Channeling is the communication and receiving of information or energy from a dimension beyond our everyday reality, and beyond the normal mind of the channel.
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I believe we are all potential channels. With some time and effort, anyone can develop the ability to tap into the energy of dimensions beyond our usual everyday reality. The energy that comes through may take many different forms: healing, for example, or creative work, or verbal wisdom and guidance from an energy focus like Vywamus.

When I channel, I reach for a certain inner place where I am consciously connected with the higher spiritual energies. At that place I find a particular focus of the energies that is Vywamus. Words and sentences begin to come to mind and I speak them or write them down. The quality and breadth of the information I get is mostly beyond what I know my “everyday” self can produce. At those times I know I'm in touch with something more than our ordinary physical reality.

The full story of how I came to meet Vywamus and to channel for him is in Chapter One of my book The Next Big Bang: The Explosion of Human Consciousness. But I am not unique. I know the stories of many others who have learned to channel, some of them in my own Learn to Channel classes. I believe many more of us are meant to develop channeling skills at this time, not only for the wisdom, healing, or creativity that comes through, but also because the very process of channeling is a powerful tool for our own spiritual growth and development.