february 2015 - June 2019

June, 2019

(Dear Vywamus,)

What can I do to archangel Michael come of my dream. I feel his Devine presents.

Varsha Sharma

Thank you

Hello Varsha Sharma,

You're asking to have more and better connection with Archangel Michael, now that you feel his presence. He is with you, and you can deepen your ability to connect with him consciously as well as in your dreams. What I say here applies to anyone who is interested in having a stronger relationship with a higher guide.

One way to do more is, first, find an image of Archangel Michael that you can relate to. This may be a picture you find on the Internet, or an image in your mind. You may want to draw a representation of him on paper (not to worry if you are an artist or not). Then, keep that image around you and look at it often during the day. 

Also, check the energy in your body and see if you can get a "feel" for what the energy in your body is like at a time when you notice his presence. 

Finally, if you can, set aside some regular time for meditation during which you can call on Michael, picture him, and then listen inwardly for what comes. Then if you find thoughts or words that seem to come from him, or you sense a change in your body, write it down. Don't try to judge right away whether what you hear is truly from him, just take everything at first. As you go on, you'll develop your own way of sensing what's from him and what's from you.

This is a good way to start off, and after that, it's a matter of practice. If you go to the News page of this web site, you'll find a whole section on Meditation and Receiving Guidance. I wrote this as general guidance for practicing receiving the energy of Spirit, but you can focus your practice on Michael in particular.

Good luck with this, it's a wonderful adventure!



March, 2019

Hello Andrea,

…I currently live in Sedona Az….for 2 years...  I have, I feel, learned what I needed to learn, and I need to move on… So I am asking you, and Vywamus to suggest… a better place for me to serve…Any advice is valuble!


Dear Lynn,

Many of you, particularly light workers, are feeling the urge to relocate at this time. So this is for them, as well as for you. In your case, congratulations on how well you have listened to your inner self, it is indeed time to move. Sedona was never meant to be the final stop on your journey, but you have spent your time there well and, as you say, learned what you needed to learn. 

There is no one "good answer" to your question, because there are several. I am not going to suggest any specific possibilities about where to go next, but rather, guide you a little in your process of discovery. You have probably already thought of the best options, and researched some details about the pros and cons. And, having done some of the "mind work," I'm also sure you have been trying to listen to your heart and gut, since you know the mind alone can't bring you the sense of conviction you want. And of course you may have noticed any guidance you might be receiving in the dream state.

If your heart and gut aren't giving you a clear signal, then it's a sign that you're in a phase of sampling, and you need to be free to experience and enjoy a number of possibilities before you decide. Perhaps some exploratory travel to feel the energy in some places? If that's not possible, some Internet exploration. Or, perhaps some dowsing on the map. Or, even, putting names of some likely places you're considering on the floor and "dowsing" by dancing barefoot, feeling what your feet tell you. Maybe you will just want to keep dancing for a while, and not yet come to rest on any one of those names.

Really, you are free to go anywhere, and you may need to exult in that freedom before nailing anything down. Try to put aside, even if for a very limited time, any anxiety or pressure you feel from your "ego mind" about hurrying the process to settle on a new course. Put it aside, be in the present moment, and simply enjoy the excitement of feeling free, and the energy of "Anything is possible!"

Equally important, you need to see whether you've actually fully freed yourself from Sedona.  If there is any disappointment, resentment, sadness, etc., you've experienced there, it may still be clouding your vision and getting in your way in your efforts to work out what to do next. Whatever feelings are still unresolved about Sedona  could be holding you back from the sort of carefree and joyful exploring you can be enjoying to move into the next part of your journey.  If that is so, you know how to work with this. Listen to what the voices within you are saying. Feel the feelings, and see what's needed. There may be some final things to get closure on in the best way you can before moving on.

I have every faith that as you go through this process you'll gradually zero in on your next move. Take your time, as much as you can. And I remind you of what you already know, this next choice doesn't have to be written in stone. Your soul is free to explore many more "places" in this life, whether or not you settle on the next one for good. 

Good luck on this,


September, 2017

 Dear Vywamus,

How can I cancel a strong negative influence...directed by somebody against me? I have been advised… that this person's envy, and desire (that I not)…succeed, … is very strong…I don't know...if this person is in my present or from a past time… Regardless, I would like to terminate for good any connection… 


Dear Betina,                                                                                         

I’ve selected your question because you’re ready to hear what I have to say, and also because there are other readers who struggle with similar issues and will benefit from reading this. What you are experiencing has been distressing and frustrating for you up to now, but there is hope.

So, you have been thinking that this negative energy you describe is coming from a malevolent person from this life or the past, dogging you and persistently interfering with the fulfillment of your dreams, perhaps even wishing you harm. And of course your natural reaction is to want to protect yourself and cut off all contact with this person so that he or she cannot affect you any more. Yet you haven’t been able to do this so far, and there’s a good reason why. This entity is a past self of your own that has stayed with you into this lifetime.

You experience this past self as an “other” person, and some psychics might read it that way. And indeed this past self is very different from the person you are now. Yet it is still a part of you, carried in your energy field. You could say that it’s a part of your “spiritual DNA” in this lifetime. What you’ve been doing so far is like trying to cut off a part of yourself. That never works. This is why you’ve failed to get rid of it.

The trick is that, rather than cutting off this part of you from another lifetime that feels like an intruder, you need to actually improve your connection with it, make peace with it, and even perhaps transform it into an ally. This is quite possible, and indeed it’s one of the things you came into this life to do. I’ll outline the process for you here. You will also find more detail about how to do this in some of the other letters from this ASK VYWAMUS page.

For the benefit of other readers, I add that the advice I give here and the steps I suggest apply just as well whether the problem is with a part of yourself, or whether is seems to be with an outside entity. The steps are the same.

Now, before you can move out of this long and difficult time, and embark on changing this part of yourself into an ally, you must first complete the lessons this struggle has brought you. What have you thought and felt, learned about yourself, about others, and about the world, from the presence of this negative energy in your life, and from your efforts to understand and deal with it?

This difficult experience has been given you for a purpose, and the sooner you notice and accept the lessons you have been learning, the sooner the purpose can be fulfilled and you can go on to other things. Don’t be in a hurry to say “I have learned nothing, gotten nothing from this painful experience.” Dig deeper. There is something there in the process you have been going through that you need to notice and receive.

For example, maybe you have learned through it that, though you hate the experience, you have the strength to survive it. Maybe you have learned that others can help -- or, that they don’t , and you have learned how to be on your own. Maybe your experience of the negative energy coming from outside has led you to try out ways to deal with other forms of oppression or attack in your everyday life, and you’ve learned some things that work and some that don’t. These are three examples that may or may not apply to you. You may find many more.

So I advise you, first take some time just to explore what these lessons are about for you. Do this before you go on to take my next advice, or it will not work as well.

After you’ve discovered at least some of the learnings this difficult time has brought you, you can go on to the next step: learning to communicate with this past self of yours. You must hold some conversations with this past self. In these conversations, the basic idea is that you each have a chance to express how you feel, and what you want or need. And when you do this, each of you has a chance to listen and better understand the other, and to eventually  work together toward an end to this struggle, and something better in the future.

By the way, it’s helpful if you record or write down some of these conversations. Reviewing them later can be useful.

Of course, after all this time of conflict, there’ll probably  be some antagonism on both sides, and some reluctance to talk. That’s natural. And don’t be surprised if your talks in fact get very heated. But you can get through it because, I assure you, under it all, both of you want the same thing. Both of you are sick of all this and are really ready to go on to something better. Even if you have to work together!

It’s easier if you have a trusted counselor to guide you through this conversation process, but there’s no reason you can’t do it yourself. And here’s how you may begin. As you have stated in your letter, it seems clear that at least one of the things you want is to have more success in the things you undertake in this life. What you don’t yet know is why this past self has been holding you back. You must talk to this part of you and ask it why it’s doing so.

When you ask this question, an answer may come clearly into your mind in thoughts or words. Or, feelings of anger or fear or sorrow may come up. These feelings will likely be about something that past self experienced in that past life, and sometimes also about past events in your present life. You may begin to get some images of what happened in the past. Or, it may remain at the feeling level and you don’t remember particular events. That’s all right either way. Simply stay with any feelings that arise, whether you get memories or images or not. And to strengthen your understanding, express any feelings you have through your body. Find a private place and shout, or moan, or say any words that come to you. Stamp your feet or cower, or jump around, or weep – or laugh. Whatever comes to you.

This is very important. Don’t skip this step. It is your main way of bonding with that self of the past, and the beginning of its becoming your ally. So, first you feel with this past self, so that you can really understand it.  And then ask it, “What do you need?” In particular, what does it need from you?

Be open and be patient. You’ll begin to get a sense of what’s needed. It may, in fact, be very simple. This past self may simply need to be seen and heard, and it may resist cooperating with you and even mess up your plans, just because it’s waiting for you to notice it, acknowledge it, understand it, even perhaps help it.

Find out for yourself what is needed. What does this past self want? And, what might you want in return? Start with that. Keep going with the conversation until you have a clear sense of what each of you wants and what each of you is willing to give. This may take a few minutes or a few days. Take as much time as you need to test out how much you can trust each other. Then, give what you’re willing to give. Receive what you get in return. And as you stay with it, the trust and the benefits can grow.

Do take your time on all of this. It’s not a detour, it’s a part of your path. And it’s worth it. The hostile and stubborn part of you that has been your opponent can be transformed into a friend and ally. And this is good. To move forward you need all the parts of you working together. And they can.

As you do this work, you will also notice you’re freeing up a great deal of your own energy which up to now has been bound up in feeling harassed, tense, frustrated in your aims, and oppressed by the part of you that’s been holding you back. Unblocked, this energy can now power you forward more easily, And it will also attract the energy of those other people who can offer opportunities for you to open up new areas of your life.

You have struggled long enough, now it is time for you to be free! Good luck on your next steps, enjoy them. And call on me when you need my energy.

I am with you,


March 2017

Are you still with me VY?

I feel that I have lost the connection. Why
in this journey have I lost you? Do I listen and not hear? 


Dear Lynn,

You are not alone, there are many others on the spiritual path who at times feel a loss of the connection to Spirit they have felt before. In fact, this is almost the norm. Let me assure you that this is usually temporary, and let me assure you also that you have not lost me, and I am still right there with you. And that we even meet in the dream state and continue our conversations, though you probably don't remember them.

You are temporarily in a kind of limbo, and as I said, this is not uncommon.  What it usually means is that you are in some form of transition. Some things are on hold, while other things are emerging. In your case, as with many others, this is a transition to reaching a deeper and broader level of yourself, and of your communication with me. And it will usually involve the removing of some blocks that have kept you from moving along on your path. You haven't lost what you learned before, but you're integrating something more into the mix.  Right now it can seem as if your consciousness is more bound to the surface level and tied up with everyday mundane matters, and that as regards the spiritual realm, there's a void and nothing is happening. Yet many things are going on below the surface, and some obstacles to your progress are ready to be removed.

My advice to you at this time is: surrender. Surrender to what is, accept that this is what is right now. If you're feeling frustrated, or bored and empty, deprived of a certain kind of joy, and if your ego is pushing you to find a way out of that uncomfortable state, you may even be blaming yourself for not finding a way through this situation. Surrender to all that. Just be with it all and wait. You are being asked to do this. This stage is just as surely a part of your spiritual path as other stages where you feel "in the flow," connected to me and to the universe, and more able to hear my voice. For now, be present with what is. Observe and accept all that occurs and your feelings about it, and see what you learn.

It may also be helpful to experiment with other forms of meditation than what you are used to. Or to give bodily expression through movement or dance or voice to any feelings of frustration or sadness you're experiencing. Some of the key issues of your life will likely come up at this point, issues that could  be blocking your going further on your path and/or blocking your better feeling your connection with me. If you notice these issues arising, it means it's the perfect opportunity to address them. See what you need to do. I will send you insights and inspirations to guide you.

Be sure that I am with you and our connection is alive and well. If you have a visual image of what I look like, bring that image to mind every so often, even if you're not getting any words. Imagine yourself in my presence, in silence. If you don't have a visual image, you may have a sense of my energy. If so, be present with me that way. The more often you do this, the stronger our relationship will get. This deepening of our connection is in a nonverbal stage right now, where you need to listen more to what is beyond the words. Eventually, our connection will again have words, but it will be at a deeper level.

Finally, know that I and the other guides at this level love you and understand your struggles. We are with you. Always.



MARCH, 2017

Dear Vywamus,

I would dearly love to 'Heal' others by just touching them.  I have been a Reiki Master for a number of years…I love the thought of improving things for people. I recently had cancer for the second time… My dearest question is - will I be as good at Healing as I wish to be - as Jesus was?...(and) can my thoughts send Healing to others?
Lucy xx

Dear Lucy,

This response is not only for you but also for other readers who are interested in healing. Some of what I say here you may already know, but I’ll include it for their benefit.

First, thank you for the fine healing work you are already doing. You ask if it is possible to develop the ability to heal with a touch, as Jesus did. Yes, you may be able to develop some of this ability, but the probability is low that you will have the high percentage of healings that Jesus had. This is not through any lack on your part, but because in the last 2000 years conditions have changed. 

As you are already aware, healing partly depends on the receptivity of the person being healed. It used to be that getting through the initial barrier led to successful healing. During the last two centuries, however, humans have developed more complex resistance patterns. Today, most of you, even those who sincerely want to be healed, have many unconscious layers of resistance to healing, layers that were not present in humans 2000 years ago. 

The kind of unconscious resistance I’m speaking of may be as simple as an attachment to the familiar and a fear of change – even the positive change that healing might bring. Or, it may have to do with fear of losing a particular relationship with someone, a relationship that is centered around dealing with a particular problem. And, sometimes there may be resistance to healing because a person has so identified with having a particular physical or emotional problem that their sense of self is totally tied to it. In the ego’s way of thinking, then, it would seem like “suicide” to let go of the problem. In situations like these, counseling or therapy to help a person become more aware of and address these resistance issues might serve to remove some of the obstacles before or during the time when hands on healing is undertaken. 

There is another, very common, reason that someone may unconsciously resist healing. This may be because, at a higher level, that person has chosen a path in which having this particular problem may be crucial to certain learnings in this lifetime. And if the lesson is not yet learned, the “teaching problem” will not go away. Or, even if temporary healing occurs, the problem, or a similar one, will come back. Here, of course, the solution is obvious: make every effort to learn the lesson. And sometimes hands on healing does help shift energies so that this learning can happen more easily.

Now, as you may be aware, overwhelming healing power like that of Jesus can overcome even high resistance, and there are a few modern healers who also have such a dramatic initial effect on certain clients. But later, as I said, the problem will often come back. (There is no “followup” record in the New Testament). Jesus knew this, but he gave people who came to him a chance to let go and be healed instantly. And he wanted others to know that that kind of instant healing was possible. But you, and even Jesus, have to accept that you can offer a choice of healing to someone, but that, for whatever reason, they may not choose that path.

So, no matter how skilled or how evolved you are, you cannot guarantee healing, since it isn’t all up to you. Nevertheless, your role as a healer is an important one. You are, in a sense, a “midwife,” offering to the people who come to you the hope and the possibility of moving through and past the problem they came with, and into a new kind of life. 

As part of your own foundation for doing healing work, I have several suggestions. First, explore the problems in your own life, especially if they are hard to resolve. In your case, one important problem area has been your experience with cancer. For others, it may be some other persistent problem. As you explore, take note of any layers of resistance you encounter. Spend some time observing your resistances and holding them in compassionate understanding. Do not judge them, but do, if you are moved to, have conversations with them and see what you can learn.

Next, when you’re doing healing work – for yourself or for others – don’t try too hard. That’s an ego trap. It’s a myth that you have to try hard, or study for many years, or have resolved all your own issues, in order to heal effectively. You simply have to be open, open to bringing in the healing energy, and humbly open to letting it get past any personal “blocks” you have. Make the healing intention and let go, surrender to whatever comes. 

Better yet, turn the healing over to a higher guide. I always suggest that healers work with a higher guide or guides. That may be your own Higher Self, or another guide. In your case it might be Jesus, if you’ve chosen to work with him, so I’ll use him in the following example. If other readers feel more connected to another guide, they can insert that guide’s name where I say “Jesus.” 

When you are working with Jesus on a client, see Jesus with you. Imagine that you can step into his “body” and blend your energy with his. Breathe, open your body, mind, heart, and soul, and let his energy be throughout your body and come through you in whatever form and direction it wants to go. Your attention and your hands will move where they need to. Jesus perfectly understands each individual’s degree of need to be healed. He respects their path and knows when they’re ready to be completely healed, or when their problem must be there as part of their growth. He adjusts accordingly and gives them the perfect energy for what they need at the moment. So, you can let go and let him do the work. And it will be nice for you also, since some of his energy will “rub off” on you as it comes through.

Can your thoughts send healing, remotely? Yes, if also combined with a connection at the heart and soul level. Just imagine the person is with you, and follow the steps above. And it’s up to the person you send it to, to receive it at both the conscious and unconscious level. You will have done all that you can, and in the end, it’s up to them.

Finally, Lucy, I want to assure you and other healers who read this that I and the other guides at this level appreciate you for the work you do and we bless you for it. We are always ready to work with you. Call on us.



MARCH 2017

Dear Vywamus and Andrea

How can I be of help to my parents, at the soul level, as they get closer to the end of this life cycle and once they pass away?  My mother has some form of religious belief but my father is an atheist. 

With love and gratitude


Dear Flavia,

Thank you for bringing up this question. You are right on track in perceiving that, although you can be of help to your parent in many ways at this time, the most essential and necessary help you can give will be at the soul level 

Nowadays in your culture, much attention is given to helping seniors with practical problems of everyday living, and with medical and legal problems, but there isn’t much focus on the spiritual side. Hospice programs, and some churches, provide help to elders in finding a peaceful and harmonious way of passing over, and help their families to take part in this passing and to process their own feelings. Where such help is available, I always advise taking it. Yet many kinds of help, including hospice, come only when dying seems imminent, and it is much better, as you are aware, to prepare for this important passage months, even years, ahead.

You may have already taken some of the steps I suggest below, and some may be new to you. Still I list them for the benefit of other readers who face a similar situation with their parents.

The period before, during, and after a parent’s death is a sacred time. It can be a time of being together in new ways and possibly a time in which your relationship deepens. But whatever form it takes, be aware that this time is an important passage for you,as well as an ultimate passage for your parent. 

Knowing this, before you set out to help your parent, I would say, begin by looking at your own beliefs and emotions about death, and your own emotions and needs -- usually a mix of many – about your parent and his or her passing. Just sit for a bit with your own beliefs and feelings. To know where you are is always the best starting point when you are setting out to help someone else. Some of your beliefs and feelings will change and evolve or even resolve themselves, just by your sitting with and acknowledging them. Some may not. That’s all right too. Just accept that they are part of you for now.

Now, on the everyday level, your relationship with your parent may have been good up to now. Or it may have been very negative. Or possibly it is good, but falls short of the depth of intimacy and ease that you would like to have. Or, it gets lost in the practical cares of visiting doctors’ offices, dealing with medical crises, dealing with daily activities, finding the right shoes, and so on. But --- I want to assure you that, whatever goes on between you at the personal level, at the soul level you and your parent have a deep, abiding, and satisfying relationship where you are always honest and loving with one another. 

You and/or your parent may not be much in touch with the soul level, and so not very aware of this deep soul connection between you. Or, this awareness may only come in occasional glimpses. Often preoccupations and emotional blocks in personal life will obscure the power and breadth of this soul relationship. Yes it is there. At the end of life, and at other times of great change or crisis, often this soul level comes closer to your surface awareness and becomes more accessible. And so this sacred time before the end of a parent’s life gives you both new opportunities, even in the midst of everyday conversations and activities, and in the midst of difficulties and challenges, to recognize the soul in each other. 

If you want to go beyond occasional lucky glimpses, I suggest that you take time to actually have some inner conversations with your parent at the soul level. To do this, go first to your own soul level in whatever way works best for you. Meditation is usually the best, and you will find many good writings about how to meditate. Or, you might use the “I AM” exercise in Chapter 18 of my book The Next Big Bang, or the items I have on the News page of this web site, under the titles Noticing the Energies of Spirit and Two Hands Meditation. The object is to get into a state of consciousness where you are in a broader, larger energy, beyond the usual thoughts and emotions of your personal everyday self, that is, where you are at the soul level. With practice you develop a sense of knowing when you are in this state of larger consciousness. 

Once there, reach out toward your parent’s soul. It doesn’t matter if in everyday life your parent is spiritual or religious, or not. At this soul level your parent is a large, wise loving being who is nevertheless recognizable as the unique mother or father you know. Unlike what can often happen at the personal level, here there is perfect harmony between you, love is fully there, and you can talk about anything freely. So, do that. Talk about your relationship, talk about death, talk about how you can best help him or her, talk about what help you want from your parent. Anything you need to say, or to hear. Or, sometimes, don’t talk. Simply be, in the presence of each other’s soul. You will be doing what most needs doing.

Now, back in your everyday personal life with your parent, remember that everything done or said or felt at the personal level has a soul layer that underlies it. If you have done some of the mediations I have suggested, you may be able, when you look for it, to sense this soul level even in the apparently least “spiritual’ of interactions with your parent. Be aware of this. Be aware that, even when talking on the phone, or taking your parents to the doctor, or dealing with a will, or listening to your parent’s thoughts and concerns, however limited they may seem to you, there is that layer of Spirit underneath it. You don’t have to say anything about it. Simply notice the spiritual energies in and around you both and be present with your parent’s spirit during these everyday moments.

When you do his, you will know you’ve already made the essential connection, even if you parent doesn’t seem to be aware of it. But I assure you, at the deepest, possibly unconscious and inarticulate, level of themselves, they feel it too.

After this, you may decide you also want to talk more deeply with your parent one on one, at the personal level. There may be things you need to hear from them, or things you want to tell them. You may want to know how it is for them in this last phase of their life. You may want to talk of death, or of an afterlife. Or of many other things. This is worth a try, if you are moved to do it. Be present in the moment and you’ll know what to say and how to say it. And your parent may surprise you by being more open than you expect.

Or, maybe not. Some parents have such fear or such reluctance to talk about their thoughts and feelings, and especially about important issues, that they may never be able to do so. If that’s the case with your parent, the main thing you can do is to continue to be helpful and present for them on the everyday level – as far as they will let you, and as far as your own limitations may allow – and then to keep talking to them and listening to them at the soul level. At that level you can have the conversation that may not be possible between your everyday personal selves. And be aware that this conversation is actually going on all the time, whether you notice it or not, in the background, beneath all your everyday interactions. You can choose when to “tune in.” 

When the time comes for your parent to pass over, whether you can be there in person or not, make a special effort spend time with them at the soul level. If you are there, hold their hand if it seems right, talk or listen to them, but most of all simply be present, and recognize their soul. Just be there, holding them and yourself in love, light, and peace. You will be doing what is needed.

After that, it is not over. This soul relationship with your parent goes on after death. It’s possible your parent may come to you in dreams or in some other form. You may simply feel their presence at times, or suddenly recall something they’ve said. But you don’t have to wait for them to reach out. Conversation at the soul level is always possible, using the same steps as I suggested above. Indeed, it is sometimes easier to converse when they have passed over and you have more direct contact with their soul.

Remember too that deceased parents and other family often stay around to be of help, but that they may also have a need to learn from youand your doings in your own life. You can make them welcome to continue and interact with you in your life if you wish to. If you do this, you may find that old issues and irritations are resolved or dissolved, and that the relationship becomes deeper, stronger, and more heart connected than ever. And you will be sure, more than ever, that love never dies.

With love,


MARCH 2017

(Dear Vywamus,)

Why have you come to me?


Dear Cltm,

The truth is that I’ve been with you for a long time. I am one of your guides in this life and in others, and it’s only recently that you have reached the ability to be aware of me. The fact that you have perceived my presence means that you are entering the next phase of your spiritual path. This is the case with many others who have had a recent “first contact” with me, and what I say here is also relevant for them.

The first thing I would ask of you is to simply develop your sense of my presence by spending time with me, paying attention to my being there. If you have a visual image of me, or a sense of my energy around you, turn your attention to these manifestations of my presence from time to time during your day. Have conversations with me in your head. Or, every so often, simply take a moment to feel my energy around you. As you practice this, it will be easier and easier to connect with me and with your own higher levels, and to discover what it is that we might do together in this particular life of yours on earth. I and other guides will be with you on this voyage of discovery. 

You have been called on, both for your own soul growth and for the unique potential and unique ability you have, which are needed at this time. Nowadays I am making contact with many of you to aid me in my work in helping humanity evolve. You, and many others, are being asked to bring the higher energies into everyday life, into places, situations, people you encounter, and so on, where an increase of these energies is needed. How you do that may take various forms: being of public service, music or art, healing, teaching via the spoken or written word, even simple acts of courage or kindness in various settings. And so on. 

I’m not giving you a specific “recipe” for what direction to take, because the exploration and discovery of that is part of your spiritual path. I will say that I’ll be guiding you all along, and that the more aware of my presence you allow yourself to be, the easier it will be for you to recognize a moment when your particular knowledge or abilities are being called on for some positive purpose. It will then be up to you to decide when and whether to act. 

Whether you take my energy, or that of other guides from this higher level into your everyday world through action, or whether you simply allow my presence to be more with you wherever you are (without taking any particular action), this connection with me is an opportunity for growth on your spiritual path and a chance for you to have a positive effect on your world. I hope you will take it. You will be most welcome!



March 2016

Dear Vywamus,

I´m 48 and have been struggling since I was 3 with tons of anxiety and OCD. Despite 25 years of medication and psicotherapy, I still can´t provide for myself and it seems that I´ll never be able to do it, I mess up every job I get.



My dear Fabio,

I write this response for you, and also for any other readers who struggle with persistent mind and emotional challenges. (If you are one such reader, I speak to you too. I invite you to take what I say to Fabio here and plug in the names of your own set of challenges.)

Fabio, this is indeed a difficult path you have been on in this lifetime, with so much trial and pain. Your efforts do not go unappreciated by us at this level, we understand how you are trying to make your life the best possible under these challenging conditions. From a practical viewpoint, we commend you for trying various medications and for making use of psychotherapy for greater understanding and for emotional support in dealing with your anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. We hope you will keep on with these, even when relief may only be partial and temporary.


Still on a practical level, you haven’t mentioned whether you have consulted a neurologist or a neuropsychologist about other possible treatments that may be helpful for you. These could include neurofeedback (a form of biofeedback), hypnosis, or even possibly Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), which has been successful in some people who have a form of OCD that has not responded to other treatments. And you may learn of other options as well. It is certainly worth your time and effort to explore these treatment possibilities and any others you learn about. If they are not easily available to you, make use of any resources around you that can help make them available.


My advice to anyone who has a persistent problem like yours is to first do everything you can to address it on a practical everyday level, to use your own ingenuity and common sense in finding the resources you need. I always suggest that you make use of everything that medicine (Eastern or Western) or psychology or psychiatry has to offer. Do your best here. Make as much progress as you can on the problem at this level. And remember, your problems – in this case OCD and anxiety – are not all there is to you. Give at least part of every day to something apart from your problems, something that interests you or brings you pleasure. It could be music, or a sport, or time with friends, or walking in nature, or crafts, or any other pastime. There is much more to you than a set of problems you are working on in this life, and focusing on other things at least part of the time will help you maintain a balance.


So far, I’ve been making suggestions for practical actions you can take in your everyday life. That is one level of your path. And, it’s important to look beyond that level. What is the purpose of these challenges that have come into your life? What are you learning from them? Because of your problems with OCD and your anxiety, and how you are dealing with them, you have some unique experiences that no one else has. Some of these may be painful, but some may only be painful if you’re fighting them. As best you can, be present with all these experiences without judging them. It’s the best way to learn what you need to learn from them. Do not reject or accept these experiences, simply watch them, observe them, be with them. If you can do this for even 5 seconds at a time at first, that’s good.


With practice you’ll be able to be present for more and more of the time, even with the experiences that distress you. While you’re doing this practice, the urge to fight may come up, or the urge to escape. Be present with these urges too. Simply be with them. Be present with everything that is going on inside you. Doing that is one of the major learnings on your individual life path. And if you do this practice, it will lessen your pain and bring more peace into your life.


Now, beyond your own life path, there is a still broader perspective. With your own unique experiences, you are contributing in your own way to the evolution of humanity. As I have described in my book The Next Big Bang, humanity is at this time undergoing a tremendous step in evolution, and part of that is evolution of mind. Your brains are slowly changing, your thought and emotion patterns are changing, and many of you are volunteers who, before coming into this life, have agreed to try out various out of the ordinary brain and mind patterns that may lead to new forms of human thinking. You are one such volunteer. Your experiences in this life, dealing with the particular brain patterns you have, are valuable and essential. You are a living laboratory in which human mind is evolving into new levels far beyond what you have today.


I will quickly add, just because you are a volunteer, this does not mean you are locked in for the rest of your life to the same level of challenge you have now. Part of your purpose is to learn how to be present with the mental and emotional states that go along with your anxiety and OCD. Yet also, part of your purpose is to find ways to shape and modify these states so that whatever is positive in them comes forward and whatever is negative is minimized.


To use the example of training a wild horse, the first steps involve simply being able to stay in the saddle and not fall off. That’s where you are now. Staying with it. After that come the steps of guiding the horse into the ways you want him to go. So, as you progress to the next stage, you will be working at guiding and training these unusual OCD brain patterns into a more harmonious form that is not oppressive in your everyday life, and may even, in some way, come to enhance it.


What form should this guiding and training of your own “wild” patterns take? Right now, humanity is in a stage where you generally make use of physical aids and interventions such as medications or neurofeedback or DBS or DNA manipulation to modify wild mind forms like OCD and help the new broader and more harmonious mind forms to emerge. Start with whichever of these aids are available. And add meditation of any kind, but especially meditation that includes physical movement (breathing, walking, dance, martial arts, and so on), to help you integrate the new patterns. These are the beginning steps toward the new forms of mind. In the future, as human mental abilities evolve, you will not need such physical aids and interventions any more. You will have the ability to change any pattern in your brain at will and create any form of mental activity you desire.


So take heart, my friend. There are ways you can take the hand life has dealt you and make this a life of great learning and spiritual advance, while also making a significant contribution to the evolution of humanity. And you are not alone. There are many other souls who are engaged in mind experiments such as yours, for their own learning and for the good of humanity. See in particular my ASK VYWAMUS letters to D (August 2015) and Anonymous (6-6-13), who are two of these. They too are exploring unusual patterns of mind, emotion, and perception, not quite the same as yours, but parallel.


In closing, I and the other guides who work with me want to thank you for your hard work on your own life path and for your contribution to humanity. Be assured that we are always with you, giving you our guidance, and our love and support. Please call on us when you feel the need.



August 2015

Dear Vywamus,

I was around 16 when i started my spiritual journey and it has been over 2 years now. A lot of change has taken place in this short "time". It was all going well until around a few months ago when i started getting all of these negative delusions about the nature of god and i believe that i was being harassed by a demon known as, "Azazel" Ever since this shift in perception I can't seem to shake off this feeling that the "new age" movement is actually satanic and is leading me astray from god. How can I get rid of this negative uncertainty and move towards finding my unconditional love once again?

Thank you, much love and Namaste brother! D


Dear D.,

I have written about an issue similar to this in a letter to “Anonymous” on 6-16-13. You may want to begin by reading that response. Here I intend to give you and others a more expanded perspective on the kind of negative experience you write about, and suggest additional ways of dealing with it.


It is common on the spiritual path to meet challenges of one kind or another, and what you describe is one kind that is particularly difficult. You are not alone. There are many of you today who face the kind of challenge that you describe. When you experience dark forces, or negative entities such as demons, what is happening is that you are dipping in and out of a reality where such things exist, a reality that is different from the usual one in which you live and have felt at home.This can be quite disturbing, especially if you have no context in which to put it. So let me begin with some background, for you and for others who have these experiences.


Most of you think of yourselves as living in one reality, the one where your everyday life is focused. Yet in truth you live in many realities at the same time, each of them associated with a different state of consciousness. Some of these you are familiar and comfortable with and consider normal. Examples of these would be the realities you experience when in the dream state, when in meditation, when under the influence of certain drugs, when in hypnotic trance, or when you accomplish amazing feats in an emergency situation. You all know about these, they are part of the collective human experience. When you enter certain states of consciousness, you are able to perceive and experience these other realities.


Besides these relatively “benign” realities, there are many others, some of which to you can feel strange and disturbing. From what you describe, it’s clear that you have been experiencing one of the realities where satanic forces and dark entities such as demons exist. Now, where I live in the higher spiritual realities, there is no such thing as evil, or demons. Yet there are “pocket” realities where demons exist, and these realities are created -- by humans. Demons and dark entities are thought forms which you yourselves have created to represent and explain primarily the malevolent powers within yourselves. They embody aspects of yourselves that you fear, aspects that you want to distance yourself from, and to think of as “not you.” In that way these thought forms serve a useful purpose, so useful that believing in demons and devils and experiencing them have been part of human culture for thousands of years.


For some people, demons and dark forces are a theory, something traditionally taught about but not experienced. Yet, for those of you who, intentionally or unintentionally, enter a state of consciousness where you actually experience the energy of demon thought forms, it can be very vivid and frightening, even overwhelming. If this occurs for you, there are several possible things you can do. First, it’s important, when you have these experiences, to remember that this is not “THE” reality. Rather, you are in “a” particular reality, which you can enter and leave at will, just as you can enter and leave the dream state, the meditation state, and the other familiar ones I mentioned above. Sometimes just remembering this is enough.


When you have remembered this, it may be possible for you to go into meditation, which is the gateway to that infinite field of unconditional love that you know and want to get back to, a place where there is no fear. Again, that may be enough. If not, there are other things you can do.


You have the traditional options of using protective rituals (surrounding yourself with light, speaking words of power, performing certain acts, and so on), or seeking the help of protective entities (God, angels, guides, and so on). This works well for many people. You can find many writings about processes such as these that you can use, so we will not go over them here.


Often, however, an even more effective way of coping with a demon or a dark force is to accept that it is not “other.” It is not separate. It is not “out there,” but rather, in some way it is connected with a part of you. And I remind you, anything that is part of you, you have control over.


I suggest that you accept this particular thought form, this demon or dark force, and learn how it expresses something within yourself. Maybe it seems to be a very powerful and frightening entity, out to harm you or deceive you. Then accept that there is a side of you with great power, and the capacity to harm or deceive. Rather than fearing or fleeing from this side of you, or judging that it is “bad,” you will do better if you face it and learn more about it. The best way is to actually have an inner conversation with this side of you. If you ask questions of it inwardly, you will usually get answers. If so, write them down.


The goal is to come to truly know this aspect of yourself, what purpose it serves, how it came into being, what its goals are. To use an example from your letter, is it possible that you have a wish, deep down, to be led astray from God? And if so, why? Is it because your idea of God is restrictive? Do you feel, somewhere inside yourself, a wish to rebel and be free of everything, even be free to do “evil”? (Maybe, on looking inward, it will not be an underlying wish to be led astray from God, but some other need of yours, perhaps a wish for more excitement and drama in your life. Or something else. .. Whatever it is, plug it in to this process.)


As you keep up this inner questioning, you will learn more about yourself. And, you will probably note that, even in some of your most “negative” acts and wishes, there is a kernel of something good. In the example above, for instance, freedom and self determination are good things. I think you and this other aspect of you can agree on that. You may not agree on the method for attaining freedom and self determination, or the best ways to use that freedom, but you both have the goal of being free and being able to use your power and determine your own path.


Doing this dialoging, you will be able to find areas of agreement between you, perhaps some goals you have in common, even if you are both working in different ways to achieve them. At that point you can probably agree on ways to work together. Doing all this helps you take back the power that you gave away to the demon thought form. You can then decide how to use that power in the way that to you feels right.


I highly recommend this dialoging process, and it can be done on your own. Yet often, particularly if you have a lot of fear, or if you feel you don’t have enough experience with inner dialog, the process is much easier if you have a therapist or an understanding counselor you trust to help you with it.


Now, one more thing: Some of you have a particular brain activity pattern that makes you especially vulnerable to unusually vivid experiences of demon thought forms. If you think this may be the case with you, you will still find the dialoging work is helpful, but in addition it may also be useful to try modifying the brain patterns as well. This can most easily be done by meditation, or by certain types of medication. Be open to trying both of these out, particularly if your experiences are deeply distressing.


Remember, you are never asked on your path to do more than you can bear, or to go without any help you can get. It is perfectly acceptable in our view as guides that you take advantage of anything that is available. So, don’t hesitate to seek therapy, to get help and instruction in meditation, and if you feel you may be in need of helpful medication, to collaborate with your doctor to find the right one. True, in order to prescribe for you, a Western physician may need to diagnose you as having a mental or emotional disorder; that is the reality they as professionals have to live in. Don’t let that bother you, or keep you from obtaining any medications that may help you regularize your brain patterns or make the negative experiences less intense and more manageable. Let the doctors call it whatever they want – as long as you find something that works for you.


Finally, as you move through dealing with these experiences you have found troubling, we urge you to look at them in the same way as we urge you to look at all your other experiences – as important lessons and challenges to be met on your path. What have you learned so far from having such experiences? What have you learned about yourself, about your reality? What have you gained? Before moving on, it is always important to “take your gains,” to accept and acknowledge the learning and other benefits that going through such challenges has brought you.


I have written this for all of you who have had similar experiences. Some of what I say here may clearly apply to you, and some may rather apply to other readers. Please take what you personally need here. And know that I and the other guides are always at your side and available to help, in whatever reality you find yourself.



February, 2015

Hello Vywamus,

I am slowly becoming more and more spiritual and adapting my own consciousness, it is difficult to rid of all negative thoughts and emotions…How can I further …expand my consciousness to the level that I send and receive love and light to help others and to achieve a light worker mastery?

All the best, love and light to you Vywamus and to you Andrea



Dear James,

For you and for other readers who are working to evolve spiritually, I thank you and commend you for your efforts. I and other guides are always there to help you.

Before I make recommendations about expanding your consciousness, let’s look at how spiritual evolution takes place, and how spiritual evolution itself is evolving. For most of you, evolving spiritually is a very gradual and very natural process. Very few of you have a sudden and complete shift into higher consciousness, as some mystics have described it. And even with them, it is often the slow gradual spiritual work they have done in other lifetimes or in this current one that has laid the groundwork for a seemingly sudden “conversion.”


In the past, those who wanted to evolve spiritually would typically withdraw from the world – into a monastery or ashram or hermitage perhaps – and/or sit at the feet of a master or teacher and be led through successive steps practicing meditation, yoga, fasting, and so on, with the object of opening their consciousness to spirit and achieving “mastery.” That is the old pattern, and it still works for some souls.


For most of you today, however, a new form is emerging for spiritual learning and evolution, a form which is open to all, not just the elite who are able to withdraw from the world. This new way involves being fully conscious in spirit while living in the everyday world. It is more individual than the old form, because each of you, in collaboration with your higher self and your guides, design your own spiritual path, and in that sense you cannot measure your progress against what others are doing and have done. It would be “apples vs. oranges.”


And this new path is also not hierarchical as you have understood it in the past, where you would progress through lower to higher stages, from “beginner” to “advanced,” and eventually to “enlightenment,” in a linear way. Rather, it’s more helpful now for you to perceive it as we do. The reality is that you are not going from A to B and so on finally to Z. You are always in all the levels of consciousness simultaneously: beginner, advanced, enlightened, you are always in all of these at the same time. The learning for you is how to broaden your focus so that you can be conscious of how you are living not only in the physical, mental, and emotional realms, but also in the highest spiritual realms throughout all the ordinary experiences of your everyday life.


In this regard, meditation is helpful. To help you recognize and connect consciously to the highest spiritual energies within you, I have offered the I AM meditations in Chapters 18-19 in my book The Next Big Bang. I have also given you a basic version of the I AM meditation in my 7-25-14 letter to G. on this ASK VYWAMUS page. Once you’ve learned to recognize and experience the energies of Spirit within yourself, you will want to learn how you can then hold your conscious awareness of the spiritual energies while you are in the midst of everyday life. Look for the Two Hands Meditation on the News page of this web site. It is designed to help you do just that.


Now, besides consciously experiencing the higher energies in meditation, and in everyday life, it is essential for you to experience that the spiritual energies are not limited to your head or even to your heart, but are always flowing through your whole body. Practices that help you experience the higher energies in breathing and physical movement would include yoga, dance, martial arts, even walking, indeed, any kind of breathing and physical movement done with awareness. Find one or more of them that you can include in your day, even if for only a few minutes. The length of time is not so important as being fully present while you do it.


Well, what about when you are doing these helpful practices and not seeming to get anywhere? Inevitably you run into blocks, or resistances: distractions, inertia, going blank, emotions of fear, anger, sadness, negativity in general. I have written at some length on what to do when you run into such blocks, and you will find some helpful guidelines on this page in my letters to Ann (October, 2014), Gold (November, 2013), Wendy (7-23-13), and other previous letters, and in Chapters 22-23 in The Next Big Bang where I give more detail on Working with Limiting Beliefs and Emotions. The gist of all these guidelines is that seemingly “negative” experiences are not to be ignored or gotten rid of. Rather, they are opportunities for important learnings that you need in order to evolve further. As I often say, they are not detours from your path, but are part of your path. So embrace them and work with them. They are actually your allies.


Now as to being a light worker, the first thing, as you can guess, is to let light into yourself, or rather to become conscious of the light that is already always within yourself. The suggestions I’ve given above should help with that. When these meditative and physical practices are part of your day (even if only a few minutes) you will gradually also become more and more aware of the greater Oneness in which we all live. At that level you are always in communion and communication with every other human, with every other being, including, friends, relatives, strangers, your higher self, us guides, as well as all the plant, animal, and mineral realms, the earth, the planets, the whole universe.


With some practice you can learn to focus on and be conscious of this Oneness, of the bonds that are always there, and of the conversations that are always going on among you at the highest levels. This is always the best place to start when you want to be of help to someone – or when you hope they will be of help to you. I refer to it as “talking at the soul level” It is helpful to always go to this level in all your interactions with others and have a conversation there. . Even if someone seems closed and unreachable in your everyday contact with them, their soul is always available to your soul. With practice you will learn to listen to someone’s soul, affirm your bond and willingness to help, and get a better sense of whether there are particular ways you may be of service in their evolution, and of what is the best way to approach them on the everyday level.


To you and to all other readers who are seeking to evolve, I hope you will try some of the meditations and physical practices I suggest here and adapt them to your own needs, and I hope you will let me know how you are doing. I and the other guides offer you our continuing presence and help. Call on us. It is our pleasure to be with you.



February, 2015

(Dear Vywamus)

If my chart is written to do what is written, could my evolution and free will change, Can free will be challenged or changed by higher beings? J.A.


Dear J.A.,

Yes, the form of your evolution and your exercise of your free will often change during your life, because your life is itself a creative work in progress, and your environment here is a set of constantly changing probabilities that you have to deal with and dance with, and improvise with. So what is “written” by you beforehand is often rewritten as you go along.

Can free will be challenged or changed by higher beings? In essence, no. You always have free will at the level of your personal everyday self. That is one of the parameters of the type of consciousness you have in these physical lives you live.


Now, as you know, exercising your free will does not mean you always get what you choose. The choices you make in a physical reality like yours are often limited by external conditions and circumstances, by the activity of others’ free will, or by condition within yourself such as illness, the action of drugs, mental impairment and so on. There are always some limits on the number of choices you have, and limits on your control over whether you get what you choose. But there are always choices for you and you have the freedom to make them.


Higher beings do not and would not take away your free will and force you to make certain choices or make choices for you. Indeed, that would be counterproductive for your learning. Even when we can see that you are making a “bad” choice, we may do our best to guide or strongly influence you in the right direction, but we do not interfere. However, as you get more in touch with Spirit, with your higher self, and with your guides, we can partner with you and aid you in the exercise of your free will so that you make the choices that maximize your growth.


It is true also that in your own natural cycles of growth, you will inevitably come into new circumstances and conditions where your old ways of doing things no longer work and you have to evolve and make new choices. Your ability to exercise your free will remains, but the choices you make no longer work out. Of course, even then you are free to cling to the old ways as long as you want, and keep trying to make them work. Eventually, however, you will probably realize that you are at a dead end, and will, of your own free will, make new choices.


Thank you for this interesting question. And whatever choices you make, all of us here love you.