June 2009 - May 2010


Dear Vywamus,

Please guide me what is next step I need to take.
I feel lost for many parts of my life especially my carrer and
passion for the life.
If you can give me more specific direction and guide to next path
I really appreciate.

Thank You.
Hyosun Kim

Dear Hyosun Kim,

First, please be sure that I myself and your other guides are watching over you with loving concern. We are aware of your struggles, your efforts, your successes and what seem to be your failures. And we would like to applaud you – you have already put your finger on the key. In your particular situation, finding passion in life will bring about all the other things you need.

Now when you speak of passion in life, you may be talking of wanting to find a purpose, something to do that will be fulfilling and will inspire you to commit your time and energy and love to it. Or you may be talking about passion for life in general, the ability to feel enthusiasm, to take joy and pleasure in what’s going on.

Either way, my suggestion is the same: Do whatever you need to live more connected to Spirit and more connected to your body. This is key for you. You know well enough how to live in your mind, but that’s not all there is to you. If you live only in your mind, the rest of you starves, and your life becomes dull and passionless and, you may feel, not worth living.

On this Ask Vywamus page, I have made suggestions to Carmelo ( 5-15-2010) which you will also find apply very much to you. It is essential to make more space in your life to connect with Spirit, whether you do it in meditation or in other ways. And then there is your body. Right now, you are enough cut off from your body and emotions that is hard for you to feel passionate about anything. In particular, you need to breathe, to dance or in other ways move your body with awareness, and to notice all the sensations or feelings that come up. Simply accept and be present with them. Let them flow through your body. This will also allow the spiritual energies to flow through you more freely, and allow you to be more aware of them.

Both these 2 steps, connecting more with Spirit and with your body, will not only bring you more passion and enthusiasm in your daily life but will also make sure that you become more clear and excited about your purpose in your work and your path in life.

For more detail on how to get more in touch with Spirit and how to be more aware of opportunities for your work in the world, please look over my responses to “Ask Vywamus” letters from Carmelo, Diana (6-21-09), Pamela (11-29-09) and R. (3-28-10). Your own questions and struggles have many parallels with theirs. Take from them whatever you feel resonates with your own situation. Also see the News page on this web site for my message on 1-1-10 giving guidelines for further opening to Spirit and receiving higher guidance.

Finally, be aware that I and the other guides are already working with you in the dream state, whether you know it or remember it or not. We are always with you, and you have our unbounded love and support at all times, as much as you are willing to receive.




Dear Vywamus,
I am writing to seek advise on the next step i should take during these psychic challenges which never seem to end.I was told to contact my guide but i find it difficult hearing messages.So i have decided to do a cleansing first.Is there any advise you have for me to overcome my challenges and succeed in my healing journey.Thank you.


Dear Carmelo,

Your question is certainly one of general interest. We guides at our level are very much aware of the suffering and confusion that you and many others are going through at this time. You are not alone.

The ending of the challenges you speak of and the healing you hope for -- those are certainly possible for you, and for others. But you cannot solve these problems at the level where they have arisen. You must go to the next higher level, beyond the limitations of the mind and ego, where you usually live, in order to dis-solve these problems. That means going into your deep inner being, into the infinite space and stillness within yourself, and simply being present there for periods of time or even just for moments during your day. If meditation works for you, that’s certainly one gateway into that infinite space. Other ways include going deeply into the body, being very present to your own sensations and your breath, or being present and aware with moving your body or dancing. And creative work, music and art, being in nature -- all these can be helpful to you in getting into that infinite space of Spirit I’m speaking of.

Being in that infinite place within yourself is a different way of problem solving than that of the mind and ego, which usually involves defining a problem, figuring out a strategy to solve it, then carrying out the necessary steps. Of course these are useful methods and I don’t recommend you throw them away. But there is only so far they can take you, particularly with the kind of problems of a deeply spiritual and emotional nature that you are writing about. Finding the right steps and going through them – this alone will not in the end help you to find the peace of heart and the wholeness you are seeking. Rather, when you can spend time in this infinite Space, connected with Spirit, and living in the aliveness of your larger Being, then you do begin to truly understand that the problems your ego feels trapped in are mostly an illusion. And as you stay in that Space, more and more of your “problems” and challenges will dissolve, and any steps you need to take will emerge right out of that state of Being.

Now, I am aware that when you, and others, feel beset by serious challenges, and have trouble hearing your guide, it may seem almost impossible to meditate or in other ways get to that infinite Space. So I usually recommend 2 things. Do pay attention to your emotions and do something physical to let them be expressed. Put on some music that reflects the mood you’re in or the feelings you’re having, and then move around to that music. Don’t forget to breathe. Let your emotions “flow” through your body as you do this. This is a way of “cleansing” the emotional body. Certainly your idea of doing a cleansing of the physical body is also a good one if you feel the need and it has helped you before. And often the dancing or moving to music will also help the bodily as well as emotional energies flow better.

The second thing I recommend is that if after dancing or movement you still find it hard to go into that larger Space, use aids to help you. When you feel very conflicted and distractible, listen to music that inspires you, or to recordings of guidance or meditations from some spiritual teachers. Often this will help bring you to this higher place. Do not get into recordings from teachers who give you a “package” of things to do to improve yourself, or “10 Steps to Enlightenment...,” etc. These may be useful at other times, but not for the purpose here. The purpose here is to go beyond “doing” steps and into “being.” This is what will help you move beyond this phase of suffering and beyond your present limitations to that higher level where your current problems will solve themselves.

Blessings to you, and we guides will be helping even at times when you have trouble realizing our presence,



Dear Vywamus
I'm writing you to to ask a miracle of clarification of my husband K. life purpose and origins. He has difficulties in realizing his full potential as a light worker. Can you please give him direction and clarity regarding his life purpose and the gifts he has to offer and e can offer together as a couple.
thank you very much

Dear R.,

Your sincere wish to do good and be of service in the world is much appreciated by me, and by the other guides here, and both you and your husband have many gifts to offer. Thank you for your willingness to share your light! It is sorely needed.

First, I have already begun working with your husband and with you in the dream state. Do either of you recall “meeting” me there? Even if you don’t remember, I am with you, and the more you intentionally open yourself to my guidance, the easier it will be to listen inwardly and hear it even in your waking hours.

Next, I want to remind you that you and your husband each have a choice of many possible paths, and that, contrary to what some believe, there is no “one” path for which you are destined. Any path you choose in sincerity and openness of heart will eventually lead you where you are meant to go: Home.

What you ask for is not exactly a “miracle” of clarification, although at times when you are discouraged, it must seem that you need one. It simply requires some “homework.” To begin with, for some general guidelines for your husband and yourself on finding and following your particular path in the world, and learning what work you two may do together, I suggest reading, or rereading, my message of January 1, 2010, on the News page of this web site, and also the responses I have made on this “Ask Vywamus” page to Rebecca (11-30-09), Diana (6-21-09), and especially Pamela (11-29-09). If you apply these guidelines in your everyday life, you may well find insights, inspirations, and opportunities popping up right in front of you. And I would add that if you truly get into the process of learning and applying these guidelines it will be transforming for both of you. It is not just a means of getting to your path – it is an essential step on your path. As you evolve yourself in this way and become more of who you are meant to be, whatever you choose to do in the world – work, relationship, etc. – emerges out of who you are, and becomes a path of grace and joy.

After applying these guidelines for awhile, if you still feel you want to get into more detail about specific courses of action, blocks that may come up, and so on, I would recommend an individual reading or consultation with a reliable channel or someone else you trust. This would give your questions the time and attention and individual focus they deserve, more than is possible to do on this web page.

And whatever you do, remember, I am always with you to give love, support and guidance from our level. Call on me any time, and listen for me in your deep, wise Selves.




Hello Master Vywamus, thanks for sharing your energy and wisdom with me I saw an affirmation containing your name in it and I felt drawn into. I sensed your presence your presence as a green and yellow dreesed being. May I ask if you have any message for me and my path?

Dear Arturo,

It is certainly no accident that you have written to me here. I am glad you were able to sense my presence, and perhaps you also sense, at your deeper levels, that I have been working with you in this lifetime and others. This is often in the dream state, but sometimes you are able to be aware of me when awake.

My first message to you is that you are very much loved and cherished, by me and by other teachers and guides at the level where I “live.” And, you are being called, as are many other humans at this time, to be in the forefront in humanity’s next evolutionary step. In a few words, this means beginning to consciously live in two worlds: the everyday world where your everyday self is accustomed to live, and the infinite reality beyond the everyday world where your infinite Larger Self has always lived. As more humans are able to gain this consciousness of living in both worlds, all of you humans will evolve into living as your true Selves, and your everyday world will also be amazingly transformed.

You have probably already had in your life some “peak” experiences, perhaps of great joy, or deep knowing or harmony with everything around you. These are times when you have been in touch with the Infinite that is beyond your mind and beyond your everyday world. The next step for humans is to be able to live in this state of consciousness all the time, even while going about your business in everyday life. As you probably know, there are many ways for you to deepen your ability to live more consciously in both worlds: meditation, body energy work, and creative work are some ways, use whatever works best for you. These practices can help you be more ready to perceive and experience the Infinite that is within and around you.

So first, make yourself available to the Infinite energies throughout your day, pay attention to being conscious of them whenever you can. Second, practice being conscious of and in tune with the Infinite, while carrying out your usual daily activities. Be conscious of living in both worlds at once. For most of you humans, this is what you are being asked to do at this time. This makes you a channel for the Infinite energies, so they are more easily accessed in your everyday world, by yourself and others. You are helping humanity evolve. And for each of you personally, letting yourself be this kind of channel can also be a tremendous opportunity for growth and can lead to many positive changes in your daily life and relationships.

Now, for some of you living at this time, actual specific tasks in the world may also arise -- teaching, healing, political activism, and so forth. Through these tasks you are asked to help to channel the Infinite energies into your everyday world in certain specific forms. If you are staying in touch with the Infinite energies throughout your day, you will be able to recognize these new tasks when they are truly part of your path, and be able to receive guidance on what actions to take.

So far, everything I have said applies to you, Arturo, and to many others in the world now who are invited to be pioneers of human evolution. For more guidance, you may all find it helpful to refer to my messages on the News page of this web site, and to my responses to others’ letters on this page.

For you personally, Arturo, there is more to come, and you will not always be in the life situation where you are now. Your own work in the world will be changing and deepening. As you go along, in tune with the Infinite energies as best you can be, it will be clear to you what forms your work in the world can take. You will always have choices , sometimes several “right” choices will appear. Stay in touch with the Infinite and make these choices with your heart. You will be guided. And know that we teachers and guides and your own Larger Self are with you every step of the way. Call on us any time.




Peace and Love Vywamus,

Periodically, I'll have dreams about people I'm familiar with, sometimes I know a few of their names, tell them I missed them and give em a hug, but I don't know them or see them in my waking life. What's going on? What questions should I be asking? I always in my dreams ask who they are because they are so familiar, but they won't tell me or smile it off.
Much Love,
Kelly Mu

Dear Kelly,

As you are aware, these are not your ordinary dreams. They contain significant messages to you from your soul, and from individuals who care about you, to help you along on your path in this lifetime. Some of the “characters” in your dreams are people you have loved, and/or are guides who are working with you. Often you have a sense of recognition of them, even at times when they don’t look exactly like themselves. In general I can say that these are messages of love, guidance and encouragement. And one reason you don’t get answers to your questions in the dreams is that the dream messages are much deeper than can be contained in words.

If you would like to get into more detail regarding these very rich dreams you can do some work with them in waking life. Here’s a suggestion: First, it’s helpful to write these particular dreams down after you wake up, even if you only recall fragments or feelings from them. Then, rather than trying question and answer, which you haven’t found works for you, see if instead you can focus on any one of the persons in the dream. Take time to see what you notice about that person, and how you feel about that person. How does he or she move you or affect you? Write this down…

Then imagine that you move over and “become” that person. Just be that person for a little bit. What is it like to be that person? What feelings do you have for Kelly? Why did you come into her dream? And so on.

Allow whatever comes. Don’t worry about whether you are “accurate.” Just let your heart be free to take in whatever seems to be there. Pay attention to any feelings that come up while you do this and let yourself experience them... And write that down too.

If you “relive” a dream this way in waking life, going back and forth between being yourself, and being the person in the dream, you will be much more open to receiving their message and their energy, and at a level much deeper than your mind. As you get more deeply into this kind of “back and forth” in processing a dream, a dialogue between you and the dream character may evolve (Write it down.), where you actually do get answers to your questions in words. But don’t press for words. Put your attention on the exchange of energy you feel with the person in the dream and you will be much more satisfied with your experience and much more satisfied with any words you do get.

If you choose to give some time to them, these dreams are a wonderful opportunity for you to communicate with guides, with loved ones at the higher levels, and with Spirit. And if you undertake this work I will be sending you some of my energy to help you. It will be an interesting adventure on your path!




Hi Vywamus

...hows it going? My names Tyson and I'm needing to know how can I remove the core fear matrix that is inside me along with the other psychic attachment garbage? I also read about your school thats in the inner planes..... your ASHRAM for Ascended masters in training... how can can i go there and shed my being from all negativity? As i have trouble visualizing and meditiating.... and also what is the most successful way in changing my core beliefs so they support my life and bring about positive thoughts and just a better reality? .
thanks mate.

 Dear Tyson,

As you may guess, there are many schools on the inner planes to help you humans be active partners in your own transformation. In the dream state you are already going regularly to classes at the Ashram you speak of. If you make the intention to go there and remember it on awakening, you may be able to do so.

Let me remind you, every one of these classes has also a “lab,” which is the work you do in everyday waking life. You probably need no help in remembering what’s happening in the lab! While your soul grows into the higher energy levels at night, during the day emotional baggage such as the core fear matrix, the “other psychic attachment garbage” you mention, and other obstacles to your growth come right up to the surface to be noticed and worked on in the laboratory of your daily life.

There are many good systems for doing this work, including therapy, if you find a wise therapist. Whatever is compatible for you. The key is to be in and allow the present moment. This includes being present in your heart and body, of course, not just your mind – being present to whatever is going on, whether that is fear, or anger, or joy, or anything else. In any moment of fear, or any “negative” emotion, the smart approach is not to fight or try to get rid of or get away from whatever you think of as negative. Rather, express and feel a negative emotion in your body by movement or dancing. As you do this and actually allow the energy to flow through you, you will eventually notice that every “negative” emotion also has some positive kernel within it, some aspect of it that expresses something positive in you. It may be your wish to be, to be more alive, to be more fully yourself, or it may be something else. As you dance or move, take time to notice and accept whatever is positive about your “negative” feeling -- and see what happens.

As you continue this practice, you will also gradually experience that no matter what traumas and negativity you encounter in everyday life, there is also a You above and beyond them, a You who is always all right. Sometimes your spiritual practice is to hold awareness of both the personal “negative” experience and of the Self beyond it, and to accept them both, rather than make the negative go away. As the positive kernel in every seemingly negative situation becomes clearer, it’s easier to hold both.

If you can do this whenever negative emotions come up (or when positive ones do!), you have no need of other kinds of visualizing and meditating. With our help, the more you accept your own emotional reactions to the daily events that arise, and let them flow through your body, in movement or dance, the freer the higher spiritual energies will be to move through your body without obstacles, so that you can live and walk in Spirit more and more of your day. There is no higher form of visualization or meditation than this.

You have my love and support in these efforts, and that of other guides who are working with you.




Dear Vywamus

During a recent meditation I had after asking about my son's spirit guides, a male energy appeared to me that looked blue with purple eyes and white hair that was shaped in a square. This image appeared and felt like it was pulsating energy towards me, it looked odd, but not scary. It definitely seemed not from this earth or not in human form. Am I going crazy? I do not know what to make of this vision. When reading Doreen Virtute Archangels, and Ascending Masters book I came across the section where she mentioned the name Vywamus, and immediately remembered the vision. So is this you coming to me or another being making trying to make contact?


 Dear DeAna,

I have been working with you for some time, much of it in the dream state, and I am pleased that you picked up my energy so easily in meditation, and had enough confidence in your intuition to connect with my name. No, you are not going crazy – simply opening up more to the realities beyond the physical. This is part of your birthright as a human, to be able to live simultaneously in both “worlds” – the physical everyday world you all acknowledge, and the infinite world of Spirit which is also your true home.

Your vision is a signal to you from your higher self that you’re ready for a fuller and more conscious contact with me and other guides if you wish it. If you undertake this, you will experience this contact in a variety of ways, and the pace can be as rapid or as slow as is comfortable for you. On the Newsletter page of this web site I have made some 

suggestions about opening to the reality of Spirit and to guidance from the spiritual levels. Some of these practices you are already following. As you continue to practice, your ability to hear me and other guides will become more clear and accurate and you will feel more grounded in your approach.

Remember, I and others are always available when you call us.

Blessings to you,



Dear Vywamus
I have been opening to spirit all year very subtly but find it difficult to make a real connection and think sometimes that I am making things up in my head. I happened to fall upon your name yesterday and thought I sensed you around me but wasn’t sure. Will I continue to open up to receive clear messages or will my communication always be this sublte and just “in thought?”
Thank you for your help

Dear Rebecca,

Yes, I was around you at the time you mention, and other times as well. I am glad you have written to ask about this.

First, I would say, you are in exactly the situation that many other evolving humans find themselves at this time. Having been brought up in the old framework of identifying with mind and ego, the first steps of breaking out of this old and limiting mindset often seem cloudy and uncertain. You have been taught to live in a “reality” where only concrete things are considered “real,” and where the only way of understanding your world is through the mind. To break out of this limiting pattern you have to develop your inner receptors so you can be aware of the energies around and within you that are beyond the physical and the mental. This is what has begun to happen for you in your opening up to Spirit, and it can continue, if you want it, to a level where you have a much greater sense of clarity and certainty about what is “coming through.”

There are several things which may help. Some of them you are doing already. And, since a number of others who wrote in have similar concerns, I’ve placed, on the Newsletter page of this web site, some general guidelines for all of you. Please use whichever of these suggestions resonate with you to assist your further opening of yourself to the energies of Spirit. I am always available to you when you call on me, and your ability to “hear” me will improve significantly as you practice.




Hello from Ireland,

In the past, I had a number of "experiences" that lead me to read more about Vywamus and other Beings and other Worlds. I would say that Vywamus, along with Djwal Khul, helped me step out of the fear and also helped me "remove stuff" that kept me in fear. For that I am grateful beyond words. Since then, however, I have seriously doubted myself for one reason and another. I would like to think that I am an awakened being and perhaps someone with a mission and purpose, but so far, nothing seems to be happening that would indicate that. I was quite "delusional" about myself thinking I may be someone important in this crazy world! How can I be sure what I am here to do and accomplish? I seem to have no discernible gifts or purpose although I am waiting for something, I don't quite know what, to happen.
Thank you for this opportunity to write to you and thank you, Vywamus, for your help in the past, I still call on you when I need help!
Pamela Davis

Dear Pamela,

You are in a period of gestation – a time of questioning and doubt waiting to know your next step -- which occurs with everyone on a spiritual path, usually more than once. Have no doubt that there is a purpose for which you have incarnated here, and that your soul is already moving toward fulfilling it, even if your mind does not see it clearly as yet. As various conditions in your life and within you come together, you will also have some “answers” for your mind about what has been going on. Meanwhile, you can help the process along by removing certain obstacles and by learning to more easily recognize the subtle cues that are nudging you along on your true path.

With some obstacles you have already made great progress, in stepping out of fear, for example. Another obstacle that many of you face right now is the limiting mental framework in which you were brought up. In this framework, the importance of your accomplishments is judged by material standards such as power, fame, and wealth. Yet most of you on spiritual paths at this time have “been there, done that” in other lives already. You have been leaders, or well known, or powerful in other ways and made an obvious mark on the events of your time and place. That was the old form of being important and making a difference in your world. Now, in this phase of human evolution, it is time to step out of the old, narrower way of thinking and into the realization that you are an infinite being, and that Infinity expresses itself in all you do. Every least thing you do, whether it seems “important” to you or not, is Infinity acting in you, and it influences all of humanity and all of your world.

How do you decide which things to do? There are already, or will be when you notice them, certain situations which present themselves in your everyday life, choices to be made and so forth, and if you approach each of them in a sense of oneness with the Infinity in you, you will usually feel an inclination to make one choice rather than another. Based on that choice, another choice point will arise, and soon, if you continue to make these “little choices” in a way consistent with the Infinity within you, you will sense you are being led on your true path. You often may not have a complete vision of your mission at the start, but only of the next step that seems right to take. Then, at a certain point, you may look back and see where all these “little steps” have been leading you and how they are coming together, and at that point you may have a clear vision of the whole.

Yet now while you are in the midst of uncertainty, do not think that nothing is happening. Everything is happening! Just stay at one with the Infinite in you, and make the choices that feel right in the moment. If you’re doing that, you’re already fulfilling your soul’s purpose whether your mind knows what it is or not. And eventually your mind will catch up and you will also see with your mind’s eye exactly what is your purpose and what you are and will be contributing to the world.

I and other guides are always with you to help you along on your path, with our energies and our guidance. You may wish to read the section on Guidelines for Further Opening to Spirit and Receiving Higher Guidance on my Newsletter page in this web site for more suggestions. Some of these suggestions you are following already, but others you may wish to try out. Meanwhile, please keep calling on me or other guides whenever you need us. It is our pleasure to help you along.




Hello-I have received visions of a big blue eagle/bird and I believe he is my guide. I keep wanting to call him "Wu", are you the same entity? This being is very kind and gentle yet very powerful, thank you for any information you can provide.

Most radiant blessings, Cecilia~

 Dear Cecilia,

Yes, I am one of your guides, and “Wu” is another. The vision you received was of both of us. We often travel together, and humans perceive us in different forms at different times. The blue is a color frequency I often use. The eagle form stands for wide vision and the ability to soar, but also when the eagle comes to its nest it nurtures its young and keeps them under the warm feathers of its wings.

We sent you this vision because you were ready to receive it. We appeared to you in this particular form to encourage you to soar in the spiritual realms, even more than you already do, and also to convey that you are under our “wings” – our care and guardianship -- when you feel you need it. It is one of my missions on earth at this time in your evolution to help all of you know that you can soar into the higher spiritual levels, which are your real home. And the entity you know as “Wu” has had many lives on earth, one of them as an ancient Chinese physician actually named “Wu.” His work in particular is to help those of you who are evolving with the bodily healing and adjustments you need to make as your world and your bodies change to a higher frequency.

You can call on either or both of us at any time of the day, or ask for us to visit you at night in the dream state. We are always available to give you our love and guidance!

Blessings from myself and Wu,



Note from Andrea:

 Even though the following letter is addressed to me, and not directly to Vywamus, I have asked the writer’s permission to post it on this page, with my response. It touches on some points that may be of interest to other readers. I invite you also to let me or Vywamus know if you have opinions on this subject 


Dear Andrea,

In the “Ask Vywamus” section of your web page, you shared a reading you did for “Natoya”. Part of the response was “you will need an individual session”. As a student of Janet McClure and Saemmi Muth for many years, Vywamus always said that we “need nothing”. Also, to suggest that an individual session is needed really makes me wonder if you weren’t “advertising for profit” during a “channeled” session.

Looking forward to your reply.


 Dear Morgan,

You make some important points. I agree we truly “need nothing,” that we and our reality are perfect in every moment, and that when we are able to go deeply within ourselves, all answers are there, and there are not even any questions that need answering. Yet, in our everyday world few of us are always able to access this deep wisdom of our being -- or, if we do, our ego comes in and raises doubt, and we sometimes look for “more objective” input to validate our deep knowing.

I believe humanity is evolving a consciousness to include a connection with Spirit that will encompass this deep knowing all the time. Then, a column like “Ask Vywamus” will be redundant. As this happy condition has yet to come about for most of us, we still have columns or web pages like this one for questions, and we still have individual sessions.

In my channeled response from Vywamus to Natoya, the emphasis is on encouraging her and suggesting ways she can access her own inner wisdom and her own connection with Vywamus to answer her question. If she wants more detail and depth than she arrives at by these methods, or by reading this column, then she might in that sense have the "need" of an individual session for additional assistance. That is the spirit in which the word "need" was used here.

As regards individual sessions and readings, there are often times when I think it’s good to consider that option, when you’ve done all you think you can on your own. It’s certainly a different experience than working in the core of your deep Self, and different from receiving a brief answer in this column. In individual sessions, at least when he is working with/through me, Vywamus likes to converse back and forth with someone and help draw out their own inner wisdom as well as offering his own. That requires a more in depth dialogue than I can offer on our "Ask Vywamus" page, especially when specific issues of work, relationships, direction in life, and health are to be addressed in detail.

When you raise the question of self advertising, you refer to Vywamus’s response to Natoya where he says, “For more detailed answers…you would need an individual session.” He made a similar suggestion in a letter to another reader. I acknowledge I did not realize until you pointed it out that the wording might be unclear, or the statement might need elaboration. I’m sure that in these responses Vywamus simply intended to point out, through me, that when dealing with complex life issues, having an individual session could be helpful in getting more depth and detail. This individual session would not necessarily have to be with me channeling Vywamus, or even with Vywamus coming through another channel, it could be with any qualified person. And of course, it would be up to the reader whether to follow through on that suggestion. In my experience, Vywamus is always respectful of a person's ability to make their own decisions, and while he points out possibilities to try, he never tries to talk anyone into anything, including an individual session. I try to follow his lead.

I do welcome people who want to use my services as a channel, and of course I do advertise myself elsewhere on my web site, that’s one of the reasons I have it. Yet I consider the "Ask Vywamus" page to be a special place on the web site, in a way set aside from the others, and not for advertising. It is not my intention to try to “drum up business” for myself here. Rather, my goal on this page is purely to give Vywamus an avenue to communicate and offer help and support to readers in various ways, and to stimulate interest and discussion among us about the spiritual energies that affect our lives.

I thank you for expressing your concern and alerting me to the inconsistencies.
I agree that transparency of our motives is essential and especially in the field of spirituality.

Please write back about this if you wish.




Note From Andrea:


The following question was received from a reader in France, and I have edited it for readers of English so as to minimize any lack of clarity resulting from language differences. If this is not quite an exact rendering of your question, Corinne, I apologize. However, the answer from Vywamus, I feel quite sure, applies to your question exactly.


Hello Vywamus,

By the intermediary Saint-Gabriel in April, I learned of you. I will like to ask you the following question: what do I have to do to receive the messages which I (need) to write about the (presentation) of CACD ? Am I able to carry out this (presentation) to announce the light? … How can I proceed in truth and love?
Thank you very much.

Corinne from Paris

Andrea Seiver wrote:

Dear Corinne,

Thank you for your question, I am glad to hear from you. In order for me to more clearly channel an answer for you from Vywamus, can you tell me what is CACD, and what is the work you are trying to do with it?

Thank you,


Andrea Seiver

 Dear Andrea,

CACD is a (presentation) which speaks about the awakening of the conscience of humans. CACD is a play on words. It stands for "Coeurs A Corps D... " which in French can also be understood as "Coeurs Accordés" or in English "Hearts in Accord". (In my work) I put the accent on the body, with Tai Chi Chuan and the elements of nature, as well as dances coming from the four corners of our planet. The whole is accompanied by words of … light.

I would like to be inspired by great wisdom …, or to do automatic writing. Either way, I do not want to tell silly things and I check myself. I have lived sometimes luminous and sometimes traumatizing events in other dimensions, and I know. Yet to know is not to know how to say it. And I wish to say it to a greater number of hearers with simplicity and clearness. I feel able to do this but not without some counsel and a guide for informing me on finding luminous words. I do want to avoid the pitfalls of the ego.

…Only one presentation is envisaged in Paris on March 10, 2010, and I still haven’t written anything. Also, the organization which proposed it to me (http://www.panoramixe.eu/) doesn't yet have the budget. Is this a good organization to carry out this project? I do not doubt the person who contacted me but now I cannot do it without money and I fear a little on this level.

Thank you very much in advance and all my respect for your works and Vywamus.



Dear Corinne,

First of all, I and the other guides and teachers at my level enjoy your little play on words with the CACD/"Coeurs A Corps D"/"Coeurs Accordes!" We thank you for the work you are doing in helping humans see what they may become, and evolve into that vision. The forms you have chosen to work with at this time -- the elements of nature, the dances, Tai Chi, and so on -- will resonate with many people who have been suffering because of the emptiness of their everyday lives, or because they are stuck in their egos and their intellects. You can give them new hope, and a sense of their own aliveness which many lack right now.

In writing or in making a presentation, your own being and the way you embody the energy you are trying to bring through to others are more important than the particular forms or words you choose. If you go deep into the core of yourself -- as you often are already doing with meditation or movement -- and you then carry that core Energy into your interactions with others and your presentations, then the "right" form and the "right" words to impact those persons and those situations will come to you effortlessly. So, in communicating with others, it is being in the Energy that is most important, and the words or movements ride along, like foam on top of a wave. This takes some practice to do consistently while communicating with other people. And I promise you it will be very rewarding...

As long as you stay true to that core Energy, any words you receive in that state (as you call them, "luminous words" and as Andrea might call them, "channeled words") will be clear and will reach into the heart of anyone who is ready to hear them. This is true whether they are spoken words or written. Sometimes such words seem very simple and obvious to you, but be trusting: if you let them come from that place of deeper Energy within you, the words will be just what your hearers need to hear. They will never be silly, because the Energy carrying them is true and deep. And of course, you will avoid the pitfalls of the ego.

As of now, the probabilities look good for having the money needed for panoramixe well before March. Yet even if that changes, do look for all other possible ways to get your work out to the public. It is important work, and you are much needed.

We here send you our ongoing love and support in all you do.



Sep 15, 2009

(Dear Vywamus)

Was that you that I channeled while meditating?! Do you have a message about health and career for me?
Infinite love Vywamus

Dear Natoya,

Yes, we have met a few times, and in other lives as well as this one. You did pick up my energy while meditating, and I touch in with you often in the dream state as well, whether or not you remember it. If you continue to meditate, or if you pose me a question before going to bed at night, I can often bring you an image or words which will be meaningful in answering your question. Just take whatever image you get in a dream after posing the question, (even if it is a picture of a bowl of onion soup!) and write it down. In meditation later I can give you other images to help clarify the dream image.

You can use this method to ask me your questions about health and career, or anything else. In this way I can often help you when your own reasoning and common sense don't seem to be enough.

For more detailed answers to your health and career question, you would need to have an individual session. But I can tell you in general, that as regards career, whether you are working now, laid off, or working and thinking of a change, you are much needed in the world at this time to do what you are most inclined to do. Many of you these days are being pulled into work that will help in humanity's evolution, whether this is paid work, or work that you do "on the side" while you are in a more conventional job setting. So listen inwardly, and in the dream state, and allow yourself to be pulled in the direction you find. This will help you take the first steps in what you need to do. And, a fringe benefit: Not only will you find life more fulfilling by following these inclinations, it's also good for your health. You have access to greater energy, and to the healing or easing of physical ailments you may have.

Above all, remember you are not alone. Many others are being pulled along, as you are, for the good of humanity. And we guides at our level are always there for your support.



June 21, 2009

I like to know what is my scope in this life and what are the jobs, reference to this.

Dear Diana,

Your questions are important ones, and they are questions many others are concerned about in these times. Here in this letter I can offer you some general principles on how to move toward answers to these questions. You may find, however, that because these questions are so central in your life right now, they deserve the time and attention and individual tailoring to your needs that would be part of a conversation with me during an individual session. On the other hand, applying these general principles may bring you enough success that you have no need of an individual session.

As to your scope, the scope of your life on earth, each of you has a main path and one or more personal paths to follow. Your main path is to learn how to live in touch with the deep aliveness that is within you and in all things, a deep aliveness that you may call Universal Love, or All that Is, or Spirit, or God. You do this in many ways, but essentially it is by being in the moment every moment and simply accepting what is. There are many fine writings and classes in meditation and other forms to help you begin to do this, so I need not go into that here. When you live that way, even in the midst of everyday concerns, you make your life easier and you help advance the unfolding of the greater consciousness of humanity. So this is the main mission of every one of you on earth, and the form of what you choose to create in your everyday life is less important. If you are following your main path, the forms you need in your personal life arise more easily and you notice them more readily.

Now as to your personal path, be aware that you do create your own reality, but you are not alone in doing so. You are always working within circumstances and conditions created by the collective human energy field of all of you creating together. You have influence in that, of course, sometimes a great deal of influence, but yours is not the only influence. So, for example, because of circumstances in the United States, and how you have all collectively designed it so far, someone living in the U.S. would have much more difficulty finding a job as a shepherd than as a data entry operator or a mail carrier.

In general the best approach to job hunting is to first let your mind do some ground work: What interests do you have, what are you inclined toward, even if you have had no training? What would you not want to do? What kind of circumstances would you like to work in, and which would be unacceptable to you? What kinds of openings might there be in the area where you live, and how willing are you to relocate if there’s nothing near you? And so on all commonsense steps that you may have already taken.

Next, put that aside for a bit and go below the surface level of everyday concerns, deeply within yourself, to your own core energies. Bathe in these energies. This is the soul level. Ask there that what is for the good of yourself and for all will come to you. That you be guided into finding work in the everyday world that is most congruent with the path of your soul.

Then, come back, and look for clues in your everyday reality. Be alert. Many signs and hints will pop up that may lead somewhere. At first, don’t throw out any of them. Let your mind accept all these possibilities. To decide which of these possibilities to follow up, go to your heart (your emotions) and your body feelings about the option you’re considering. (Your mind, if consulted alone, may like one job possibility very much and consider it the most practical, but if you have a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you think of that kind of job, do listen to that feeling and explore it.) An important decision like this should be made with all of yourself body, heart, mind, and spirit. And don’t fall into the trap of believing that whatever you choose as your next job is a place where you will have to stay it may merely be a stepping stone to position you for the next step that’s right for you.

At all times, keep staying in touch with the core or soul level, to keep yourself on course, and because that level is where all realities are created. Remember, the more you focus on your main path, the more likely you are to effortlessly bring forth energies that will clear and strengthen your personal path in the everyday world.

And remember, we guides at my level are always available to support you if you call on us.

My blessings to you,


Dear Vywamus,

In a spiritual work here in Brazil, I saw a huge energy protecting the work and the house too, and I cried of emotion and bliss. A name came to me: Vywamus. I never heard that name, than I google it... and I came to here. Was that you??
In divine friendship,

Dear Rose,

Yes, that was myself that you perceived, and a number of other guides who work with me. We are always working to protect and aid your good work, and that of other good people in the world. But not everyone sees us.

You saw and experienced our presence because you were ready. Your heart and mind are open to us. You received my name, Vywamus, one unexpected and unfamiliar to you, to prove to you that this experience was genuine and not one that you could have simply imagined on your own. If you had imagined it, you might have come up with Mary or Jesus, or some other familiar name. Instead, it occurred as it did -- that my name came to you, you reached out and found me here, and I’m now responding to you -- as a confirmation that what happened to you is authentic and real.

Please take the bliss you received from feeling my presence and that of the other guides into all the moments of your everyday life. We are always with you, and you’re always living with us in that state of bliss, even when you focus your attention on everyday matters.

Thank you for seeking me out, and for sharing this experience of yours.

Many blessings,


Dear Vywamus,

What’s the most important thing you want us to know at this time?

Vywamus: That you are more than you think you are. It’s easy to experience that you are a person in a body, living in a particular place and time, with limits and in particular life circumstances that you may or may not like. Yet you need to know and truly realize that you are an eternal, totally alive being who can never be limited. To be human is to learn to experience being both limited and limitless. As you do so you begin to emerge from your feeling of restriction, suffering, striving, and, yes, boredom. Your vast energies are free to bring about changes you have hoped for in your life and in the world around you.