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The Next Big Bang: The Explosion of Human Consciousness. 

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April 2020

At this time,  the spreading of  the coronavirus Covid-19 has led to massive and fast arising changes in almost every aspect  of your life, and the lives of nearly all of you living on earth. I and the other guides who work with you want you to know: We are with you. We’re with those of you on the front lines of dealing with the virus, providing health care and research and essential services, we’re with your leaders to offer our help in making wise decisions, and we’re with you personally, offering always our love and our support to live through these troubling and tumultuous times.

Even in the midst of losses and widespread fear, many of you are already responding well to this crisis, taking the most reliable and excellent medical advice available to ensure your personal safety and that of those around you, helping others in practical ways, and keeping each others’ spirits up.  Many of you have risen to heroic levels of courage in the service of others, whether in health care or in offering essential services that your fellow humans need to survive. 

In many of you, intelligence and creativity are bubbling up on all sides. Scientists are working on treatments and a vaccine, others of you are evolving new ways of handling practical tasks at home, finding new ways of connecting with each other, and finding new ways of looking at old problems as well as new aspects of life to appreciate. Although there have been some mistakes and missteps, and there may be more, most of you are stepping up and rising to the occasion.

At this time, many of you have been in the quiet of self-isolation, and most of you are without some of the activities and props that were part of your everyday life up to now.  You may have suffered fear and losses, and even faced the possibility of you or a loved one’s falling ill.  You may be reaching out to others or caring for them in ways you have not needed to do before. You may be connecting more with nature and your physical environment, and needing to find new ways of working and playing.

 In the midst of all this disruption, you are more often alone and in stillness. You’ve had the opportunity to stand aside somewhat from your previous everyday patterns and reflect on what is really important to you.  Set aside some time every day, if you can, to go inward and reflect on what you’re learning right now. What is all this about, for you? You are being guided into seeing a deeper and broader meaning of the world, and a deeper and broader meaning of who you are in it. For some of you, this may even be your next step toward what you call “enlightenment” or “awakening.”

Take time to look at the larger picture as well.  Look at what this current crisis means for everyone on earth right now.  You’re all in the same boat. Many of your customary ways of doing things don’t work any more. They may not work again. The world as you have known it before is history. You and all other humans living right now are on a fast track to – somewhere!

Where? None of us guides can tell you where this fast track is going, because the destination has yet to be determined. By all of you.

What we can tell you is that what’s happening now, with the advent of the coronavirus, is a major speedup of change. It is as I wrote in The Next Big Bang and in  How to Live in Interesting Times (see below), your old forms of thinking and ways of living are breaking down. They are no longer large enough to fit you. And new forms are emerging. This is happening now. It is happening fast. And not gently or gradually, but roughly and with chaos and losses. It has taken something so extreme as a worldwide virus to break up the gridlock, divisiveness and resistance that have stalemated your evolution in recent years.

This virus and its aftermath may be the first real breakthrough that shakes up the old ways of doing things and offers you the opportunity to make other choices.   This is a time for you to look for the insights and the new opportunities for change, and how you can use these opportunities to lead you into a better future. And, more than ever in human history, in these times you have the power and the knowhow to create something new. 

You have a chance to reinvent yourselves and your world. What would you want? You could create new forms: a fairer economy, fairer politics – a society which cares for the welfare of individuals and of the earth you live on. You could even create a new way of being which gets you out of the trap of the “winner take all” system that has evolved in most societies on earth today. This is your chance to have a vision for the future and join with others to bring it about. That may take some time and it may not happen all at once. It will probably be step by step. But it can be done. It really is up to you.

Some of you are nostalgic for the way it used to be and want to go back to “normal.” That’s understandable. Those of you who feel this way will resist going forward and try your best to go back to the old ways. Though they were never really “normal.” But it won’t work – or not for long. As I said in How to Live in Interesting Times, when a chick grows to a certain size it cracks the egg and emerges. There’s no going back. You can only let it be – or, you can actually feed the chicken.  Eventually, all of you can only go forward. How soon you do that, and with how much or little pain, that is yet to be determined. By you.

Confronting and dealing with a worldwide pandemic is one of the first and more dramatic stages of humanity’s letting go of old broken forms and creating a different and better future for all of you. These are turbulent times.  It’s natural to feel stressed and thrown off center by what’s happening around you.  Yet, even in the midst of all the current fear and chaos, there are ways to find peace and balance in your day to day life, and at the same time, help along the changes that humanity needs. I’ve written more about the sweeping changes that are occurring in humanity in How to Live in Interesting Times. You can read there some practical suggestions I make about how you personally can keep your balance and work in everyday life with the changes that are happening.  We hope you will.

As you read this, the tremendous changes occurring in all of humanity are speeding up exponentially. You are all on the fast track now. But you are not alone. We guides are by your side. We hope you will ride this fast track with us. We are here to guide you, to offer our love and support in hard times and good, to carry you when you need it, and to cheer you on.

All this is your destiny, being here at this time and in this place.

This is your moment. What will you do?


January 2017

Your Turbulent World Today: Wild Energies At Large 

My friends, you are indeed living in interesting times. Politically and otherwise, the recent past has been most stressful for many of you. I’m not just referring to the political turbulence in many countries, or to wars and violence and other events you hear about in the news.  They are just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, these events are only a clear mirror for the pain, fear, and anger that you have all been feeling in a world full of upheaval and change. All of you are feeling pushed and pulled and battered by the chaotic energies around you, and are longing for a less insane world to live in.

When you look at your everyday world, it can be disheartening. You see an incredible number of events and crises around the globe that you haven’t found ways to effectively handle. And with the worldwide media, you’re more aware of all of these than ever before. Many of you, even those of you who are evolving most rapidly, may be having a hard time. For most of you, your immediate response to all this is that you are paralyzed or polarized.

Faced with the extent of your problems, some of you feel overwhelmed and helpless to cope, and so you may stop trying to understand or to take any action. You may be just hoping that it will all go away, or hoping for someone to rescue you. On the other hand, many of you feel the pull to oversimplify, to reduce many issues to manageable terms of black and white, and then to polarize into militant opposing camps. But so far, none of these ways is actually working. 

A Better Prospect

I’m writing this to offer you hope, support, and the broader perspective you need. And to offer some suggestions on how all of you may more easily navigate the turmoil in your day-to-day life.  

First, I want to give you a heads up. Pay attention! What’s causing you so much stress, and may even seem to you to be disastrous, is actually a big boost for you. Recent events are giving you a real opportunity to see more clearly than ever before what needs change. And you’re feeling stirred up, shaken out of your inertia, and moved to make that change.

Many men and women currently on the world stage are doing you a service by giving you a chance to see more clearly what’s going wrong, and to see the further extremes that taking certain paths may lead to. What they say and do is actually helping to speed up the breakdown of the old forms that no longer work. You’re spurred to look around for alternatives, for other possibilities of what could be. And that’s good. This is a time for all of you to look at these other possibilities, to look deeper into your hearts and see what you really care about, what you value most, what kind of world you want. And to find also in your hearts the passion and energy to work for that world.

Before you start to work, though, it will be helpful to have a wider perspective of what’s going on in your world. All this you’ve been going through is precisely what can be expected when your current social, political, and economic systems have failed you. Times have changed, you yourselves have changed, and your old forms and ways of dealing with social, political, and economic issues no longer work as they used to. You’ve outgrown them and they no longer serve to promote your growth and general wellbeing. You feel a push toward change — and also a real resistance to change. And so, there is widespread dissatisfaction, and widespread unrest, fear and hostility.

This breakdown of your old forms and ways of doing things, and all the turbulence that accompanies it, is the chaotic beginning of a huge transition humanity is making. You’re at the beginning of a shift in human consciousness that will eventually lead to a more joyful and deeply fulfilling life on Earth for all of you. Still, even if you know that, this beginning stage is a rough time, where old forms are breaking down and you haven’t yet found new ones to replace them.  So I and other guides at my level are here to help you get through this stage, and to offer you guidance on how to make the changes you need, and how to heal the divisiveness and the pain you’re inflicting on each other.

To begin with, in this turbulent time, we invite you to look at some of the patterns you have now — ways of thinking and feeling and ways of operating in your everyday world — which actually keep you from making changes for the better. Certain belief systems and world views you have serve to hold in place the old ways of doing things, and to prevent your seeing clearly which useful new forms are arising and need to be embraced.

Here’s one example: Most of you are brought up from birth to believe that you live in a world where “survival of the fittest,” “dog eat dog,” “every man for himself” is the rule. In this world, every individual is essentially separate from every other, and one person’s gain is another person’s loss. Or, if some of you band together, it may be that one tribe’s gain is another tribe’s loss. In any case, you believe that competition for resources, power, attention, and so on, is the natural order, is how the world works, is the reality. There are many examples around you that seem to confirm those beliefs, and you don’t even question them, do you?

In this world view, your success is currently measured by material wealth and power. The more of these you have, the more of a success you are. But you must compete against others for them, or if you already have them, you must compete to keep them. And, you are always under pressure to be a good competitor, to win out over others, to move to the top. Yes, you may form alliances with others when doing so, but you are expected to discard these if at some point they might obstruct your (or your group’s) reaching the top. Yes, you may resist this pressure to compete, and make other values a priority in your life. But from the standpoint of this widespread belief system, if you do not then rise to material success, you will be looked at as second best.

This belief system of winner take all has led to the inevitable: You are set against each other in the upward struggle to reach the top, or near the top. Some of you do. The rest of you, who are not in the winners’ circle, are altogether disappointed and have a sense of failure. You may feel your government has failed you, or the economy has failed you, or that somehow you yourself have failed. Things have not worked out as you were led to expect. And you may naturally feel powerless or frustrated, or angry, or fearful.

Well, beliefs aside, let’s look at the real situation. Theoretically anyone can reach the top, and you may have been encouraged to believe that you are one of those who can. But, do the numbers: In actuality, what happens in any competitive system is that there are a few winners and many losers. If you’re among the many who have not reached the top, you may be a talented, responsible, hardworking person and still feel left behind. This is not usually because of any fault of yours, but because in your system the top is not big enough. An altogether new system is needed to replace the one you are using now.

Could there be a new form, where everyone could more easily share in the beauties and riches of your world, where, in a sense, everyone could win and be at the top? That can happen. It is no fantasy. You can create such a world. But for that to be, the old mindset based on competition and tribalism will no longer work. It will have to go.

Now, in your everyday world, this competitive winner take all model is only one of the underlying belief systems that shape your current ways of doing things, although it is a major one. I’ve used it as an example, and I encourage you to look deeper at this and many other social/political/economic forms in your society. Are they what you want? You have always taken them for granted as the reality. They are one reality, certainly, but is that reality one that you want? How might it be different? Now is the time to ask these questions. You are gradually moving into a new phase of your evolution in which all of you, and all of your systems, will be much changed. The changes will be up to you.

Of course, it’s likely that some of you nostalgically want to go back to the way you remember it used to be, and will fight hard to resist change and make the old systems work again. Go ahead and try if you feel you need to. But you will not succeed. Once a chicken grows to a certain size, it cracks the egg it came from and you can’t put it back. You can only leave it as it is — or, you can feed it and help it grow.

Your Personal Path

I encourage you, don’t give up. There are things you can do, personally, and in conjunction with other likeminded people, to live with this present chaos, and find your own path through it. I offer you here some suggestions about how you can survive and move forward in these interesting times, and how you can even help “grow the chicken.”

Start from where you are. You have certain beliefs about what’s true and not true, and about what should or should not be done, and you probably have strong feelings to go with those beliefs. Respect the beliefs and feelings you have. Accept them and hold them all. Your views, your anger, your fear, your pain, are all worthy of respect. Your hope, too, is worthy of respect. You need them all, to help you move forward.

So begin by accepting where you are, but then realize you must go beyond that, you must broaden your focus. You will get nowhere if you stay in a limited mindset. The problems you and other humans are facing cannot possibly be solved at the level where they have arisen. You have to get to another level to resolve them. The more you keep that in mind, the more quickly you’ll be able to move through this period of turbulence and upheaval.

Your own current ways of thinking, your beliefs, opinions, and emotions — accurate, interesting, and absorbing as they may be — are limiting to you, and are what keep you stuck in those persistent everyday problems. Luckily, your beliefs and emotions are not all there is to you. They’re only a small part of who you really are. There is much, much more to you, and if you dive down deeper, beyond the waves of opinion and emotion you experience every day, you can reach that fullness of all you really are, the deep aliveness that is the foundation of your very being. This deeper level is there in all of you, although not all of you are aware of it. Some of you are, and already go there regularly and consciously. Others of you have probably been there many times, whether you were aware of it or not.

You reach this level of yourself in many ways. Sometimes it’s in meditation. Sometimes it’s in peak moments of great joy or understanding or accomplishment. Sometimes it’s when you find yourself caught up in creative work or art. Sometimes it’s at a time when you feel at one with nature. Sometimes it is even at a moment of great danger. Often it can be a bodily event that goes beyond your usual experience. And sometimes it is when you feel a sudden burst of love for someone dear to you. All these moments may be gateways into the deepest level of your being. And even if you can’t recall having any such moments, meditation can get you to this deep level of yourself.

Now, why am I recommending you make this excursion into the deeper level of your consciousness? Isn’t it just a detour from getting down to the nitty-gritty and dealing with your issues in a practical way at the everyday level? On the contrary. You cannot create new forms or a new reality that lasts without going to this level of yourselves.

It is from here, from this deep level of creative energy, that every change in your day-to-day reality begins. The new forms and systems you need in your world will not come as a result of your scurrying around at the everyday mental/emotional levels to prop up or to rearrange and re-rig the old forms you have now, and fighting over which is the best. Rather, what you need will emerge from this deep level of your being, where all true creativity originates. And it is also from here that you will be able to generate the deep compassion, empathy and concern for each other that will help you act together to make the new forms actually work in your everyday physical reality.

Spend time here, even if you can only do so for five minutes a day. Here there is great power. Here you are connected with all other beings, including those who think as you do and even those whose beliefs seem incompatible with yours. Here, reach out to all of them. At this level you go beyond your differences and are able to understand and truly communicate with each other. Spend time here, opening your heart and mind. Spend time here allying your energies with those of all other humans, so that together you can send out your intention and your energies to create the world you want to live in. Doing this is crucial if you want lasting change for the better.

Working In The World: Forming The Future

After working together with others at the deep level of yourself, go back to your day-to-day life in the material world, and bring this energy of your deeper self with you. The flow of this deeper energy through you, as you go about your everyday life, has a powerful effect on everyone and everything around you — more powerful than you imagine. Who you are, at this deep level of yourself, is more powerful than anything you actually say or do, and it will help move you and others in the direction you need to go. So keep that flow going.

Next, let yourself experience the world around you with new eyes. As you go about life in your everyday settings, take moments now and then to resist jumping immediately into your old patterns, your old ways of thinking and acting. Step back and notice these habitual ways you have of looking at and reacting to things. Then temporarily set them aside. Make space for something new to emerge. You are no strangers to this process. Artists, musicians, scientists, healers, and others of you who create engage in this creative process all the time. Whatever new thing you’re creating, whether it’s a painting or a song or a political system, you have to get your mind and its usual patterns out of the way and make space. And then notice what emerges.

When you make this space, you’ll begin to see many new possibilities, possibilities for new political forms, for new economic structures, for new ways of relating to each other, and more. Keep an open mind, observe, let them emerge. You’ll find you’re asking yourself, “What if, instead of the way we do things now, we did ______?”

Notice which of the new possibilities you care more about, and are more excited about. These will be the ones that fit best with your own life path and your own work in the world. Commit some of your energies to playing with these new possibilities, trying them out, seeing whether they work and what can be done with them, shaping and reshaping them, critiquing and improving them. And while you’re doing this, notice which other people around you are on a similar path to yours. These are the people you can ally with to bring in the new forms, and to take concrete, practical steps in your everyday world, to create the changes you need.

As you work together in the world, do the obvious things, of course. Make use of even the old political forms (e.g., staying informed, voting, contacting your representatives in government, running for office, contributing time, energy and money, demonstrating, and other forms of activism). Find common ground with those opposing you when you can. Work to guide and educate others, or to oppose them, to limit their power if it seems harmful, and to support what you see as good in them — but always with your eye on the goal.

As best you can, work for rather than against. Let your passions and feelings fuel you to move forward, rather than let them blind you and bog you down. Keep a compassionate sense of humor. Don’t let yourself be distracted by getting involved in personal attacks. Rather, move toward the new forms and systems you want, and keep that momentum going. This is all common sense.

At the same time, it’s essential to remember that the good new forms you want to foster can only take root if enough humans give them space and adopt them. You must eventually let go of polarizing, and ally with each other for this to come about. So while working steadily for what you believe in, do your best to keep an open heart for all other humans, even those who oppose you. No one of them is perfect, and no one of them is totally bad or worthless. Try not to label or categorize them, since there is so much more to each of you than what you ordinarily perceive in each other. If others are less conscious than you, or if they seem to be going wrong, if they seem even to be holding beliefs that to you are totally irrational, it is a part of their path and of their learning. And of your learning too, since they are in your life. Accept that.

Look at the people around you, then, put yourself in their shoes. See how they got there. And look deeper, see beyond their words and behavior. Call up your understanding and compassion both for those who agree with you and those who don’t. Notice always your deeper level of connection with them, even if you’re very much against what they’re saying and doing in the everyday world. At the deepest level, they’re human like you, and you can meet them at that level and let them into your heart, even if you’re not in agreement with their thinking, and even if you’re actively working against what they do. When you maintain your awareness of this deep connection while moving steadily forward toward what you believe in, the changes you all need will happen more easily.

You notice I’m not giving you here any step-by-step recipes for how to make good changes, how to examine and let go of old outmoded forms and how to find and nurture more useful ones. That would be a pseudo solution, at the ego level. Rather, I am suggesting a process that will help you go beyond ego, where all the problems are arising in the first place, and into the depths of your own being, where you will find your real source of power and from which you can, together, create the kind of world you want to live in.

Following the suggestions I’ve offered here will not only help all of humanity to progress out of the turbulence in which you find yourselves now, it will help you personally to move along more peacefully and more steadily on your own spiritual path. Why do you think you are on Earth at this time and are facing these challenges? Did you really sign up for this? Well, yes. You did. Because it’s the perfect environment for you to grow and evolve your own consciousness. And at the same time, you will be helping humanity in general to also shift into a greater consciousness. So, take advantage. Take a deep breath. This is a challenge for you, yes, but it’s also a blessing and an opportunity. Be with it.

Finally, let me assure you that of course you are not alone. You have help, not only from other like-minded humans, but also from us guides at our level. If you choose to follow the process I’ve outlined in this article, we thank you and will give you extra help. But for all of you who are living in the world right now, know that we love you and are always ready with our guidance and support. This is a huge work you humans are undertaking at this time, no less than a shifting of who you are, and of how your world is to be. You, personally, have been asked to be in the forefront, if you agree. Trust in us and trust your own deeper self to enliven and comfort you, to bring you support from others, and to help you move forward on the path you have chosen. Call on us at any time.

This article in its original form was published in the Spring 2017 edition of Spirit of Change Magazine


January 1, 2010

 At this time so many of you are being invited to open more fully to Spirit and receive higher level guidance that I have set down here a few suggestions that should be helpful. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but if you are trying to open up your life to experiencing Spirit and receiving guidance from higher levels, here are some places to begin. As you go along, you will continue receive guidance about where to go next in designing and following your own unique spiritual path. 

Noticing the energies of spirit

First, make space and time in your day to receive and notice the spiritual energies within and around you. They are always there, of course, but it does no good if you pay them no attention. During the day sunshine may be all around your home, but it will not come in your window if you have the shades drawn. So, frequently during the day, open your shades, even for a minute or two. Simply make the intention to be aware of the spiritual energies. At first it will be helpful to take the time to practice some form of meditation, to give yourself a clearer and more conscious connection with the energies of Spirit. After this practice you will be able, throughout the day, to quickly and easily connect with Spirit, even if you have only a moment.


The spiritual energies are always there in the background of your life. They are the aliveness from which everything else comes. 

Explore some forms of meditation if you have not already done so. Almost any form of meditation you prefer will help you temporarily set aside the thoughts, the emotions, and the bodily sensations which are in the foreground of your everyday life. As you turn your attention away from these, you will begin to get a sense of the vast space beyond them. This is the space of Spirit. You may experience it as nothingness, or emptiness – or as total energy and aliveness. Or in some other way. That’s all right. Just stay there and see what comes. 

Spend time just being there, in this space beyond sensation, emotion, and thought. Stay there as long as you can. Come back to it as often as you can. Eventually, because your consciousness is filtered through a mind, you may get a visual image, a word or words may come to you, or you may get emotions or bodily sensations. Just notice and accept these. 

Later, every so often during the day, momentarily turn your attention to this space where you have been in meditation. Go behind the thoughts, emotions, and sensations of everyday life to the aliveness that is there beyond them. And if you have a pressing question or concern take that with you and see what happens.


How to receive 

Many of you have the feeling that you may be receiving guidance from Spirit, either through the meditation I’ve just suggested, or in some other way. You may have questions about how to “turn up the volume” to hear it more clearly, or questions about how to evaluate the accuracy of what you receive.

First, practice is the key. Practice, and practice some more. Even though sometimes you will be fortunate enough to have guidance spontaneously come to you, you don’t have to wait for that. Regularly make time and space to receive guidance by going to the space beyond thought, sensation, and emotion to the aliveness behind them all. You may pose a question you need guidance about, or simply wait to see what comes. Again, be open to the possibility that your guidance may come in the form of words, images, or feelings and sensations.

Second, if you think you are receiving guidance or inspiration that might be coming to you from Spirit, record it in some form afterwards. Write it down, make a drawing, or audio recording, even dance it. Taking it seriously this way, without at first judging it, will allow more to come, so you will not just be getting fragments, but a more connected whole. 

(This is very similar to what happens in any creative process where you have to let your vision come through in some form, without censoring it, before you then use your mind to refine it.) 

At first in receiving guidance you may wonder if you are making it all up, but let it come through anyway. Indeed, imagination is one tool that Spirit can use to reach you, one way you receive guidance. Let your imagination be free, and scrutinize it later. You will often understand later that in a particular instance you were actually guided to imagine one particular thing, rather than all the other possible things you could have imagined. And that it was no accident.

Third, having connected with Spirit and received some sense of guidance coming through to you, how do you validate this guidance? It’s easy enough to ask me, and have me tell you that you are indeed opening up to Spirit, and that I and other guides are around you, guiding and helping you. That is true. But you don’t have to take my word for it. It’s good to develop your own way of validating your experiences so that you have an inner sense of sureness that is always your yardstick.

Now, your mind can only go so far in situations like this. It can only partially understand and evaluate the spiritual energies, since it does so in the form of concepts, and concepts cannot contain or explain fully the energies of Spirit, and cannot help you much in validating your spiritual experiences. Instead of your mind, it can be very useful to employ your body and its energies to give you feedback about whether you are on the right track in understanding what’s coming through to you and how valid it is.

Though you may have some other way you favor, I almost always recommend dancing to some music you like, to first allow the body’s energy to flow more freely and get through any blocks you may have. Then, take any guidance you believe you are receiving from Spirit and see how it resonates with your heart, your gut, your pelvis, or some other part of you. As you practice this, you will soon get messages from some part of your body that say, “Yes, this is true, this is right,” or “ I am uneasy or uncomfortable with that,” or “That’s not quite right,” and so on. 

Indeed most of you have developed this kind of physical/emotional intuitive yardstick already, and you often apply it to situations in your everyday life. I am simply suggesting that you become more conscious of this system you already have for inner validation and apply it to any energies or insights you believe may have come through to you from Spirit.

If you follow these practices, after even a short while you will develop more clarity and confidence in your ability to sense and experience the energies of Spirit, and in any guidance you’re receiving. And, at the same time, you will be contributing to the evolution of human consciousness. In the future, all humans will be much more easily aware of the higher energies and able to live at one with them and receive guidance from them. But it must start with you who are inspired to take up this invitation now.

Meanwhile, I and other guides are always available to help you in your own next steps in knowing Spirit. Call on us at any time.



I offer you this exercise as one way to practice experiencing the greater Reality around and within you, while in the midst of everyday life. Try it in this form first, and then feel free to make changes to adapt it to your own needs. 

1. Be in a quiet place, in whatever relaxed position feels best to you, keeping your spine relatively straight. Take some long, slow breaths and let them out slowly.

2. Now turn your right hand palm upward. Let thoughts and feelings about your everyday concerns come to mind – everything from someone you have to contact, to a physical problem you’re having, to what will be for dinner, and so on. Just let them be there, and imagine you are holding them all in your right hand. As they come, just let them pile up there on your hand.

3. When this seems to be complete – yes, probably a few more concerns will fly in, just let them light there too –move your attention to your left hand and turn it palm up.

4. Imagine now that your left hand is in a deep pool of stillness and light. This is the infinite deep, joyful, formless pool of energy that is beneath and beyond your present reality, and from which all of it comes. Breathe. Feel this deep, still, joyful, aliveness in your left hand, and imagine it as a light that flows not only into your hand, but into your left arm, and into your chest and shoulders, and then into your whole body. Your whole body is full of this light. Breathe. And as you do, you may experience a pulsing of this light, a feeling of being uplifted, or other sensations. Just notice and experience what happens…

5. Feel how this light has filled your whole body – including even your right hand. Notice how it flows into all the everyday experiences you hold there. This flow is always going on. This deep, infinite, alive energy comes out of formlessness and gives life to everything you are, and also to everything you think, feel and do in the world.

6. Take some time to notice and experience how, under the sometimes seemingly trivial everyday concerns that you hold in your right hand, it is this deep, vast, and infinitely beautiful energy that is flowing life and being into them. Feel how the energy pulses in from your left hand, illuminates your whole body, and flows into your right hand, sustaining all of your everyday existence and doings. Spend some time 

being with this...

7. Now, bring your hands together. And see what happens…

After you have practiced this meditation, or adapted it into a form that suits you best, you may begin to notice not only that the Light is in you, but also that it is all around you, and in all other beings in your everyday world. This is the great Oneness of which we are all a part. Here you are one with all other beings. Here you and I are one, and it is from here that I speak to you.



Hearing what you hear on the news about economic turbulence and the possible breakdown of your economy, it's natural that you may feel deep concern and even fear. To see your savings and assets shrinking, perhaps even to lose your job or your home, can be frightening,   especially if you feel helpless to change the situation you're in. In fact,   something even larger is going on-- much larger than the failure of some of your   economic policies. You are, right now, caught up in a whirlwind of change that is sweeping your entire planet. It involves not only bad mortgages, not  only economics and finances, but also climate change, changes in politics and   social structures, changes in almost every aspect of your life.

Old forms and systems you've had for directing your daily affairs in the world are breaking up because you've outgrown them and they've become too small. Even when the current crisis seems to settle down, there  will continue to be turmoil and upheavals of all kinds for awhile until you  find new forms that serve you better. And this will not happen overnight, but by a series of steps in which you experiment with new forms and gradually arrive at some that work best. This will happen, in time. It will require humanity's best creativity, and human cooperation on a global level, for these are global problems.

But in the meantime, what about you? First, you need to hear from me and from all of us guides at my level, that you will be all right. In time, and perhaps sooner than you think, the current situation will begin to right itself as you begin to find new forms, and eventually there will be more security for all of you. You will not, however, be able to go back to all the old ways of doing things.

Now, when I say, "You will be all right," you   may believe me. Or you may want to believe me but have a hard time doing so. Of course, in time, as economies stabilize and your bank account looks healthier again, you'll have more concrete evidence to go on. Yet today, the everyday "you" who is caught up in the whirlwind may have to take what I say on faith, and in the meantime, take the obvious practical measures. 

Safeguard your assets to the best of your ability if you have them, look for a job if you need one, and so on. Inform yourself on the issues and   when you have the opportunity, vote intelligently and express yourself to   your representatives in government. And this is not a time to jump at   possible solutions because you are full of anxiety. Rather, it will be far   safer for you to ride the whirlwind than to let yourself be swept up in it.

If you would ride the whirlwind, you must go deeper, below the surface level of your own fear and the collective human fear, down into the depths of your inner self. Whether you do this by meditation or other   means, you need to go to that deepest level of you where you know that you   will be all right, that you are already all right, and that you will always be all right. This is not something that can be put into words for you. You  must find the way to your own depths to experience it for yourself, in order to feel truly convinced and at peace, and to be able to ride the whirlwind of change.

Going into your deepest self is not simply a way to escape  "reality," nor is it, as your ego might suggest, something to wait to do after you've solved the problems. Rather, doing this is an essential part of the solution to the problems you face now. Such problems are never   solved at the level where they were created. At most, bandaids can be put on there. You, and all humans, need to go to a deeper level in order to find the   calm and the creativity to ride the whirlwind rather than be caught in it,   and to find the new forms you need to solve your problems.

Once again, I'll say it: "You are all right. You are   taken care of." If you go to this inner place, you'll be sure of it. And  the right actions you need to take will emerge from this calm and intelligent center of who you really are.

Meanwhile, look around you in everyday life in the moment   and notice how you are all right in each moment. You are still in your body,   your first and most reliable home. You still breathe air, see and feel   sunshine and rain, you probably have food and clothing and people around you,   things to do. You are alive.

Even as you watch this particular network of thought forms   and mental craziness that humans have created breaking up around you, you are   here. You are alive. Your deep aliveness does not depend on the economy or on   the climate or on politicians' decisions. As you practice this you will feel   more at peace and able to deal with whatever confronts you in your own life.   You will also be contributing greatly to the collective human energy field   and helping to bring forth the calm and the creativity needed for humanity to   bring about the solutions you need in your everyday world.

We guides at our level understand that you face some hard   challenges right now. Because they are part of your growth, we cannot   "rescue" you from them. You are adults, and we treat you as such.   We know you have the resources and courage to face what you face today and   learn from it --and with our help, of course. Our love, support, energy, and inspiration are always with you. Please know that you can call on us whenever you need us.

to you from vywamus

I am one of a group of teachers and guides who are particularly concerned with the wellbeing of your planet Earth. And whether you know it or not, you also are one of our number. You happen to be focusing  through a body at this time and living on the earth. Yet you, like us, take  part in creating, maintaining, and evolving your planet. Our purpose is to bring this to your attention, and to show you the possibilities that are opening up for you.

Now is a critical time of evolution on your planet, and a crucial moment for you. The stage you're presently entering is unique in human history. It's unique, because now it involves consciousness. You are about to become fully and actively involved in your own evolution. From this   point the evolution of humanity will be more and more what you consciously choose. We at my level are always willing to help you explore your options.  Yet ultimately, how you choose to evolve, and how rapidly, is up to you. Our blessings are with you whatever you do.


Andrea Seiver

(617) 332-1541