in life and how you can best be of service in the world. My words to you are words to them also.

Do not doubt that you did come here for a purpose. You all came here to evolve yourselves, to eventually become enlightened, and this is your primary purpose in this life and others. All other purposes are secondary. And you can fulfill your primary purpose by being as fully present as possible with the light, the stillness, the deep aliveness that is at the core of your being. That is the main thing you are being asked to do, and I have given many suggestions about how to do this in responses to “Ask Vywamus” letters and on other pages of this web site. Please look these over.

As to your secondary purpose, your work in the world, do not be hard on yourself that you are not clear on it yet. You did not incarnate at this time simply to be put “on the shelf.” Yet for you and many others your purpose and work in the external world is not yet clear. This may have nothing to do with a lack of willingness or effort on your part. Sometimes, conditions in the world have not yet moved into place so that there is a clear path for you to know and follow. Or, there may be certain things you need to learn and experience first before starting on a definite path.

Meanwhile, you are not wasting your time. This time of uncertainty is also part of your path. In your everyday life hold yourself in readiness to notice opportunities where you feel drawn to help and to serve, and be present to all situations with a loving heart. (A loving heart is especially one of the things you personally have to give.) A pattern will eventually emerge, you will learn what you need to learn, your path will clear, and everything will be obvious. Just remember your primary purpose and your secondary one will grow from it.

Of course, I and the other guides will be working with you if you ask us to. We can sometimes get messages through to you in your dreams, or in moments of insight during the day. But whether you are able to notice us or not, we are always there, working with your energies and giving you our love.

Keep going. All is well,


30 May 2010


30 May 2010

Dear Vywamus, I am struggling to overcome my disability/energy crisis and having challenges at home with my teenage son and his negativity/health challenges. Mostly I am expending my energy into maintaining the home/finances, but my heart desires to heal myself/family and extend healing/love energy outward. I am basically about ready to give up, because within my own strength I can't do it all! Am I destined to be a lightworker or should I just accept life as it is and be at peace and just let it all go? Something has to give here, I am just not sure what that something should be! Love and Light, Laura Dewitt


Dear Laura,

Congratulations! Your feeling that something has to give, that you’re about ready to give up because you can’t do it all with your own strength – these are absolutely right and are actually very positive signs. This is definitely a phase on your spiritual path in which you are being asked to let go. Not give up, but let go. You are ready to let go of the old, restricting view of the world created by your mind and ego, and enter a new spaciousness at the soul level.


The challenges with your disability and energy, your son, your finances – these are simply temporary forms in the “laboratory” of your current life. They may bring you interesting, sometimes difficult, lessons that draw forth in you courage, love, and wisdom. But where you and so many others get stuck is in thinking that these challenges and “problems” are all there is to your life. Your mind and ego tell you that if you could only solve or get rid of these challenges, then you could really progress spiritually, and really be a light worker.

I see you as already a light worker. The problem is your not being aware of it. This lack of awareness usually comes from getting so caught up in the forms of everyday life that you don’t allow yourself enough time to be in touch with your own essence, your soul, the deep underlying aliveness in the core of your being.


You may already have some favorite ways of making space for your soul. It needn't take hours every day. Five minutes a day might be enough, if that’s what you have. I often recommend meditation, dancing and movement, creative work, enjoying the senses of your physical body, enjoying the company of people you like, letting healing energy flow – and don’t forget laughter. True laughter frees you in the space of one moment from the burdens that press down on you. You can read over my recommendations to others on this web page and see if there are some there that work especially well for you. However you do it, spending more time connecting with your soul will bring a shift inside so that you’re not so apt to get overwhelmed by everyday life problems. Some of them may even solve themselves. And from this place, you will eventually see your path more clearly, and any actions you need to take – whether about solving “problems” or about bringing your light to others -- will emerge.


Remember, nothing can prevent you from being a light worker right now, right here, because you already are. You are bringing your light to all these situations you have mentioned. And if you’re not always getting obvious results from bringing your light, don’t be fooled by this. Whether you realize it or not, your light is already spreading out and affecting all the people and situations you’re coming in contact with.


And, in the future it is very likely that your light work will take new forms, some of them more like what you picture now when you think of sending out love and healing in your family and the world. Meanwhile, please let go and relax about needing to achieve certain specific goals right now. Simply be open to the depths of your soul and your own inner wisdom, and the goals will come to fruition at the right time.


And lean on me and the other guides. We are always with you, always sending you our love and energy.