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Dear Vywamus

What are the consequences of abortion (for the unborn child and for the mother)? And how can I mend such act?

With love and gratitude


Dear Flavia,

The consequences of abortion may vary, but usually they are much easier on the unborn child than on the mother. The soul of a child which was aborted usually will, between lives, have already had an understanding that he or she was only to spend a short time in the womb. Perhaps this was for the experience itself, for the purpose of the mother’s learning, or simply for the purpose of bodily being close, for a brief time, to someone the child has loved before. In any case, the soul of this child has the option of coming back into body, perhaps to this same mother, perhaps to a different mother, and certainly carries no resentment about what happened.

If you are the mother, however, there may be a sense of guilt, sometimes very deep, about the decision to abort, even if abortion seemed to be the only course of action that could be taken. Or perhaps there may also be guilt if you think, in hindsight, that you did not take enough care, or explore all the alternatives before making the decision, or that you gave in to outside pressures, or that you should not have allowed the pregnancy to happen in the first place. This sense of guilt is intensified if you are brought up in a religion which condemns all abortion. But even if you are not, most women who have made this decision were aware of its momentous impact, felt torn about it, and have regret.

So first, go back in your mind and be present to the situation and circumstances when the decision was made. Notice and feel and accept all the feelings that come up -- guilt, possibly, but also perhaps anger or helplessness at being put in the situation, as well as sadness and grief about the decision. It is necessary to fully own your own degree of responsibility for the decision, and to fully experience the feelings. Then do what you need to heal.

Now, how do you heal? You are meant to learn from this experience, and you will get beyond it when you finish the lesson. You are not meant to spend the rest of your life with some part of you knotted up with regret and other feelings about the abortion. You will learn the lesson and then heal when you realize this: The most important thing in this entire situation is not the guilt or other feelings, it is not even whether the child lived or was aborted. The most important thing is the relationship between you and the child. Focus on that!

Have a conversation at the soul level with the child. I so often recommend doing this in other relationships, and it is particularly important here. Go to your own soul level, through meditation or whatever way works for you, and talk to the soul of that child. Know that that child loves you and remains around you and always has a bond with you. He or she would like to have a more conscious connection with you if you are willing. Tell him or her about how you made the choice for abortion and about your feelings then and later. Ask for the child’s forgiveness if you feel you need to (though it is already given, I assure you). And listen inwardly to the responses from the child’s soul. Open your heart to that child. Love heals. You will heal.

If you are truly at the soul level with each other, you will be reconnected with great love and understanding and peace. Possibly even the dialogue between you will continue, and that child will become a guide and support for you in your current life. Or perhaps you will be making plans about when to be together again, at a better time. In any event, whether it is a onetime or continuing conversation, this relationship with the unborn child is important in helping you to heal – to forgive yourself if you need to, and to carry on with your life in peace of heart.

Thank you for bringing up this deep and soul searching question. My blessings to you, and my blessings to all mothers (and fathers) who struggle with this issue. We are here to help and support you. May you all come to peace of heart.




(Dear Vywamus)

I'm one of those who can't find a place in life...
I emigrated to change my life but still lack a self-confidence or ideas allowing to manifest who I AM.
I'll be 50 this year but feel lost....
Any suggestion for myself or general ideas how to manifest potential gathered within...

Dear Wanda,

Of course you have a place in life, and you are in it, but you have had trouble recognizing it. And perhaps that is because you are looking at it in an old framework which is no longer valid. For you, as for all humans at this time, your place in life, your main task, is to consciously connect with the spiritual, or numinous, energies – your own I AM space – that formless, limitless space that is beyond the mind.

From your question, it is clear that you know about that I AM space already. Whether you get there through meditation, creative work, yoga, or other practices that work for you, spend as much time as you can in that limitless space, and as far as you are able, bring that limitless consciousness into all aspects of your everyday life. When you do that, your life is a success. You are fulfilling your main purpose in coming here. Moreover, you are likely to find that, as you genuinely and fully commit to this main purpose, conditions and circumstances in your material world improve so as to clear the way for your secondary life purposes, which involve your work, your relationships, and so forth.

Now you, and others who attempt to bring in the numinous, will always encounter the inner voice of your ego/mind – and sometimes right in the middle of a meditation or creative work. This voice will try to draw you away from that I AM space, and pull you to base your sense of security and your sense of self worth on what your culture teaches you you “should” be: “I should be making more money,” “I should achieve more,” “I should be liked by everyone,” “I should work more, do more, be more,” and so on. Just observe these inner comments as they come up, as a scientist would watch microbes under a microscope. You don’t need to identify with them. They are simply a collection of the limited beliefs of other humans in your culture, which you have been trained to take in and regard as your true reality.

Accept that you hear these comments. Then go back into your I AM space. There, you deeply know that you are always all right, always safe, always enough, and always have all you need. Faith in yourself, and trust in your universe, are an unquestioned part of that. Here you are simply “being,” and at the most important level, that is enough.

Instead of leaving this I AM space to solve your everyday problems, bring your everyday problems here, and simply allow them to be, without expectation. In this space you access a far deeper intelligence than is available to the small personal you of everyday life. Bring your problems here and give them over to the deeper intelligence that works beyond your imagining. See what happens. Sometimes the problems melt away. Other times you will have insights and sudden inspirations and guidance in how to solve them.

Now let us look at another layer of your situation. For you and for all who may read this, it happens that, when you are ready for a shift on your spiritual path, shifts occur in your external reality which make it impossible to go on as you were, and cause you to question yourself and your ideas of how the world works.

Perhaps, for example, you have been going along on a particular career path with moderate or greater success in that field, when you hit a snag. Suddenly, or gradually, things that used to work for you and help you progress are not working any more. You try them again, working harder, and still they don’t produce the same results as before. That is, more or less, what has been happening for you. Other people may still be getting good results with the same methods you’ve been using. Why not you? You feel stuck and at a loss.

The “stuck place” is a very fertile one, though it may seem to you as if nothing is happening. In reality, your whole way of being is going through a change. You have outgrown the old forms you are used to, and are in the process of developing new ones that fit you better. You can resist the change and keep trying harder with your old methods, or you can accept and participate in the change, which is likely to make it go faster. This is actually the same thing that is happening in the shift in humanity’s collective consciousness, as I have described in The Next Big Bang. For you, this larger shift is reflected and embodied in the microcosm of your own individual life and circumstances.

For you, while you are in this phase of your life, I have suggestions:

1) As I already mentioned, spend as much time as possible in your I AM space and bring your problems there.

2)Since your body and your energy fields carry the stuckness, and carry your customary old patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting, the energies in your field tend to freeze into the old patterns and keep the stuckness going. I suggest that you help your energy to flow more freely throughout your body and energy field, and especially the solar plexus. My favorite way for you to do this is by dancing – when alone in your own space and using music that fits your mood (sad, anxious, angry, joyful, uplifted, creatively inspired, and so forth). Dance expressing and accepting what you feel for at least a few minutes a day. More is good.

Doing this frees you up to allow your deepest creative potential to flow into the world, and it also frees you up to receive the helpful energies that are all around you, and which you may have unintentionally blocked.

3) If, after following all these recommendations, you still feel lost and perhaps even seriously depressed, do find a way to spend some time with a wise counselor. You are not expected to do everything alone!

4) Finally, do all you can to let your own inspired energy radiate out to others, whether this is informally, through your simple presence with them, or through your work. The world needs your light. To radiate it may take the form of more social connections – even if not work related – or more networking, bringing the attention of others to what you do, or it may take the form of teaching. In any case, look for more opportunities to share your light, your talent, your expertise, without regard at first to how financially rewarding it may be. This kind of radiating to others helps you “prime the pump” so that that white-hot stream of joy and creativity that I see within you can fountain out into the world. And when that happens, you will have burst out of the cage that the mind/ego likes to keep you in. Who knows what wonderful adventures will await you then?

You are being taken care of, even if you may only see that by hindsight. Put my suggestions into practice. You are not meant to stay imprisoned in fear and uncertainty. Step out of that cage. Enjoy your adventures. Enjoy your life.




Dear Vyamus,

What is the next step in Evolution and how can we align ourselves with it?


Dear Umesh,

This is a good question, and one I hope many of you are asking. To begin your answer:

…The stage you are presently entering is a unique one in human history. In fact, it is the most important time since the beginning of life on earth. It is the next “Big Bang” – the explosion of human consciousness. You’re about to become fully conscious as a species, and fully and actively involved in your own evolution…Let there be no uncertainty about it. This is your responsibility and your joy. From this point, the evolution of the human species will be more and more your own conscious choice. And, as you learn to consciously direct your own evolution – to create yourselves – you will come to realize that, at the same time, you are also creating the world you live in….

The above is a quote from my book The Next Big Bang: The Explosion of Human Consciousness, channeled through Andrea Seiver. You will find more detail there about the next step in human evolution, and scenarios of how that next step may look in your world, as well as a set of Lessons: exercises to help you align yourself with the new energies that are coming in, and move forward with them.

You will also find exercises and practices I suggest for opening up to and living with the higher energies that are coming in if you go back over my previous responses on this ASK VYWAMUS page and look at my messages on the News page. These are meant not only for those who have written in questions. They are meant also for you.

You personally, Umesh, are asking this question because it is time for you to move forward. Don’t wait. This is a very exciting time, and will bring you much joy if you move with it. You are being asked to be a pioneer in bringing in the higher energies on this planet, and you will have help and support from us guides at this level in doing so. To others who read this, some of you may feel you resonate with what I say here. You are also being called. Don’t wait. Use the methods and practices I suggest for living in awareness of the higher energies, and look within for your own sense of how to channel these higher energies into your everyday world.

Thank you for this question, Umesh. We guides are around you to help you and others who undertake it, in this important work.




You are my Spirit Guide. What made you choose to be my Spirit Guide at this time in my life? What healing gifts do you desire to impart to me at this time? Future time will entail new horizons. What specific advice do you have regarding my future?
InLight and Love,
John Timothy "Tim" Johnson

Dear Tim,

Throughout the world I have been making myself known to more and more of you, working with and through all you who are willing, for the greater good of humanity, and of earth. Both you and others who have written to this Ask Vywamus page, have sensed my presence, and have chosen at the level of your higher selves to work with me. As to why at this time, you are ready at this time. You and many others have worked with me in other lives, and so you may often feel my energy is familiar. For others of you it is the first time to meet me and work with me.

You always have the opportunity to channel me if you wish. The best way to be sure you are getting guidance from me is first, to ask for it, and then, to practice and get experience. As you do you will be developing an inner “yardstick” to know when it is my energy and my words you are receiving, and to distinguish these from other energies and material that come from your own inner hopes and fears. Please read or reread my Guidelines for Further Opening to Spirit and Receiving Higher Guidance on the News page of this web site. That is the best advice I can give you for further developing your channeling ability. I and other guides at this level do appreciate your willingness to be of service in this way.

Now, to you, and to all of you who have felt inspired to channel my energies, this is a gift you have received. Don’t put it on the shelf. You have been singled out to use this gift in your own unique way. What happens next in your life? For you, Tim, and for some others, it may be to listen inwardly and feel more clearly regarding whatever form of healing attracts you. You may wish to combine healing with music. You may wish to get more training. Listen and do what you’re guided to do.

For others, if you are moved toward creative work, whether art, writing, or the performing arts, if you are excited about bringing in new ideas and information – follow up. You can channel energy from me and other guides into any of these forms. How you choose to do it will be your life’s own unique work of art. The important thing is to go ahead. Use this gift now, in whatever small or large ways you can. Don’t wait till “later.”

Using your channeling ability and focusing your energies into service of the world will also be good for you in other ways. Besides leading to self-knowledge and better discernment in relationships, the higher energies that come through you also have positive effects on your own physical wellbeing. and give you a spiritual center of peace and calmness in facing crises in everyday life.

So for you, and for everyone who gets this message, enjoy moving into the new horizons!




 Dear Vywamus

I am part of a living twin. I have the impression that - beside us -
there was another soul in the early pregnancy. Is this right? And what
is the meaning of this/such (an) experience for those who are
involved? Would it be appropriate for me to try to channel Your energy/ words?

Thank You very much for Your Love.


Dear Bart,

You are welcome.

In this reality there was another soul with you both, before conception and in the womb. You three have had many lives together. That third soul, after the brief reunion in early pregnancy, decided not to incarnate at this time, but rather to remain on the other side, to better assist you both in your life on earth. This may work even better if you learn to speak at the soul level to that companion soul who was with you before birth. Go to your own deepest level (which you may reach in meditation, or in other ways) and practice having inner conversations with this soul. You can ask questions, express your own feelings, and receive that soul’s communications as well. The more you do this, the more confident you will feel about the thoughts and feelings that come through.

And yes, you can certainly feel free to channel my energy and my words. I am happy to be channeled by as many of you as are inspired to do so, and I welcome having contact with you in this way! Even if at times you are not sure whether you are actually channeling me, my energy will be there with you because you have called me. As you get more practice and experience, it will be easier and easier for you to “feel” me.

If you don’t already have a process you use to channel, I have given some pointers on channeling on the News page of this web site, as well as in a number of responses to others on this ASK VYWAMUS page. Do browse through those too, the information is meant for you as well as those who wrote the questions.

I look forward to helping you with your channeling and I will enjoy our connection, whether you are channeling or just feeling my presence.




Dear Vywamus,

Please help me, Anthony Archuleta, to release my suppressed emotions. I was in the Logoic Divine Plane this morning petitioning to you. Thank you very much.

Gratefully, Anthony Archuleta

Dear Anthony,

These suppressed emotions are a key issue on your spiritual path, and you came into this life in order to confront them. I am giving you my help, and you must also help yourself. With suppressed emotions such as yours you need to do more than release them on the mental and spiritual planes. The emotional body and the physical body must also be involved. First, if you can, find a wise counselor or psychotherapist to be your ally and watch out for you as you do this release.

Then, in addition to what you are doing with the counselor, follow the suggestions that I have made for emotional release for Hyosun Kim on 5-21-2010 and Gitte on 9-24-2011 (This last is about working with fear, but it can be applied with other emotions). This kind of release I suggest is usually perfectly safe, but when emotions are very deeply suppressed as yours may be, or when you have fears about the release, there are likely to be bumps in the road during the process. Having a counselor, even for a few sessions, to help you with this process can help you through such bumps.

I applaud you for your intent to work on these emotions. Suppressed emotions, if they remain so, can wreak havoc on your health, can make your life deeply unhappy and empty, and can also seriously impede your being of service in the world and fulfilling many of your life purposes.

Thank you for taking this on! You will be amazed at the peace and happiness you experience when this work is done.




Dear Vywamus,

Have I been connecting with You? Channeling? Am I receiving guidance from You, I feel I may be making stuff up?

I feel as if I’m being controlled, and stuck in a tortorouse cycle. For so long. Will it ever end so I can shine my light?...May I…ask if my physical health will return? And am I safe? Thank you,


Dear A,

First, yes, I am around you and you are connecting with my energies. Please read my advice on Guidelines for Further Opening to Spirit and Receiving Higher Guidance on the News page of this web site, and read the response I have recently made on this ASK VYWAMUS page to John Timothy “Tim” Johnson. My words to him apply to you. Whenever you decide to open yourself to channel, always first make the intention to receive guidance from only the highest levels, and at that point you may ask for me specifically if you wish. See the Guidelines above for developing a sense of whether you are actually contacting me.

Second, all cycles have an end and so will yours. You will move out of the present cycle of pain, fear, and ill health sooner if you do the following:

1) Take every care of your physical body, which includes following the best medical advice you can find, as well as loving your body, listening to it, and letting the spiritual energies flow through it, in the form of dance or other movement. (For more about this, look through some of the other ASK VYWAMUS letters where I make suggestions about how to do this.) Channeling and creative work will also help you heal your body, and your psyche as well.

2) If you have not done so already, find a kind and wise counselor who can help you let go of the psychological patterns that block your sense of safety and keep that torturous cycle in place. Although we see that you have already done a lot on your own, you need and deserve continuing personal and individual attention for a while, to face the particular challenges you have. Do this for yourself.

Finally, we guides see your light shining already. If you take the advice here, you will soon be bringing it to others.

Blessings on you,



Dear Vywamus,

A channel of yours, Saemmi Muth, said I saw The Golden One. Would you please tell me about this spiritual being? He/she is magnificent!

My love to YOU Vywamus.


 Dear Morgan,

The Golden One has connected with humans since ancient times, especially in Egypt, India, and Greece. This is a very high frequency energy. Teachers like myself often “step down” our energy in order to make it more accessible to more of you. The Golden One does not step down his/her energy very much. So this energy takes some experience to work with and channel, and you are ready to do this. I will not tell you any more, because you are to have a good time exploring this for yourself!

I do suggest that you take greater care to ground yourself physically when working with such high frequencies, though I am sure you already have realized you should do this.





 Dear Vywamus,

I am on medications for a mental illness... could you please give me some guidance on how
I can get more in touch with my higher self and wean myself off the medications.
Also could you please tell me how my past lives are affecting me now and what
My life purpose is?


Dear Justin,

Here on the ASK VYWAMUS page I can offer you my general recommendations about how to handle a situation like yours, and what role it can play on your spiritual path. And, I urge you, if you need more, have a personal session with a wise counselor you trust, where you can take time to go into much more depth and detail than we can here on the web site.

For suggestions on getting in touch with your Higher Self, you will find many exercises in Part Two of my book The Next Big Bang to help you make this connection to the larger You. 

You may also find suggestions if you read over my News page on this site. Finally, go back on this ASK VYWAMUS page and read my responses to Nicole, Mary Ann, Carmelo, Diana, Pamela and R. These are all places where I have spoken about how to be more in touch with your larger Self, and you could benefit from following any of these suggestions.

Now, as to the particular issue of mental illness, I would like to address both you and all other readers who are coping with mental illness: Like every human, it is your major purpose in this life to connect with the higher (spiritual) energies and move forward into the shift in human consciousness that is taking place. And in this quest you have a different set of challenges than do others. You may have “signed up:” for this between lives in order to balance out a previous life in which you caused mental problems in others, or in which you had these same problems but failed to arrive at a way of transcending them.

My first recommendation for you is to keep up your connection with the higher energies. Find a form of meditation that works for you and keep at it regularly In particular, I strongly suggest you explore body-oriented forms of meditation such as tai chi, or movement with mindfulness, and other similar forms. It is always important to take measures to ground yourself in your physical body, and this is especially important when you have mental or emotional problems.

You may or may not eventually be able to wean yourself off medications using these methods. It is a matter of chemistry, which may of course be affected by your mind, emotions and spiritual energies, but perhaps not completely changed. And whatever happens, you should currently be very aware of how the medications you take affect you, and work diligently with your physician to find the best possible medication and dosage level with the least side effects.

Do not be downhearted if you cannot totally wean yourself from medications. You may continue to need that extra help they give you. If so, incorporate that into your path.

For you and anyone with a mental illness, there is a reason and a purpose behind it. You have agreed to do this before you came here. Your purpose is to learn to live a spiritual life with this illness, making efforts to improve everything you can, and to accept and adjust to everything you can’t. And then, you are being asked, from your own experience, to help others with mental illness, encouraging them also to recognize that mental illness is not simply an obstacle on your spiritual path to get rid of, but for you right now it is the path itself. It is merely a path with a different set of challenges. And anyone with a mental illness can grow spiritually into the level of consciousness you are meant to reach in this life.

I assure you and others who are dealing with these issues that I am always beside you and offering you my energy and loving help.




Dear Vywamus

I was born in an Orthodox Jewish fam. and raised very strict according to Jewish law! I think I am a very evolved Soul and a couple of years ago decided to drop most of these restrictions and dogma...though with many stresses attached! …Its very hard…!
What do you suggest? How to cope…with my father…threatening me that I choose another way as he is?

Thank you Vywamus of having entered my life.


 Dear Esther,

I realize what a very deep issue this is for you, and quite a challenge! What I can offer you on the ASK VYWAMUS page are my general recommendations about how to handle a situation like yours, and what role it can play on your spiritual path. And, this issue you struggle with deserves more beyond that. If you can manage it, I would highly recommend a personal session with a wise counselor you trust, where you can take time to go into much more depth and detail than we can here on the web site.

It is no accident that this issue has arisen for you, it is an important part of your spiritual path. You are being pushed to move to a higher level spiritually in order to deal with it. And there are many others out there in similar situations.

For anyone brought up in a particular religion, the decision to move beyond it may be both freeing and difficult. This is particularly so when there is a chance of losing a supportive network of people that you have related to in connection with that religion. Usually there are some ties of love between you and these others in addition to any negative experiences.

Where any interpersonal conflict arises, I always advise the person concerned about it to have a conversation with the other person at the soul level. Go to your deepest core, your higher self, by whatever means you usually get there –meditation is often the easiest -- and there talk to their soul. At that level there is always a bond, and they can hear and understand you. And you may better understand them as well. In this case, talk about the changes and new understanding you have experienced, and your love and passion for the spiritual path you see opening up for you.

Then, when actually in the physical presence of those in your original religious network, eventually you may feel the time is right and you are ready to be completely open about your new way of seeing things and your need to no longer abide by some of the old dogmas and rules. You will know when you’re ready to do this in such a direct way. At such a time, you do take the risk that, even if their souls understand, on the earthly level many people will not be able to able to accept your new position, and you chance losing these relationships, at least in the form they are now.

But before taking such a direct step, do talk at the soul level, and do 3 other things:

 1) pay attention for a while to the things you actually agree on. In the case of religion, any one of the great religions humanity has know has within its core a goodness and a flow of pure spiritual truth. Often this is covered over by the codifications and rules and regulations and power struggles within the religious organization until it is difficult to experience that truth. But it is there.

In your case, focus on the pure stream of spiritual energy within the Jewish religion. As you probably know, there are actually many mystical threads in the Jewish religion which are very compatible with your new perceptions. For those in other religions reading this, you will find the same in any major religion. You can relate to it because it is the same energy that you are so connected to and uplifted by in your new view. You experience it in a very different way now, of course, and this is right for you. The old forms do not fit you any more.

2) Bring as much love and compassion as you can to your relationships with those who still are in the religion you were brought up with. You may naturally have feelings of rejection, fear, pain, and anger about this situation – don’t try to quash these feelings or get rid of them. Simply accept that they are there. Yet also notice also, when they come to you, your feelings of love and compassion for the others involved in this conflict.

3) Do keep firmly in mind that you con love someone without agreeing with them. Many people, especially younger souls, have the belief that “If you don’t think like me and accept my beliefs, then you don’t love me, and (sometimes) you are against me.”This is not true, of course. You need to remember that in dealing with the other people involved here, even if they cannot grasp it. Whatever they do, they cannot keep you from loving them. And they cannot really destroy the deep underlying spiritual bond that you have between you. Focusing on your love for them, rather than the pain of separation, which is only a temporary illusion, will help you stay at a higher level in dealing with these issues.

Carrying out these 3 recommendations I’ve made will be helpful in whatever conflict may arise. It will also advance your own spiritual growth a great deal.

And remember, we guides and teachers are always with you, giving you our loving support.




Dear Vywamus
Spiritual competition
Bulling and competition in a Vywamus group the channeler not strong
enough to act about this? I had to leave. I feel very sad and alone.
Please tell me what took place. I need your guidence?
Love Gold

Dear Gold,

I offer you my love and support. We guides at our level never condone bullying and unkindness – it is the very opposite of what we come to teach. And, your situation is one that occurs often in groups and therefore will be of interest to many readers of this page.

Unfortunately there are many souls still trapped in the fears and insecurities of mind/ego who labor under the false belief that “winning” in competition and exerting power over others is their only way to feel safe. Anyone who takes part in or accepts such bullying and competition is in just such a state of fear, even though they may outwardly appear strong.

The channeler in this case was taken by surprise and was hampered by a personal sense of inadequacy and fear, enough to temporarily block the channel to me. This does sometimes happen, of course – channelers are human and not perfect, and their own issues and inadequacies can come up and prevent a clear channeling. Had the channel been clear, you would have heard me address the bullying issue and help bring everyone in the group to a higher level of understanding and harmony.

As it was, you were confronted with an old issue of yours from many lifetimes: the need to stand up for yourself and the feeling of being on your own and without backup – in this case, from me, and from other members of the group. It is not a new issue for you, and there have been many times where you felt helpless to address it. In this instance, by walking out, you did stand up against the competition and bullying by showing that you would not stay and tolerate such behavior. In this particular situation, feeling taken aback and overwhelmed as you did, that was the wisest choice you could make, and we guides support you in it. If you should encounter a similar situation in the future, another option for you then might be to share with the group your perception of the atmosphere of competition and bullying and put out the question: “Is this really what we want to be doing?”

This whole situation has been a powerful opportunity for learning, not only for you, but for the channeler and everyone else in the group. There were one or two who understood what was happening and felt confused or paralyzed about how to handle it. Others were in denial or even drawn in to their own ego issues.

Every human group includes the strengths and the limitations of its members, and as such is a classroom rich in lessons. Spiritual groups are no exception. It is not possible to find a perfect group, even when led by an ascended master, but it is possible, through talking together honestly and in a cooperative way, to learn to understand the failings in the group and transform them into assets. This particular group may or may not be ready for it, but engaging in this kind of collaboration will help lift you out of the old limited mind/ego framework and is part of your evolution as humans.

Now, if you personally are still not at peace within yourself over what happened in the Vywamus group, I suggest, as I often recommend, that you go to your own higher levels (by meditation or however you like to get there) and there have a conversation with the higher Selves of all the members of the group. At that level there is no bullying, no rejection, no competition. Even if some members of the group are not very much in tune with their own higher Selves, it is helpful for you to be in touch with them at that level and to know that there all of you have a strong, healing, and enduring bond.

After visiting with them at the higher levels, at the personal level you may wish to speak in the group about the situation where you experienced the competitiveness and bullying. Or, you might instead write a letter about your perceptions to be circulated in the group. To do this can be a further step forward for you, and also offer others an important learning.

While you are working with this, be assured that our love is with you. I see this situation as a transformative opportunity for you – an initiation, you could say. Thank you for sharing here your experiences and your pain. Many others may benefit from reading your words and mine.

I and other guides are with you on this path.




Who am I?
Namaste, Nicole

Dear Nicole,

Words are inadequate to convey my answer, so do let yourself feel and experience beyond the words when you read my response.

You are the Infinite focusing Yourself through a particular physical body and personality at this time. You came here to learn how to live in the world while at the same time learning how to always know the greater Reality that You are. Your primary purpose is always to recognize the Infinite in yourself and in everything and everyone around you, and to live in awareness and in harmony with It. This indeed has been humanity’s major spiritual purpose since first humans lived on Earth, yet it is only now that so many of you are being invited to live in this larger consciousness.

While your true and most essential identity is the Infinite, there are many secondary identities you might have. You may think of yourself as one of the indigo children, or as an old earth soul, or as someone who came here from another planet or star system, and so on, and each of these identities is related to the secondary purposes you came here to fulfill. The more you first open yourself to know and experience your own infinite dimensions, the more the other, secondary purposes in your life become clear. Once grounded in your deep Being, it’s easy to notice when ideas, events or persons appear on your path and attract you to interact with them or to take certain actions. If you’re alert on these occasions, you are led into a whole chain of steps on your earthly path, toward fulfilling one or more of your own secondary purposes in this life.

I would add that you personally have the potential to bring many gifts to the world by your simple presence, and also by your actions, whether in work, play, or relationships. Continue to look for opportunities in everyday life to be and to act in harmony with your soul and with your heart. And as you do this, you are guaranteed to come to know, deeply and fully, who “You” are, and who “you” are, and to have joy in your life and be of service to the world. I can tell you also that you have many good adventures ahead!

You are loved by all of us at our level, and you will receive help and support from us whenever you ask for it.





Note: I have relaxed the “50 word rule” in this case so that readers have enough background to understand Zoli’s questions.

Dear Vywamus,

I would like to ask about a contradiction between what living advaita gurus teach and what You and Kryon say. Advaita teachers that I met say that we are not the authors or doers…that…the source of our suffering is the idea that we are the controllers of our life while life permanently proves that we are not. These advaita people that I met has susch a radiation … and what has alredy made a big change in me…just by simply beeing in their phisical closeness…

Kryon and Vywamus on the other hand … speak… about how much control we have. How much we can affect things … (in) the world. Both (they)…and advaita teachers … feels real for me still in this point they are contradictory.

An other personal question …if there is space…Nowadays I…need power for survival but I don’t have any. And just like always… I feel that I rather want to die than to fight to survive.

Zoli from Budapest

Dear Zoli,

You will be happy to know that there is no real contradiction here. You simply need to look at which framework you are using and how that framework defines what you mean by “you.” Are you speaking of You, the larger Self that is one with Source, or are you speaking of the everyday personal “you”? We guides and teachers in our conversations with you attempt to address both the larger You that You are, and the “little you,” the personal you that you think you are. And you on your part have the option to listen to and hear us as You -- or as “you.”

When you are in the state of consciousness when you recognize that you and the Source are one, and that your separateness from It is only an illusory construct of the mind, then you realize that you are the Source of all that is, and that the personal self is simply a focus through which You – Source -- play at bringing different forms into being – whether these forms be objects, actions, thoughts or emotions. The only genuine power there is is in being one with Source and in realizing that fact. This realization is what I and other guides are encouraging you to explore, and it is in essence the same as what the advaita teachings are leading you toward, perhaps with a few differences in detail and in methods. When you find the people practicing advaita radiant and uplifting, it is to the degree that they have learned to recognize themselves as one with Source and to live in that consciousness.

Now, on the other hand, when you are in the state of consciousness that most humans of today live in most of the time, you do see your personal self as limited, and as separate from Source, and often as competing for “power” with others who are also limited and separated from Source. (This sense of separateness, by the way, is simply an interesting “mind game” which you humans have temporarily taken up to learn the lessons it brings. It is a way the Infinite You – Source – can play at having the experience of being limited.)

Since you are often unaware of your oneness with Source, I and other guides often speak to you in the language of the limited framework you believe you inhabit, so that you can better understand us. And when we say that you as an individual are important and have the power to make choices, to create realities and to have effects on the world, this is true. Yet, you as your personal self can do these things, not by your own personal power, but through the underlying power of Source coming through you.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are always one with Source, and everything you are and do comes from Source as it focuses Itself through you. The most important decision your personal self can make is whether to open to and accept your oneness with Source and to consciously live in it. It is your human destiny to do this and to enjoy the “dance” between the physical everyday personal “you” doing limited things in a limited environment, and the infinite and unlimited You who gives “you” life in your current form.

I have gone into more detail on humanity’s dual nature of “You” and “you” in a number of places throughout my book The Next Big Bang -- notably in pp. 45-46, pp. 55-56, and in the chapter on Dances With the Numinous. In that chapter and in Part Two, I also suggest a number of exercises that can be helpful in experiencing and opening to the larger You.

As to your personal question, I would say this to anyone who has a lifelong struggle of some kind: This has happened for a reason and is put in your path for your learning. In a situation where you are not sure you want to live, it is wise to explore first the more practical issues involved, whether they be an imbalance of the body chemistry (sometimes helped by medication), an imbalance of emotions, which may have to do with unresolved fear, anger, or sadness and not enough joy and fun, an imbalance in not having good connections with others, or in not having work and play that stimulate and inspire you. All these “everyday” aspects can be looked at and preferably in the company of a wise and trusted counselor. This is not a step to skip. It is part of the learning of this path and for many souls it is enough.

Sometimes, however, no matter what you do to explore and set right these practical aspects, the miserable situation continues. This is often Source’s way of pushing you into a new way of being, by making it intolerable to stay in the old way. So if this describes you, it may be that you are a soul who has come to the stage of being asked to surrender. 

Surrender to what? To Source. To Spirit. This means to let go of your present life and identity, who you think you are and have been, and surrender to wherever Source leads you, to a new path that your soul is ready to take.

If you find that you are in this situation, I can’t tell you exactly what that new path will be, since part of getting to it is surrendering to not knowing what’s next. For you one step on a new path has clearly already been your experiences with the advaita people and the joy they bring you. You may not yet know what will come after this, but you can trust that your surrender will lead you to the next steps on your path – and that you will have help.

Thank you, Zoli, for sending in these interesting questions which will be relevant for many other readers. And please stay aware that we guides and teachers are always available to give you our love, support, and guidance.




Dear Vywamus,

is there dark and light souls? how to know what people are? can one be lightsoul even if one is depressed or anxious sometimes? doesnt everyone come from the light, the same source?

erika in sweden.

 Dear Erika,

Your soul and all souls are always of the light, the same source, and there is no such thing as a “dark soul.” When a soul comes into a life in the world, that soul is, and remains, a very large energy field made up of numinous energy (“numinous” meaning energy of spirit, energy vibrating at the very highest levels). I also call that energy field your “higher self,” and it goes through all your personal experiences living on earth, and between lives as well.

Now, because you have a body and mind and emotions, you also, within that large energy field of your soul, carry patterns of physical, mental, and emotional energies, patterns that have evolved out of your experiences and choices while living in the world. These patterns may have begun in your current life, or may have been carried over from another life.

Usually if you experience yourself or someone else as “dark,” it is because you or they are carrying around and reliving angry, painful, or fearful patterns in the emotional energy field, often accompanied by twisted or distorted thought patterns in the mental energy field as well. The more you get to know yourself and learn to recognize at times such patterns within you, the easier it is to also be clear and see when these patterns are coming up in others.

In any case, these experiences of “darkness” are opportunities for learning, and they are put in your path for a reason. If you notice these energies in yourself or someone else, first go to the soul level if possible. (You may have your own ways of getting there, such as meditation, creative work, yoga or other body work, and so on.) When you are at the soul level, simply watch the dark thoughts/emotions. Stand outside of them and simply observe them and allow them to be. When you do this, you don’t have to be caught up or stuck in the darkness of your own or others’ energies. You simply are. And you allow them to be. As you do this, the darker energies eventually dissolve or transform, and if there is any action you need to take, it will become clear. Often with this transformation you see things so differently that there is no longer a problem, and no action needs to be taken.

You may be wondering what to do if you are stuck in your own anxiety or depression, or stuck in your reaction to someone else’s “dark” side, and can’t seem to get to the soul level at all, to do what I just recommended. This often happens.

When you feel unable to be aware of your soul level because you are too submerged in your own emotions, then simply go further into them: Be as present as you can with those emotions. Sit with them, accept that they are there. Accept also any feeling of not liking these emotions and not wanting to accept them. Accept everything that comes to your awareness, and be with it, observe it, even offer it love.

How do you do that? Even with an emotion or thought pattern you consider “dark”’ and don’t want to have, if you let yourself really fully get into it, and go right to the core of it, you will find that even the darkest of emotions or thoughts has a kernel of light inside, and you can love that about it. For example, if you have sadness as a result of a loss, the kernel of light inside might be your love for the person or animal or thing you have lost. You can notice and focus on and love that love. As another example, if you or someone else are angry and behave in a cruel way, observe the anger. Anger is always about feeling either threatened or hurt, and the angry behavior is to defend oneself against the threat or hurt. So it is the need to live and survive whole that is the light in the kernel of that emotional pattern. You can notice and actually love that need to live and survive.

This is a very powerful practice. By changing your resistance to the “dark” energy patterns into observing and accepting, and even loving the kernel of light within them, a situation can be completely transformed for you. If the dark emotions are those within yourself, this practice can make your life happier and bring you much farther along on your path in life. If you are observing, accepting, and loving another person’s dark thought/emotion patterns, it sometimes helps them make a change. Even if it does not have any immediate effect on them, however, you yourself will feel calmer, and less stuck, and surer about any action you may need to take regarding that person.

Please apply these suggestions I’ve made whenever you are able. It is no accident that you sent in these questions at this time. And thank you on behalf of others who may benefit from reading what we have said here.




Dear Vywamus/Andrea

So lovely to be communicating here.

Was it you Vywamus who came through my channelling today during our Light group weekly meeting? My sense was that you were one of them through certain words used (and the feeling). If it was you, could you tell me who the other/s were? I know that names are not necessarily needed, but I ask so that the energy may be identifiable and hope this makes sense with me being new to channelling and keen to be aware.

Also why am I so drawn to buy a big memory stick... is there something to come in to be typed out?

Lots of love (and anticipation and excitement and love again)


 Dear Anna,

Yes, I will confirm that I visit your meetings on a regular basis, and I am glad you were able to perceive me on the evening in question. Look for me again – or call on me any time to be present.

As to the other guides that evening, there were many, and there usually are on all your evenings. I will give you one or two names for that night: Kuthumi and Saint Jerome, as well as a number of angels. But part of your own path, and part of your learning more about channeling, is to have the fun of making your own identification of some of your guides. So do have some fun with forming impressions of the energies, making your own guesses, and asking for confirmation!

As to the memory stick, you may have already figured it out. This is one way your higher self has of alerting you to the fact that at some point you will certainly be receiving much material to be recorded.




Dear Vywamus,
My question relates to the issue of DESTINY. I've been married to my
wife Tutti for thirty four years now
and we have two beautiful daughters Cecily-Anna and Sonia. Although I
had been a serial dater with many
girlfriends prior to meeting Tutti, it seemed at the time that our
meeting was 'destined' to take place. A "Cosmic
Connection" as it were. Can you please explain to me if soulmate
connections such as ours are predetermined
and how are they established before the experiential existence?
Truth, Love and Light,

Dear Paul,

This is indeed a question of interest to many of you on earth at this time. In a few words, yes, the soul mate bond is predetermined, but this is a predetermination that each of your souls helped design long before you came into bodies.

From before the beginning, you and every other human are and always were one with the Oneness of Being (the Prime or Universal Field of Energy). This Energy is constantly creating Itself into an infinite number of forms, forms which are still always one with the universal Oneness, and never separate from It. Every one of these forms has awareness and will, and its own unique patterns of the primal Energy, and every one of these forms is a matrix from which new forms can evolve. In the case of soul creation, for simplicity we can call these matrices “oversouls.” (Various writers have defined the term “oversoul” in different ways, but this is how I am using it here.)

Supported by guidance from the very highest levels of Energy, an oversoul may choose to evolve in many possible ways. It may evolve into a single soul, a pair or group of individual souls, or even into a single soul divided into two or more parts. This evolution begins at very high levels, on the spiritual or numinous, energy planes, and long before individual souls journey into the astral and physical realms of existence. As souls from the same oversoul make this journey toward the level of physical incarnation, because they have so many energy patterns in common, there is a feeling of kinship and familiarity among them, a feeling of being bonded and “at home” with each other. This is what you know as the soul mate connection.

Before taking on a body, you may make agreements with each other about what paths you will take, when you will meet, and so on. And because of your similar energy patterns, you are often drawn to similar times, places and activities in physical life. When you then encounter each other in bodily form, you often experience a sense of recognition at a very deep level – sometimes with great clarity. At other times you come to know each other more gradually, starting with a simple, growing feeling of belonging or being “right” with each other. There is often a sense of “of course!” about this soul bond you have.

Then, because being together in physical life is so comforting and satisfying, and thus allows you to focus also on reaching your other goals in life, you meet often and become more and more familiar with each other on the physical level as you develop a physical history. Of course, every soul has its individual paths of development as well, and you bring your unfinished learnings and “baggage” into any physical life you enter. So meeting your soul mate in a particular life is not always a wonderful panacea for all the suffering and confusion you may have experienced in other lives. Much of the joy and peace in living a physical life with a soul mate depends on how much you each have already evolved. If one or both of you still has many issues to deal with, then being together may be a great support for doing so, but you will still have many ups and downs, and much hard work to do. It will not be the fairy tale existence that you might hope for. On the other hand, when each of you has done a good measure of evolving, your life together, though it will of course still have some of the challenges of any physical existence, will usually, at its core, be quite joyful, peaceful, and relatively uncomplicated. So if this is you, enjoy!

It is important to note, by the way, that for soul mates, or for anyone who is living such a happy and relatively struggle free life as I describe, one of the great gifts you can give to the world is to spread this joy and comfort to all who come in contact with you. You do this mainly just by being and radiating your energies out to others. You do not have to argue them out of their suffering, or get them to change their ways, or take on the responsibility for their awakening. Simply by allowing yourself to enjoy the happiness you have, and meeting life’s challenges with as much grace and balance as you can, you send them joyful energy and provide them with a model. Through you they see that such a life as yours is actually possible, and they receive hope and inspiration, if they are open to it. This may even lead them to a turning point they need, and make all the difference in their lives.

I hope you and Tutti, and others reading this who have reached some degree of balance and happiness in this life, will make the intention to continue to enjoy each other and your life to the fullest possible, and to consciously send out and share your blessings and your light with others around you. Your world needs that joy.

Thank you for writing and for sharing your joy on this Page.





I was wondering how do I call on for Vywamus? I never done this
before- calling on spiritual beings, I mean how do I say it word for
word when meditating. Thank you and looking forward to hearing back
from you.

Yours sincerely,


 Dear Pavasuth,

I’m answering this question of yours both for you and others who read this, so you may already be doing some of the things I suggest here. Just take whatever parts of this letter are relevant for you.

I and other beings from the higher levels are always ready to help all of you in any way we can. We are never too busy and are always around you, so you don’t really have to call on us, you only need to notice us. If you are meditating and simply say inwardly, “Please come, Vywamus,” I am already there, whether you perceive me or not. You can take it on faith that I can hear when you talk to me or ask for my guidance. And you may notice that sometimes then I can give you answers to your questions, either in dreams, or in a little burst of insight during the day.

If you want to go beyond taking it on faith, and actually perceive my presence with you, then you need to learn to perceive and be aware of the more subtle energies at the nonphysical levels. This is not difficult, since you already perceive these energies every day. For example, maybe you’ve had the experience of wanting to turn around and when you did, found someone looking at you. What made you turn around just then? Often it’s because that person’s energy was being focused on you and, at some level, you perceived their energy. For other examples, sometimes you may get a sense of an atmosphere of distress or anxiety when entering the waiting room of a doctor or dentist, or a sense of the excitement in a crowd before a game, or a sense of the emotional energies in a church before a wedding or a funeral. These are all perfectly usual experiences of the nonphysical energies that you and others might have any time. When you practice noticing them, it becomes easier and easier to be aware of them.

Another way to increase your ability to feel the nonphysical energies is to ask someone you trust to let you experiment with their energies. Have them relax, and put your hand above their head, or near their eyes, shoulders, hands, back, and so on. After a little you may feel some areas seem warmer than others. This is a beginning. Keep noticing and you may then feel more of their nonphysical energies, and perhaps a difference among different body parts. The head may be warm and seem to have a lot of movement, and the arms and hands may be cooler and seem to have no flow. Doing this practice with someone makes it easier for you to perceive the energies in them that are beyond the physical, and even distinguish various qualities in these energies.

When you’ve raised your awareness of the nonphysical energies in everyday life, you can take it to another level, in meditation. In connecting with spirit guides it is especially helpful to do so in meditation, because in that place you are more consciously connected to the higher spiritual energies where the high level guides “live.” In meditation, then, first try focusing on people you have loved and trusted, friends or family who have passed over and are now out of body. Remember how it felt to be with them. Just imagine them in the room with you, they will always be there if you ask them. Since you are used to their energies, you can recognize them when they are in spirit form. Notice how they feel to you.

Now, just as you “feel” your friend’s or relative’s energy, you can also feel my energy and that of other spiritual beings. So first focus on your grandmother, for example, and see what she feels like. Then focus on me, or on my name, and see what the energy feels like when you do. Just see what you notice. As you practice more, you will become more and more familiar with my energy patterns and how they feel to you. You will be able to tell the difference between myself and your grandmother, or between myself and anyone else you may focus on.

These are a few suggestions on how to become consciously aware of my energies, and if you practice, I’ll help you to more easily perceive me. For more ideas on connecting with spirit guides and receiving guidance, you can also read my message of January 1, 2010 on the NEWS page of this web site, or look on this ASK VYWAMUS page for the letters to Mary Ann (9-24-11), Rebecca (11-30-09) and Natoya (9-15-09).

I am happy that you are open to feeling my presence! I am indeed always around you and surrounding you with my love and support.

Blessings on you,




My name is Michael Keesal. My mother used to speak with you when I was younger. Should I continue on my musicsl path?


Dear Michael,

Personal questions such as yours are really best answered in an individual reading, where attention can be given to all your personal circumstances and more depth is possible than in an answer on this page. Here I can give you some very general advice which also applies to anyone who asks a question such as yours, particularly when it involves music or the arts.


If you are moved to make music, or art, if your heart is pleased when you do so, if you feel less joyful when you don't, then by all means, do continue. The kind of creativity you express in music or art is one of the main gateways into the deeper levels of your spirit, and at the same time you are also being of service by adding something to the lives of others around you who are affected by your art. This can be a real contribution to the world as well as helping you along on your spiritual path. This is true whether you feel your music or art is your true work in this life, or simply something you enjoy in your spare time.


As to making a living in the arts, that is another question. It is always best to follow your heart and what you are drawn to and have talent for, and often this helps you manifest the work that you most love. Yet even in an individual reading, after discussing the various factors involved, I could only give you probabilities about how different career plans you may follow might turn out. However, that uncertainty need not and should not stop you from continuing with whatever you are passionate about, whether you can make money at it or not. Indeed even if you never made a cent, and need to earn money to pay the bills some other way, your music or art may be the true life purpose that brought you here. If this applies to you, you will be happiest if you do whatever you have to do to follow your path.


And thank you, and all of those in the arts who give of yourselves to the world. You are needed.





First question: At a meditation workshop the teacher spent the whole weekend trying to instill fear that if we did not commit to his program we would never achieve "soul transcendence" or prosperity in life. The underlying motivations I observed seemed materialistic and selfish and the teacher seemed condescending and manipulative. Am I wrong?

Second question: Recently a meditation teacher said that everything that happens is karmically correct, even suggesting that people give themselves cancer. It seemed ridiculous to me. What about really terrible things like murder, disease and violent crime? How can these things be karmically correct?




Dear Chellie

Even though its content is spiritual in purpose, the meditation workshop you describe is firmly rooted in the old ego framework humanity has held for many centuries. The process that went on there involves all the old ego patterns based on fear and hierarchy, “better than/not as good as,” rules and rituals, and sometimes material success as a mark of “progress.”


This old framework still has some value for souls who need to follow such a system for the learnings it provides, or for souls who need to perceive that this is not the path for them, and act accordingly. Trust your intuition. You are ready to enter the new consciousness that humanity is shifting into right now, and so this workshop and its concepts are not a match for you.


The new consciousness goes far beyond the old ego framework, into knowing and experiencing the infinite spiritual energies that have always been within you, and bringing them into every moment of your everyday life. This results in a life very rich in fulfilling satisfactions, and often material circumstances in your life get better too. So I urge you to see what you learned about the world and about yourself from this workshop, and then move on.


As to karma: Many people think of karma as an impersonal and often unforgiving force that is outside yourself. In reality what is called karma is actually an aspect of you. “Karma” means being caught up in reliving mind/emotion patterns set up by your ego's reactions to experiences you have, in this life or in other lives. As a soul, you carry the tendency to relive those patterns into each physical life – until you break out of the patterns. In a sense everything that happens is “karmically correct” since everything that happens accurately reflects what is, what is real right now, in your own personal evolution and in the evolution of humanity. It reflects when you are repeating the old patterns over and over, and it reflects when you break free of them.


Most of you are still working on the old mind/emotion patterns, with each life giving you another chance. Souls who have done murder or violence in other lives are given the option in a current life to choose differently, to avoid the violence they have done before. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they don’t. So you still have violent crime. As humanity shifts consciousness these darker elements will gradually disappear. But meanwhile, there is still this aspect of humanity to be dealt with which goes back very far in your history (Remember the Bible story of Cain and Abel.).


I will also add that at the soul level there is agreement among you about everything. At the soul level, even the victim of a violent crime has agreed to the possibility of being a victim, or to the possibility of fighting being a victim. There are as many reasons for this as there are souls. Sometimes a victim wants to leave life early and this kind of agreement is an opportunity to do so. Sometimes there is the wish to avoid a devastating end-of-life illness, or other tragedies that may come up. Sometimes the soul purpose is also a learning on the part of family and friends in their reaction to it. And when violent crime happens on a world scale, as with the crimes committed by Hitler and his followers, then it provides lessons for the whole of humanity to learn, and hopefully not to have to learn again and again. Hitler was deranged, and violent, yet he could not have succeeded in what he did without many people giving up their personal responsibility and blindly following him. A tragic, painful lesson.


What about disease and accidents? From a karmic perspective, why do these things happen? Many times it’s because you actually “signed up” between lives to have such an experience, and again, that can be for many reasons. Your soul may simply want to learn what it’s like to have a particular disease or accident. Or to experience being healed. There may also be the purpose to help others around you to learn whatever they need to learn. That would include family, friends, and even doctors and caretakers who are around you, scientists who study your condition, and others who hear about you. There is no telling how far your influence in such a life may go.


In your soul’s view, even a devastating illness or accident is not the tragedy that you think it is. Sometimes it is the very path that can lead you to transcendence – and others around you as well. From the soul’s perspective you know that everything is always all right. At this level, you do not feel the need to cling to any one life, because you are aware that you go on for eternity. So it is very helpful for you to go to the soul level often in your daily life (whether in meditation or creative work or channeling healing energy) and spend time there. It will enrich your life every day, and if tragedy comes, it will help you go beyond it.

I thank you for your questions. Please call on my energy or that of the other guides at these higher levels whenever you need us to help you along on your path.