A personal reading with Vywamus


     With his characteristic warmth and   humor, Vywamus discusses your questions about work, relationships, your life path, and other matters. He helps draw out your unique inner wisdom, and offers his own broad perspective and practical suggestions.

Many people report that after a  reading they have greater insight into their life situations, and a feeling  of being at peace, uplifted and inspired.

Vywamus says, “We teachers at my  level understand that being human is not always easy. And so, when you are   ready to meet me, I am always delighted to be with you and to help you in any   way I can.

The reading typically lasts one hour.

The cost is $105 and includes mp3 or cassette recording of your session.

To book a reading, please contact

Andrea Seiver

(617) 332-1541

feedback from clients

M.B.B., Andover, MA

 During times in my life when I have needed intelligent and reliable guidance Andrea and Vywamus were the ones I would turn to. I would always receive evidential information with compassion and honesty. The wisdom and guidance I received were paramount in my over coming obstacle and to further my personal growth.


My own experiences: are always about growth; spiritual, creative, and the desire for clarity and understanding. Nor is it always easy to listen to what I need for that growth and peace but I feel very safe while going through this process with Andrea and Vywamus.

It is about wanting to expand into the invisible world..and with Andrea's channeling Vywamus that is possible. It takes time and work on my part to move. Patience and trust, quiet and believing.

It is about wanting to move out of the confusion I may create that needs to be untangled that Andrea and Vywamus are able to lead me through by asking me pertinent questions, not giving me the answers, making me seek my own answers, lovingly guiding me during that session.

This is not a quick fix to a life problem. This is not a foretelling what will happen. It is about choice and knowing that there are many ways and thus many choices and they are always mine to make.

And it is about trust in knowing myself and when I need and am 'called' to met with Andrea and Vywamus again for the next step which I may not even know when I start my session, only that I want it very, very much.

C.J.A., Medfield, MA

A wonderful experience of love and an opportunity to discover and enhance your strengths and abilities to be more mindful and purposeful in your own life.

R.M., Newton, MA

Over the years I've had quite a few readings with Andrea Seiver and Vywamus. The readings have been extremely helpful and informative on all levels. In addition, I always come away feeling uplifted and spiritually expanded. What more could you ask for?

A.C.K., Newton Centre, MA

  My first personal session with Vywamus was in 1998. Since then, I have been very fortunate to have had personal and group sessions with Vywamus. The insight, inspiration, and specific directions and understanding that have come from time spent in sessions is truly remarkable. They have changed my life, and have been closely related to further exploration of my own personal journey and in my life coaching work with others. A spiritual gift from heaven.....we should all benefit from this amazing channel, and her contribution to humanity and the universe!

I.K-T., Waltham, MA

Andrea's channeled readings from Vywamus are consistently and uniquely empowering in their breadth, accuracy, and the bringing forth of information that can really help a person along the most challenging of paths! My experience has been that a reading is always supportive in a non-judgemental and compassionate kind way, and Vywamus mysteriously manages to touch on matters that Andrea would not have consciously known about (that pertain to the questioner.) As someone who likes to feel like it was "really me" who made good things happen or come about, Vywamus is great at offering the kind of guidance that assists a person in taking the next best steps for their higher good. At the same time, I've been in awe so many times, as far as the accuracy of his guidance, (in the most recent case, with regards to the circumstances that involved me meeting my now-husband. It was especially poignant since years of painful disappontments and uncertainty consistently had left me questioning, whether I'd even *ever find* that right and perfect match for me!) Thank you, Vywamus!

L.O.A., Greenfield, MA

I have always found Andrea's readings to be of the highest quality and Vywamus' information and assistance timely and extremely helpful. One of the things I am really beginning to appreciate is that Vywamus will ask what I think of the situation before he answers. At first I didn't really appreciate it but do now. I do know a lot, it is good to have Vywamus confirmation and if I haven't gotten it on my own, he very gently states facts and nudges me on.

M.B., Lynnfield, MA

The many readings I've had from Vywamus/Andrea have been invaluable. The comments are always "right on" and delivered with healing, love and a wonderful sense of humor. Vywamus guides me back to a space of inner truthfulness and empowerment, a space where I remember that everything really is O.K., and I'm ready to face the world (and myself) again."

L.H., Clemson, SC

I once had a session with another Vywamus channel and the experience impressed upon me the importance of the individuality of the medium in the channeling process. I found that Andrea’s Vywamus was much more cheerful, encouraging, and honoring. He was more willing to accept my terms for the way things look to me even as he tried to guide me from my occluded perspective. He was more forthcoming with examples and suggestions that are suited to me in particular. I'm sure the difference owes much to Andrea’s efforts in developing her channeling, and I am appreciative for it. I do not question the genuineness of the other channel or the truth of the messages I was given. I only regret that the information was so abstract that it was little different than reading a book.

J.B., Harvard, MA

Vywamus through Andrea has been extremely helpful on my journey to higher consciousness, awareness and happiness. I recommend the connection.

G.L., Arlington MA

Vywamus is like a friendly alien from another world. He possesses a powerful energy that all can sense. He is nonthreatening and eager to share. In a loving way he helps all to understand the world and the world beyond. Through his communications I receive a better understanding about why I am here and ways to be more alive. It’s surrealistic like seeing without eyes, or hearing without ears. You just sense something good when he communicates.

G.L., Arlington MA