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March 2016
Dear Vywamus,

I´m 48 and have been struggling since I was 3 with tons of anxiety and OCD. Despite 25 years of medication and psicotherapy, I still can´t provide for myself and it seems that I´ll never be able to do it, I mess up every job I get.


My dear Fabio,

I write this response for you, and also for any other readers who struggle with persistent mind and emotional challenges. (If you are one such reader, I speak to you too. I invite you to take what I say to Fabio here and plug in the names of your own set of challenges.)

Fabio, this is indeed a difficult path you have been on in this lifetime, with so much trial and pain. Your efforts do not go unappreciated by us at this level, we understand how you are trying to make your life the best possible under these challenging conditions. From a practical viewpoint, we commend you for trying various medications and for making use of psychotherapy for greater understanding and for emotional support in dealing with your anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. We hope you will keep on with these, even when relief may only be partial and temporary.

Still on a practical level, you haven’t mentioned whether you have consulted a neurologist or a neuropsychologist about other possible treatments that may be helpful for you. These could include neurofeedback (a form of biofeedback), hypnosis, or even possibly Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), which has been successful in some people who have a form of OCD that has not responded to other treatments. And you may learn of other options as well. It is certainly worth your time and effort to explore these treatment possibilities and any others you learn about. If they are not easily available to you, make use of any resources around you that can help make them available.

My advice to anyone who has a persistent problem like yours is to first do everything you can to address it on a practical everyday level, to use your own ingenuity and common sense in finding the resources you need. I always suggest that you make use of everything that medicine (Eastern or Western) or psychology or psychiatry has to offer. Do your best here. Make as much progress as you can on the problem at this level. And remember, your problems – in this case OCD and anxiety – are not all there is to you. Give at least part of every day to something apart from your problems, something that interests you or brings you pleasure. It could be music, or a sport, or time with friends, or walking in nature, or crafts, or any other pastime. There is much more to you than a set of problems you are working on in this life, and focusing on other things at least part of the time will help you maintain a balance.

So far, I’ve been making suggestions for practical actions you can take in your everyday life. That is one level of your path. And, it’s important to look beyond that level. What is the purpose of these challenges that have come into your life? What are you learning from them? Because of your problems with OCD and your anxiety, and how you are dealing with them, you have some unique experiences that no one else has. Some of these may be painful, but some may only be painful if you’re fighting them. As best you can, be present with all these experiences without judging them. It’s the best way to learn what you need to learn from them. Do not reject or accept these experiences, simply watch them, observe them, be with them. If you can do this for even 5 seconds at a time at first, that’s good.

With practice you’ll be able to be present for more and more of the time, even with the experiences that distress you. While you’re doing this practice, the urge to fight may come up, or the urge to escape. Be present with these urges too. Simply be with them. Be present with everything that is going on inside you. Doing that is one of the major learnings on your individual life path. And if you do this practice, it will lessen your pain and bring more peace into your life.

Now, beyond your own life path, there is a still broader perspective. With your own unique experiences, you are contributing in your own way to the evolution of humanity. As I have described in my book The Next Big Bang, humanity is at this time undergoing a tremendous step in evolution, and part of that is evolution of mind. Your brains are slowly changing, your thought and emotion patterns are changing, and many of you are volunteers who, before coming into this life, have agreed to try out various out of the ordinary brain and mind patterns that may lead to new forms of human thinking. You are one such volunteer. Your experiences in this life, dealing with the particular brain patterns you have, are valuable and essential. You are a living laboratory in which human mind is evolving into new levels far beyond what you have today.

I will quickly add, just because you are a volunteer, this does not mean you are locked in for the rest of your life to the same level of challenge you have now. Part of your purpose is to learn how to be present with the mental and emotional states that go along with your anxiety and OCD. Yet also, part of your purpose is to find ways to shape and modify these states so that whatever is positive in them comes forward and whatever is negative is minimized.

To use the example of training a wild horse, the first steps involve simply being able to stay in the saddle and not fall off. That’s where you are now. Staying with it. After that come the steps of guiding the horse into the ways you want him to go. So, as you progress to the next stage, you will be working at guiding and training these unusual OCD brain patterns into a more harmonious form that is not oppressive in your everyday life, and may even, in some way, come to enhance it.

What form should this guiding and training of your own “wild” patterns take? Right now, humanity is in a stage where you generally make use of physical aids and interventions such as medications or neurofeedback or DBS or DNA manipulation to modify wild mind forms like OCD and help the new broader and more harmonious mind forms to emerge. Start with whichever of these aids are available. And add meditation of any kind, but especially meditation that includes physical movement (breathing, walking, dance, martial arts, and so on), to help you integrate the new patterns. These are the beginning steps toward the new forms of mind. In the future, as human mental abilities evolve, you will not need such physical aids and interventions any more. You will have the ability to change any pattern in your brain at will and create any form of mental activity you desire.

So take heart, my friend. There are ways you can take the hand life has dealt you and make this a life of great learning and spiritual advance, while also making a significant contribution to the evolution of humanity. And you are not alone. There are many other souls who are engaged in mind experiments such as yours, for their own learning and for the good of humanity. See in particular my ASK VYWAMUS letters to D (August 2015) and Anonymous (6-6-13), who are two of these. They too are exploring unusual patterns of mind, emotion, and perception, not quite the same as yours, but parallel.

In closing, I and the other guides who work with me want to thank you for your hard work on your own life path and for your contribution to humanity. Be assured that we are always with you, giving you our guidance, and our love and support. Please call on us when you feel the need.




August 2015
Dear Vywamus,

I was around 16 when i started my spiritual journey and it has been over 2 years now. A lot of change has taken place in this short "time". It was all going well until around a few months ago when i started getting all of these negative delusions about the nature of god and i believe that i was being harassed by a demon known as, "Azazel" Ever since this shift in perception I can't seem to shake off this feeling that the "new age" movement is actually satanic and is leading me astray from god. How can I get rid of this negative uncertainty and move towards finding my unconditional love once again?

Thank you, much love and Namaste brother!

Dear D.,

I have written about an issue similar to this in a letter to “Anonymous” on 6-16-13. You may want to begin by reading that response. Here I intend to give you and others a more expanded perspective on the kind of negative experience you write about, and suggest additional ways of dealing with it.

It is common on the spiritual path to meet challenges of one kind or another, and what you describe is one kind that is particularly difficult. You are not alone. There are many of you today who face the kind of challenge that you describe. When you experience dark forces, or negative entities such as demons, what is happening is that you are dipping in and out of a reality where such things exist, a reality that is different from the usual one in which you live and have felt at home.This can be quite disturbing, especially if you have no context in which to put it. So let me begin with some background, for you and for others who have these experiences.

Most of you think of yourselves as living in one reality, the one where your everyday life is focused. Yet in truth you live in many realities at the same time, each of them associated with a different state of consciousness. Some of these you are familiar and comfortable with and consider normal. Examples of these would be the realities you experience when in the dream state, when in meditation, when under the influence of certain drugs, when in hypnotic trance, or when you accomplish amazing feats in an emergency situation. You all know about these, they are part of the collective human experience. When you enter certain states of consciousness, you are able to perceive and experience these other realities.

Besides these relatively “benign” realities, there are many others, some of which to you can feel strange and disturbing. From what you describe, it’s clear that you have been experiencing one of the realities where satanic forces and dark entities such as demons exist. Now, where I live in the higher spiritual realities, there is no such thing as evil, or demons. Yet there are “pocket” realities where demons exist, and these realities are created -- by humans. Demons and dark entities are thought forms which you yourselves have created to represent and explain primarily the malevolent powers within yourselves. They embody aspects of yourselves that you fear, aspects that you want to distance yourself from, and to think of as “not you.” In that way these thought forms serve a useful purpose, so useful that believing in demons and devils and experiencing them have been part of human culture for thousands of years

For some people, demons and dark forces are a theory, something traditionally taught about but not experienced. Yet, for those of you who, intentionally or unintentionally, enter a state of consciousness where you actually experience the energy of demon thought forms, it can be very vivid and frightening, even overwhelming. If this occurs for you, there are several possible things you can do. First, it’s important, when you have these experiences, to remember that this is not “THE” reality. Rather, you are in “a” particular reality, which you can enter and leave at will, just as you can enter and leave the dream state, the meditation state, and the other familiar ones I mentioned above. Sometimes just remembering this is enough.

When you have remembered this, it may be possible for you to go into meditation, which is the gateway to that infinite field of unconditional love that you know and want to get back to, a place where there is no fear. Again, that may be enough. If not, there are other things you can do.

You have the traditional options of using protective rituals (surrounding yourself with light, speaking words of power, performing certain acts, and so on), or seeking the help of protective entities (God, angels, guides, and so on). This works well for many people. You can find many writings about processes such as these that you can use, so we will not go over them here.

Often, however, an even more effective way of coping with a demon or a dark force is to accept that it is not “other.” It is not separate. It is not “out there,” but rather, in some way it is connected with a part of you. And I remind you, anything that is part of you, you have control over.

I suggest that you accept this particular thought form, this demon or dark force, and learn how it expresses something within yourself. Maybe it seems to be a very powerful and frightening entity, out to harm you or deceive you. Then accept that there is a side of you with great power, and the capacity to harm or deceive. Rather than fearing or fleeing from this side of you, or judging that it is “bad,” you will do better if you face it and learn more about it. The best way is to actually have an inner conversation with this side of you. If you ask questions of it inwardly, you will usually get answers. If so, write them down.

The goal is to come to truly know this aspect of yourself, what purpose it serves, how it came into being, what its goals are. To use an example from your letter, is it possible that you have a wish, deep down, to be led astray from God? And if so, why? Is it because your idea of God is restrictive? Do you feel, somewhere inside yourself, a wish to rebel and be free of everything, even be free to do “evil”? (Maybe, on looking inward, it will not be an underlying wish to be led astray from God, but some other need of yours, perhaps a wish for more excitement and drama in your life. Or something else. .. Whatever it is, plug it in to this process.)

As you keep up this inner questioning, you will learn more about yourself. And, you will probably note that, even in some of your most “negative” acts and wishes, there is a kernel of something good. In the example above, for instance, freedom and self determination are good things. I think you and this other aspect of you can agree on that. You may not agree on the method for attaining freedom and self determination, or the best ways to use that freedom, but you both have the goal of being free and being able to use your power and determine your own path.

Doing this dialoging, you will be able to find areas of agreement between you, perhaps some goals you have in common, even if you are both working in different ways to achieve them. At that point you can probably agree on ways to work together. Doing all this helps you take back the power that you gave away to the demon thought form. You can then decide how to use that power in the way that to you feels right.

I highly recommend this dialoging process, and it can be done on your own. Yet often, particularly if you have a lot of fear, or if you feel you don’t have enough experience with inner dialog, the process is much easier if you have a therapist or an understanding counselor you trust to help you with it.

Now, one more thing: Some of you have a particular brain activity pattern that makes you especially vulnerable to unusually vivid experiences of demon thought forms. If you think this may be the case with you, you will still find the dialoging work is helpful, but in addition it may also be useful to try modifying the brain patterns as well. This can most easily be done by meditation, or by certain types of medication. Be open to trying both of these out, particularly if your experiences are deeply distressing.

Remember, you are never asked on your path to do more than you can bear, or to go without any help you can get. It is perfectly acceptable in our view as guides that you take advantage of anything that is available. So, don’t hesitate to seek therapy, to get help and instruction in meditation, and if you feel you may be in need of helpful medication, to collaborate with your doctor to find the right one. True, in order to prescribe for you, a Western physician may need to diagnose you as having a mental or emotional disorder; that is the reality they as professionals have to live in. Don’t let that bother you, or keep you from obtaining any medications that may help you regularize your brain patterns or make the negative experiences less intense and more manageable. Let the doctors call it whatever they want – as long as you find something that works for you.

Finally, as you move through dealing with these experiences you have found troubling, we urge you to look at them in the same way as we urge you to look at all your other experiences – as important lessons and challenges to be met on your path. What have you learned so far from having such experiences? What have you learned about yourself, about your reality? What have you gained? Before moving on, it is always important to “take your gains,” to accept and acknowledge the learning and other benefits that going through such challenges has brought you.

I have written this for all of you who have had similar experiences. Some of what I say here may clearly apply to you, and some may rather apply to other readers. Please take what you personally need here. And know that I and the other guides are always at your side and available to help, in whatever reality you find yourself.



February, 2015

Hello Vywamus,

I am slowly becoming more and more spiritual and adapting my own consciousness, it is difficult to rid of all negative thoughts and emotions…How can I further …expand my consciousness to the level that I send and receive love and light to help others and to achieve a light worker mastery?

All the best, love and light to you Vywamus and to you Andrea


Dear James,

For you and for other readers who are working to evolve spiritually, I thank you and commend you for your efforts. I and other guides are always there to help you.

Before I make recommendations about expanding your consciousness, let’s look at how spiritual evolution takes place, and how spiritual evolution itself is evolving. For most of you, evolving spiritually is a very gradual and very natural process. Very few of you have a sudden and complete shift into higher consciousness, as some mystics have described it. And even with them, it is often the slow gradual spiritual work they have done in other lifetimes or in this current one that has laid the groundwork for a seemingly sudden “conversion.”

In the past, those who wanted to evolve spiritually would typically withdraw from the world – into a monastery or ashram or hermitage perhaps – and/or sit at the feet of a master or teacher and be led through successive steps practicing meditation, yoga, fasting, and so on, with the object of opening their consciousness to spirit and achieving “mastery.” That is the old pattern, and it still works for some souls.

For most of you today, however, a new form is emerging for spiritual learning and evolution, a form which is open to all, not just the elite who are able to withdraw from the world. This new way involves being fully conscious in spirit while living in the everyday world. It is more individual than the old form, because each of you, in collaboration with your higher self and your guides, design your own spiritual path, and in that sense you cannot measure your progress against what others are doing and have done. It would be “apples vs. oranges.”

And this new path is also not hierarchical as you have understood it in the past, where you would progress through lower to higher stages, from “beginner” to “advanced,” and eventually to “enlightenment,” in a linear way. Rather, it’s more helpful now for you to perceive it as we do. The reality is that you are not going from A to B and so on finally to Z. You are always in all the levels of consciousness simultaneously: beginner, advanced, enlightened, you are always in all of these at the same time. The learning for you is how to broaden your focus so that you can be conscious of how you are living not only in the physical, mental, and emotional realms, but also in the highest spiritual realms throughout all the ordinary experiences of your everyday life.

In this regard, meditation is helpful. To help you recognize and connect consciously to the highest spiritual energies within you, I have offered the I AM meditations in Chapters 18-19 in my book The Next Big Bang. I have also given you a basic version of the I AM meditation in my 7-25-14 letter to G. on this ASK VYWAMUS page. Once you’ve learned to recognize and experience the energies of Spirit within yourself, you will want to learn how you can then hold your conscious awareness of the spiritual energies while you are in the midst of everyday life. Look for the Two Hands Meditation on the News page of this web site. It is designed to help you do just that.

Now, besides consciously experiencing the higher energies in meditation, and in everyday life, it is essential for you to experience that the spiritual energies are not limited to your head or even to your heart, but are always flowing through your whole body. Practices that help you experience the higher energies in breathing and physical movement would include yoga, dance, martial arts, even walking, indeed, any kind of breathing and physical movement done with awareness. Find one or more of them that you can include in your day, even if for only a few minutes. The length of time is not so important as being fully present while you do it.

Well, what about when you are doing these helpful practices and not seeming to get anywhere? Inevitably you run into blocks, or resistances: distractions, inertia, going blank, emotions of fear, anger, sadness, negativity in general. I have written at some length on what to do when you run into such blocks, and you will find some helpful guidelines on this page in my letters to Ann (October, 2014), Gold (November, 2013), Wendy (7-23-13), and other previous letters, and in Chapters 22-23 in The Next Big Bang where I give more detail on Working with Limiting Beliefs and Emotions. The gist of all these guidelines is that seemingly “negative” experiences are not to be ignored or gotten rid of. Rather, they are opportunities for important learnings that you need in order to evolve further. As I often say, they are not detours from your path, but are part of your path. So embrace them and work with them. They are actually your allies.

Now as to being a light worker, the first thing, as you can guess, is to let light into yourself, or rather to become conscious of the light that is already always within yourself. The suggestions I’ve given above should help with that. When these meditative and physical practices are part of your day (even if only a few minutes) you will gradually also become more and more aware of the greater Oneness in which we all live. At that level you are always in communion and communication with every other human, with every other being, including, friends, relatives, strangers, your higher self, us guides, as well as all the plant, animal, and mineral realms, the earth, the planets, the whole universe.

With some practice you can learn to focus on and be conscious of this Oneness, of the bonds that are always there, and of the conversations that are always going on among you at the highest levels. This is always the best place to start when you want to be of help to someone – or when you hope they will be of help to you. I refer to it as “talking at the soul level” It is helpful to always go to this level in all your interactions with others and have a conversation there. . Even if someone seems closed and unreachable in your everyday contact with them, their soul is always available to your soul. With practice you will learn to listen to someone’s soul, affirm your bond and willingness to help, and get a better sense of whether there are particular ways you may be of service in their evolution, and of what is the best way to approach them on the everyday level.

To you and to all other readers who are seeking to evolve, I hope you will try some of the meditations and physical practices I suggest here and adapt them to your own needs, and I hope you will let me know how you are doing. I and the other guides offer you our continuing presence and help. Call on us. It is our pleasure to be with you.



February, 2015

(Dear Vywamus)

If my chart is written to do what is written, could my evolution and free will change,
Can free will be challenged or changed by higher beings?

Dear J.A.,

Yes, the form of your evolution and your exercise of your free will often change during your life, because your life is itself a creative work in progress, and your environment here is a set of constantly changing probabilities that you have to deal with and dance with, and improvise with. So what is “written” by you beforehand is often rewritten as you go along.

Can free will be challenged or changed by higher beings? In essence, no. You always have free will at the level of your personal everyday self. That is one of the parameters of the type of consciousness you have in these physical lives you live.

Now, as you know, exercising your free will does not mean you always get what you choose. The choices you make in a physical reality like yours are often limited by external conditions and circumstances, by the activity of others’ free will, or by condition within yourself such as illness, the action of drugs, mental impairment and so on. There are always some limits on the number of choices you have, and limits on your control over whether you get what you choose. But there are always choices for you and you have the freedom to make them

Higher beings do not and would not take away your free will and force you to make certain choices or make choices for you. Indeed, that would be counterproductive for your learning. Even when we can see that you are making a “bad” choice, we may do our best to guide or strongly influence you in the right direction, but we do not interfere. However, as you get more in touch with Spirit, with your higher self, and with your guides, we can partner with you and aid you in the exercise of your free will so that you make the choices that maximize your growth.

It is true also that in your own natural cycles of growth, you will inevitably come into new circumstances and conditions where your old ways of doing things no longer work and you have to evolve and make new choices. Your ability to exercise your free will remains, but the choices you make no longer work out. Of course, even then you are free to cling to the old ways as long as you want, and keep trying to make them work. Eventually, however, you will probably realize that you are at a dead end, and will, of your own free will, make new choices.

Thank you for this interesting question. And whatever choices you make, all of us here love you.




October 2014

(Dear Vywamus),

I’ve been speaking to angels and guides for some time, I try to meditate regularly, I have much I’m grateful for – yet I’m still overshadowed by fear, negativity, intolerance and impatience. Does anyone hear me? Please help me to understand what I need to do differently. Thank you.


Dear Ann,

It is some months since you wrote your question, and I and other guides with me have been following you closely, sending you dreams that could be helpful, and putting people and events in your way that could help lead you out of the stage of frustration you express in your email. Many other readers of this page are in either a similar stage of frustration on their path, or may eventually come to it. Sometimes for a long period it may seem to you that you are flying solo, and though you may believe we are there, you may not be able to feel it. Often we let you make your way through this difficult patch for a while, and give you the opportunity to discover on your own what to do. This has been the case with you, and I would like to commend you. You have done well in being in touch with the higher energies, and in persevering on your path. You have taken some steps since you wrote, yet we guides are aware that you still have some areas where you could use help. So we have some additional suggestions for you.

For you and other readers who feel that they have made some progress but are still struggling with negativity in one form or another, my first recommendation is that you do all you think you can do, all that you are inspired to do, and then surrender. At that point, just give in, accept, allow, and surrender to the feeling of frustration, incompleteness, not knowing what to do, or what to try to do to get through this stage. As far as you are able, come to terms with, be at peace with, the present situation, which is that you are not yet where you want to be. Practice being at peace with that and not striving to be somewhere else.

Now while you are working on this surrender, many emotions will naturally come up. Some of these will be emotions related to beliefs and life issues that have been blocks on your path. It will be helpful if you can welcome these emotions. So if fear or sadness or anger or judgment of self or other feelings come up while you are trying to surrender to the present moment, don’t ignore them or try to get rid of them. Surrender to the fear, sadness, anger, or judgment. Accept it. Feel it and be with it in your heart and in your body. You don’t have to fight with it. See if you can learn how it began.

Any emotion that comes to you, no matter how negative it seems, arose from some positive purpose within you. It may have been to defend yourself, to keep you safe from being hurt or criticized, or for any number of other reasons. Before you can move on, it is essential to find the positive kernel or purpose in the midst of the negative feeling and acknowledge and appreciate it.

It is also important to recognize the limiting beliefs that are the source of your negative emotions. These beliefs may have been formed very early in your learning about the world, and while they may have been useful then, they may not be now, and may in fact be blocking your progress.

For more detail on how to work with limiting beliefs and the negative emotions that go with them, look on this ASK VYWAMUS page for the letter to Wendy on 7-23-13. While she is working on the issue of doubt, the steps I suggest there can work equally well applied to the fear, negativity, intolerance and impatience you describe – and indeed to any other negative emotions that come up.

Please remember also, as I so often remind all of you, these negative emotions and blocks you encounter are not “detours” on your path – they are your path. When you can accept them as such and work with them, they become powerful movers that propel you along toward the purpose, peace, and joy that are your true destiny in this earth life.

In the midst of all this, and for all other readers as well, at whatever stage of your path you find yourself, be sure that I and other guides and teachers are always with you. Do call on us whenever you wish!



October, 2014

(Dear Vywamus)

So assuming this is you not someone else using your name. What do you think of the whole mike brown shooting and Ferguson riots? How's it make you feel? Thanks Nikolai.

Dear Nickolai,

Yes, it is indeed myself, Vywamus, channeled through Andrea Seiver. And your question is very apt, very appropriate for your present day experience. Ferguson, Missouri, is only one of the events involving violence and victimization which come to your attention every day. Such events are widespread in all your societies on earth, in some more than others. At this stage of your evolution, because of worldwide reporting, you are all becoming increasingly aware of such events and are increasingly reacting against such violence. Many of you are becoming much more sensitized to such violence and moved to try to prevent it. In the broader perspective, such events are teaching events at the national and world level. The higher purpose, whether the participants are conscious of it or not, is to hold up a truthful mirror to your society so that you see certain aspects of yourselves. Only then can you choose to make changes.

Believe it or not, all this is a sign of humanity's progress and evolution -- not the violent events themselves, but your changed reactions to them. A generation or two ago, an event such as the shooting of an unarmed African American boy by police would not have brought about such widespread indignation and outrage. It would have been taken for granted that such things occur, and only a few would have paid much attention. .It would have been the same for violence or injustice toward other minorities -- women, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims, gay people, and so on. In the past, it would have been seen as a matter of course.

So, in one sense, this event and your reactions are already signs that you are evolving beyond that previous perspective and into a more compassionate and egalitarian approach. We at this level are encouraged by your progress, but quite aware that you have a way to go. We cannot interfere and “rescue” you from the learning that your experience of such events can provide. We can and do give you our love, support, and guidance.

Here I want to remind you of 2 things: First, in this stage of human evolution, many of your previous institutions and old forms of doing things are breaking down and no longer as effective as they used to be.: in education, religion, economics, the family, and many other areas, you are seeing a breakdown of the forms that used to work for you. This is a growth period for your species, and like all times of growth, full of turbulence. The breakdown of all these old forms, which are not large enough to work for you any more, often leads to a release of uncontrolled or “wild” energies which can no longer be contained or held in check by the old forms. Some of what is released are pure creative energies, and some are energies that you experience as negative -- fear, anger, pain, and so on. And until you begin to develop new, larger forms to hold and express these wild energies, you will probably feel that things are getting worse than they ever were. And it may seem overwhelming. But there is hope.

Now secondly, I also remind you that the problem of violence, and indeed any other major problems which beset you at this time, can never be solved at the level where they are generated. You must always go to a higher level for the solution. And humans are evolving into a higher level of consciousness, where you will be creating new forms, and new approaches to the problems that plague you today. I have discussed this period of turmoil for humanity, and its eventual resolution, more fully in my book The Next Big Bang: The Explosion of Human Consciousness.

In general, in a situation like that in Ferguson, the evolved approach would not be to take sides, though your empathy may certainly be on one side or the other. Rather, it would rather be to begin by taking both sides -- to understand with mind and heart what each party in such a violent event has experienced, their motivation, their flaws and vulnerabilities, etc. Only with such a deep understanding can you then jointly create a new form in which you address the root causes for the conflicts that lead to violence and find ways to bring justice, and to prevent or resolve such events in the future.

To sum up, the incidents in Missouri, and the many other instances of violence in your society to which you are exposed, are sensitizing you and goading you to find new ways to deal with such volatile situations. This takes time, of course.

Hopefully you will be one of the "pioneers" bringing a new consciousness to the world's experience of such events, and working on new approaches. I assure you that I and the other guides who work with humanity on these world scale problems are always there to help you with insight and inspiration, and also by bringing those of you who are trying to create new forms into contact with others of like mind, so that you can work together and have the joy of each other’s company on your path.



October 2014

Dear Vywamus,

I was told that the Universal Laws are changing. Is that correct?

Love to you,

Dear Morgan,

The answer to your question is no and yes, depending on how you look at it. The Universal Laws don't change, they are eternal and already contain all that they will ever contain. However, you may experience them as changing, partly because your understanding of them is expanding and getting deeper.

The other reason you may experience the Universal Laws as changing is that, while these Laws are eternal, yet in the physical worlds in all realities, they are always unfolding into their inherent potentials. As humanity and the earth itself evolve and become more and more open to the influences of the higher nonphysical energies, the manifestation of the Universal Laws here will be broadening. So eventually you will see physical manifestations of things that now seem impossible on the physical plane – that is, things that seem to be against the Universal Laws (as you currently understand them). But the Laws include all potential, not just what is actually physical in your world today. These future “impossible” manifestations I speak of are possible, because the Laws are always unfolding as part of the Divine Play, and are infinitely adaptable.





(Dear Vywamus,)

I have just started learning about the universe and vibration. My problem is faith and trust. I have neither. How do I fix this? I trust no one. Believe in nothing I can’t see with my eyes.


Dear G.,

Of course, the first thing you will have to do here is decide whether you can trust what I have to say. Perhaps you could take my response as a working hypothesis that may be true, and which can be tested by following my suggestions and observing the results.

Since you mention learning about the universe and vibration, I am assuming you are primarily asking about how to know and trust in the energies beyond the physical senses and beyond the mind. You say you trust what you can see with your eyes, and I assume you mean also that you trust anything you can verify with your physical senses. You probably also trust anything you can arrive at by your reasoning. And I also assume that you trust your own experience. That is an excellent place to start!

My first advice is, don’t believe in or trust anything you don’t experience for yourself. Anything else is merely a hypothesis. You can, however, actually widen your capacity for experience. I will speak more about that in a little bit.

For now, let us go back in time to when you as an infant began to develop trust in using your own eyes, and in using your other senses. Back then, you were aware of visual stimuli coming in through your eyes from the outside world. At first, of course, these had no clear meaning for you, though you probably enjoyed seeing color or movement. Very quickly these separate visual sensations organized themselves into visual images that involved color and shape, and sometimes movement. And soon you also began to notice that other sensations happened at the same time as the visual image.

For example, perhaps someone shook a brightly colored rattle in front of you, and it caught your interest. Suppose you then reached out and touched it. Later you might also learn to grasp it and bring it up to explore with your eyes and mouth. So here you have sight, sound, touch and taste all becoming parts of your experience of the rattle. AS you had more experiences with the rattle you would remember them, and the next time you saw it you would expect the same visual, auditory, taste and touch cues. You would develop a sense of trust that when you saw the rattle, it would make sound when shaken, it could be touched and grasped and brought close, tasted, and so on.

Now, just as in infancy you learned from experience to trust what you could see with your eyes, so you can learn to trust in the existence of a greater Reality beyond the senses and beyond the mind, by experiencing it for yourself.

How do you have experiences of that which is beyond the mind and the senses? You need to learn to use your “inner senses” just as you learned to use your external physical senses. With enough practice you will become just as sure and trusting of what your inner senses perceive as you are of what your eyes can see.

To develop these inner senses you will need to turn inward, and since they are more subtle than the external senses, you will need to bring more attention and focus than you needed for the rattle. I would add that these inner senses are natural human abilities that are part of who you are, and with enough time and attention, many of you have been able to develop them.

There are a number of methods to use to develop your inner senses. You can find quite a few books that cover these methods for training yourself to perceive beyond the everyday world. The following is a simple exercise that may be helpful as a start. It gives you the opportunity to actually experience deep within yourself the higher frequencies (vibrations) that are beyond the senses and beyond the mind.

Be in a relaxed position in a quiet place.

Begin to notice all the sensations going through your body – warmth or coolness, the places where your clothing touches you, your breath, your heartbeat, and so on. Notice any sounds . Notice the light coming through your eyelids if your eyes are closed.

Say to yourself, I live in a physical body, I feel my sensations and my physical energy flowing through my body, coming and going, constantly changing…

My sensations continually change, yet I am always here. I have and live in a body, but I am not my body…

(Here pause for a time to experience what you have said.)

Next, notice your emotions, all the feelings that flow through you: happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and so on. Notice how your emotional currents and patterns constantly come and go, and move through you.

Say to yourself, I have emotions, and many different emotions flow through me, constantly changing. They come and go, yet I am always here. I have emotions – yet I am not my emotions…

(Here pause again to absorb what you have just said)

Next pay attention to all the thoughts that constantly pass through your mind. Notice your thoughts and thought patterns, as they constantly come and go, and come again….

Say to yourself, I have thoughts, mental patterns that move through me and constantly change. My thoughts come and go, but I am always here. I have thoughts, but I am not my thoughts…

(Pause again now to pay attention to what you have said.)

Now say to yourself, I have a body…I have emotions…I have thoughts.

But I am not my body, I am not my emotions, I am not my thoughts . They constantly come and go, but I am always here.

And if I am not my body, or my emotions, or my thoughts, then who am I?”

Here spend some time listening inwardly. Notice what happens within you when you ask yourself that last question. Who is the “I” behind the familiar daily sensations, emotions and thoughts?

Just receive whatever experiences come…And stay with this for a while.

Once you are in this place beyond sensation, emotion, and thought, you actually begin to experience within yourself the frequencies of the greater Reality beyond the senses. With practice you will come to trust that this reality is always present, below the surface of your everyday activities , that it is always in you, and you are always in it.

You can continue to use this exercise or other methods to find and explore the greater Reality beyond the mind and senses. As you do this, you can automatically develop a sense of trust, based on your own experience.

We guides and teachers and guides do not at this time ask that you take anything we say on faith (which is believing in or trusting something or someone without the evidence of your own experience). Rather, as I said earlier, be open minded, but take everything that comes along as a hypothesis until you test it with your own experience.

Yes, in certain situations you may make an error by doing this, especially if your experience is incomplete. But as you go along this way you will also develop a trust in your own process of experiencing, and begin to realize that if errors occur, you will eventually, again through your own experience, correct them, and find your way again to the truth.

Enjoy your explorations,


Dear Vywamus,
I have been diagnosed with “burn-out”. What will be the best and easiest way for me to recoperate and get back in balance again? Also I am very, uninterested and unhappay in my job situation. I work as a counselor/psychotherapist in a psychiatric outpatient clinic. I really can’t stand listening to their problems any more. I need some guidance to get my life on track again.

Thank you!


Dear Lena,

Because of your training and experience, there will be many things I say here that you already know. I will say them anyway to round out the picture for other readers. And hopefully as you read, you will be open to receiving my guiding energy and support, and perhaps find new insights even among these familiar concepts.

You are not alone. Burnout happens to many of you, whether on the job or in other situations. And as I will mention later, your burnout as an individual is also part of a larger collective experience that all of humanity is going through at this time.

I define burnout as psychological (and sometimes physical) exhaustion, brought on by being in a long term stressful situation where your resources are repeatedly drained without being sufficiently replenished. As you have noticed, it is marked by fatigue, loss of interest and enjoyment in life, sometimes a sense of helplessness or depression, and often by an underlying feeling of resentment.

To really understand burnout – what it means for you as an individual and what it means in the world -- we will need to look at it on more than one level. First there is the level of finding practical remedies for you as an individual with burnout. One solution, of course, could be to leave the situation itself – in this case, to move to a different work setting, or to leave this type of work for a different kind of work altogether. This may eventually turn out to be the right thing to do. Yet it may not immediately be possible or practical. And even if it is easy to do, such a change may not keep you from getting burnt out again, if you carry old patterns with you into a new setting.

Another solution might be staying in the work place where you are and paying much more attention to self care of all kinds. That might mean taking more days off, more vacations, possibly a leave of absence. It would definitely mean balancing your work hours with a richer and more restful and enjoyable life outside of work, with more time for fun and pleasurable relationships, better care of your body (rest, enjoyable exercise, etc,), making time to meditate, and perhaps time to get lost in a creative activity which has nothing to do with work.

Self care also means that during your working hours you find ways to maximize the aspects of your work that feel rewarding, and find ways to set limits so that you don’t find yourself trying to live up to unreasonably high expectations of how much you can do. You may even have the opportunity to get involved in reorganizing or changing some things at work so that it feels better to you to be there. This approach of making changes while staying in place may not be easy, especially when it comes to setting limits. Others (and you) will have come to expect a great deal of you and are used to your performing above and beyond your normal limit. When you begin to make changes, they will not applaud!

To make this kind of turnaround while staying in your present setting, you need courage, perhaps a degree of desperation, and some good help. It is essential to find a wise and good friend, or a therapist you trust, who will simply be with you through it all, and who may help you see options where you don’t see them.

It will also be important at this time to do some inner work, to look at old beliefs and patterns you have, such as trying to be perfect, or always putting others’ needs ahead of your own. Look at how they arose earlier in your life, how they may have contributed to your burnout, and how they might be transformed into patterns that work better for you. This inner work will in the end be very rewarding whether you remain in your particular work and work setting or leave. It will greatly increase your sense of well being wherever you are, and make it far less likely that you will get burnt out again.

Now, the practical remedies I have just described may be all you need, and are worth trying. However, for many of you it will be necessary and very helpful to go further and look at the deeper and broader meanings of your burnout.

Start with your own experience. You may see this as a time when you and everything in your usual world seem to be falling apart. Many of the things that used to work for you don’t work any more. Ways you had of easily coping with challenges don’t work as well – or not at all. What gave you pleasure or energy or motivation no longer does it for you. Your customary way of being in the world seems to be breaking down. On a personal level, this can be frightening – and frustrating.

What you are going through may be the beginning stages of a very profound transition in your life. Every change, large or small, involves first a breakdown of the old system, a falling apart of a form that no longer works. This falling apart is not a sign that you have failed, or should be trying harder. It’s a signal that you have moved forward on your path, and have grown so that the old ways of being/feeling/dealing with your environment no longer fit.

Now of course, there is loss involved here. No change occurs without some loss, and some gain. And you may mourn the old way’s passing, and what was good and familiar about it. This is natural. You may wish it would all go back to the way it used to be, which seems to have been much simpler. But the chicken can’t go back into the egg, and neither can you. The only thing to do is to accept that the eggshell is broken, and you are out.

What happens next? Well, for a while you may not know. It may not be clear at first what new way of being should take the place of the old one that has broken down. This is a time of incubation, where you go into the Void and don’t know how you will come out. You may feel you simply cannot keep up with your old job or setting, and have to reduce your time there, or take a leave of absence, or temporarily take a less important and demanding job where you can “putter” – even if it means temporarily less income.

During this incubation time, your best approach will be to be as present as you can in your daily life, present with the “nothing important going on,” present with your sensations, your feelings if you have any, and so on. Notice what things are important to you – or not. Don’t try to force yourself into doing something just because doing what seems to you to be nothing makes you anxious or impatient. Be with where you are. You will not be able to genuinely and reliably move on until you do so. And, if you find a form of meditation that works well for you, that will be helpful at this time.

Finally, make the effort to reach out for someone who can know you and be with you in exactly this space of “nothing going on.” Here is where that good friend or wise therapist can be very important. Incubating does not mean you have to be alone, and without caring support.

After a while – sooner if you have followed my suggestions – you will begin to see a new form emerging – a new way of being which fits you better. Perhaps you will find a new setting, or a new way of being in the old setting. Or something else entirely. Be alert for the new form. It will emerge at the right time, and you will recognize it because your energy will begin to come back.

Here you will want to keep your balance. If you jump into a new form too fast, it may still be too small for you and you may be shutting off something much more fulfilling. If you wait too long, your impulse to move forward may dwindle. In general, let your body and your heart be your guides, with only basic input from your mind. And as the new form develops, you will move into a more beautiful and expansive space than before, where things work for you again, but in a different way. Perhaps at that time – if not before – you will actually thank your “burnout” for forcing you out of the old way of being and into this much richer one.

Now, as we speak about the burnout stage in you as an individual, you may have realized that there is a much broader application. In your individual burnout, you are also part of a great movement of humanity, and many others are going through similar experiences in company with you. At this time in your history all of humanity is going through the kind of changes I’ve been describing in this letter. At a collective level, societies, economies, political systems, institutions, families and other forms no longer work for you as they did in the past. Most of these structures are falling apart as you outgrow them.

Many of you are reacting to these changes with anxiety and distress, or perhaps with the numbness and lethargy of burnout. You may be mourning the loss of old familiar forms, and anxious about the fact that in this void time of incubation there is much turbulence, but no real progress seems to be happening. This is natural and normal in such a time of change. And my advice to you collectively is the same as I gave earlier: Be with what is happening, accept that this is a time of falling apart and incubation, and, since all these stages overlap to some degree, be alert to recognize and allow room for the experimental new forms that are already emerging as humanity shifts to a new level of consciousness.

In the midst of all this, please know that we guides and teachers well understand the demands of the tasks you have undertaken in your time on earth. We are always with you, whether on the dull and rocky parts of your path, or on the easier and more enjoyable stretches. You may call on us wherever you are, and we will keep you company and bring you our loving support when you need it.



March 11, 2014
Having only recently heard of you, I wonder if you have made yourself known to me for a reason, and would love to hear from you. I am 80 years old, working on my I am presence and ascension, I would appreciate to hear from you, and would love some advise on my way forward, what I need to work on etc. in fact any advise would be much appreciated.

Dear Shirley,

Yes, I have made myself known to you for a reason, because I wish to offer you my help in your personal spiritual work and also because you have a great deal of richness to share with others. I can help you with my support and energy in moving further into your work on the I AM state and connecting more with the spiritual energies, and with helping others to do the same.

I am writing this for you and for many in your age group. All of you have a special mission nowadays in the evolution of humanity. All of you are being asked to be channels to bring consciousness of the higher energies, the energies of Spirit, into the world. And you are asked to lead the way for other souls.

First, you say you are working on your I AM presence, which is another term for being in your deepest, largest Self, the place beyond space and time where you are one with the Infinite. This is indeed the primary mission of all of you, young and old, who have come into body on earth. At this stage of human evolution you are meant to consciously connect more and more with the energy of Spirit throughout your everyday life. And you are in the very stage of life at which that kind of work is most important and appropriate, and can come to greatest fruition.

At this time of your life, even though there are still practical problems and challenges in your everyday living, you probably have more chance to focus on the spiritual than you did before. You have fewer of the illusions and pressures and time constraints that may have gotten in your way earlier. So first, do spend time every day being with the energies of Spirit, in that I AM place – whether you get there through meditation, through reading, through listening to music that moves your spirit, through creative activities, through yoga or tai chi, through healing work, through simply practicing being very present in every moment – or in any other way that works for you. I have given some more specific steps for reaching the I AM level in Chapters 18-19 of my book The Next Big Bang.

After spending time in the I AM, be with these energies as much as possible throughout the day, be aware of them all around you and in yourself. You would not believe how helpful this is, not only for you, but for the evolving of all of humanity. When you are in your I Am level you have an energetic effect even when you are sitting alone in your home and not communicating to anyone. In this I AM place you have no limit of time or space, and so the effect of your resonating with the higher energies does have a powerful influence for the good on all of the human energy field. Being in the I AM, you have a tremendous impact.

So do continue with your own personal spiritual work, and if there are classes, guides, teachers, or groups who can help you with this, do find them. This work is not meant to be done in a vacuum. If, either in your everyday life or on the Internet, you find others who are also interested in moving into greater connection with Spirit, you can help each other a great deal and have much enjoyment in the process. And there are ways to do this whether or not you can get about easily.

This is a phase of your life where you have the opportunity to move into very new inner places and at the same time let go of some of the less important and less essential aspects of your life. To do this is normal. This is what happens when the beautiful flower that has enjoyed blooming in the sunshine stores up energy deep within, sheds its petals, and gets its seeds ready to go out on the wind to be planted. So you will be letting some of your energy and your learnings go out into the world, to spread far and near, and to spring up and be fruitful for people around you. This is a joyful process. Think of it as a dance where you have an inexhaustible supply of joy – flowers and fruits that you can share with everyone, and as you dance you let out into the world everything that you have learned and gleaned from your long life, many seeds to fall on fertile minds and hearts, and spring up and grow.

Now, in addition to sharing your I AM energy with all of humanity, many of you at this age have specific work you are invited to do out in the world. And, depending on your level of energy, your health, and your other circumstances, this work could take many possible forms. First, of course, you are already in the role of teachers and guides for the people around you --family and friends and others. By this time you have learned much about life and about what is really important, while others younger or less evolved are still struggling with many illusions or pressures that you do not have at this phase of your life. You are needed to give your love and compassion, and your wisdom, both practical and spiritual, to those around you. And it is important to do this whether or not anyone seems to “receive” what you give. Your love and compassion and your spiritual energy are always received immediately, whether acknowledged or not. The wisdom you offer may take a little longer! I think you know this already.

Another form of service you might undertake is to bring Spirit into the world by channeling. You – and many other readers – have the ability to channel me or other guides or your own higher self, and we welcome you to do this. On the Newsletter page of this web site we have given some guidelines on receiving guidance which will be useful for you and other readers who would like to let wisdom and inspiration from Spirit come through you in verbal form. Or, you may be moved to channel Spirit in the form of healing energy to others, or to channel in the form of creative energy -- art, music, craft, and so on.

In doing your work in the world, we guides would like to request that you focus especially on one neglected group – those of your own age. Elders in your culture often feel alone and isolated, beset by everyday practical problems, and often surrounded by family and friends who do not fully understand them. And, yours is an age group in which many have grown up spiritually impoverished, and/or had their spirituality confined in narrow religious views and rituals. Many at your age desperately need the broader perspective, peace of heart, consolation, and joy that comes from touching their I AM level. And they need the support and companionship of their peers.

You are one of the pioneers in an important movement of elders into their own I AM space. We encourage you to enter and spend time in the I AM space yourself, and to support others in your age group who may be dealing with physical and mental limitations, with changes in lifestyle and relationships, with losses, illnesses and death, to help them step aside from these tests and be uplifted into their own I AM space, where they can receive comfort and peace.

Helping more and more elders move into their I AM space may take many forms, and you are free to choose whichever you are most able and most moved to do. You can bring your I AM energy into traditional forms, such as volunteering in hospitals or hospice, helping out in places that offer services for seniors, visiting homes of the elderly, and so on. Just by doing this, you will be lifting up the energy in those environments. Or, you may be moved to simply share your experiences on the spiritual path at this phase of your life with others who seem receptive, and ask them about theirs. You can do this either in person, or in some other form.

If you’re fairly mobile, you might think about organizing a healing circle or a meditation group for elders in your own local area. One way this could be launched would be by bringing in a speaker on meditation, or spirituality, or yoga, or a healing practitioner, to a local senior center or a church – or by speaking yourself, if you have a mind to. From such events, interested parties might emerge who wish to pursue the exploration of Spirit in their lives. Then you could meet together and meditate, or use videos, audio recordings, music, yoga, and so on, and have discussion afterward.

As I mentioned before, you may learn to channel, and you might then be moved to share with others the inspiration and energy you receive, in whatever form that may be. If you write, and you are connected to the Internet, you may wish to share your writings there in emails to friends, or write a blog, or perhaps even create a web site especially for elders who are interested in exploring Spirit, and ways of integrating the energies of Spirit into their everyday lives. The Internet is a particularly helpful form to use if you are not able to get out and about easily, and helpful to others who might also be mostly homebound. And of course, when the Internet is not available, there is always the telephone.

The above are just a few possibilities I’m putting forth to spark your interest, certainly many others may occur to you. And, be aware that, in doing this work, it is not up to you to make sure that you help every elder you encounter to connect with Spirit. Some will be receptive to doing so, and some may have other lessons to learn before they can. You are simply meant to invite, and to share your own energy and experience and companionship.

To sum up, we guides see it as very important that you, and all of you at this age, have a balance in your life: enough alone time to go deeply inward and nourish your soul, and enough time helping and enjoying the company of each other on your spiritual path. You need both. Most of you are not meant to be hermits meditating alone in the wilderness, but rather social beings who share the path of life together, all the way to the end and beyond.

So we see you and those like you as adventurers together, inviting others to join you in the greatest adventure of all – the exploration of Spirit. When you keep that as your focus, you will find life after 80 – or 70, or 60 – can be joyful and expansive, and that you need not be overwhelmed by any limitations, burdens, and challenges that come along in everyday life. Always, no matter what, you have the joy of this adventure together, and our support in it. We guides and teachers are always with you. We are delighted to enjoy your company on this road and to give you our love and energy whenever you need them.



November 2013

Dear Andrea
This is my question:
I am stuck, fears "stories" running in my head, feeling lonely.
Please Vywamus help me.

Dear Gold,

You may be feeling sometimes overwhelmed by the fear and loneliness you describe, and whatever scenarios are going through your head. Oddly enough, though, having these feelings so strongly is a sign that at your deepest levels you feel ready now to address these issues which you have brought with you from other lives and also from past experiences in this life. All of you humans have such work to do in this and in every life, and the fact that these issues are coming up to the surface so often and so intensely is an indication that it is time to address them, and you are ready. This is good – though it may not be easy.

It is always better, and I recommend it to all of you, that when you experience such a degree of emotional pain and intensity, you seek the help of a kind therapist or wise and kind counselor to be there and give you support in facing these issues. You deserve to have someone at your side when doing this deep work. Of course, I and other teachers and guides are always with you and giving you help, but sometimes you need more.

If a therapist is not possible, look for some other wise counselor you can trust – possibly someone in your church if you belong to a religion, or possibly even a relative or friend. If no counselor is available then you can be your own therapist, and I will make some suggestions about how to do that. And for many of you this will work well. But if you have a mental or emotional disorder, you probably need skilled help in dealing with your issues and the emotions that go with them, and it is advisable for you to use caution if you try the exercises I offer here.

Now, if you are working on your own, perhaps the best thing to do first is to practice being present with yourself. This is absolutely important. Take time to be with yourself. Every day, sit with yourself as you would sit with a good friend who is in pain. Sit. Be there. Do not judge. Let go of any expectations. Watch what is happening within you with compassion. Breathe And again, be there.

This may take some practice. So often in a situation like yours, you have the urge to escape the unwanted feelings, or to try to fix things, or to judge yourself as weak or incompetent because you have not been able to fix things, and so on. But the practice is important. Just stay with yourself and have the feelings. Doing this consistently, you begin to realize that you are not alone. You are with you. No matter what. No matter how negative the feelings or the situation, and no matter what anyone else does. You are with you.

Whatever the “stories” or fears or loneliness – or perhaps also feelings of anger and sorrow – you are there with you. Just by doing this, your being present and accepting, some of the emotions you feel trapped in may come “unstuck” and move. When that happens, continue to be present, and let them be. After doing this, it can often be very helpful to write down some of your experiences. But don’t focus too much on the writing and be drawn into an overly mental approach. It is the emotions you want to encourage. Be there with them.

Now, to strengthen your work I always recommend when dealing with emotions that you invite your body to take part. First notice all the physical aspects that come up when you feel feelings: tears, tightness in your throat, your chest, your abdomen, your limbs, or anywhere else, changes in breath and heartbeat, and so on. These all bring you messages, and you may already know well what they are saying. If not, ask them. And listen. Either immediately or eventually, you will get an impression, or another sensation, or an image, or even a word or two that comes into your mind.. Again, don’t push, just be there and receive it.

The next step will also involve your body, and that is to let it move. Find a place where you can be alone and private. Imagine the feelings -- fear, loneliness, and so on --flowing into your whole body and beginning to move it, in motion that may be graceful or forceful, fast or slow. And let that happen. Let your body move and let your feelings guide your movements. If sounds or words come, allow them also.

If you find it difficult to get started with this process, you can “warm up” this way. Say ”No!” or “No I won’t!” in a strong tone, and at the same time, pound your fist on a soft surface, or stamp your foot. And breathe. You can do this for a time if you need to prime the pump to get your energy to flow. Simply be with the experience and notice what happens. Your body will guide you if you let it. (By the way, to do this exercise, at the start, you don’t have to know what you are saying “no” to, although sooner or later a situation where you have wanted to say no will probably pop into your mind.)

Now, when you put these suggestions of mine into practice, on a regular basis, you may gradually notice changes in yourself in how you feel. A feeling of pain, for example, may transform into anger, or then into sadness, and then into a kind of peace. Just keep following and being present. And for a while, practice this often, even every day. Be consistent, but also give yourself permission to sometimes take a break. This can be hard work and you sometimes need some time off.

I will not lay out a program here as to what "should" happen next for you if you do this practice, because if you simply stay with it, you will discover that for yourself – which is much better. But I guarantee that if you are able to be faithful about carrying out these suggestions, you will change and your life will change, for the better. You will find and enjoy the beauty that is in you and the beauty that is all around you.

And remember, we have great compassion for you always.



P.S. Please also read my letter to Gitte (9-24-11) and to M.B. (November 2013). You and M.B. especially share many similarities and what I say to her applies to you.

November 2013

my greeting to master Vywamus

I would like to know the most suitable way to access my divine power
so that I can fulfill my dream at this moment in time


Dear T.T.,

First, I always recommend meditation, or creative work, yoga, tai chi, and so on – any practice that helps you be present and immersed in the higher energies of spirit. And then, work at allowing those higher energies into your body and into your everyday life and all that you do there. Every day, in the midst of your daily activities, remind yourself often of the higher energies that are working through you -- even in the most mundane situations (standing in line, driving, etc.) To come to and live in this dual consciousness is the basic and primary purpose in life for everyone at this time in your evolution. So you will hear me recommending this over and over to everyone who writes in to this page.

Now, if you have a particular dream, it is probably one of your secondary life purposes. And for moving this purpose along, again, start by going to the higher levels of yourself. That is where the roots of all your purposes come into being. The more you allow the energy of spirit into your everyday life, the more it will effortlessly channel itself through you and into the secondary purposes of your life – including your dream. In the process it will bring opportunities to your attention, and will move your dream to fulfillment if it is possible in this reality. And, the spiritual energies may at the same time transform the form of your dream from how you see it now to a form that is even more in line with your own spiritual path. Your job is to stay in contact with the higher energies and let them work through you. And in the process, you will have many chances to use your own individual ideas and unique creativity.

Along the way you will probably encounter in yourself some mental and emotional blocks that you have built up in this and in other lives. Working with these is not a detour on you spiritual path, but part of it., and it will help your dream come into being. I have outlined ways to work with these seeming “blocks” in many of my letters on this ASK VYWAMUS page, so do go over previous letters if you need help with this process. I suggest especially my response to Wendy (July 2013) and to L.J. (November 2013) .

For more information on how the current world environment may relate to the outcome of your working toward your dream, see also my letter to Sandy (November, 2013) . This letter is very relevant to you also.

Finally, I want to assure you that we masters and guides are with you with our love and support always. Call on us in dreams and in the waking state.

We love you,


November 2013

(Dear Vywamus,)

how to stop negative feelings, self-sabatoge, find a true, joyful love and accept it and know you are both truly right for each other


Dear M.B,

Thank you for writing in with your double question about dealing with negative feelings and finding the right partner to love. And I see that you are quite aware of how these two issues are linked.

So first, I would like you to read what I wrote this month to Gold (November 2013). In some ways you and she have a very similar soul path, and I could just as easily have written her letter, verbatim, to you as a response to your first question. It is meant for you also. So do read and carry out the suggestions I have given her.

If you want a good relationship with someone, it is absolutely crucial to do the work I’ve described in that letter. If you haven’t learned and practiced being present with yourself and accepting of yourself, then it is very hard to let in, and really feel, love from anyone else. And so you will feel constantly needy, and be constantly trying harder to get more love and approval from the other person -- when you aren’t even receiving the love and care they might already be giving you. You can see that this would be a real obstacle to finding and keeping a true partner. Or even a true friend.

So do that work, in your case, simply being present with the negative feelings and the inclination to self-sabotage, as I have laid it out in Gold’s letter. In the process, you may learn a great deal about different parts of you that are in conflict with each other, and what they need before the conflict can be resolved.

When you have done that practice for a time, you will begin to really feel that you are there for you – whatever anyone else does. At the deepest level, your happiness is not totally dependent on anyone else – because you will always have you. This is a very positive step in changing your old pattern and attracting and recognizing a joyful match where there is love, equality, respect, and interdependence (as opposed to dependence.)

Do that inner work until you feel a shift happening within yourself, then follow the usual common sense recommendations. Be out in the world, engage in activities you enjoy, go on the internet, be open to meeting someone who fits in with your new way of being.

Then, when you do meet someone, stay balanced. Don’t drop the practice of sitting with yourself and being present. If you are tempted to go back to your old pattern and depend on the new person for your emotional income, it’s definitely a time to step up the practice of being present with yourself, being present with all your feelings, and even present with the urge to go back into your old pattern. Just watch all that happening within yourself, but also pay attention to the new patterns of being present with yourself that you have established. How would the relationship look if you could stay present with yourself and be with the other person?

Practice being with yourself while in the presence of the new person. If you can do this, you may form a new kind of relationship, a very satisfying one where you are not always needy and you feel cared for as the person you are. On the other hand, if you find it is constantly a problem for you to be your real self with the new person, it may be that he or she is not a good fit with the new you you have grown into, and that someone else may be a better match for you. If this is hard to face, you may want to consult someone before you make a choice, but whatever you do, remember: You are not alone, ever. You always have you.

And you have us too, of course. We know it is sometimes not very easy to be human. We are always with you, giving you our support.


November 2013

(Dear Vywamus,)

Why am I feeling so unmotivated?


Dear L.J.,

Feeling unmotivated is a phase many of you go through at different times in your lives, and it usually means a transition is happening. And at this time in human evolution, many of you are in transition. Perhaps the things you used to be interested in and passionate about no longer seem important, and you have not yet found anything new to engage you. Or perhaps you have never found a purpose to be passionate about. To any of you who are in one of these phases, I say: Look first to your body and your emotions as guides.

Your physical energy may be low, or bound up in some way so that the bodily energies cannot support any kind of enthusiasm or urge to be active. It is important, and just common sense, to first check out and treat any medical condition that may be depleting your energy flow. (e.g., low thyroid, sleep disorder, chemical imbalance resulting in depression, and so on). Do this first, and you may need nothing else.

Often, however there is an emotional reason for feeling unmotivated – whether or not you also have a physical cause. So look at your emotions. There is likely some war going on inside yourself between the parts of you that want to move forward and the parts of you that are resisting. So the result is a stalemate, or stuckness. And sometimes all emotions “go underground” so that you are not even consciously aware of the conflict. And then life seems very flat indeed.

The solution, of course, is to bring those emotions up to your awareness again, and to fully feel all of them. It’s often easier and quicker if you do this work with the help of a therapist or other wise counselor. Whether you do this work with a counselor or by yourself, it is important to give all the parts of you a hearing. Find a private and secure place where you can let out and express your feelings in a physical way. If you would like more detailed suggestions on how to do this, look at my letter this month to Gold (November 2013).

As you do this work, honor all the feelings that come up from the different parts of you. Do not try to get rid of them. They all have something to contribute. Listen to their messages. It will gradually become clearer to you as to what the stalemate is, and then you can ask those parts of you how it can be resolved. If you are consistent in staying with this process, the energies in your emotional field will begin to come together. Instead of making war, they will get together to power your will and enthusiasm toward a goal that you can become excited about.

Now what about your mind? The role of your mind is to bring up good ideas and possible goals, and help you explore their practicality, but your mind alone can almost never be certain which goal is most right for you, and your mind alone can never give you true motivation. Motivation is the sphere of the emotions. Liberate them, listen to them, guide them with whatever wisdom you have achieved, and you will find that you are feeling alive and ready to move in whatever direction you need to go.

For more about how to work with and benefit from emotions, see also my letters to H. Kim (5-21-10) and Anthony (Nov. 2012).

Thank you for your question, and especially during this transition, call on us for help any time.

We are always available,



November 2013

Beloved Vywamus;

I have been led to the world of healing in response to my longtime plea for my life's purpose.

I took my training a year and a half ago and despite many efforts/ attempts and failures I am still trying to figure out how to get my business started. WHY ?

Thank you Vywamus for your Divine Intervention,


Dear Sandy,

Right now there are many people who have skills and training, who want to be of service in the world, and who are having problems similar to yours. This applies to those of you who are moved to work in healing, and also in the arts, and to those who wish to aid others in their spiritual and emotional evolution.

First, I suggest you and others who are experiencing similar difficulties in finding a form where you can bring your service to the world read over my responses to Michael (12-17-11), Wanda (2-25-13), and Wendy (7-17-13). What I say there very much applies to you. In these responses I give suggestions on how to remove blocks and let the higher energies flow into your life to enliven your purpose and guide you toward its manifestation. Just doing this may be helpful enough that you need do nothing else.

Now, suppose you’ve read those suggestions and even carried them out as best you can, and you still haven’t been able to get your business started? In that case, there are some further perspectives I would like to give you and others like you about your situation. First of all, many of you who are called to service in healing, in the arts, and in spiritual work are older souls who have had other lives in which, as a younger soul, you were wealthy and successful and had many material comforts and possessions. Every soul on its spiritual path goes through the learnings that being rich and successful may bring.

Usually after several such lives your higher self moves on to other experiences in which material success is not the focus. This doesn’t mean you live in poverty necessarily, but that how you make your living and how many material rewards come your way are no longer a main point of your life. So, as an older soul, whatever your occupation, your purpose in this life is not likely to be getting rich or famous. That is no longer a measure of success for you. It may happen that you have that kind of material success, but that is not as likely as if you were a younger soul whose purpose is to learn about having wealth.

There is another aspect of your situation to note also. In deciding to be born into this moment of space/time, this reality, you have entered a culture and economy undergoing some stress and change. In these circumstances, many people are contracting to what they see as “basics” for survival, and are less inclined to focus on and spend time and money on the arts, on healing, and on spiritual learning, as they would otherwise do if the culture and economy were in a more expansive phase.

It is certainly not that healing, arts, and spirit are at any time less necessary to people – they are what give meaning and value to life. It is only that many people are fearful and cutting back to basic necessities and perceive these important human experiences to be “luxuries” they can’t afford. Moreover, many of the old forms in your society are breaking down, so that some of the ways that used to work to bring you material success no longer work so well.

What to do, then? Here you are, in a culture and economy that greatly needs your service, but is not as receptive to paying for it as they might have been in the past.

First, let me emphasize this point: Your true vocation, that to which you are called in this life, is not always the same as the way you make your living. In times like these the economy often does not support your fully making a living at what you came here to do. Yet you are still needed to do it. So if you have to temporarily take another job to pay the bills, the world still needs you to do your healing, your art, or your spiritual work. You may need to take another job, even if it seems unrelated to your main life purpose -- but if you possibly can, do keep up your healing practice, or art or other work part time, whether or not you are making much, or any, money at it. And, keep letting yourself be known for what you do. Your part time practice may then expand eventually into full time – or not. But you will still be fulfilling your life purpose.

Now suppose you are in this part time practice of your service and working elsewhere to make the bulk of your living. Are those wasted hours in that job, except for the money you make? Not at all! If you are in such a situation, your higher self may well have intentionally positioned you there as a bridge for people in the mainstream who might otherwise never have come into contact with the energies of spirit, of healing, or of creativity that you bring to their environment.

Just by being there, even if you don’t tell them of your work, your art, etc., you are generating energies to them that are much needed in that workplace. And if/when you allow them to learn about your healing (or creative or spiritual) work, you may be a powerful influence on them in their evolving, in their opening up to the higher healing, creative, and spiritual energies in themselves.

This is how it is meant to be, that you are bridges and teachers for each other. There are many of you doing that today, and we appreciate you. It also is true that as such a bridge you have the best chance of eventually building a full time practice for yourself, or at least increasing the hours you spend in the particular service you are drawn to. But don’t forget, wherever you are, you can serve, and indeed, are called to serve. And that we love and support you in it.

With love and care,



Dear Vywamus,

I am stuck at such a deepl leve and so full of pain it is hard to live- Having had a number of accidents I have become extremely sensitive and take in far too many energies. I hava a strong dfeeling that despite all the accidents, i could be doing much better, feeling at ease and in ove with life again. What do i need to do to get clear again and flow with life in the beauty I know there is?
Thank you

Dear Li,

This is indeed a difficult challenge that you have undertaken, and you and others who are in a similar situation to yours have our love and support, always. I will be speaking in general here, so take whatever resonates with you personally and let the rest go for now.

First, of course, on the practical side, I am assuming you have already explored many avenues for helping your body, including possibly conventional medicine, alternative medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, energy healing, EFT, diet, and exercise. I hope you do not rule out the ease that judicious medication or herbal treatments can bring you. Hypnosis and EEG training can also be helpful if you still need pain control. I am sure you have already tried many of these avenues I have mentioned, but if possible try any that you have overlooked. Not only may it be a support for you if you should find a caring and skilled practitioner with good energy in one of these fields, you are also showing your body how much you care and want to help. So on the practical level, do all you can, and then accept the reality of your situation at present -- always being aware that from the present moment, more change and healing is possible.

Now, what you are really asking about here, I understand, is not so much about the physical side, but what to do about the injuries to your emotional energy body. And as you say, how to get back your joy in living. For anyone, after accidents or injuries, it’s likely that you should feel physically and psychologically raw and vulnerable, and possibly more open to the negative energies around you as well, which may bring you down still farther. You could call what you go through a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In addition to the stress and fatigue from physical pain, you may have a fear
of being hurt, and a tendency to want to retreat into a “safe” place and not engage with the world as you have in the past. Though you may actually now be in a physically safe situation, your emotional and bodily aspects are damped down and in retreat. This is a natural phase of healing, and should be given some time. Now you are feeling more ready to move on to the next phase, and I have some suggestions for you.

But! -- before going through the steps I will outline to help you move into the next phase, first you must surrender to what is. Stop fighting. Accept where you are, as genuinely and wholeheartedly as you can. Accept your bodily problems, accept your feelings, accept that you want to do everything you can to help yourself, accept everything in your current situation. Even accept that you don’t want to accept everything. I know this may not be easy, but as you continue to practice this acceptance as best you can, it will bring you great peace. Then go on to some of the steps below.

First, as I always recommend, spend as much time as you can in the states of higher consciousness, whether you get there by meditation or in other ways. This is such a healing and generative place that even moments there have a great effect. So go there as often as you can, and when you come back from there you will be better able to work with your everyday self and your situation in everyday life. Whether or not you do this, your problem of feeling shut down and lacking in joy may shift or gradually go away on its own, with time. But it may not, if there is a life lesson for you to learn here first. So if that is the case, I have some further recommendations for you.

Whenever something is going on with the emotions and/or the body, I always urge you to hold some inner conversations with the parts of you that are having trouble. It does not work to try to rise above or ignore or try to get rid of your inner distress until you have fully understood and brought love to it. Talk to your body, and also to the emotional parts of you that feel afraid or unwilling to engage with the world as before. And of course, also listen to them. Ask how they are doing and also ask what they need, and then ask what would have to happen for them to be fully alive again, and even joyful. Then see if there are some life circumstances you can change in line with their suggestions. That is a good beginning. As you do this you are already preparing the way for reversing your retreat.

While doing this work you may well come across some limiting beliefs you are holding. Pay attention to them. One of them could be, “I won’t know how to experience joy again until I am physically and emotionally recovered from my accident.” This is a belief, not a statement of actual reality. Let me remind you that many mystics and saints, and ordinary people too, have endured great physical, mental, and emotional suffering, and yet have been able, in the midst of their sufferings, to be in love with life. And what one human can do, you can do. So if you are aware of holding this limiting belief, or any others that come up, I suggest you do some work to transform them, using some of the ways I have outlined to Wendy in my letter of 7-23-13 on this page.

Now in addition to doing this work to help yourself, it seems to me you need a jump start. So first, look at what in the world has brought you comfort, nurturance, joy, and good feelings. What do you love? From sensory experiences as small as having a hot shower or listening to music, or looking at something beautiful, to spending time with people you love who can nurture you and laugh with you, to being out in nature -- whatever you love, or have loved in the past, or might love in the future, make the effort to flood yourself with it. Do this even if your response to these things is temporarily less than before. Be patient. You may suddenly find yourself looking at a rose with all the wonder and joy you had before.

Try also to find some kind of gentle movement you can do (yoga, dancing, etc.) which will help your bodily energies flow. While allowing this flow, especially focus on your heart, your solar plexus, your gut, your pelvis. These are likely places where your emotional energies are shut down. You don’t have to be very vigorous here unless you want to. A little attention and intention to allow the flow there will be enough.

In working with the body and the emotions, old issues from this and other lives may come up and give you the opportunity to look at and resolve them. Sometimes you can resolve them simply by bringing them to light, or by having inner conversations with the parts of you that are involved. Or, you may decide to get the help of a trusted counselor. Remember, none of these issues are in the way but are part of your path. They’re part of what you came here to do – and to help others to do.

Finally, in addition to visiting the levels of higher consciousness often, it will be helpful if you engage in a creative project, large or small, or some other activity you love, in the everyday world. Both these activities immerse you in the higher energies, which is good for the cells of your body and your entire energy field.

You have an important spiritual mission right now -- to learn how to accept your accidents, their results, and your emotions in your everyday life situation, and at the same time, to begin to live more and more in the higher levels of your soul consciousness. This is part of what you came here to do. And if you are willing, it is also your mission to help others who are in a similar situation to do the same.

All this does not mean you have to remain in your current physical and emotional state for the rest of your life. But for now, take what practical steps you can, and then accept what is the reality for now, and bring light to it. Accomplishing this will help your soul’s awakening, and will be one of your personal contributions to the great treasury of humanity’s learning. And as you move forward, having been through the fire, you will be able to flow with life in beauty, at a new level that you have not reached before in this physical life.

We guides at my level live in joy, and we invite you to join us there for as much time as you would like to spend. Reach out and take our hands. Here there is no pain, no fear, only full aliveness, and here is where the core of you deep down always lives, is always all right, is always in joy. It takes only a moment for you to come to this core and be in that joy.




Dear Vywamus,

How do we over come doubt?

Dear Wendy,

The best way is to change your relationship to doubt. So here I will focus on how you may do that.

The first thing to know and remember is: Doubt is a learning tool. So are fear, anger, pain, confusion, and many other states that you might consider “negative.”

If you could always be in the higher state of consciousness that you reach in meditation (or in other ways, including creative work and healing, and doing an activity that you love), then you would not experience doubt or any of these other “negative” states. There you are in a state of oneness with all the energies of Being. There doubt and these other states simply do not exist, since they are based not on oneness, but on your perception of separateness and limitation. So to begin with, I suggest that you meditate or engage in these other activities so as to spend as much time as possible in those higher states where doubt is not even an issue.

As a human in your current phase of evolution, however, it is not likely, at least at first, that you will be able to maintain your presence at these higher consciousness evels 24 hours a day. So at times when you are not able to do so, and your consciousness is at your personal “everyday” level, that is when doubt, and fear, pain, anger and other negative experiences become learning tools for you.

It is helpful to look at doubt, or any other negative mental/emotional states as offering lessons and opportunities for your growth and self understanding. They are not detours on your path, to be got rid of, or gotten over with. Rather they are part of your path. So do embrace them, or at least be open to what they have to bring you, whether or not you are enjoying the lesson. Be sure that if there is a lesson for you to learn at this time on your path, certain issues will keep coming up, in one form or another, until you have completed the learning. So you might as well go on with the process and see what happens.

Let’s take doubt, for instance. Here are some steps I suggest for your learning process regarding doubt. First, express your doubt in a sentence. (Example: “I doubt I can be successful in my work.”) Now dig deeper. What are the beliefs you have that underlie this doubt? It’s very individual, but 2 common underlying general beliefs people have are “I don’t feel worthy to be successful,” and/or “The world is not a place that will support my success.”

Make a list of all your own underlying beliefs that you find coming up. These are thought forms that may play and replay in many situations of your life, and as you think them, you will also notice that they are accompanied by feelings. If for example, you see yourself as unworthy, you may be feeling inadequate, and be angry with yourself for your inadequacy. If you see the world as not supporting you, you are clearly feeling mistrustful of the world and of the people around you. When having these feelings, notice also any changes in your body-- possibly a drooping of your shoulders, a feeling of tiredness, and so on.

You have begun by identifying your underlying limiting beliefs, and the emotions and bodily feelings that go with them. Now, it is possible for you to transform a limiting belief into a belief that you would rather have. Take each belief on your list, and write down next to it what belief you would like to have instead. For example, next to “I am not worthy of success’” you might write, “I deserve to be rewarded for my efforts.” Say that positive belief out loud and notice the emotions and bodily feelings that go with it. You may feel encouraged or empowered, and your body may respond by straightening your back, or in other ways. Or, maybe you find it hard to entertain the new belief. That is very common at first.

At this point, I always recommend an inner conversation with the limiting belief you have held for so long. Ask it why it came to be and what it has been doing for you all this time. You can be sure it would not have persisted if you did not get some benefit from it. Maybe a number of benefits. So listen inwardly for its answer. Your limiting belief might answer, for example, “Believing you are unworthy has often kept you from taking the risk of trying for something. And if you don’t try, you can’t fail. So, I have kept you from failing.” (Or, it may be some other benefit it’s brought you.) Now, even though you find this limiting belief is no longer helpful, it is important to accept that in its own limited/limiting way, it has been working for your welfare. So acknowledge the benefit(s) it has brought you, and thank it.

The next step in this inner conversation is to ask the old limiting belief the key question, “What would have to happen for you to transform into the belief that I would rather have?” From here on, you can continue the dialog, and work out together how this change can be achieved and brought into reality in your everyday life. Throughout this inner conversation, it is important to pay attention to your emotions and your body. It may be your mind that suggests a good plan and says, “This is how it should be,” but you need to sense it in your heart or in your gut to feel convinced that “Yes, this is right.”

If you are not used to focusing inward in this way, it may take some time and patience before you get the conversation going and get clear answers to the questions you ask inwardly. With practice, however, anyone can develop this skill, and it is well worth putting in the time and effort. Learning this kind of inner dialog brings many rewards, the first of which is that you learn a great deal about yourself. And in dealing with life challenges, having an inner dialog with various aspects of yourself can be a major help in making decisions, solving practical problems, and coming into a state of inner peace and harmony. Finally, this kind of inner conversation is extremely helpful in removing blocks in your energy flow that may be holding you back from actually creating the physical reality around you that you desire.

The suggestions I have offered here are enough to help you get started in working with and transforming your limiting beliefs, and as a result, transforming both your internal and your external realities. If you would like to know more, I have given detailed guidance on transforming limiting beliefs to create new realities in Chapters 22 through 24 of my book The Next Big Bang.

Now, as you take my suggestions in this letter, you will be moving along on your path and will be having many inner adventures. As you go along, you will find a balance between spending time in that aspect of yourself that is most in touch with the higher energies of consciousness, and working at the everyday level on your limiting beliefs. Time spent in one mode will help you evolve in the other as well, removing blocks, strengthening the energy flow, and so on. And we guides will be with you always to lend our energy and our support when you need it , and to celebrate with you as you go through the important passages of your life.





I have a serious question. How can i protect myself from the personal psychic and astral attacks from the dark brotherhood. Why is this happening to me know and how can i overcome this in safety.

Thank you sincerly,

Can you please post this anonymous?

Dear Anonymous,

I will answer this at some length, since I know there are others who are struggling with some of the same issues. If you have tried some of my suggestions here already, feel free to try them again, or skip over some and find what most resonates with you.

First of all, when you feel yourself under attack from darker energies, whether you perceive the attack as coming from within yourself or from “outside,” remember that even darker or negative energies are simply energy. Energy is neutral in its essence, and it is the particular patterning of energy that makes it good or bad energy in your perspective. Patterns can be altered or canceled out and transformed. They depend on your personal and collective human beliefs and emotions to keep them going – or to change them.

Now before doing anything – and this is always my recommendation, not just in this situation, but when any challenge or negativity comes into your life – it is always best to go to your soul level, into the core of yourself, to the level where you are one with the Infinite, and where you are always all right, always perfect, and can never be harmed. You may be doing this through meditation or some other way. Spend time there. Here you can get an awareness and a true knowing that any threat you perceive has no real power to affect you. In fact, here nothing can come at you from outside, because here there is no ”outside.”

Ideally, being in this Infinite space would be all you need to do. If you are able to live always in this space, nothing can harm you and you know it. But let’s suppose that you, like most people, can’t consciously stay in that Infinite space 24 hours a day. Still you can shuttle back and forth between this larger Place and your everyday reality. Do go there as often as you can. When you come back to the everyday, you may find that you have a different perspective on the problem you have been struggling with. And then there are other steps you can take in your everyday reality.

First, before you take any action, ask yourself what you have learned so far from having this problem? What qualities and emotions and beliefs are being called up in yourself to be looked at and possibly transformed? At the higher level of yourself, you have called this experience to you for some reason. What may you learn from it? Learning fully the lesson presented is a key to moving through the particular negative phase in which you find yourself. And to moving on. These are questions to look at using the intelligence and emotions of your personal, “everyday” self, and also questions to bring into the deeper Infinite space where you go in meditation, so as to get a broader perspective on them.

Now, back in your everyday reality, while you are exploring the lessons this situation is bringing you, you may in the meantime still feel the need to defend yourself against the attacks you are reporting. You may be inspired to try defensive measures others have used. There are many helpful books and web sites you can find which will suggest ways to defend yourself from negative energies, or even simply to defend yourself from having your energy drained away by needy souls. The suggestions generally include measures such as setting up guards and boundaries of light around yourself, or invoking a higher level guide as a protector. You may find it useful , for example, to visualize myself and/or other higher level teachers and guides at your side to help you, and when you experience negative energies coming at you, simply turn them over to us. Your policy should be to stand your ground and meet them at your boundary, but do not engage with them. Redirect them or deflect them toward us. We will take charge of them. Just trust us to do so.

These methods of defending yourself can be helpful, and do explore as many of them as you are drawn to. But it’s sometimes a little tricky using them. You may well find that if you give a lot of thought and emotion and energy to defending yourself, you are, by doing so, also giving a lot of thought, emotion and energy to that which you are defending yourself against. So do not give your energy to your idea of a “dark brotherhood,” or to any other force you perceive as coming against you. The best thing to do with any of these defensive measures is to “set it and forget it.”

Having spent time in Infinite space, having done the work of finding out what you need to learn, and then having given the “defense” over to us, now, here is a final crucial step: find ways to fill up your entire energy field with light, and so fully occupy it that there is no way for other forces to get in. What do you love? What do you feel passionate about? Find something you love, and follow it. Whether it is a pastime, or a form of meditation that gives you blissful feelings, or a creative expression of yourself, or an activity you find fulfilling or feel is related to your life purpose --focus on that. Be with what you love. Focus on filling up your energy field with love and the activities that bring you joy, so there is no room for anything “darker.” Practice in keeping this focus will help you stay in this state most of the time

After that, if you still find the problem arising from time to time, it probably means there is more to learn before you move on. If you have more thoughts and feelings about being attacked, observe them as they arise and be open to what else you may need to learn. For instance, is there something within you that resonates with the experience of feeling attacked? Sometimes there are buried aspects of yourself which eventually burst out or leak out, and if you haven’t acknowledged or known about these forces inside you, you may interpret it as an attack from outside. At other times an attack may more clearly seem to come from outside. But even in the latter case, there is often something angry, or fearful, or depressed, or guilty within you that may be attracting an attack from outside, attracting other souls who have negative energies that resonate with yours. They then come to feed on your negative energies, and in other ways to work out their own issues on you. And you feel attacked.

Now of course any anger, depression, fear, guilt, unworthiness, and so on, that you may be holding within yourself could well be the result of actual experiences of being neglected, victimized, and abused that you may have had in this or other lives. Or, the feelings may be the result of your own actions, if you have buried and ignored your natural human needs for belonging and connection, or for accomplishment and competence, or for growth, creativity and adventure.

As long as you harbor these feelings and do not take action to resolve them, you are likely to continue to have experiences of being neglected or victimized in some form – sometimes including the experience of astral or psychic attack – until the lesson you need is learned. For some of you, deep work on yourself is required to move through these deep rooted beliefs and emotions, and it will be good, if possible, to work with a wise counselor who can help you to recognize and work with the issues.

So, how to look at all this? The experiences you describe may happen to anyone at a given point on your path, and in our view, such experience is not a “bad” thing. Do not see it that way. Rather, take it as a signal that you are about to enter a new phase of your spiritual growth, and these experiences are a testing that is pushing you into a passage you need to go through at this time, in order to move into the new phase. You could say it is a mark of progress that you have gotten as far as this set of problems! And I assure you that if you confront them rather than retreat from them, you will make positive progress on your path. As you read all this, you see that it does require work on your part. But if you are open to it, it can be joyful work and rewarding at every step.

We are with you always on this path.




(Dear Vywamus)

Is there a relationship between my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and mediunity ? How do I know I´m channeling and not going mad ?

Dear Seeker,

The only thing that channeling has in common with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) or with certain mental disorders is that thoughts may come into your mind which appear to come from other than your normal everyday self. But there the resemblance ends. If you channel with a higher level guide, or your own higher self, the thoughts that come to you will be from a higher level spiritual dimension. The content is supportive and uplifting, and the process will be under your control and not in conflict with your personal ethics or your personal feeling of wellbeing.

In contrast, as you probably know, OCD is most typically characterized by obsessive thoughts and compulsions to action, and usually these are not uplifting and may be distressing. Also, without medication, it is usually difficult to “turn them off.” The situation may be made even more confusing if you have a certain amount of natural psychic talent. How are you to make sense of all this?

First, as I always advise, if you have OCD or any other disorder, make the best use of what practitioners have to offer – in this case, those in the fields of medicine and psychology. This is common sense. There are some brain imbalances your science has just recently begun to discover and treat, imbalances which predispose you to OCD or other disorders. So far your practitioners have been able to correct these imbalances to some extent with medications and cognitive therapy, though this approach is not perfect, often requires many adjustments, and may not work for everyone. In future you will see evolving better, more targeted treatments to normalize brain imbalances without medication. Meanwhile, explore and patiently work with what this approach can do for you, so that if you want to channel or use your psychic ability, the brain imbalances will not get in the way.

If you wish to channel, I advise you and everyone, it is important to make contact with a higher level guide who is of the light. This guide may be your own higher Self or some other higher being. Get to know your guide until you develop a level of trust. Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman is a book that can take you step by step through this process if you don’t already have a process of your own. And if you haven’t already, do read my suggestions in Guidelines for Further Opening to Spirit and Receiving Higher Guidance, which I have posted on this web site on the News page.

In your particular situation, when you channel it is important to ask that only the highest guidance come to you and that you be given help to discern when you are channeling the higher energies and when you are being affected by brain imbalances. (Keep in mind, channeling from the higher levels is voluntary and uplifting, and you should not experience it as something that brings you unpleasant feelings or something you are compelled to do and cannot turn off.) With practice you will develop your own inner yardstick as to when you are channeling the higher energies and when your brain imbalances – or your emotional issues – are affecting your consciousness and your mental clarity.

Channeling is a natural ability that everyone has and can develop. As opposed to “going mad,” channeling with a higher level guide helps you become more and more “sane,” more compassionate, wiser, more expanded, more empowered, more secure in your sense of self, and more able to live easily in your home reality. However, if you are starting to channel, it is important to be at a certain stage of readiness. For those of you who are on a path where you are still developing a secure sense of self in the world, and learning your boundaries and your center in everyday reality, I strongly recommend that you complete that work first, before you begin to work with the sometimes very powerful higher energies that channeling can bring in.

Finally, I hope you don’t consider your OCD (or any other disorder) to be a detour on your spiritual path. It is part of it. You are dealt this hand and this set of circumstances simply because it’s a task you agreed to take on before this life, to contribute to the learning of your own soul and of humanity in general. This is not to say you must experience this condition in this form for this entire lifetime. But for now, you are needed, to face and creatively work with this particular set of circumstances that you are given, including your particular body, your particular brain, your particular life situation, and so on, and within all those circumstances, to find your own ways of connecting to the higher energies and fulfilling your life’s purposes. We thank you for taking this on, and never forget that this is all a very important gift you are making to humanity and to the world. And know that we are always with you.

Thank you,



Dear Vywamus,
I was wondering if you could please tell me if I have taken my first initiation yet,
And if so, how can I advance quicker along the next one?
If you can’t tell me, what signs should I look for, as I’m needing help.
Thank You,
Love, Justin

Dear Justin,

Hard to say which is the first initiation, there are so many. But here we can give you and other readers some more information about initiations in general, so that you may discover for yourselves where you are as regards initiations.

First, I would emphasize that you have minor initiations and passages all the time, and closer together the more you open up to them. And the path to a major initiation is to take up every opportunity to meet and move through the minor initiations. These opportunities come up in your path almost every day, in situations that occur right in front of you, put themselves in your path, so to speak. Be looking for them, they are all around. It will help you be more alert to these opportunities if you have a regular spiritual practice such as meditation.

Opportunities for initiation will often come in relation to people you meet or have already met, who become temporary ”teachers” of yours in some lesson you need on your path. Or your life circumstances may change, e.g., losing a job or being promoted, or illness, or a need to relocate, and so on. Various happenings in your day may lead to your needing to confront mental/emotional or bodily issues that you carry around as “baggage,” so as to resolve them and open the way for the next initiation. Even momentary choices that come up (Should I go outdoors?/help this person?/work on a certain project?, etc.) lead to minor passages and minor initiations. Incrementally they change who you are and move you forward on your path.

With a major initiation, you may, in a vision, in a dream, etc., experience a very sudden or very dramatic shift, so that you immediately know you are different and your life will be completely changed. But this is not a common way to have a major initiation. Rather, having gone through some of the many minor passages I have just spoken about, you will at some point look back and realize that you have made a major shift upwards in your life, your perspective, your emotions and so on -- but so gradually that you didn’t perceive it as you went through it. This is the perfectly normal way to go through a major initiation and is the most usual way of doing it. So look back and see if this is the case for you.

Now, if you realize that you have had this kind of more gradual initiation, and your mind or your ego is a bit disappointed that it occurred without great drama and fanfare, be assured that it still works! And that in other lives and other realities, you have, or already had, or will have, that earthshaking initiation experience you imagine and hope for. And meanwhile, we at this level congratulate you on all the passages you have already come through, and we thank you for all your efforts on the earth plane to bring spirit more consciously into your everyday life.

Warmly, Vywamus


Dear Vywamus

Could you shed some light on the Human Design System? Is it in aligment with Divine Truth? And would you recommend to follow this system?
With love and gratitude


Dear Flavia,

First, do look over my advice on finding a spiritual teacher, in my letter to Jenn on 2-25-13. Much of what I say there applies just as well to evaluating a particular path or program or method designed to promote your spiritual growth. I am much in favor of your following what your heart and your spirit are drawn to and energized by, and then learning whatever lessons you get from doing so.

If you are drawn to the Human Design System, feel free to explore it and use your own inner wisdom to assess what helpful guidance you are getting from it. Like many other good systems, it is in alignment with Divine Truth, and also like many other good systems, it can only take you so far. When you have learned what you need to learn, you will go beyond needing any system, and indeed at that point trying to cling on to it can hold you back. Meanwhile, enjoy the path!

My best to you,



How do I find a spiritual teacher for channeling and mediumship
that will be right for me? How can I really tell if they are
authentic and selfless in their intentions in this world? I feel I
need a mentor that will aide the Spirits' teachings.

Thank You,

Dear Jenn,

Your purpose in seeking a teacher is key here. If you are seeking to learn a skill such as channeling, you need only find someone who has the skill and is good at teaching it. Of course, it brings you more joy to have a more evolved teacher, but for this purpose it is not crucial. You will likely find someone offering courses in channeling or mediumship by searching on line, or through ads in publications, or through word of mouth. If you are not in a very populated area, you may find channeling courses on line, or books that teach channeling or mediumship.

My advice to you is to listen to or read some of the content a teacher channels so that you have a chance to see if you resonate with the material they are bringing through. If you feel good about what you hear, find out about the structure of the classes. Does the teacher have a step by step method for assisting you to open your own channel? Is there opportunity for hands on practice and getting feedback? Is attention paid to helping class members deal with issues about channeling, e.g., proper grounding, doubts and fears, self-judging, etc.? If it is an actual class, is there an atmosphere of trust and cooperation rather than of competitiveness? If all this is true, you might find the class quite effective for you regardless of the teacher’s level of evolution.

Now, seeking a teacher to be your mentor and guide on the spiritual path is another thing entirely. Today many are looking for reliable guidance on their spiritual path, and most of you are in a phase where you still need it. Eventually of course you will go beyond needing our help and will be your own spiritual teacher, but in the meantime, you will probably be searching though books, web sites, advertisements, or the recommendations of others, and then taking the first steps of getting to know various teachers through reading or listening to them. How do you know which of them may best be of help to you?

First I would emphasize that this quest for a teacher may be about him or her, but it is also about you. The very quest for a teacher is an occasion for your own growth and learning. So, ironically, my first recommendation is that you begin this quest by studying yourself. 1) Using meditation or whatever other practice works for you, go into the deepest level of yourself – what I call the I AM or soul or core level – and immerse yourself in the energy there. Feel it and know it. Then, listen to, read the words of, or put yourself in the presence of, a particular teacher that you are considering. Go again to your I AM level and ask yourself, “Is this energy of mine at the I AM level enhanced or stirred up when I am with this teacher?” Often you will know right away. If the answer is yes, that teacher probably has something to offer you.

2) Also spend some time just observing yourself and noticing your tendencies to get caught up in your own ego issues , e.g., “I am not enough,” “I am better than/less than this or that person,” “I must be perfect so I can have everyone like me (be a success in life, progress on my spiritual path, etc.)” And so on.

Now bring these self observations of ego issues into the presence of the teacher, whether that is in person or in written words, etc. When you are with the teacher, do you notice any of your own ego issues coming up or intensifying in the teacher’s presence? Own these issues as yours, and observe what triggers them.

3) Also observe the teacher. Does the teacher seem to be caught up in any of the following ego issues? A) “My way is the only, the best, the right way.” B) Making comparisons : better than/less than; flattering or inflating of the teacher’s ego or the student’s ego; C) Domineering or arrogant presence; D) Lack of true kindness and compassion, which should be present even when speaking bluntly and honestly to students. E) Excessive attachment to rules and rituals: “You must follow all these particular steps to get to self realization;” F) Any inclination to demand unquestioning obedience, unreasonable amounts of money, and even sexual favors from students. All these are red flags that you need to observe carefully

Even if the teacher has a valid connection with spirit that you can feel , and that enhances your own spiritual energies, if he/she still has such ego issues going on, these may seriously get in the way of your being able to benefit from the relationship. If there are only a few or minor ego issues in evidence, it may be less of a problem.

Of course, many students still choose to follow a teacher with deep ego issues, and in doing so they learn a great deal. But if, as you mention, you are looking for someone who is authentic and selfless in intention, then you will need to look further, using the yardsticks I have given you: 1) Does the teacher have a valid connection with spirit that you can feel and that enhances your own? and 2) What do you learn when you observe your own spiritual energies in the teacher’s presence? Your own and the teacher’s ego issues?

Now, it is true that on the planet at this time there are a number of teachers who are fully “awake” and fully evolved, fully realized, who are no longer caught up in issues of ego. You may be fortunate enough to find one of them. Such teachers are humble and unassuming and may not be very well known. Much more often, however, you are likely to encounter a teacher who has much to offer you, and yet who has not fully worked through all his or her own ego issues. In fact, almost every spiritual teacher you can find in the world today will still have some areas they are working on. This does not mean you should pass up what they have to give – just that you need to develop some discernment about what you are receiving from them.

It is helpful for you to keep in mind that most teachers are on a path of learning themselves, and I may add that one of the greatest challenges for many spiritual teachers is to accept and love the pure stream of spiritual energy that comes through them in their work, without getting caught up in taking personal credit for this power, or in the ego inflation that could result from receiving praise, devotion and adulation from students and followers.

A teacher who is still evolving may frequently have a strong connection with the spiritual energies and be able to generate an energy field that calls out to your own spiritual energies to resonate with it, so that you feel uplifted, peaceful, inspired, even ecstatic, in their company. All but the most evolved teachers , however, will occasionally or often fall back into some personality issues when they are not actually working with you at the soul level. It is important for you to be aware of this, and observe it when it happens.

The more advanced of the teachers in this “still learning” category can simply watch and accept their ego issues as they come up, and then move on, as the Buddhists recommend. The less advanced may have blind spots in certain areas, or may even fall into the ego trap of believing all the praise they receive, and considering themselves infallible or above all the rules in all they say and do. This might be confusing to you, but only if you are expecting them to be perfect. Like you, they may have a very deep connection to spirit which they can share – but also may still have personal issues to resolve.

It is good to be aware that there is a whole spectrum of teachers that could be helpful to you, and it’s good for you to learn to recognize where a particular teacher fits on the spectrum. You can certainly learn from teachers at any of these levels, and you will probably be drawn to whatever level of learning you need, depending on where you are on your path right now. And, I would add, have compassion for any “imperfect” teacher you meet. They are facing certain challenges on their own path, and they are learning as you are.

Now, as you look for a teacher, or if you have found one, what kind of relationship is best for you to have with him or her? In the old tradition, it was considered right to surrender your own will to the teacher and be unquestioningly led on a spiritual path by him or her. This worked well as long as the surrender was to the spiritual energies, or some would say the Divine, as embodied by the teacher, and to that extent it still works today. It is always all right and best to surrender and hand yourself over to the higher spiritual energies and be guided by them in all your doings. You are not, however expected to surrender to the personal power of any teacher, only to the higher Power that comes through him or her. So, do surrender to, enjoy, and “be” with the pure spiritual energy you may find in the teacher’s presence, and at the same time, observe his or her human failings and have compassion for them, without getting entangled in them.

As to the question of responsibility, something new is happening today. Humanity is passing into a new stage of evolution, where you are expected to become a partner in designing your spiritual path, and not leave it all up to the teacher. You are not supposed to abandon your own awareness and discernment and hand over everything to the teacher. Tempting as it may sometimes be to be able to let go of all that responsibility, it is no longer your path as a human of today to let any teacher take over responsibility for your life and your choices. (Of course, if you do do that, be assured that you will still learn a great deal!)

Rather, your evolutionary task now is to find and be present to the spiritual energies within yourself, and eventually to become your own spiritual teacher. Of course, this is something new. Something very new. It is taking you beyond where you were before, to a whole new level, and putting much more responsibility on your own shoulders. You may make some errors along the way, as part of your learning. But we at our level, and your own Higher Selves, feel that you, and humanity in general, are ready for this next step. And you have our support all the way.

Our blessings to you,



Dear Vywamus,
How can we deal with hostility directed at us?
In light and love,

Dear Umesh,

This depends on what form(s) the hostility takes. If there is a physical form, e.g., physical violence toward yourself, or verbal/emotional abuse, or behavior that puts your job or your relationship(s) in jeopardy, then the first thing is to take any practical steps you need to protect yourself and keep yourself (or your job or relationships) safe. This may mean going to authorities, or at least, removing yourself from a situation where you may be harmed. Being on a spiritual path does not mean you should allow others to harm you – indeed the reverse is true. It is your responsibility to stand up for yourself as far as possible and not collude with or enable their harming you. This would not be good for you or indeed for them.

Now, besides taking any action you need to keep yourself safe, there are other levels to address. To begin with, having a larger perspective is helpful. You may be aware of something you have done or said to provoke hostility in the other person, so it is important to see that. Also, note whether their hostility is a reasonable reaction to the situation between you, or if, as is often true, it seems way out of proportion.

Whether they are reasonable and justified or not, hostility and anger are always defensive responses, reactions to feeling threatened or feeling hurt. So, the other person is reacting to fear or pain. This might be fear or pain about something you have done or might do to them in this life, it could have to do with other lives where you have done them harm, or, most often of all, it is that you remind them of someone else. Your appearance, or words, or actions, may resemble those of someone who has done them harm, and this may have triggered off an unconscious response that does not really belong to you or to the current situation – or only partially so. It is helpful for you to note this and to note that perhaps only a small part of their hostility has anything to do with you personally. Examine the situation, then, and take responsibility for any part of it that you think is yours, but be wary of taking it all personally.

There are two further steps I would suggest:
1) Picture this person at a younger age. Usually the unconscious hostility you get from a person is related to their own experiences when they were younger. You may be able to picture them as a scared or hurt 2 year old (or 4 year old or 6 year old) who is angrily striking out at you, without knowing what else to do. (Indeed if this hostile person is someone close to you, a friend or family member, you may even know what experiences they had in childhood that would predispose them to act this way.) So whenever an actual situation occurs where the person behaves in a hostile way toward you, see him or her as that younger child who is lashing out in pain or fear, and send them compassion if you can. This does not mean you have to let them harm you. As I often say to others who are in this situation, “Just because you understand why a 4 year old is kicking you in the shins, it does not mean you should let them do it.” With a 4 year old, or in the current situation, you do need to set the appropriate limits.

2) Have a conversation at the soul level. Go to your own higher levels, through meditation or whatever other way you use to get there, and there at the soul level, have a dialogue with their soul. At this level, the person’s Higher Self will always hear you and be open to positive changes in the relationship. Sometimes this is helpful to your relationship in everyday life, and sometimes the hostile person is not enough in touch with their own soul level for this to make any apparent difference. Still, this is good for you to do, and you will have the reassurance of seeing the other dimensions of that relationship

When you have taken the 2 steps above, you will more easily be able to avoid getting pulled into the trap of a power struggle with the hostile person, but rather be able to detach and objectively (and hopefully compassionately) observe what is happening. If you need to take some kind of action, it can then be from a calmer, more centered, and therefore more powerful place in yourself. Finally, it is likely that you are not the only one this person is directing hostility toward, so it will also be helpful for you to watch what happens as it occurs with others.

Dealing with a hostile person is an important challenge for all of you on a spiritual path. Sometimes the lesson is how to be compassionate with and stand up for and protect yourself – for you are a precious soul of great value, and we wish that you cherish yourself as much as we cherish you. Often the lesson also entails seeing the other person in a broader way, recognizing their own issues, detaching from the entanglements of conflicts with them, and sending them compassion – but without letting yourself be injured. If the other person’s hostility brings out anger, or feelings of vulnerability, and so on, in you, then there is also the opportunity to observe these feelings as they come up, accept them, be compassionate with them, and see what work needs to be done with those feelings.

Thank you for bringing up this issue, it is a great challenge which appears on everyone’s spiritual path at some time. We congratulate you on coming to the place where you have the opportunity to confront it. And you can be sure that we are always around to love and support you, in this and in all steps on your path.




Dear Vywamus

What are the consequences of abortion (for the unborn child and for the mother)? And how can I mend such act?

With love and gratitude


Dear Flavia,

The consequences of abortion may vary, but usually they are much easier on the unborn child than on the mother. The soul of a child which was aborted usually will, between lives, have already had an understanding that he or she was only to spend a short time in the womb. Perhaps this was for the experience itself, for the purpose of the mother’s learning, or simply for the purpose of bodily being close, for a brief time, to someone the child has loved before. In any case, the soul of this child has the option of coming back into body, perhaps to this same mother, perhaps to a different mother, and certainly carries no resentment about what happened.

If you are the mother, however, there may be a sense of guilt, sometimes very deep, about the decision to abort, even if abortion seemed to be the only course of action that could be taken. Or perhaps there may also be guilt if you think, in hindsight, that you did not take enough care, or explore all the alternatives before making the decision, or that you gave in to outside pressures, or that you should not have allowed the pregnancy to happen in the first place. This sense of guilt is intensified if you are brought up in a religion which condemns all abortion. But even if you are not, most women who have made this decision were aware of its momentous impact, felt torn about it, and have regret.

So first, go back in your mind and be present to the situation and circumstances when the decision was made. Notice and feel and accept all the feelings that come up -- guilt, possibly, but also perhaps anger or helplessness at being put in the situation, as well as sadness and grief about the decision. It is necessary to fully own your own degree of responsibility for the decision, and to fully experience the feelings. Then do what you need to heal.

Now, how do you heal? You are meant to learn from this experience, and you will get beyond it when you finish the lesson. You are not meant to spend the rest of your life with some part of you knotted up with regret and other feelings about the abortion. You will learn the lesson and then heal when you realize this: The most important thing in this entire situation is not the guilt or other feelings, it is not even whether the child lived or was aborted. The most important thing is the relationship between you and the child. Focus on that!

Have a conversation at the soul level with the child. I so often recommend doing this in other relationships, and it is particularly important here. Go to your own soul level, through meditation or whatever way works for you, and talk to the soul of that child. Know that that child loves you and remains around you and always has a bond with you. He or she would like to have a more conscious connection with you if you are willing. Tell him or her about how you made the choice for abortion and about your feelings then and later. Ask for the child’s forgiveness if you feel you need to (though it is already given, I assure you). And listen inwardly to the responses from the child’s soul. Open your heart to that child. Love heals. You will heal.

If you are truly at the soul level with each other, you will be reconnected with great love and understanding and peace. Possibly even the dialogue between you will continue, and that child will become a guide and support for you in your current life. Or perhaps you will be making plans about when to be together again, at a better time. In any event, whether it is a onetime or continuing conversation, this relationship with the unborn child is important in helping you to heal – to forgive yourself if you need to, and to carry on with your life in peace of heart.

Thank you for bringing up this deep and soul searching question. My blessings to you, and my blessings to all mothers (and fathers) who struggle with this issue. We are here to help and support you. May you all come to peace of heart.



(Dear Vywamus)

I'm one of those who can't find a place in life...
I emigrated to change my life but still lack a self-confidence or ideas allowing to manifest who I AM.
I'll be 50 this year but feel lost....
Any suggestion for myself or general ideas how to manifest potential gathered within...

Dear Wanda,

Of course you have a place in life, and you are in it, but you have had trouble recognizing it. And perhaps that is because you are looking at it in an old framework which is no longer valid. For you, as for all humans at this time, your place in life, your main task, is to consciously connect with the spiritual, or numinous, energies – your own I AM space – that formless, limitless space that is beyond the mind.

From your question, it is clear that you know about that I AM space already. Whether you get there through meditation, creative work, yoga, or other practices that work for you, spend as much time as you can in that limitless space, and as far as you are able, bring that limitless consciousness into all aspects of your everyday life. When you do that, your life is a success. You are fulfilling your main purpose in coming here. Moreover, you are likely to find that, as you genuinely and fully commit to this main purpose, conditions and circumstances in your material world improve so as to clear the way for your secondary life purposes, which involve your work, your relationships, and so forth.

Now you, and others who attempt to bring in the numinous, will always encounter the inner voice of your ego/mind – and sometimes right in the middle of a meditation or creative work. This voice will try to draw you away from that I AM space, and pull you to base your sense of security and your sense of self worth on what your culture teaches you you “should” be: “I should be making more money,” “I should achieve more,” “I should be liked by everyone,” “I should work more, do more, be more,” and so on. Just observe these inner comments as they come up, as a scientist would watch microbes under a microscope. You don’t need to identify with them. They are simply a collection of the limited beliefs of other humans in your culture, which you have been trained to take in and regard as your true reality.

Accept that you hear these comments. Then go back into your I AM space. There, you deeply know that you are always all right, always safe, always enough, and always have all you need. Faith in yourself, and trust in your universe, are an unquestioned part of that. Here you are simply “being,” and at the most important level, that is enough.

Instead of leaving this I AM space to solve your everyday problems, bring your everyday problems here, and simply allow them to be, without expectation. In this space you access a far deeper intelligence than is available to the small personal you of everyday life. Bring your problems here and give them over to the deeper intelligence that works beyond your imagining. See what happens. Sometimes the problems melt away. Other times you will have insights and sudden inspirations and guidance in how to solve them.

Now let us look at another layer of your situation. For you and for all who may read this, it happens that, when you are ready for a shift on your spiritual path, shifts occur in your external reality which make it impossible to go on as you were, and cause you to question yourself and your ideas of how the world works.

Perhaps, for example, you have been going along on a particular career path with moderate or greater success in that field, when you hit a snag. Suddenly, or gradually, things that used to work for you and help you progress are not working any more. You try them again, working harder, and still they don’t produce the same results as before. That is, more or less, what has been happening for you. Other people may still be getting good results with the same methods you’ve been using. Why not you? You feel stuck and at a loss.

The “stuck place” is a very fertile one, though it may seem to you as if nothing is happening. In reality, your whole way of being is going through a change. You have outgrown the old forms you are used to, and are in the process of developing new ones that fit you better. You can resist the change and keep trying harder with your old methods, or you can accept and participate in the change, which is likely to make it go faster. This is actually the same thing that is happening in the shift in humanity’s collective consciousness, as I have described in The Next Big Bang. For you, this larger shift is reflected and embodied in the microcosm of your own individual life and circumstances.

For you, while you are in this phase of your life, I have suggestions:

1) As I already mentioned, spend as much time as possible in your I AM space and bring your problems there.

2)Since your body and your energy fields carry the stuckness, and carry your customary old patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting, the energies in your field tend to freeze into the old patterns and keep the stuckness going. I suggest that you help your energy to flow more freely throughout your body and energy field, and especially the solar plexus. My favorite way for you to do this is by dancing – when alone in your own space and using music that fits your mood (sad, anxious, angry, joyful, uplifted, creatively inspired, and so forth). Dance expressing and accepting what you feel for at least a few minutes a day. More is good.

Doing this frees you up to allow your deepest creative potential to flow into the world, and it also frees you up to receive the helpful energies that are all around you, and which you may have unintentionally blocked.

3) If, after following all these recommendations, you still feel lost and perhaps even seriously depressed, do find a way to spend some time with a wise counselor. You are not expected to do everything alone!

4) Finally, do all you can to let your own inspired energy radiate out to others, whether this is informally, through your simple presence with them, or through your work. The world needs your light. To radiate it may take the form of more social connections – even if not work related – or more networking, bringing the attention of others to what you do, or it may take the form of teaching. In any case, look for more opportunities to share your light, your talent, your expertise, without regard at first to how financially rewarding it may be. This kind of radiating to others helps you “prime the pump” so that that white-hot stream of joy and creativity that I see within you can fountain out into the world. And when that happens, you will have burst out of the cage that the mind/ego likes to keep you in. Who knows what wonderful adventures will await you then?

You are being taken care of, even if you may only see that by hindsight. Put my suggestions into practice. You are not meant to stay imprisoned in fear and uncertainty. Step out of that cage. Enjoy your adventures. Enjoy your life.




Dear Vyamus,

What is the next step in Evolution and how can we align ourselves with it?


Dear Umesh,

This is a good question, and one I hope many of you are asking. To begin your answer:

…The stage you are presently entering is a unique one in human history. In fact, it is the most important time since the beginning of life on earth. It is the next “Big Bang” – the explosion of human consciousness. You’re about to become fully conscious as a species, and fully and actively involved in your own evolution…Let there be no uncertainty about it. This is your responsibility and your joy. From this point, the evolution of the human species will be more and more your own conscious choice. And, as you learn to consciously direct your own evolution – to create yourselves – you will come to realize that, at the same time, you are also creating the world you live in….

The above is a quote from my book The Next Big Bang: The Explosion of Human Consciousness, channeled through Andrea Seiver. You will find more detail there about the next step in human evolution, and scenarios of how that next step may look in your world, as well as a set of Lessons: exercises to help you align yourself with the new energies that are coming in, and move forward with them.

You will also find exercises and practices I suggest for opening up to and living with the higher energies that are coming in if you go back over my previous responses on this ASK VYWAMUS page and look at my messages on the News page. These are meant not only for those who have written in questions. They are meant also for you.

You personally, Umesh, are asking this question because it is time for you to move forward. Don’t wait. This is a very exciting time, and will bring you much joy if you move with it. You are being asked to be a pioneer in bringing in the higher energies on this planet, and you will have help and support from us guides at this level in doing so. To others who read this, some of you may feel you resonate with what I say here. You are also being called. Don’t wait. Use the methods and practices I suggest for living in awareness of the higher energies, and look within for your own sense of how to channel these higher energies into your everyday world.

Thank you for this question, Umesh. We guides are around you to help you and others who undertake it, in this important work.



You are my Spirit Guide. What made you choose to be my Spirit Guide at this time in my life? What healing gifts do you desire to impart to me at this time? Future time will entail new horizons. What specific advice do you have regarding my future?
InLight and Love,
John Timothy "Tim" Johnson

Dear Tim,

Throughout the world I have been making myself known to more and more of you, working with and through all you who are willing, for the greater good of humanity, and of earth. Both you and others who have written to this Ask Vywamus page, have sensed my presence, and have chosen at the level of your higher selves to work with me. As to why at this time, you are ready at this time. You and many others have worked with me in other lives, and so you may often feel my energy is familiar. For others of you it is the first time to meet me and work with me.

You always have the opportunity to channel me if you wish. The best way to be sure you are getting guidance from me is first, to ask for it, and then, to practice and get experience. As you do you will be developing an inner “yardstick” to know when it is my energy and my words you are receiving, and to distinguish these from other energies and material that come from your own inner hopes and fears. Please read or reread my Guidelines for Further Opening to Spirit and Receiving Higher Guidance on the News page of this web site. That is the best advice I can give you for further developing your channeling ability. I and other guides at this level do appreciate your willingness to be of service in this way.

Now, to you, and to all of you who have felt inspired to channel my energies, this is a gift you have received. Don’t put it on the shelf. You have been singled out to use this gift in your own unique way. What happens next in your life? For you, Tim, and for some others, it may be to listen inwardly and feel more clearly regarding whatever form of healing attracts you. You may wish to combine healing with music. You may wish to get more training. Listen and do what you’re guided to do.

For others, if you are moved toward creative work, whether art, writing, or the performing arts, if you are excited about bringing in new ideas and information – follow up. You can channel energy from me and other guides into any of these forms. How you choose to do it will be your life’s own unique work of art. The important thing is to go ahead. Use this gift now, in whatever small or large ways you can. Don’t wait till “later.”

Using your channeling ability and focusing your energies into service of the world will also be good for you in other ways. Besides leading to self-knowledge and better discernment in relationships, the higher energies that come through you also have positive effects on your own physical wellbeing. and give you a spiritual center of peace and calmness in facing crises in everyday life.

So for you, and for everyone who gets this message, enjoy moving into the new horizons!



Dear Vywamus

I am part of a living twin. I have the impression that - beside us -
there was another soul in the early pregnancy. Is this right? And what
is the meaning of this/such (an) experience for those who are
involved? Would it be appropriate for me to try to channel Your energy/ words?

Thank You very much for Your Love.


Dear Bart,

You are welcome.

In this reality there was another soul with you both, before conception and in the womb. You three have had many lives together. That third soul, after the brief reunion in early pregnancy, decided not to incarnate at this time, but rather to remain on the other side, to better assist you both in your life on earth. This may work even better if you learn to speak at the soul level to that companion soul who was with you before birth. Go to your own deepest level (which you may reach in meditation, or in other ways) and practice having inner conversations with this soul. You can ask questions, express your own feelings, and receive that soul’s communications as well. The more you do this, the more confident you will feel about the thoughts and feelings that come through.

And yes, you can certainly feel free to channel my energy and my words. I am happy to be channeled by as many of you as are inspired to do so, and I welcome having contact with you in this way! Even if at times you are not sure whether you are actually channeling me, my energy will be there with you because you have called me. As you get more practice and experience, it will be easier and easier for you to “feel” me.

If you don’t already have a process you use to channel, I have given some pointers on channeling on the News page of this web site, as well as in a number of responses to others on this ASK VYWAMUS page. Do browse through those too, the information is meant for you as well as those who wrote the questions.

I look forward to helping you with your channeling and I will enjoy our connection, whether you are channeling or just feeling my presence.



Dear Vywamus,

Please help me, Anthony Archuleta, to release my suppressed emotions. I was in the Logoic Divine Plane this morning petitioning to you. Thank you very much.

Gratefully, Anthony Archuleta

Dear Anthony,

These suppressed emotions are a key issue on your spiritual path, and you came into this life in order to confront them. I am giving you my help, and you must also help yourself. With suppressed emotions such as yours you need to do more than release them on the mental and spiritual planes. The emotional body and the physical body must also be involved. First, if you can, find a wise counselor or psychotherapist to be your ally and watch out for you as you do this release.

Then, in addition to what you are doing with the counselor, follow the suggestions that I have made for emotional release for Hyosun Kim on 5-21-2010 and Gitte on 9-24-2011 (This last is about working with fear, but it can be applied with other emotions). This kind of release I suggest is usually perfectly safe, but when emotions are very deeply suppressed as yours may be, or when you have fears about the release, there are likely to be bumps in the road during the process. Having a counselor, even for a few sessions, to help you with this process can help you through such bumps.

I applaud you for your intent to work on these emotions. Suppressed emotions, if they remain so, can wreak havoc on your health, can make your life deeply unhappy and empty, and can also seriously impede your being of service in the world and fulfilling many of your life purposes.

Thank you for taking this on! You will be amazed at the peace and happiness you experience when this work is done.



Dear Vywamus,

Have I been connecting with You? Channeling? Am I receiving guidance from You, I feel I may be making stuff up?

I feel as if I’m being controlled, and stuck in a tortorouse cycle. For so long. Will it ever end so I can shine my light?...May I…ask if my physical health will return? And am I safe? Thank you,


Dear A,

First, yes, I am around you and you are connecting with my energies. Please read my advice on Guidelines for Further Opening to Spirit and Receiving Higher Guidance on the News page of this web site, and read the response I have recently made on this ASK VYWAMUS page to John Timothy “Tim” Johnson. My words to him apply to you. Whenever you decide to open yourself to channel, always first make the intention to receive guidance from only the highest levels, and at that point you may ask for me specifically if you wish. See the Guidelines above for developing a sense of whether you are actually contacting me.

Second, all cycles have an end and so will yours. You will move out of the present cycle of pain, fear, and ill health sooner if you do the following:
1) Take every care of your physical body, which includes following the best medical advice you can find, as well as loving your body, listening to it, and letting the spiritual energies flow through it, in the form of dance or other movement. (For more about this, look through some of the other ASK VYWAMUS letters where I make suggestions about how to do this.) Channeling and creative work will also help you heal your body, and your psyche as well.
2) If you have not done so already, find a kind and wise counselor who can help you let go of the psychological patterns that block your sense of safety and keep that torturous cycle in place. Although we see that you have already done a lot on your own, you need and deserve continuing personal and individual attention for a while, to face the particular challenges you have. Do this for yourself.

Finally, we guides see your light shining already. If you take the advice here, you will soon be bringing it to others.

Blessings on you,


Dear Vywamus,

A channel of yours, Saemmi Muth, said I saw The Golden One. Would you please tell me about this spiritual being? He/she is magnificent!

My love to YOU Vywamus.


Dear Morgan,

The Golden One has connected with humans since ancient times, especially in Egypt, India, and Greece. This is a very high frequency energy. Teachers like myself often “step down” our energy in order to make it more accessible to more of you. The Golden One does not step down his/her energy very much. So this energy takes some experience to work with and channel, and you are ready to do this. I will not tell you any more, because you are to have a good time exploring this for yourself!

I do suggest that you take greater care to ground yourself physically when working with such high frequencies, though I am sure you already have realized you should do this.




Dear Vywamus,

I am on medications for a mental illness... could you please give me some guidance on how
I can get more in touch with my higher self and wean myself off the medications.
Also could you please tell me how my past lives are affecting me now and what
My life purpose is?


Dear Justin,

Here on the ASK VYWAMUS page I can offer you my general recommendations about how to handle a situation like yours, and what role it can play on your spiritual path. And, I urge you, if you need more, have a personal session with a wise counselor you trust, where you can take time to go into much more depth and detail than we can here on the web site.

For suggestions on getting in touch with your Higher Self, you will find many exercises in Part Two of my book The Next Big Bang to help you make this connection to the larger You. You may also find suggestions if you read over my News page on this site. Finally, go back on this ASK VYWAMUS page and read my responses to Nicole, Mary Ann, Carmelo, Diana, Pamela and R. These are all places where I have spoken about how to be more in touch with your larger Self, and you could benefit from following any of these suggestions.

Now, as to the particular issue of mental illness, I would like to address both you and all other readers who are coping with mental illness: Like every human, it is your major purpose in this life to connect with the higher (spiritual) energies and move forward into the shift in human consciousness that is taking place. And in this quest you have a different set of challenges than do others. You may have “signed up:” for this between lives in order to balance out a previous life in which you caused mental problems in others, or in which you had these same problems but failed to arrive at a way of transcending them.

My first recommendation for you is to keep up your connection with the higher energies. Find a form of meditation that works for you and keep at it regularly In particular, I strongly suggest you explore body-oriented forms of meditation such as tai chi, or movement with mindfulness, and other similar forms. It is always important to take measures to ground yourself in your physical body, and this is especially important when you have mental or emotional problems.

You may or may not eventually be able to wean yourself off medications using these methods. It is a matter of chemistry, which may of course be affected by your mind, emotions and spiritual energies, but perhaps not completely changed. And whatever happens, you should currently be very aware of how the medications you take affect you, and work diligently with your physician to find the best possible medication and dosage level with the least side effects.

Do not be downhearted if you cannot totally wean yourself from medications. You may continue to need that extra help they give you. If so, incorporate that into your path.

For you and anyone with a mental illness, there is a reason and a purpose behind it. You have agreed to do this before you came here. Your purpose is to learn to live a spiritual life with this illness, making efforts to improve everything you can, and to accept and adjust to everything you can’t. And then, you are being asked, from your own experience, to help others with mental illness, encouraging them also to recognize that mental illness is not simply an obstacle on your spiritual path to get rid of, but for you right now it is the path itself. It is merely a path with a different set of challenges. And anyone with a mental illness can grow spiritually into the level of consciousness you are meant to reach in this life.

I assure you and others who are dealing with these issues that I am always beside you and offering you my energy and loving help.




Dear Vywamus

I was born in an Orthodox Jewish fam. and raised very strict according to Jewish law! I think I am a very evolved Soul and a couple of years ago decided to drop most of these restrictions and dogma...though with many stresses attached! …Its very hard…!
What do you suggest? How to cope…with my father…threatening me that I choose another way as he is?

Thank you Vywamus of having entered my life.


Dear Esther,

I realize what a very deep issue this is for you, and quite a challenge! What I can offer you on the ASK VYWAMUS page are my general recommendations about how to handle a situation like yours, and what role it can play on your spiritual path. And, this issue you struggle with deserves more beyond that. If you can manage it, I would highly recommend a personal session with a wise counselor you trust, where you can take time to go into much more depth and detail than we can here on the web site.

It is no accident that this issue has arisen for you, it is an important part of your spiritual path. You are being pushed to move to a higher level spiritually in order to deal with it. And there are many others out there in similar situations.

For anyone brought up in a particular religion, the decision to move beyond it may be both freeing and difficult. This is particularly so when there is a chance of losing a supportive network of people that you have related to in connection with that religion. Usually there are some ties of love between you and these others in addition to any negative experiences.

Where any interpersonal conflict arises, I always advise the person concerned about it to have a conversation with the other person at the soul level. Go to your deepest core, your higher self, by whatever means you usually get there –meditation is often the easiest -- and there talk to their soul. At that level there is always a bond, and they can hear and understand you. And you may better understand them as well. In this case, talk about the changes and new understanding you have experienced, and your love and passion for the spiritual path you see opening up for you.

Then, when actually in the physical presence of those in your original religious network, eventually you may feel the time is right and you are ready to be completely open about your new way of seeing things and your need to no longer abide by some of the old dogmas and rules. You will know when you’re ready to do this in such a direct way. At such a time, you do take the risk that, even if their souls understand, on the earthly level many people will not be able to able to accept your new position, and you chance losing these relationships, at least in the form they are now.

But before taking such a direct step, do talk at the soul level, and do 3 other things: 1) pay attention for a while to the things you actually agree on. In the case of religion, any one of the great religions humanity has know has within its core a goodness and a flow of pure spiritual truth. Often this is covered over by the codifications and rules and regulations and power struggles within the religious organization until it is difficult to experience that truth. But it is there.

In your case, focus on the pure stream of spiritual energy within the Jewish religion. As you probably know, there are actually many mystical threads in the Jewish religion which are very compatible with your new perceptions. For those in other religions reading this, you will find the same in any major religion. You can relate to it because it is the same energy that you are so connected to and uplifted by in your new view. You experience it in a very different way now, of course, and this is right for you. The old forms do not fit you any more.

2) Bring as much love and compassion as you can to your relationships with those who still are in the religion you were brought up with. You may naturally have feelings of rejection, fear, pain, and anger about this situation – don’t try to quash these feelings or get rid of them. Simply accept that they are there. Yet also notice also, when they come to you, your feelings of love and compassion for the others involved in this conflict.

3) Do keep firmly in mind that you con love someone without agreeing with them. Many people, especially younger souls, have the belief that “If you don’t think like me and accept my beliefs, then you don’t love me, and (sometimes) you are against me.”This is not true, of course. You need to remember that in dealing with the other people involved here, even if they cannot grasp it. Whatever they do, they cannot keep you from loving them. And they cannot really destroy the deep underlying spiritual bond that you have between you. Focusing on your love for them, rather than the pain of separation, which is only a temporary illusion, will help you stay at a higher level in dealing with these issues.

Carrying out these 3 recommendations I’ve made will be helpful in whatever conflict may arise. It will also advance your own spiritual growth a great deal.

And remember, we guides and teachers are always with you, giving you our loving support.





Dear Vywamus
Spiritual competition
Bulling and competition in a Vywamus group the channeler not strong
enough to act about this? I had to leave. I feel very sad and alone.
Please tell me what took place. I need your guidence?
Love Gold

Dear Gold,

I offer you my love and support. We guides at our level never condone bullying and unkindness – it is the very opposite of what we come to teach. And, your situation is one that occurs often in groups and therefore will be of interest to many readers of this page.

Unfortunately there are many souls still trapped in the fears and insecurities of mind/ego who labor under the false belief that “winning” in competition and exerting power over others is their only way to feel safe. Anyone who takes part in or accepts such bullying and competition is in just such a state of fear, even though they may outwardly appear strong.

The channeler in this case was taken by surprise and was hampered by a personal sense of inadequacy and fear, enough to temporarily block the channel to me. This does sometimes happen, of course – channelers are human and not perfect, and their own issues and inadequacies can come up and prevent a clear channeling. Had the channel been clear, you would have heard me address the bullying issue and help bring everyone in the group to a higher level of understanding and harmony.

As it was, you were confronted with an old issue of yours from many lifetimes: the need to stand up for yourself and the feeling of being on your own and without backup – in this case, from me, and from other members of the group. It is not a new issue for you, and there have been many times where you felt helpless to address it. In this instance, by walking out, you did stand up against the competition and bullying by showing that you would not stay and tolerate such behavior. In this particular situation, feeling taken aback and overwhelmed as you did, that was the wisest choice you could make, and we guides support you in it. If you should encounter a similar situation in the future, another option for you then might be to share with the group your perception of the atmosphere of competition and bullying and put out the question: “Is this really what we want to be doing?”

This whole situation has been a powerful opportunity for learning, not only for you, but for the channeler and everyone else in the group. There were one or two who understood what was happening and felt confused or paralyzed about how to handle it. Others were in denial or even drawn in to their own ego issues.

Every human group includes the strengths and the limitations of its members, and as such is a classroom rich in lessons. Spiritual groups are no exception. It is not possible to find a perfect group, even when led by an ascended master, but it is possible, through talking together honestly and in a cooperative way, to learn to understand the failings in the group and transform them into assets. This particular group may or may not be ready for it, but engaging in this kind of collaboration will help lift you out of the old limited mind/ego framework and is part of your evolution as humans.

Now, if you personally are still not at peace within yourself over what happened in the Vywamus group, I suggest, as I often recommend, that you go to your own higher levels (by meditation or however you like to get there) and there have a conversation with the higher Selves of all the members of the group. At that level there is no bullying, no rejection, no competition. Even if some members of the group are not very much in tune with their own higher Selves, it is helpful for you to be in touch with them at that level and to know that there all of you have a strong, healing, and enduring bond.

After visiting with them at the higher levels, at the personal level you may wish to speak in the group about the situation where you experienced the competitiveness and bullying. Or, you might instead write a letter about your perceptions to be circulated in the group. To do this can be a further step forward for you, and also offer others an important learning.

While you are working with this, be assured that our love is with you. I see this situation as a transformative opportunity for you – an initiation, you could say. Thank you for sharing here your experiences and your pain. Many others may benefit from reading your words and mine.

I and other guides are with you on this path.



Who am I?
Namaste, Nicole

Dear Nicole,

Words are inadequate to convey my answer, so do let yourself feel and experience beyond the words when you read my response.

You are the Infinite focusing Yourself through a particular physical body and personality at this time. You came here to learn how to live in the world while at the same time learning how to always know the greater Reality that You are. Your primary purpose is always to recognize the Infinite in yourself and in everything and everyone around you, and to live in awareness and in harmony with It. This indeed has been humanity’s major spiritual purpose since first humans lived on Earth, yet it is only now that so many of you are being invited to live in this larger consciousness.

While your true and most essential identity is the Infinite, there are many secondary identities you might have. You may think of yourself as one of the indigo children, or as an old earth soul, or as someone who came here from another planet or star system, and so on, and each of these identities is related to the secondary purposes you came here to fulfill. The more you first open yourself to know and experience your own infinite dimensions, the more the other, secondary purposes in your life become clear. Once grounded in your deep Being, it’s easy to notice when ideas, events or persons appear on your path and attract you to interact with them or to take certain actions. If you’re alert on these occasions, you are led into a whole chain of steps on your earthly path, toward fulfilling one or more of your own secondary purposes in this life.

I would add that you personally have the potential to bring many gifts to the world by your simple presence, and also by your actions, whether in work, play, or relationships. Continue to look for opportunities in everyday life to be and to act in harmony with your soul and with your heart. And as you do this, you are guaranteed to come to know, deeply and fully, who “You” are, and who “you” are, and to have joy in your life and be of service to the world. I can tell you also that you have many good adventures ahead!

You are loved by all of us at our level, and you will receive help and support from us whenever you ask for it.



Note: I have relaxed the “50 word rule” in this case so that readers have enough background to understand Zoli’s questions.

Dear Vywamus,

I would like to ask about a contradiction between what living advaita gurus teach and what You and Kryon say. Advaita teachers that I met say that we are not the authors or doers…that…the source of our suffering is the idea that we are the controllers of our life while life permanently proves that we are not. These advaita people that I met has susch a radiation … and what has alredy made a big change in me…just by simply beeing in their phisical closeness…

Kryon and Vywamus on the other hand … speak… about how much control we have. How much we can affect things … (in) the world. Both (they)…and advaita teachers … feels real for me still in this point they are contradictory.

An other personal question …if there is space…Nowadays I…need power for survival but I don’t have any. And just like always… I feel that I rather want to die than to fight to survive.

Zoli from Budapest

Dear Zoli,

You will be happy to know that there is no real contradiction here. You simply need to look at which framework you are using and how that framework defines what you mean by “you.” Are you speaking of You, the larger Self that is one with Source, or are you speaking of the everyday personal “you”? We guides and teachers in our conversations with you attempt to address both the larger You that You are, and the “little you,” the personal you that you think you are. And you on your part have the option to listen to and hear us as You -- or as “you.”

When you are in the state of consciousness when you recognize that you and the Source are one, and that your separateness from It is only an illusory construct of the mind, then you realize that you are the Source of all that is, and that the personal self is simply a focus through which You – Source -- play at bringing different forms into being – whether these forms be objects, actions, thoughts or emotions. The only genuine power there is is in being one with Source and in realizing that fact. This realization is what I and other guides are encouraging you to explore, and it is in essence the same as what the advaita teachings are leading you toward, perhaps with a few differences in detail and in methods. When you find the people practicing advaita radiant and uplifting, it is to the degree that they have learned to recognize themselves as one with Source and to live in that consciousness.

Now, on the other hand, when you are in the state of consciousness that most humans of today live in most of the time, you do see your personal self as limited, and as separate from Source, and often as competing for “power” with others who are also limited and separated from Source. (This sense of separateness, by the way, is simply an interesting “mind game” which you humans have temporarily taken up to learn the lessons it brings. It is a way the Infinite You – Source – can play at having the experience of being limited.)

Since you are often unaware of your oneness with Source, I and other guides often speak to you in the language of the limited framework you believe you inhabit, so that you can better understand us. And when we say that you as an individual are important and have the power to make choices, to create realities and to have effects on the world, this is true. Yet, you as your personal self can do these things, not by your own personal power, but through the underlying power of Source coming through you.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are always one with Source, and everything you are and do comes from Source as it focuses Itself through you. The most important decision your personal self can make is whether to open to and accept your oneness with Source and to consciously live in it. It is your human destiny to do this and to enjoy the “dance” between the physical everyday personal “you” doing limited things in a limited environment, and the infinite and unlimited You who gives “you” life in your current form.

I have gone into more detail on humanity’s dual nature of “You” and “you” in a number of places throughout my book The Next Big Bang -- notably in pp. 45-46, pp. 55-56, and in the chapter on Dances With the Numinous. In that chapter and in Part Two, I also suggest a number of exercises that can be helpful in experiencing and opening to the larger You.

As to your personal question, I would say this to anyone who has a lifelong struggle of some kind: This has happened for a reason and is put in your path for your learning. In a situation where you are not sure you want to live, it is wise to explore first the more practical issues involved, whether they be an imbalance of the body chemistry (sometimes helped by medication), an imbalance of emotions, which may have to do with unresolved fear, anger, or sadness and not enough joy and fun, an imbalance in not having good connections with others, or in not having work and play that stimulate and inspire you. All these “everyday” aspects can be looked at and preferably in the company of a wise and trusted counselor. This is not a step to skip. It is part of the learning of this path and for many souls it is enough.

Sometimes, however, no matter what you do to explore and set right these practical aspects, the miserable situation continues. This is often Source’s way of pushing you into a new way of being, by making it intolerable to stay in the old way. So if this describes you, it may be that you are a soul who has come to the stage of being asked to surrender. Surrender to what? To Source. To Spirit. This means to let go of your present life and identity, who you think you are and have been, and surrender to wherever Source leads you, to a new path that your soul is ready to take.

If you find that you are in this situation, I can’t tell you exactly what that new path will be, since part of getting to it is surrendering to not knowing what’s next. For you one step on a new path has clearly already been your experiences with the advaita people and the joy they bring you. You may not yet know what will come after this, but you can trust that your surrender will lead you to the next steps on your path – and that you will have help.

Thank you, Zoli, for sending in these interesting questions which will be relevant for many other readers. And please stay aware that we guides and teachers are always available to give you our love, support, and guidance.




Dear Vywamus,

is there dark and light souls? how to know what people are? can one be lightsoul even if one is depressed or anxious sometimes? doesnt everyone come from the light, the same source?

erika in sweden.

Dear Erika,

Your soul and all souls are always of the light, the same source, and there is no such thing as a “dark soul.” When a soul comes into a life in the world, that soul is, and remains, a very large energy field made up of numinous energy (“numinous” meaning energy of spirit, energy vibrating at the very highest levels). I also call that energy field your “higher self,” and it goes through all your personal experiences living on earth, and between lives as well.

Now, because you have a body and mind and emotions, you also, within that large energy field of your soul, carry patterns of physical, mental, and emotional energies, patterns that have evolved out of your experiences and choices while living in the world. These patterns may have begun in your current life, or may have been carried over from another life.

Usually if you experience yourself or someone else as “dark,” it is because you or they are carrying around and reliving angry, painful, or fearful patterns in the emotional energy field, often accompanied by twisted or distorted thought patterns in the mental energy field as well. The more you get to know yourself and learn to recognize at times such patterns within you, the easier it is to also be clear and see when these patterns are coming up in others.

In any case, these experiences of “darkness” are opportunities for learning, and they are put in your path for a reason. If you notice these energies in yourself or someone else, first go to the soul level if possible. (You may have your own ways of getting there, such as meditation, creative work, yoga or other body work, and so on.) When you are at the soul level, simply watch the dark thoughts/emotions. Stand outside of them and simply observe them and allow them to be. When you do this, you don’t have to be caught up or stuck in the darkness of your own or others’ energies. You simply are. And you allow them to be. As you do this, the darker energies eventually dissolve or transform, and if there is any action you need to take, it will become clear. Often with this transformation you see things so differently that there is no longer a problem, and no action needs to be taken.

You may be wondering what to do if you are stuck in your own anxiety or depression, or stuck in your reaction to someone else’s “dark” side, and can’t seem to get to the soul level at all, to do what I just recommended. This often happens.

When you feel unable to be aware of your soul level because you are too submerged in your own emotions, then simply go further into them: Be as present as you can with those emotions. Sit with them, accept that they are there. Accept also any feeling of not liking these emotions and not wanting to accept them. Accept everything that comes to your awareness, and be with it, observe it, even offer it love.

How do you do that? Even with an emotion or thought pattern you consider “dark”’ and don’t want to have, if you let yourself really fully get into it, and go right to the core of it, you will find that even the darkest of emotions or thoughts has a kernel of light inside, and you can love that about it. For example, if you have sadness as a result of a loss, the kernel of light inside might be your love for the person or animal or thing you have lost. You can notice and focus on and love that love. As another example, if you or someone else are angry and behave in a cruel way, observe the anger. Anger is always about feeling either threatened or hurt, and the angry behavior is to defend oneself against the threat or hurt. So it is the need to live and survive whole that is the light in the kernel of that emotional pattern. You can notice and actually love that need to live and survive.

This is a very powerful practice. By changing your resistance to the “dark” energy patterns into observing and accepting, and even loving the kernel of light within them, a situation can be completely transformed for you. If the dark emotions are those within yourself, this practice can make your life happier and bring you much farther along on your path in life. If you are observing, accepting, and loving another person’s dark thought/emotion patterns, it sometimes helps them make a change. Even if it does not have any immediate effect on them, however, you yourself will feel calmer, and less stuck, and surer about any action you may need to take regarding that person.

Please apply these suggestions I’ve made whenever you are able. It is no accident that you sent in these questions at this time. And thank you on behalf of others who may benefit from reading what we have said here.




Dear Vywamus/Andrea

So lovely to be communicating here.

Was it you Vywamus who came through my channelling today during our Light group weekly meeting? My sense was that you were one of them through certain words used (and the feeling). If it was you, could you tell me who the other/s were? I know that names are not necessarily needed, but I ask so that the energy may be identifiable and hope this makes sense with me being new to channelling and keen to be aware.

Also why am I so drawn to buy a big memory stick... is there something to come in to be typed out?

Lots of love (and anticipation and excitement and love again)


Dear Anna,

Yes, I will confirm that I visit your meetings on a regular basis, and I am glad you were able to perceive me on the evening in question. Look for me again – or call on me any time to be present.

As to the other guides that evening, there were many, and there usually are on all your evenings. I will give you one or two names for that night: Kuthumi and Saint Jerome, as well as a number of angels. But part of your own path, and part of your learning more about channeling, is to have the fun of making your own identification of some of your guides. So do have some fun with forming impressions of the energies, making your own guesses, and asking for confirmation!

As to the memory stick, you may have already figured it out. This is one way your higher self has of alerting you to the fact that at some point you will certainly be receiving much material to be recorded.




Dear Vywamus,
My question relates to the issue of DESTINY. I've been married to my
wife Tutti for thirty four years now
and we have two beautiful daughters Cecily-Anna and Sonia. Although I
had been a serial dater with many
girlfriends prior to meeting Tutti, it seemed at the time that our
meeting was 'destined' to take place. A "Cosmic
Connection" as it were. Can you please explain to me if soulmate
connections such as ours are predetermined
and how are they established before the experiential existence?
Truth, Love and Light,

Dear Paul,

This is indeed a question of interest to many of you on earth at this time. In a few words, yes, the soul mate bond is predetermined, but this is a predetermination that each of your souls helped design long before you came into bodies.

From before the beginning, you and every other human are and always were one with the Oneness of Being (the Prime or Universal Field of Energy). This Energy is constantly creating Itself into an infinite number of forms, forms which are still always one with the universal Oneness, and never separate from It. Every one of these forms has awareness and will, and its own unique patterns of the primal Energy, and every one of these forms is a matrix from which new forms can evolve. In the case of soul creation, for simplicity we can call these matrices “oversouls.” (Various writers have defined the term “oversoul” in different ways, but this is how I am using it here.)

Supported by guidance from the very highest levels of Energy, an oversoul may choose to evolve in many possible ways. It may evolve into a single soul, a pair or group of individual souls, or even into a single soul divided into two or more parts. This evolution begins at very high levels, on the spiritual or numinous, energy planes, and long before individual souls journey into the astral and physical realms of existence. As souls from the same oversoul make this journey toward the level of physical incarnation, because they have so many energy patterns in common, there is a feeling of kinship and familiarity among them, a feeling of being bonded and “at home” with each other. This is what you know as the soul mate connection.

Before taking on a body, you may make agreements with each other about what paths you will take, when you will meet, and so on. And because of your similar energy patterns, you are often drawn to similar times, places and activities in physical life. When you then encounter each other in bodily form, you often experience a sense of recognition at a very deep level – sometimes with great clarity. At other times you come to know each other more gradually, starting with a simple, growing feeling of belonging or being “right” with each other. There is often a sense of “of course!” about this soul bond you have.

Then, because being together in physical life is so comforting and satisfying, and thus allows you to focus also on reaching your other goals in life, you meet often and become more and more familiar with each other on the physical level as you develop a physical history. Of course, every soul has its individual paths of development as well, and you bring your unfinished learnings and “baggage” into any physical life you enter. So meeting your soul mate in a particular life is not always a wonderful panacea for all the suffering and confusion you may have experienced in other lives. Much of the joy and peace in living a physical life with a soul mate depends on how much you each have already evolved. If one or both of you still has many issues to deal with, then being together may be a great support for doing so, but you will still have many ups and downs, and much hard work to do. It will not be the fairy tale existence that you might hope for. On the other hand, when each of you has done a good measure of evolving, your life together, though it will of course still have some of the challenges of any physical existence, will usually, at its core, be quite joyful, peaceful, and relatively uncomplicated. So if this is you, enjoy!

It is important to note, by the way, that for soul mates, or for anyone who is living such a happy and relatively struggle free life as I describe, one of the great gifts you can give to the world is to spread this joy and comfort to all who come in contact with you. You do this mainly just by being and radiating your energies out to others. You do not have to argue them out of their suffering, or get them to change their ways, or take on the responsibility for their awakening. Simply by allowing yourself to enjoy the happiness you have, and meeting life’s challenges with as much grace and balance as you can, you send them joyful energy and provide them with a model. Through you they see that such a life as yours is actually possible, and they receive hope and inspiration, if they are open to it. This may even lead them to a turning point they need, and make all the difference in their lives.

I hope you and Tutti, and others reading this who have reached some degree of balance and happiness in this life, will make the intention to continue to enjoy each other and your life to the fullest possible, and to consciously send out and share your blessings and your light with others around you. Your world needs that joy.

Thank you for writing and for sharing your joy on this Page.





I was wondering how do I call on for Vywamus? I never done this
before- calling on spiritual beings, I mean how do I say it word for
word when meditating. Thank you and looking forward to hearing back
from you.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Pavasuth,

I’m answering this question of yours both for you and others who read this, so you may already be doing some of the things I suggest here. Just take whatever parts of this letter are relevant for you.

I and other beings from the higher levels are always ready to help all of you in any way we can. We are never too busy and are always around you, so you don’t really have to call on us, you only need to notice us. If you are meditating and simply say inwardly, “Please come, Vywamus,” I am already there, whether you perceive me or not. You can take it on faith that I can hear when you talk to me or ask for my guidance. And you may notice that sometimes then I can give you answers to your questions, either in dreams, or in a little burst of insight during the day.

If you want to go beyond taking it on faith, and actually perceive my presence with you, then you need to learn to perceive and be aware of the more subtle energies at the nonphysical levels. This is not difficult, since you already perceive these energies every day. For example, maybe you’ve had the experience of wanting to turn around and when you did, found someone looking at you. What made you turn around just then? Often it’s because that person’s energy was being focused on you and, at some level, you perceived their energy. For other examples, sometimes you may get a sense of an atmosphere of distress or anxiety when entering the waiting room of a doctor or dentist, or a sense of the excitement in a crowd before a game, or a sense of the emotional energies in a church before a wedding or a funeral. These are all perfectly usual experiences of the nonphysical energies that you and others might have any time. When you practice noticing them, it becomes easier and easier to be aware of them.

Another way to increase your ability to feel the nonphysical energies is to ask someone you trust to let you experiment with their energies. Have them relax, and put your hand above their head, or near their eyes, shoulders, hands, back, and so on. After a little you may feel some areas seem warmer than others. This is a beginning. Keep noticing and you may then feel more of their nonphysical energies, and perhaps a difference among different body parts. The head may be warm and seem to have a lot of movement, and the arms and hands may be cooler and seem to have no flow. Doing this practice with someone makes it easier for you to perceive the energies in them that are beyond the physical, and even distinguish various qualities in these energies.

When you’ve raised your awareness of the nonphysical energies in everyday life, you can take it to another level, in meditation. In connecting with spirit guides it is especially helpful to do so in meditation, because in that place you are more consciously connected to the higher spiritual energies where the high level guides “live.” In meditation, then, first try focusing on people you have loved and trusted, friends or family who have passed over and are now out of body. Remember how it felt to be with them. Just imagine them in the room with you, they will always be there if you ask them. Since you are used to their energies, you can recognize them when they are in spirit form. Notice how they feel to you.

Now, just as you “feel” your friend’s or relative’s energy, you can also feel my energy and that of other spiritual beings. So first focus on your grandmother, for example, and see what she feels like. Then focus on me, or on my name, and see what the energy feels like when you do. Just see what you notice. As you practice more, you will become more and more familiar with my energy patterns and how they feel to you. You will be able to tell the difference between myself and your grandmother, or between myself and anyone else you may focus on.

These are a few suggestions on how to become consciously aware of my energies, and if you practice, I’ll help you to more easily perceive me. For more ideas on connecting with spirit guides and receiving guidance, you can also read my message of January 1, 2010 on the NEWS page of this web site, or look on this ASK VYWAMUS page for the letters to Mary Ann (9-24-11), Rebecca (11-30-09) and Natoya (9-15-09).

I am happy that you are open to feeling my presence! I am indeed always around you and surrounding you with my love and support.

Blessings on you,




My name is Michael Keesal. My mother used to speak with you when I was younger. Should I continue on my musicsl path?

Dear Michael,

Personal questions such as yours are really best answered in an individual reading, where attention can be given to all your personal circumstances and more depth is possible than in an answer on this page. Here I can give you some very general advice which also applies to anyone who asks a question such as yours, particularly when it involves music or the arts.

If you are moved to make music, or art, if your heart is pleased when you do so, if you feel less joyful when you don't, then by all means, do continue. The kind of creativity you express in music or art is one of the main gateways into the deeper levels of your spirit, and at the same time you are also being of service by adding something to the lives of others around you who are affected by your art. This can be a real contribution to the world as well as helping you along on your spiritual path. This is true whether you feel your music or art is your true work in this life, or simply something you enjoy in your spare time.

As to making a living in the arts, that is another question. It is always best to follow your heart and what you are drawn to and have talent for, and often this helps you manifest the work that you most love. Yet even in an individual reading, after discussing the various factors involved, I could only give you probabilities about how different career plans you may follow might turn out. However, that uncertainty need not and should not stop you from continuing with whatever you are passionate about, whether you can make money at it or not. Indeed even if you never made a cent, and need to earn money to pay the bills some other way, your music or art may be the true life purpose that brought you here. If this applies to you, you will be happiest if you do whatever you have to do to follow your path.

And thank you, and all of those in the arts who give of yourselves to the world. You are needed.





First question: At a meditation workshop the teacher spent the whole weekend trying to instill fear that if we did not commit to his program we would never achieve "soul transcendence" or prosperity in life. The underlying motivations I observed seemed materialistic and selfish and the teacher seemed condescending and manipulative. Am I wrong?

Second question: Recently a meditation teacher said that everything that happens is karmically correct, even suggesting that people give themselves cancer. It seemed ridiculous to me. What about really terrible things like murder, disease and violent crime? How can these things be karmically correct?



Dear Chellie

Even though its content is spiritual in purpose, the meditation workshop you describe is firmly rooted in the old ego framework humanity has held for many centuries. The process that went on there involves all the old ego patterns based on fear and hierarchy, “better than/not as good as,” rules and rituals, and sometimes material success as a mark of “progress.”

This old framework still has some value for souls who need to follow such a system for the learnings it provides, or for souls who need to perceive that this is not the path for them, and act accordingly. Trust your intuition. You are ready to enter the new consciousness that humanity is shifting into right now, and so this workshop and its concepts are not a match for you.

The new consciousness goes far beyond the old ego framework, into knowing and experiencing the infinite spiritual energies that have always been within you, and bringing them into every moment of your everyday life. This results in a life very rich in fulfilling satisfactions, and often material circumstances in your life get better too. So I urge you to see what you learned about the world and about yourself from this workshop, and then move on.

As to karma: Many people think of karma as an impersonal and often unforgiving force that is outside yourself. In reality what is called karma is actually an aspect of you. “Karma” means being caught up in reliving mind/emotion patterns set up by your ego's reactions to experiences you have, in this life or in other lives. As a soul, you carry the tendency to relive those patterns into each physical life – until you break out of the patterns. In a sense everything that happens is “karmically correct” since everything that happens accurately reflects what is, what is real right now, in your own personal evolution and in the evolution of humanity. It reflects when you are repeating the old patterns over and over, and it reflects when you break free of them.

Most of you are still working on the old mind/emotion patterns, with each life giving you another chance. Souls who have done murder or violence in other lives are given the option in a current life to choose differently, to avoid the violence they have done before. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they don’t. So you still have violent crime. As humanity shifts consciousness these darker elements will gradually disappear. But meanwhile, there is still this aspect of humanity to be dealt with which goes back very far in your history (Remember the Bible story of Cain and Abel.).

I will also add that at the soul level there is agreement among you about everything. At the soul level, even the victim of a violent crime has agreed to the possibility of being a victim, or to the possibility of fighting being a victim. There are as many reasons for this as there are souls. Sometimes a victim wants to leave life early and this kind of agreement is an opportunity to do so. Sometimes there is the wish to avoid a devastating end-of-life illness, or other tragedies that may come up. Sometimes the soul purpose is also a learning on the part of family and friends in their reaction to it. And when violent crime happens on a world scale, as with the crimes committed by Hitler and his followers, then it provides lessons for the whole of humanity to learn, and hopefully not to have to learn again and again. Hitler was deranged, and violent, yet he could not have succeeded in what he did without many people giving up their personal responsibility and blindly following him. A tragic, painful lesson.

What about disease and accidents? From a karmic perspective, why do these things happen? Many times it’s because you actually “signed up” between lives to have such an experience, and again, that can be for many reasons. Your soul may simply want to learn what it’s like to have a particular disease or accident. Or to experience being healed. There may also be the purpose to help others around you to learn whatever they need to learn. That would include family, friends, and even doctors and caretakers who are around you, scientists who study your condition, and others who hear about you. There is no telling how far your influence in such a life may go.

In your soul’s view, even a devastating illness or accident is not the tragedy that you think it is. Sometimes it is the very path that can lead you to transcendence – and others around you as well. From the soul’s perspective you know that everything is always all right. At this level, you do not feel the need to cling to any one life, because you are aware that you go on for eternity. So it is very helpful for you to go to the soul level often in your daily life (whether in meditation or creative work or channeling healing energy) and spend time there. It will enrich your life every day, and if tragedy comes, it will help you go beyond it.

I thank you for your questions. Please call on my energy or that of the other guides at these higher levels whenever you need us to help you along on your path.




Greetings Vywamus,

Six months have passed now where I have had many near black outs. Are these really necessary to get me on the path to clear out parasites ? Why didn't these happen before I moved interstate ? How can I be of assistance to mankind once I am free of these blockages ?

Dear Ruth,

While I do not give specific diagnostic or therapeutic medical advice through this channel, for you and for others who are also challenged with physical problems, I do have some general suggestions, and some words to say about other aspects of medical conditions.

When someone asks for help in a medical situation, I always suggest that first you look for the very best that Western medicine has to give you, and also the very best that alternative medicine can offer. This is, of course, a commonsense part of everyone’s responsibility to provide the best possible care for your body, your faithful companion on your path. You have done this, to some extent, already, and I urge you to be very thorough in exploring every option. Particularly with near blackouts, which can occur as part of many different medical conditions, it is important for you to explore every possibility.

From a larger perspective, living with a medical condition always brings important lessons, whether practical ones such as learning how to pay attention to and care for your body, or karmic and other lessons your soul came here to experience. However, I want to emphasize for everyone that a medical condition is not a detour on your spiritual path, but is an essential part of it. It is part of what you came here to do. And your ability to be of assistance to humanity and to contribute to the world is not at all dependent on waiting until health problems and their associated emotional energies are resolved.

Right in the midst of your medical problems, you are in a position to help the world. First and foremost, your contribution to the world is always to spend as much time as possible being in the light, in touch with your inner Being, and in touch with the aliveness that is always there within you. Meditation is one way to be in this state of higher consciousness, of course, or you can use whatever way you have found works for you. One way of entering this higher state that may be especially helpful when you have a physical problem is to focus on going deeply into the energy field of your body, beneath and beyond the surface level where the pain and other problems typically are, deep into the very core of your physical being. And simply be there. Just your spending some time every day being in this higher state of consciousness helps all beings on the planet – and it is good for your body as well.

Second, be mindful of the opportunities for growth a physical ailment provides on your path, for learning greater and greater acceptance of the reality of the present moment, even while you have this physical problem. Accept it all -- the ailment, the resistance you feel to having it, the actions you may need to take to care for your body, the role you play in allowing others to help you, or in presenting a challenge to physicians and other practitioners that enhances their learning. And of course, accept the knowledge that you have a deeper Life in you that is beyond the physical, that you may access in meditation or other ways. All this is part of your contribution to the world.

For you, Ruth, there is a high probability that some aspects of your physical problem will be resolved soon, especially if you carry out the suggestions I’ve given you here. Then, certainly, other ways to be of service will come to your attention and we will help you notice them. You are definitely needed for other service in the future. And, this future service may well be based on the learnings you are getting now, in the course of dealing with the physical problem you have.

But meanwhile -- and I say this for everyone, because perhaps 90% of you reading this will be facing a major or minor physical problem sometime before you leave this body—embrace your physical conditions and the situations you are put in because of them. They are an essential part of your journey, and may be the foundation for your next step.

And, whatever you have to deal with, please remember, we are always here to guide and support you through it all.



Dear Vywamus,

Is there a meditation to increase one’s frequency for greater good on this planet? Your answer is very important to me.

Dear Rosalind,

Actually your frequency level does not need to increase, because you always have within you all frequencies, up to the very highest, which I often call the “numinous” frequencies. At these highest levels of yourself you are always in touch and one with the deep aliveness that underlies all realities, including the everyday reality you live in. So the idea is to become more aware of and in tune with these frequencies that are already in yourself.

How to do that? For some people, creative or healing work may bring you into this higher level. For most people, one of the many forms of meditation will help you focus more often and for longer on your own highest frequency levels. There are many books you can explore if you want to know more about the different forms of meditation, and I have briefly described some of them in other letters on this Web page. There are also recordings you may find helpful in leading you into a higher state. I would say that if a particular form of meditation already attracts you, use that form. If no particular one attracts you, choose any one and stick with it for a while. Then you may be drawn to a different form. Or you may start to create your own.

As you continue to practice you may notice the feelings of deep peace or joy which are characteristic of the numinous energy levels. But even if you don’t have these feelings right away, or every time, by meditating regularly you are holding open a space for the numinous energies to come into your consciousness and you will eventually be able to experience them with greater and greater awareness.

Just meditating in any form and so entering your own numinous level on a regular basis is an important help in raising your own consciousness and that of humanity, of Earth, and of all beings on the planet. This is so even if you do not engage in any outward activity.

Of course, some opportunity to take part in an outward activity to help others or the planet may come along, and you may decide to also act on that. And if you are looking for a path of activity to help Earth in your everyday life, that path will surely arise when you live more and more in your own numinous levels. All you will have to do is be alert in everyday life and notice when the opportunity to take action presents itself. But consciously spending time at your own numinous levels is always the greatest contribution of all that you can make to your planet.

If you would like a meditation specifically focused toward the good of Earth, I would suggest that if you can, you be outdoors and experiment with feeling your feet in contact with Earth, touch the ground with your hands, even lie down on the ground, if feasible. And breathe. Let yourself notice your connection with the Earth, not just mentally, but a very physical and emotional bond as well. If you have made this connection, you may feel comfort, or love in your heart. The earth likes to be touched by anyone who touches with awareness. Then, if you are not already at your own numinous level, keep touching Earth and use whatever form of meditation you like to go to your numinous frequency levels. Take the planet and all its inhabitants into that meditation with you and then just be there. When you’re there you don’t have to keep reminding yourself of your intention to help the planet. You and Earth are there together in the oneness of Being, which is all that is necessary.

If you cannot do this meditation while outdoors and physically touching Earth, simply picture yourself as doing so. After all, even in a plane or a tall building, as an inhabitant of Earth, you are always in its energy field and within the collective energy field of all humans and all other beings on the planet.

I and the other guides and teachers at my level thank you, Rosalind, for your desire to move toward the greater good on your planet. We assure you that we will be with you, both in dreams and in waking life, and you may call on us for insight and for our energies at any time.


Dear Vywamus,

A Call from Denmark
The other day I read about you in a book of Doreen Virtue and felt deeply that I … had to try and get in contact with you. I found this fantastic website… Thank you Andrea for sharing and giving this to us and thank you Vywamus for your beloved and enriched answers.

I seek for… guidance in my personal life and would have liked an individual setting but it’s not possible for me right now. I try this instead thinking that some of my… life themes may be recognizable to others.

One of the main themes is fear. How to face and transform fear, how to avoid creating and attracting fearful situations and people that can bring fear into your life, and to find out when fear is an illusion or real and you therefore need to act and need protection … I want to have the courage to be who I am and stand up for my beliefs... I so much feel that I need a spiritual teacher now in order to open up to find answers but I just don’t know how and where to find such a teacher.

I will be grateful if you will spent some time on giving me some advice.
Thank you. Yours sincerely,

Dear Gitte,

From Andrea and myself, you are most welcome, and we are both glad you have found us on this web site. And we hear and understand your struggle. It isn’t surprising that you often feel the lack of a spiritual teacher, as do so many others. This is partly because you’re living in a time of transition, where forms are changing.

Gradually you are all becoming your own spiritual teachers and finding the guidance you need within yourselves rather than at the feet of a master. But meanwhile, in the transition, you may feel somewhat lost and alone, which is why I and other guides who work with me come to you in dreams, or in meditation, and also through books you may read, people you may encounter, and here on the Internet, of course. Even before you received this response to your questions – in fact, as soon as you asked them – I and other guides have been working with you both in dreams and while you’re awake, to bring you insights and help you shift your energies into a more satisfying pattern for you.

Now to your main question: What about fear? Fear is an amazing teacher for you and for all humans. It can be one of the greatest helps on your spiritual path. And to begin with, the most important thing to remember is, don’t fight it or try to make it go away, or even try to transform it. Instead, if you can find a way to fully accept your fear and even embrace it as an ally in your learning, it will eventually transform itself. When fear comes up in a situation, the first thing to do is pay attention and watch it arise. The second thing is to keep breathing. The third thing is to say to the fear, in some form, “ I accept you as part of my everyday reality right now.”

Part of you will be watching, breathing, and accepting, and part of you may well be submerged in the fear, your mind repeating over all the things you fear will happen, your emotions and body reacting, tightening up, perhaps your stomach in knots, your breathing faster, and so on. Maybe at some point you will get totally submerged in fear. That’s all right, it’s just part of the learning process.

At that point, if you can take some time in a private place, it can be very helpful to accept the fear I a bodily way. Move your body in tune with the fear, let the fear flow through it. Express your fear in movements, make fearful noises, and keep breathing long, deep breaths and letting them out fully. You may want to moan or whimper, or make short exclamations such as, “Oh no!” or “I’m so afraid,” or whatever comes up. Stay with the feeling. Don’t let the mind get involved in explaining all the reasons you are afraid, just feel.

As you do this, you may gradually notice, underneath the fear, a deep sense of energy and aliveness. Your fear may gradually shift into another emotion, possibly anger, or determination. If so, stay with that feeling for a while and see where it leads. Make movements, sounds, and statements to go with the new feelings. You may now find yourself saying things like “No, I won’t!” or “Yes, I will!” or “Never again!” and so forth.

The first time you work with your emotions in this way, you may feel this shift, and your body, if you keep paying attention to it, and breathing, will guide you into what to do next. If you don’t feel a shift the first time around, keep going. At the very least you will be relieving some of the static and pressure of your fearful thoughts by letting them flow through the body and not stay trapped going round and round in your head. Definitely a step in the right direction!

After this work, when the fear pressure is a bit lessened, take some time to meditate in whatever form you like to use. There are many good books and recordings to help you get into the deeper and broader levels of your consciousness, beyond your everyday worries and concerns. Go there as often as you can. Healing and comfort are there, along with the awareness of the great force of life within yourself, and the awareness of the You that is always all right and never can be harmed – the You that need never fear. When you are in this state of being, you need no protection and need not be concerned with protection. Any action that you need to take in your everyday life will arise of itself from this state of deep aliveness, without your figuring it all out with your mind. You will be led to do the “right’ things. You can trust this guidance.

So go to this place often until you feel and know for yourself that deep sense of peace, trust, and aliveness. It is your destiny and that of all humans to be more and more in this state of consciousness. And thank the fear that pushed you into finding it.

These steps I suggest will help you if you try them. They will also help with the other challenges you are facing. Please know that I and other guides fully understand how it is to be you, to feel fear and to face the many situations you have to deal with. And of course, go inside and call on us at any time for our help and support.


Hello my dear friend Vywamus,

Is there such a thing as Indigo Souls? IAm I one of them? I often feel like they say about these souls: misunderstood, lonely, different and gifted. You and the “gang” have been my best friends since 1999 and I love you very much. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being with me.
With love from Brasil,

Dear Renata,

From long ago in human history, at any one time there have always been certain souls who in everyday life, have felt set apart from others by their special qualities, and often also felt misunderstood and lonely. In the present time many have used the term “Indigo Souls.” Usually these are gifted souls who may be more creative and evolved in consciousness than people around them. And there usually are certain personal issues they are here to work on as well.

Of course, not everyone who feels lonely and misunderstood is an Indigo Soul. Sometimes these feelings are simply the result of not having learned enough relationship skills in dealing with others – or, of happening to be surrounded by others who do not have the inclination or the ability to try to relate to you. But if you have developed these skills and still feel that there is much growing within you (creativity, healing talent, psychic ability, spiritual opening, etc.) that you cannot easily communicate to others, you are likely one of the Indigo Children. This is the case with you.

Many of you are coming in now in order to radiate the new consciousness to others and possibly be teachers as well. You are pioneers in the forefront of the evolution of human consciousness, and often after a period of your feeling alone, we guides are able to draw you toward other Indigo Souls who are here to do the same work, so that you can work together, and so that you no longer have to feel alone and misunderstood. So do be alert for this happening in your life.

Meanwhile, always, we guides are here to be your support and your “best friends.” We are glad you can feel our presence. Hang out with us as often as you can.


Dear Vywamus,

Today I experienced you through a friend in Sun City, AZ so did a Google search, finding you here. I feel I am meant to remember our connection and would appreciate any insight you would offer as to our relationship…

Like many who write you I feel like I am currently existing in ‘Limbo land’, but do realize this is all in divine order and part of the exercise in ‘just being’… My question has to do with my ‘secondary purpose’. I’ve been tested through loss, letting go and finally surrendering to God’s will. Because of this experience/journey I am thinking that this is something I took on… so that I can share it with others… Yet the final key to this experience has not arrived – the key that would make the ‘story’ worth sharing, i.e. the miracle manifestation based solely on faith and surrender – not doing.

Am I on track…?

Blessings, Joseph [Surprise, AZ]

Dear Joseph,

Thank you for writing, you’ve put into words what you and many others are experiencing right now. Our connection is that you have in other lives been a student of mine, and of the other masters you mentioned. You are continuing your learning with us, especially in the dream state. I and the other guides commend you for your level of acceptance of loss, of being temporarily in limbo, and of surrendering to God.

All this has well prepared you to teach and help others. The opportunity to do so and the forms you need will crystallize in time. You can be alert for such opportunities in your daily life, but practice not being attached to finding them right away. Don’t be trapped into somehow expecting a manifestation, whether internal or external. That lets your ego pull you into looking for a future “result,” which of course gets you away from being present in the now.

You are on track, particularly in the sense that your loss experience and your process of dealing with it are important for your soul’s growth and for opening up new roles for you in teaching and helping others – eventually. But the growth and opening cannot be rushed. The ego, of course, likes goals and results, and will always attempt to persuade you to try to make something happen, right now.

Your best bet, however, is to stay as much as you can in the not-doing, the surrender, and simply be. Spend as much time as possible in the wider consciousness of meditation, surrender, and acceptance. Feel the joy of being there. If you get impatient and want “results,’ simply watch these thoughts arise and accept them like a wave passing over you. Of course, try out whatever comes along that attracts you. Eventually the right action will arise out of being in this higher state and your next step will be clear and joyous.

Meanwhile, I would like to point out that even if at this time you are taking no specific action in your everyday world, just by being present in that broader, deeper level of consciousness (whether you reach it in meditation or some other way), you are already a source of light, radiating the higher energies and so greatly helping others and the planet. You and others who can do this are particularly needed at this time to contribute in this way. Please feel free to call on me or the other guides at any time, and you can also, before sleeping, make the intention to remember our work together in the dream state.

We thank you for your service.


Dear Vywmaus,

Do you know me? Who am I? What is my purpose in life? I feel like I don't belong here. Since I had ilahinoor energy from Kiara, I see number 11 a lot around and every scenario is happening twice. I am with my twinflame. …I gave birth to my daughter in 2007 just like gaia was giving birth to the female energy… At the moment I feel like I am on a mountain top and dont know where to go from here. Can you please guide me? …There was a message in the internet from extraterrestrials recently... They ask if we would like them to show up. I read in several sites that some extraterrestrials… downsized our spritual nature so that we are trapped in our physical bodies and forget our divine source. So, although I would like to get in touch with the extraterrestrials, I feel a lot of fear.

Thank you so much,


Dear G.,

With the number of specific questions and concerns you bring up you would certainly benefit from one or more individual sessions with someone you trust, if that could be arranged. These issues you bring up deserve a great deal more time and space than can be managed on this page. However, I have made some general suggestions for you here, since there are many others like you who are dealing with some of the same challenges.

You ask if I know you. Yes. You are a beautiful soul whose main purpose in life, as with all humans, is to enter higher consciousness. Other roles will grow out of that. Your feeling of not belonging is mostly attributable to your problem in being fully present in the world. There is an imbalance here, in that, like many others, you tend to spend much time in your mind, without being very present in your physical body or your emotional body. Often when you do experience your body or emotions, this is not a direct experience but done through your mind.

Your mind has been keeping you very busy, and the more spiritual or other “information” you feed it, the faster it goes. Moreover, some of the material you’re getting is not really accurate in the reality you live in, and it may be hard to be sure about which information to trust. Simply adding more and more information will not help you decide. In trying to make judgments about spiritual information and about everyday problems, if you stay in your mind alone, you never arrive at any deep sense of certainty about the choices you make. And having so much going on in your head can become a torture.

You need to slow down and become more grounded in your body. One good way to do this is through movement and dancing, paying attention to what sensations you experience in your body while moving. If emotions come up, let them also flow through your body in movement. Just be with fear, love, joy, anger, sadness, as they are expressed in your body. Don’t try to figure anything out. Insight may come afterward.

Then, when you have worked with your body and emotions, experiment with finding the forms of meditation that work best for you. Doing this enables you to enter a higher level of consciousness, beyond the mind, where you will find “answers” to your questions and concerns about relationships, work, and your path in life, and where you will be able to create a reality for yourself that is safe and joyful.

For more details on how to do this work with yourself, look through the letters on this web page, where I have responded to a number of others who have similar needs to yours. I and other guides are aware of your struggles and are with you always. Call on us for energy and support.



Dear Vywamus,

I am interested in how to connect with my inner being and the higher realms. Is there a guide line to follow? Whom do I ask for help?

I am fairly new to these concepts and have learned how to do Reiki, so that was my first opening door. I sooo want to learn more. I have been told I am going to be a very strong healer and very needed, so I need all the help I can get to evolve.

Thank you,
Mary Ann

Dear Mary Ann,

Congratulations on getting to this point. You have many beautiful learnings and experiences ahead on your spiritual path. I and the other guides are glad for you.

Since you have already laid a fine foundation with the Reiki, perhaps you can start there, continuing to practice Reiki on yourself, on others, on the Earth, on pets or plants, and learning more and more about the higher Energy that flows through you when doing the healing work. As you probably learned in your Reiki training, this Energy flows through you to heal, whether you can at first perceive it or not. As you pay attention and further attune yourself to the Energy, you can develop your ability to perceive it more easily, and allow a greater flow to come through you.

You will find many writings that tell of others’ experiences in the higher realms. These can be good food for your mind, and may whet your enthusiasm for your own further explorations, But they will not be enough. On the spiritual path words and writings are no substitute for your own direct experience. So, in addition to the Reiki I would also recommend that you try out various forms of both movement and sitting meditation.

There are many good books which describe the various forms of meditation you can use, and I have gone into detail about some of these forms in other letters on this web site. If you have already looked through them you’ve probably seen that much of the advice there about how to connect to your inner being applies to you as well.

You may also try some of the many audio recordings that are designed to lead you into a state of higher consciousness, and see which are helpful to you. And finally, you might look into Part Two of my book, The Next Big Bang: The Explosion of Human Consciousness where I present in an easy to use form a set of exercises for accessing your inner being and the higher realms of consciousness. All these may be helpful to you, and it is not necessary that you follow all the directions to the letter. These are only forms designed to help you make a space in your awareness to allow a direct connection to your inner being. So try them out, and then trust your own inner wisdom as to how you use them.

As for asking for help, you may already be aware of having some help from various beings, especially those who specialize in healing, while doing your Reiki, and you may get a clearer sense of them as you continue to work together. And for personal guidance and supportive energy on your path, you may ask me, or any one of us guides and teachers that you feel drawn to. We are all here and always available as your companions on this exciting journey. Call on us any time.



Depuis le 4 Août je suis rentré en canalisation avec Vywamus, je peux vous dire que je doute encore

(Following is a translation by Andrea)

Since the 4th of August I have begun channeling with Vywamus, I can tell you that I still have doubts.

Thank you…

Bonjour Nicole,
I have enough French to understand your e-mail, but not really enough to respond adequately in French, so I have taken the liberty of translating your question as best I can and responding to you in English. I trust this won’t be a problem, since from your address I assume you are bilingual.

How great that you have been channeling! I’m glad for you. And yes, I think that doubts are always part of the process, at least at first. Every channel I know, including those in my Learn to Channel classes, goes through this. I have channeled from Vywamus some suggestions here for you and others who are channeling.


Dear Nicole,

I want to assure you that you are indeed channeling, but of course you need to develop your own inner “yardstick” to feel real certainty about it. And practice, and more practice, is the best help for this, whether it is channeling for people you trust, or for yourself. It is also very helpful to record what you channel, either in writing or in an audio recording -- or, if you are channeling for someone else, to have them do so.

You may have noticed that while you are in the state of consciousness where you channel, often everything you receive seems perfectly obvious to anyone and nothing out of the ordinary. So after you finish channeling, looking over what you recorded is frequently helpful in validating to you that you have indeed gone beyond what you could do in your usual everyday perceptions.

If you have looked through some of the letters on this web page, and the material on the News page, you may have found other material that will be of help to you in developing your channeling further, but the main points are practice and recording. I hope you will continue on this path of exploration. It is not only the information you may be getting, but channeling is a powerful tool for your own personal growth. It certainly stretches your boundaries and helps you go beyond who you think you are. And often the information you get and the process of getting it will help you examine and move through many of your own personal issues.

My best wishes for your continued adventures with channeling, and I encourage you to enjoy it as part of your spiritual path. I and the other teachers and guides, and your higher Self are always with you as you learn to better and better hear us.



Dear Vywamus,
My name is Walter and I was wondering if you had anything to tell me about my growth in my spiritual world. And I sure miss having sessions with you.

Dear Walter,

I well understand that at times you feel alone and in need of reassurance. So I would like to assure you, your spiritual growth is proceeding well, whether you are aware of it or not. It will go even better if you don’t forget to notice that every day in your “ordinary” life presents you with events that have a deeper meaning. They are all gifts or challenges on your spiritual path. Keep responding to them as such.

I and your larger Self are always with you to give you inner guidance in waking life and in dreams. I would add that our sessions together do go on, in the dream state, and you and I are doing a lot there together. If you wish to “tune in” better to these dream sessions while you’re actually awake, I suggest you look through the letters on this page and the material on the News page, for advice I have given others on tuning in to spiritual guidance.

It is no accident that you, and many others, are not right now in a position to receive guidance in personal sessions. For some this is because of financial limitations, and for others a trustworthy channel or psychic may simply be unavailable at this time. And often the reason for this is that you are at a point on your path where you need to be spurred on to developing your own inner wisdom and learning to trust it. This is the point where you are now. As you develop this aspect of yourself, you will connect inwardly with me and other guides, and eventually even reconnect with others in body who can reinforce and validate what you are learning.

So, be encouraged that you are in exactly the right phase of your learning right now. And I will see you in the dream state, and in other states as you continue to grow.


16 Apr, 2011

Dear Vywamus,

What is God’s plan regarding the evolution of conscious for African people, looks like we are left behind, nobody seems to care about futur in this world, are we going to stay like that for ever? Or do you have a project for Africa?
Thank you
Joele-renee Atouga

Dear Joele-Renee,

Never think that you are forgotten. Of course you are not left behind in the evolution of consciousness, and every one of you in Africa, as in every other country, is invited to be a pioneer on the forefront of the evolution of human consciousness. No matter where you are, you as an individual have your part to play. In whatever circumstances you may be, you can always go beyond the level of your everyday life and into the deeper awareness at the core of your being where you are in touch with the Infinite. For more about how to do this, read or reread answers to others on this ASK VYWAMUS page, and also the general guidelines given on the NEWS page. If many of you as individuals do this more and more often, you are making space for the energies of higher consciousness to come in for all other humans, and you will be guided into actions in your everyday life that will further your own and others’ evolution.
If you go to your own deepest soul levels – by meditation or other ways – you will also find there the souls of all other humans who are now in body and living on earth, and also a more specific group of all those of you living in Africa. One of the best things you can do for the evolution of consciousness in Africa, and globally, is to spend time there being present in the space of your higher Selves where all of you are one. When you come back from this place into daily life, situations will arise that may ask for your attention. Focus on these and you will be guided to the best action to take.
Now, Africa is a very special place for all humans, because it is your mother land. It is in Africa that you first came into human form, and later wandered to all parts of your world. So all your roots are there. Since that time Africa has played many roles for the world, among the m the birthplace of great civilizations, and also the place of preservation of much that is wild and beautiful in nature. Africa’s current world role is a temporary one, though it may seem very long to you. Right now, there is much suffering in Africa, from disease, from human hate and violence, from harsh government and corruption. You could say that Africa is acting as a mirror for the world to look in, in which humans can see some of your darkest sides. And yet also you can see there the vast love, courage, and inspiration of which all humans are capable. Many Africans who do not always get into the news are showing these every day. And many nonAfricans, when they see the suffering Africa is going through, are moved to compassion and love, and to taking action to be of help. Africa has a special role in helping all others in the world to grow in consciousness and open their hearts.
Now as to those of you actually living in Africa, or in any land where you are suffering, the pain you all go through is an amazing spur to you to push you forward in your evolution. Do not think that because of the suffering in your land that you are in a “backwater,” fated to be overwhelmed by your own troubles, and to be ignored by the rest of the world. In fact, wherever there is great suffering, there is also the most potential of awakening consciousness. This is partly because you are so motivated by your pain that you will do what is needed to move out of it, more readily than some who have a more comfortable life. And, as with any suffering, I always say, of course do what you can to relieve it in yourself and others by any practical means. But eventually, to deal with suffering, you must go beyond it. You cannot solve suffering, or many of the other problems you have now, at the level where these problems arise. Rather you must go beyond, into the deeper vaster place of your larger Selves, where you will find peace – and love and joy – and the practical answers you need. In doing this, you may evolve very fast, and you will be helping all others to do so as well.
We guides at my level thank you in Africa for the role you have taken on. We never forget you. We are always with you to help you in the difficult times and to help you reach your own deep place of aliveness and joy, where you and we are one, and where you can never really be harmed. Call on us at any time. We love you.


16 Apr, 2011

Dear Vywamus,

I have recently “discovered” you…and… I want to ask you to address the issue of religious baggage for some of us who have open hearts and really want to learn and grow and contribute….I was raised…Catholic… but even at a young age felt that there was “more” out there, that God was bigger than even the church taught, etc….Jesus, or Jeshua as I have come to know him has been a touch stone lately, and I wanted to ask you your thoughts on how those of us steeped deep in dogma can be healed to embrace the larger whole.
Thank you,

Dear Francine,
I see you are already finding your way. For you as a Christian, spending time being present in the energy of Jesus (or Jeshua) is perhaps the most effective way of all to heal and embrace the larger whole.
Often in human history a powerful stream of Energy/Consciousness from the level of Spirit has come to you. And inevitably, usually in a well meaning effort to preserve and carry on this stream, humans have constructed around it a structure of beliefs, rules, and rituals – that is, a “religion.” This is the case with all your major religions. Yet since every religion is a human organization, built by humans, the form of the organization itself is subject to human limitations. And so the pure stream of Energy and Consciousness that Jesus (and other great teachers and masters) brought to humanity has been filtered through the minds and egos of the people who received it, through the framework of beliefs about God and the world that were current at the time. Your religion and other religions, since their beginnings, have continued to be strained through successive “mind” filters right up through the present day.
When a human organization is established to define and carry on the spiritual energies and message, it is subject to the same problems, dynamics, politics, and shortcomings as any other human organization. This is a mind and ego dominated form, and it is a pattern typical of the stage most humans have evolved to, so far. To get out of this pattern – and you will, eventually -- humans need to evolve so that your minds/egos contribute to but do not dominate the process. You will need to get beyond trying, as the mind always now wants to do, to “nail down” the message and set up rules and dogmas and rituals around it. In a sense, the mind is always trying to get the spiritual energies “under control.” Of course you can’t do that. These energies are alive and evolving in your heart and everywhere. And the best way to get back to the “original” message and let it grow within you is to do exactly what you are doing: go to the pure stream of Energy and Consciousness where the message came from, and keep spending time being present there – in your case, with Jesus. Or with another teacher, if you are of another religious background.
By the way, you don’t have to intentionally set about “ditching” or rebelling against the religious structures in your past. You can do so if you wish, and if it seems to be part of your growth. But this is not really a polarity where you have to choose between a religious affiliation and an experience of the broader spiritual energies you long for. Rather than an “either-or” situation, it can be “both-and.” You can embrace religion as one aspect of Spirit, a human and limited aspect which is never able to “contain” or fully express Spirit, yet which may be helpful at times on your spiritual path.
If you keep spending time with Jesus in that pure stream of Energy/Consciousness he brings, you will simply find that you are in harmony with the deepest core meanings of your religion (of any religion), and that nonessential or limiting beliefs and structures will simply fall away, or their importance to you will shrink, so that they are no longer a problem. You will have eyes only for what is essential. You can embrace the limited view of Spirit offered by a religion as one part of the infinite whole – one view through a limited human perspective – one view among the infinite number of views in the infinite sight of the Divine.
With love and encouragement to you on your path,


16 Apr, 2011

Dear Vywamus,

Hi vywamus,
A few years ago I realized – and started writing them down, so I won’t forget them – numerous situations where there MUST be a ‘guardian angel’ who protects me, was that you?
I’d like to thank you or whoever it is for that!

Dear Egon,
Yes – and you’re welcome! I have been around you often, along with other guides, and angels. It’s good that you’ve been noticing these situations and writing them down. This makes you more open to receiving our help at any moment in your day.
We are always available to give you our love, support, and guidance. Call on us any time.
Many blessings,

16 Apr, 2011

Dear Vywamus,

I am caught up in a complete veil of confusion at the moment and would like your help. I have been on a path of healing in many different forms, but currently am struggling to make them work together in a way that makes sense. Can you see a path clear of how I make it all work in a way that actually benefits all the people that I want it to, yet still challenging me intellectually, and not causing me to personally fall victim to my own many many thoughts?

Dear Tammra,
To you and to many others who are torn between many paths I would say, there is a great tendency at this time to overthink decisions in your life situation. And while your mind can gather for you much useful information, it can only take you so far. You must go beyond your mind to find the solutions you want. Otherwise, you will keep circling round and round in a loop of pros and cons and “what if’s” without any lasting sense of conviction. And, by the way, your mind is getting tired and bored with going round and round with your problems. Why not give it something interesting or creative to do that is not related to your problems, while you explore other approaches?
Some of my suggestions here you may have tried already, though probably not all of them. I am giving them all here so that other readers with concerns like yours can try them. And I ask you to be open minded about trying them again, perhaps coming from a different standpoint.
To deal with your confusion among alternatives, and how to make them work together, you have many more resources than you have been using. So first, pay more attention to the intelligence of your heart. Amidst all this mental confusion, notice where your heart is drawn to go, and follow it. If you have trouble feeling connection to your heart, or if it seems to want to go in more than one direction, pay attention to the intelligence of your body. This is a real resource that many of you don’t use. Your body is constantly giving you feedback on how you feel about people and events and choices in your life. The feedback comes in many forms – everything from muscle tension and holding your breath to a bodily relaxation and a sense of wellbeing. Bringing a problem to mind and then allowing your feelings to be expressed in physical movement or dancing is one bodily way to get clearer on what your real feelings and desires are, and also to eliminate some of the confusing static that arises in your mind when you have pent up emotions. Dance your confusion, dance your attraction or resistance to the alternatives facing you. And so on.
Finally, activate more fully your connection with Spirit, either by meditation, prayer, or in other ways that work for you. When you spend some time every day in the still and deeply alive place at the core of your being, while you are there you attain a sense of inner peace which comes out of simply being, and being present there. In this state you realize that the agitation and confusion among alternatives you experience are simply ways your mind/ego has of keeping you busy. In the state of deep stillness, it may be obvious to you what I often tell people – that is, you are here on this earth to be. That is everyone’s destiny. If you can do this, you are fulfilling your purpose here. Period. And often out of being fully present in the deep stillness within, there will effortlessly emerge things that you feel inclined to do, and any doing you need to engage in can and does easily emerge.
Of course, there are many paths of doing that each of you may take while here on earth in body. Every one of them leads to some important learning. It may make you feel better to know that in a sense, there is no one “perfect” or “right” path for you. All paths eventually lead you back to the Infinite, your Home.
So, be easy. Pay attention to your heart and your body. Your mind doesn’t have to do everything. Indeed, it can’t. Go to the level of Spirit often. As you spend time there you will find certain inclinations to act emerging. You may end up choosing one of the paths you are considering, or a combination, or something entirely new. The main thing for you at this time is to get out of that unending mind/ego cycle where you will find much information but no satisfying answers. As I said, to find a solution to your challenges you must go beyond the (mind) framework where they are generated. When you do so, the answers you need will emerge. This is the life lesson in front of you and many others at this time: to go beyond.
Finally, be aware that we teachers and guides are always with you, and sending you the support and insights you need, in dreams and in the waking state. Watch for us. Call on us.

16 Apr, 2011

Dear Vywamus,

I would be interested in … (your) interpretation of the following …(about the) March 9, 2011 Dawn of the Unity Wave.
Thank you,

Dear Charlotte,
This message you refer to, in its essence, can be helpful for many people. It is a more mind-oriented message than many, and will therefore resonate with those of you who are more mind-centered. We guides at our level send out our guidance and support in many forms in order to reach as many of you as possible. Channel and others who receive and pass on our guidance do so through their own mind structures, and so on the surface many messages seem quite different. But this is fine because the concepts and words from one source resonate with some individuals, whereas others will respond more to the same message through a source that offers different words and concepts.
As long as all of you pay attention to the real essence of the messages without getting caught up in the details, you will receive the guidance you need.
I would add that you are all essentially moving toward oneness, or “unity consciousness,” and we are happy to support you, whatever words and ideas work best for you. And I assure you, whatever you were doing on March 9, you received as much of the higher energies as you were open to, and will continue to do so.

15 Jan, 2011

Dear Vywamus,

What about the crisis in Greece? It will be resolved normally and quickly?
Thank you

Agapi Kousi

Dear Agapi,

Although I do not make specific, concrete predictions, at this time the probabilities are that Greece will recover gradually over the course of several years. Notice that I say “probabilities.” These depend on many conditions, including choices made by many people, and they shift so much from hour to hour to hour that making an accurate prediction is not really possible. So I give you probabilities.

I’m answering your question on this page because it is relevant for many people right now. Greece’s problems are not occurring in a vacuum. Around the globe the economies and politics of many countries are in turmoil. This is partly due to shortsighted policies on the part of your leaders. But I would add that it is also a result of the beginning of a vast shift in all areas of human life. Old forms that used to work for you are breaking down – not only in the area of economics but also in politics, communication, education, religion, family life styles, your relationship to the Earth, and so on. As this shift goes on you will all develop new forms, but that hasn’t yet happened. You are still in the period of breakdown of old forms, and the very beginnings of ideas for new, more effective forms. So economic and other troubles in Greece and other countries are just one expression of this breakdown of forms.

Humanity will move out of this stage and into the new forms you need, but how fast you do this depends on choices you all make. Naturally some will drag their heels and keep trying to make the old ways work, while others will be ready to move forward and find the new forms you need.

What do you do in the meantime? There are lessons to be learned in the current period of turmoil. Perhaps the two most important are the interdependence of all humans on each other, and the need to understand what are your true priorities in life.

The new forms you need, economically and otherwise, will depend on your thinking globally, and seeing how much you depend on each other and how much your own welfare relates to the welfare of others in other countries. Concerning economics, there is a natural physical baseline of your material needs: adequate food, clothing, shelter, and medical care. How may you best help each other so that everyone eventually reaches this baseline? An overall attitude of compassion and collaboration, rather than competition, will be important in your developing successful new forms.

Second, it will be important to do some soul searching about what your real priorities are and whether they produce the fulfillment in life that you want. Maybe in the current economic times you are feeling the pinch, and feeling deprived of some of the material things you are accustomed to having. These may be “extras” or even necessities. For those of you who are worried about basic necessities, we send you our love and support. This is an opportunity to come together with others to help fulfill each others’ basic needs, and to develop your creativity in finding new ways to get your needs met. I do not say that this is easy. Yet in the ways you handle this hardship and help others to do so, be sure that your contribution is important. Your life can make a difference.

For those of you who are being deprived of some of the “extras,” or who are worried that that will happen, you have some questions to ask yourself. Beyond the baseline of your physical needs, has having more material things brought you lasting satisfaction and security, or has it eventually led to your feeling the need of even more things? How do you enjoy and value nonmaterial things such as your relationships with family and friends, your creative activities, your spiritual experiences, and so forth? Beyond the baseline need for certain material things, what makes, for you, a rich and fulfilling life?

The current shakeup of economies in many countries offers all of you the opportunity to learn much about how you all depend on each other, and about what you really value in life. Your embracing these challenges and responding to them will be helpful. The sooner you begin to learn these lessons, and incorporate them into new forms, the sooner you will pass out of this current period of turmoil.

Meanwhile, I and other guides and teachers are always here to give you our love and support. Do not hesitate to contact us in meditation, or ask for our help in dreams.



19 Dec, 2010

Dear Vywamus,

I have often been told that I have an over-active imagination ;)

Although I am completely aware that the art I create is inspired and comes through me from Source, I have a much harder time accepting that those little whispers inside my head that speak in my own voice are coming from anyplace other than my imagination.

I manage to meditate at least 30 minutes a day, in segments of 15 minutes each. I read everything that comes to me when I have asked a question, and watch for signs, so I am good at picking up on outer messages. And some days, my entire day is a meditative one, with focus on my breathing and being 'in the moment' no matter what I'm doing.

Is there a way, other than this, for me to learn to accept that the voices are not me going crazy or imagining things and learn where specifically they are coming from, as well as how to hear them more clearly? Also, have I visited your Ashram recently?

Thank you for any information you can give me.

Many Blessings,


Dear Patricia,

Yes to your last question. I have many places of teaching on the nonphysical levels, some of which you may experience as ashrams, or simply centers of learning. You study with me often, whether in the dream state or at levels beyond your usual conscious mind, and I see that you have picked up some memories from there.

Clearly you already are a channel when it comes to creating your art. But like many others, you find it harder to receive accurately and trust what comes to you in the form of words. This may be because most of you have limiting beliefs about yourselves and your reality, implanted in you at a very young age, and the words or sentences in which these beliefs are expressed clash directly with words you may be receiving from Source, your guides, or from your own higher Self. So it may be useful for you to do some work to let go of the specific beliefs you carry, two of which you have already stated: “I’m crazy (or people will think I’m crazy) if I believe in this inner voice,” and “I’m only imagining what I think I hear.”

It would be ideal if you could join a channeling class where you can discuss doubts and fears and where you had the opportunity to practice, and receive feedback and validation. Whether you are in a class or doing it on your own, practice, with an open mind, is the best thing. It is also very important to record whatever you think you are receiving. The more you practice and record, the more it will start to flow. Afterward, you can evaluate the accuracy and clarity of what you get. But, just as with an artistic process, rather than interrupt with censoring and evaluation as the process is occurring, it’s important to let the flow of channeling come and then evaluate it later. Validation can come either by evidence from the external world or from other people you may get information for, or by your own growing inner sense of what “feels right” to you.

So, more and lengthier practice, asking questions and recording what you get, could be your next step if you want to develop this ability. And, of course, not everything you hear inwardly is directly from Source or guides or your higher Self. Some of it may well be from your own unconscious mind, or your personal hopes and fears, and to be aware of the existence of these personal reactions within yourself is always essential in determining what source your material is coming from. As you practice, you will gradually develop your own inner “yardstick” for measuring whether you are on target with the information you’re getting, or whether it is solely coming from the personal concerns of your everyday self. This shouldn’t be too hard for you, since you have already developed a very strong and accurate “yardstick” to measure where your art is coming from. So you already know how.

If you can’t find a channeling class, and want extra help while doing it on your own, Andrea often recommends to her classes Sanaya Roman’s book Opening to Channel, in which the author offers steps to go through and shares her own experiences. You may also find it helpful to look over the letters on this web page, especially those I’ve written to others who are also trying to develop their ability to channel.

As to the practices you are already doing – the meditation and being present in the moment, as well as your art – congratulations! I am glad that you have made the efforts you have to open up space in your everyday life to be present to the larger realities around and within you. This is tremendously helpful to your progress on your path in life. And you are only one moment’s step away from resolving some of the remaining doubts and issues you’ve written about here. In the language of your everyday self, you are on the “right track.” (Of course, in the larger sense, you don’t need a “track” since You are already “there.”)

Please feel free, in meditation or before sleeping, to call on me whenever you need to. My blessings and help are always with you.



14 Oct, 2010

…I am writting to ask Vywamus is there such a thing as twin soul and if this is correct is there one for me at this moment? In this life time and if so, i can i know?
I know that is a simple thing to ask but i feel that there is a void in me, of cours being on my own for a long time, is not doing much for the moment...

Dear Jacqueline,

So many of you ask about twin souls and soul mates, that I have decided to offer here some guidance on the subject. This longing for soul mates certainly reflects the loneliness and sense of incompleteness that many of you are feeling now. As a general answer, I would say that most of you do have a soul mate. Most often, one of you is in body and the other is between lives, but closely connected to you, and those soul mates between lives may be even more helpful to you than if you were to meet them in body. When you are both in body at the same time, you usually do meet each other, and you may have the glorious reunion you picture and hope for, but at other times this does not work out well, because of baggage either of you may be carrying, and your meeting up again incarnated may be painful and full of problems. Such problems do not occur if one of you is out of body. In that situation, the soul connection is uppermost and so your relationship can be at its most harmonious. If you have a soul mate who is not in body, you can often learn to have an internal dialogue or receive dream messages from him or her, and this can comfort you, help you grow, and help you toward a better relationship next time you are both in body.

To learn more about whether you yourself have a soul mate living in body now, and what the outlook is for meeting and creating a good earth life together, I always recommend that you have a personal reading with a psychic, channel, or other intuitive reader that you trust. It requires going into depth and detail beyond what can be done briefly on this web page.

As to the loneliness and sense of incompleteness, whether or not you find a soul mate in or out of body, these feelings in you reflect a passage you are going through on your spiritual path.They are a painful spur to help you get out of the old mindset that leads you to believe that you are separate, and that there is something or someone “out there" which will make you complete. You are complete. But to realize and enjoy your completeness, you must get beyond the level of your limited everyday self, which is usually so dominated by the narrow ideas of your mind/ego. If you stay in the limited mind focus, you will never be satisfied because you’ll be looking for your completeness and fulfillment in the wrong place. So, go beyond the everyday level into the infinitely deep and joyful level of your larger Self. On this ASK VYWAMUS page and on my NEWS page you can read a number of my suggestions on meditation and other ways to get beyond the level of everyday reality. When you spend time there in that larger Reality beyond the everyday, suffering disappears, and you will know without doubt that you are complete and that you are not alone, but are always held lovingly in the deep Aliveness that is the root of your being

Now, of course we guides know that even while you practice and enjoy being in that larger Reality, you still need company and love from other humans in the everyday world. You are not expected to lead a totally self-sufficient and isolated life. Sometimes after you let go of the need to be completed by another, a soul mate appears. Other times that does not happen but you realize that you have much support and love around you that you were ignoring while focusing on needing “the one and only” person. Or you realize that you need to focus for awhile on loving yourself, before you can let love in from others. Just be assured that you will have enough love, that love is being given to you, at this moment and always. Let it in, of course. But don’t expect the limited love of anyone to make you a complete person, that will not happen even if the soul mate shows up. No other can make you complete because you already are. You must let yourself move to the level where you can notice and acknowledge that. The bonus is that if you do that, any earthly relationships you do have will be much better than if you had put expectations on them that are impossible to fulfill.

I send my love and blessing to all of you who are working on relationships. That truly is one of the most rewarding, and demanding, experiences of being human.




08 Jun 2010

Dear Viwamus!

Please, help me to realize my life purpose. What do i have to give to people, what have i come to share. I am thinking about it all the time, but there is nothing certain comes to my mind...I need your help very much. Give me clarity and clear vision of what are my possibilities, and what i should focus on.
Thank you very much for your help and light!

Dear Ailsylu,

You are certainly in the mainstream of those who are most ready to evolve at this time in human history. Right now, so many of you are unclear and wondering about your purpose in life and how you can best be of service in the world. My words to you are words to them also.

Do not doubt that you did come here for a purpose. You all came here to evolve yourselves, to eventually become enlightened, and this is your primary purpose in this life and others. All other purposes are secondary. And you can fulfill your primary purpose by being as fully present as possible with the light, the stillness, the deep aliveness that is at the core of your being. That is the main thing you are being asked to do, and I have given many suggestions about how to do this in responses to “Ask Vywamus” letters and on other pages of this web site. Please look these over.

As to your secondary purpose, your work in the world, do not be hard on yourself that you are not clear on it yet. You did not incarnate at this time simply to be put “on the shelf.” Yet for you and many others your purpose and work in the external world is not yet clear. This may have nothing to do with a lack of willingness or effort on your part. Sometimes, conditions in the world have not yet moved into place so that there is a clear path for you to know and follow. Or, there may be certain things you need to learn and experience first before starting on a definite path.

Meanwhile, you are not wasting your time. This time of uncertainty is also part of your path. In your everyday life hold yourself in readiness to notice opportunities where you feel drawn to help and to serve, and be present to all situations with a loving heart. (A loving heart is especially one of the things you personally have to give.) A pattern will eventually emerge, you will learn what you need to learn, your path will clear, and everything will be obvious. Just remember your primary purpose and your secondary one will grow from it.

Of course, I and the other guides will be working with you if you ask us to. We can sometimes get messages through to you in your dreams, or in moments of insight during the day. But whether you are able to notice us or not, we are always there, working with your energies and giving you our love.

Keep going. All is well,


30 May 2010

Dear Vywamus,

I am struggling to overcome my disability/energy crisis and having challenges at home with my teenage son and his negativity/health challenges. Mostly I am expending my energy into maintaining the home/finances, but my heart desires to heal myself/family and extend healing/love energy outward. I am basically about ready to give up, because within my own strength I can't do it all! Am I destined to be a lightworker or should I just accept life as it is and be at peace and just let it all go?
Something has to give here, I am just not sure what that something should be!
Love and Light,
Laura Dewitt

Dear Laura,

Congratulations! Your feeling that something has to give, that you’re about ready to give up because you can’t do it all with your own strength – these are absolutely right and are actually very positive signs. This is definitely a phase on your spiritual path in which you are being asked to let go. Not give up, but let go. You are ready to let go of the old, restricting view of the world created by your mind and ego, and enter a new spaciousness at the soul level.

The challenges with your disability and energy, your son, your finances – these are simply temporary forms in the “laboratory” of your current life. They may bring you interesting, sometimes difficult, lessons that draw forth in you courage, love, and wisdom. But where you and so many others get stuck is in thinking that these challenges and “problems” are all there is to your life. Your mind and ego tell you that if you could only solve or get rid of these challenges, then you could really progress spiritually, and really be a light worker.

I see you as already a light worker. The problem is your not being aware of it. This lack of awareness usually comes from getting so caught up in the forms of everyday life that you don’t allow yourself enough time to be in touch with your own essence, your soul, the deep underlying aliveness in the core of your being.

You may already have some favorite ways of making space for your soul. It needn't take hours every day. Five minutes a day might be enough, if that’s what you have. I often recommend meditation, dancing and movement, creative work, enjoying the senses of your physical body, enjoying the company of people you like, letting healing energy flow – and don’t forget laughter. True laughter frees you in the space of one moment from the burdens that press down on you. You can read over my recommendations to others on this web page and see if there are some there that work especially well for you. However you do it, spending more time connecting with your soul will bring a shift inside so that you’re not so apt to get overwhelmed by everyday life problems. Some of them may even solve themselves. And from this place, you will eventually see your path more clearly, and any actions you need to take – whether about solving “problems” or about bringing your light to others -- will emerge.

Remember, nothing can prevent you from being a light worker right now, right here, because you already are. You are bringing your light to all these situations you have mentioned. And if you’re not always getting obvious results from bringing your light, don’t be fooled by this. Whether you realize it or not, your light is already spreading out and affecting all the people and situations you’re coming in contact with.

And, in the future it is very likely that your light work will take new forms, some of them more like what you picture now when you think of sending out love and healing in your family and the world. Meanwhile, please let go and relax about needing to achieve certain specific goals right now. Simply be open to the depths of your soul and your own inner wisdom, and the goals will come to fruition at the right time.

And lean on me and the other guides. We are always with you, always sending you our love and energy.




Dear Vywamus,

Please guide me what is next step I need to take.
I feel lost for many parts of my life especially my carrer and
passion for the life.
If you can give me more specific direction and guide to next path
I really appreciate.

Thank You.
Hyosun Kim

Dear Hyosun Kim,

First, please be sure that I myself and your other guides are watching over you with loving concern. We are aware of your struggles, your efforts, your successes and what seem to be your failures. And we would like to applaud you – you have already put your finger on the key. In your particular situation, finding passion in life will bring about all the other things you need.

Now when you speak of passion in life, you may be talking of wanting to find a purpose, something to do that will be fulfilling and will inspire you to commit your time and energy and love to it. Or you may be talking about passion for life in general, the ability to feel enthusiasm, to take joy and pleasure in what’s going on.

Either way, my suggestion is the same: Do whatever you need to live more connected to Spirit and more connected to your body. This is key for you. You know well enough how to live in your mind, but that’s not all there is to you. If you live only in your mind, the rest of you starves, and your life becomes dull and passionless and, you may feel, not worth living.

On this Ask Vywamus page, I have made suggestions to Carmelo ( 5-15-2010) which you will also find apply very much to you. It is essential to make more space in your life to connect with Spirit, whether you do it in meditation or in other ways. And then there is your body. Right now, you are enough cut off from your body and emotions that is hard for you to feel passionate about anything. In particular, you need to breathe, to dance or in other ways move your body with awareness, and to notice all the sensations or feelings that come up. Simply accept and be present with them. Let them flow through your body. This will also allow the spiritual energies to flow through you more freely, and allow you to be more aware of them.

Both these 2 steps, connecting more with Spirit and with your body, will not only bring you more passion and enthusiasm in your daily life but will also make sure that you become more clear and excited about your purpose in your work and your path in life.

For more detail on how to get more in touch with Spirit and how to be more aware of opportunities for your work in the world, please look over my responses to “Ask Vywamus” letters from Carmelo, Diana (6-21-09), Pamela (11-29-09) and R. (3-28-10). Your own questions and struggles have many parallels with theirs. Take from them whatever you feel resonates with your own situation. Also see the News page on this web site for my message on 1-1-10 giving guidelines for further opening to Spirit and receiving higher guidance.

Finally, be aware that I and the other guides are already working with you in the dream state, whether you know it or remember it or not. We are always with you, and you have our unbounded love and support at all times, as much as you are willing to receive.




Dear Vywamus,
I am writing to seek advise on the next step i should take during these psychic challenges which never seem to end.I was told to contact my guide but i find it difficult hearing messages.So i have decided to do a cleansing first.Is there any advise you have for me to overcome my challenges and succeed in my healing journey.Thank you.


Dear Carmelo,

Your question is certainly one of general interest. We guides at our level are very much aware of the suffering and confusion that you and many others are going through at this time. You are not alone.

The ending of the challenges you speak of and the healing you hope for -- those are certainly possible for you, and for others. But you cannot solve these problems at the level where they have arisen. You must go to the next higher level, beyond the limitations of the mind and ego, where you usually live, in order to dis-solve these problems. That means going into your deep inner being, into the infinite space and stillness within yourself, and simply being present there for periods of time or even just for moments during your day. If meditation works for you, that’s certainly one gateway into that infinite space. Other ways include going deeply into the body, being very present to your own sensations and your breath, or being present and aware with moving your body or dancing. And creative work, music and art, being in nature -- all these can be helpful to you in getting into that infinite space of Spirit I’m speaking of.

Being in that infinite place within yourself is a different way of problem solving than that of the mind and ego, which usually involves defining a problem, figuring out a strategy to solve it, then carrying out the necessary steps. Of course these are useful methods and I don’t recommend you throw them away. But there is only so far they can take you, particularly with the kind of problems of a deeply spiritual and emotional nature that you are writing about. Finding the right steps and going through them – this alone will not in the end help you to find the peace of heart and the wholeness you are seeking. Rather, when you can spend time in this infinite Space, connected with Spirit, and living in the aliveness of your larger Being, then you do begin to truly understand that the problems your ego feels trapped in are mostly an illusion. And as you stay in that Space, more and more of your “problems” and challenges will dissolve, and any steps you need to take will emerge right out of that state of Being.

Now, I am aware that when you, and others, feel beset by serious challenges, and have trouble hearing your guide, it may seem almost impossible to meditate or in other ways get to that infinite Space. So I usually recommend 2 things. Do pay attention to your emotions and do something physical to let them be expressed. Put on some music that reflects the mood you’re in or the feelings you’re having, and then move around to that music. Don’t forget to breathe. Let your emotions “flow” through your body as you do this. This is a way of “cleansing” the emotional body. Certainly your idea of doing a cleansing of the physical body is also a good one if you feel the need and it has helped you before. And often the dancing or moving to music will also help the bodily as well as emotional energies flow better.

The second thing I recommend is that if after dancing or movement you still find it hard to go into that larger Space, use aids to help you. When you feel very conflicted and distractible, listen to music that inspires you, or to recordings of guidance or meditations from some spiritual teachers. Often this will help bring you to this higher place. Do not get into recordings from teachers who give you a “package” of things to do to improve yourself, or “10 Steps to Enlightenment...,” etc. These may be useful at other times, but not for the purpose here. The purpose here is to go beyond “doing” steps and into “being.” This is what will help you move beyond this phase of suffering and beyond your present limitations to that higher level where your current problems will solve themselves.

Blessings to you, and we guides will be helping even at times when you have trouble realizing our presence,



Dear Vywamus
I'm writing you to to ask a miracle of clarification of my husband K. life purpose and origins. He has difficulties in realizing his full potential as a light worker. Can you please give him direction and clarity regarding his life purpose and the gifts he has to offer and e can offer together as a couple.
thank you very much

March 28, 2010

Dear R.,

Your sincere wish to do good and be of service in the world is much appreciated by me, and by the other guides here, and both you and your husband have many gifts to offer. Thank you for your willingness to share your light! It is sorely needed.

First, I have already begun working with your husband and with you in the dream state. Do either of you recall “meeting” me there? Even if you don’t remember, I am with you, and the more you intentionally open yourself to my guidance, the easier it will be to listen inwardly and hear it even in your waking hours.

Next, I want to remind you that you and your husband each have a choice of many possible paths, and that, contrary to what some believe, there is no “one” path for which you are destined. Any path you choose in sincerity and openness of heart will eventually lead you where you are meant to go: Home.

What you ask for is not exactly a “miracle” of clarification, although at times when you are discouraged, it must seem that you need one. It simply requires some “homework.” To begin with, for some general guidelines for your husband and yourself on finding and following your particular path in the world, and learning what work you two may do together, I suggest reading, or rereading, my message of January 1, 2010, on the News page of this web site, and also the responses I have made on this “Ask Vywamus” page to Rebecca (11-30-09), Diana (6-21-09), and especially Pamela (11-29-09). If you apply these guidelines in your everyday life, you may well find insights, inspirations, and opportunities popping up right in front of you. And I would add that if you truly get into the process of learning and applying these guidelines it will be transforming for both of you. It is not just a means of getting to your path – it is an essential step on your path. As you evolve yourself in this way and become more of who you are meant to be, whatever you choose to do in the world – work, relationship, etc. – emerges out of who you are, and becomes a path of grace and joy.

After applying these guidelines for awhile, if you still feel you want to get into more detail about specific courses of action, blocks that may come up, and so on, I would recommend an individual reading or consultation with a reliable channel or someone else you trust. This would give your questions the time and attention and individual focus they deserve, more than is possible to do on this web page.

And whatever you do, remember, I am always with you to give love, support and guidance from our level. Call on me any time, and listen for me in your deep, wise Selves.




Hello Master Vywamus, thanks for sharing your energy and wisdom with me I saw an affirmation containing your name in it and I felt drawn into. I sensed your presence your presence as a green and yellow dreesed being. May I ask if you have any message for me and my path?

Dear Arturo,

It is certainly no accident that you have written to me here. I am glad you were able to sense my presence, and perhaps you also sense, at your deeper levels, that I have been working with you in this lifetime and others. This is often in the dream state, but sometimes you are able to be aware of me when awake.

My first message to you is that you are very much loved and cherished, by me and by other teachers and guides at the level where I “live.” And, you are being called, as are many other humans at this time, to be in the forefront in humanity’s next evolutionary step. In a few words, this means beginning to consciously live in two worlds: the everyday world where your everyday self is accustomed to live, and the infinite reality beyond the everyday world where your infinite Larger Self has always lived. As more humans are able to gain this consciousness of living in both worlds, all of you humans will evolve into living as your true Selves, and your everyday world will also be amazingly transformed.

You have probably already had in your life some “peak” experiences, perhaps of great joy, or deep knowing or harmony with everything around you. These are times when you have been in touch with the Infinite that is beyond your mind and beyond your everyday world. The next step for humans is to be able to live in this state of consciousness all the time, even while going about your business in everyday life. As you probably know, there are many ways for you to deepen your ability to live more consciously in both worlds: meditation, body energy work, and creative work are some ways, use whatever works best for you. These practices can help you be more ready to perceive and experience the Infinite that is within and around you.

So first, make yourself available to the Infinite energies throughout your day, pay attention to being conscious of them whenever you can. Second, practice being conscious of and in tune with the Infinite, while carrying out your usual daily activities. Be conscious of living in both worlds at once. For most of you humans, this is what you are being asked to do at this time. This makes you a channel for the Infinite energies, so they are more easily accessed in your everyday world, by yourself and others. You are helping humanity evolve. And for each of you personally, letting yourself be this kind of channel can also be a tremendous opportunity for growth and can lead to many positive changes in your daily life and relationships.

Now, for some of you living at this time, actual specific tasks in the world may also arise -- teaching, healing, political activism, and so forth. Through these tasks you are asked to help to channel the Infinite energies into your everyday world in certain specific forms. If you are staying in touch with the Infinite energies throughout your day, you will be able to recognize these new tasks when they are truly part of your path, and be able to receive guidance on what actions to take.

So far, everything I have said applies to you, Arturo, and to many others in the world now who are invited to be pioneers of human evolution. For more guidance, you may all find it helpful to refer to my messages on the News page of this web site, and to my responses to others’ letters on this page.

For you personally, Arturo, there is more to come, and you will not always be in the life situation where you are now. Your own work in the world will be changing and deepening. As you go along, in tune with the Infinite energies as best you can be, it will be clear to you what forms your work in the world can take. You will always have choices , sometimes several “right” choices will appear. Stay in touch with the Infinite and make these choices with your heart. You will be guided. And know that we teachers and guides and your own Larger Self are with you every step of the way. Call on us any time.





Peace and Love Vywamus,

Periodically, I'll have dreams about people I'm familiar with, sometimes I know a few of their names, tell them I missed them and give em a hug, but I don't know them or see them in my waking life. What's going on? What questions should I be asking? I always in my dreams ask who they are because they are so familiar, but they won't tell me or smile it off.
Much Love,
Kelly Mu

Dear Kelly,

As you are aware, these are not your ordinary dreams. They contain significant messages to you from your soul, and from individuals who care about you, to help you along on your path in this lifetime. Some of the “characters” in your dreams are people you have loved, and/or are guides who are working with you. Often you have a sense of recognition of them, even at times when they don’t look exactly like themselves. In general I can say that these are messages of love, guidance and encouragement. And one reason you don’t get answers to your questions in the dreams is that the dream messages are much deeper than can be contained in words.

If you would like to get into more detail regarding these very rich dreams you can do some work with them in waking life. Here’s a suggestion: First, it’s helpful to write these particular dreams down after you wake up, even if you only recall fragments or feelings from them. Then, rather than trying question and answer, which you haven’t found works for you, see if instead you can focus on any one of the persons in the dream. Take time to see what you notice about that person, and how you feel about that person. How does he or she move you or affect you? Write this down…

Then imagine that you move over and “become” that person. Just be that person for a little bit. What is it like to be that person? What feelings do you have for Kelly? Why did you come into her dream? And so on.

Allow whatever comes. Don’t worry about whether you are “accurate.” Just let your heart be free to take in whatever seems to be there. Pay attention to any feelings that come up while you do this and let yourself experience them... And write that down too.

If you “relive” a dream this way in waking life, going back and forth between being yourself, and being the person in the dream, you will be much more open to receiving their message and their energy, and at a level much deeper than your mind. As you get more deeply into this kind of “back and forth” in processing a dream, a dialogue between you and the dream character may evolve (Write it down.), where you actually do get answers to your questions in words. But don’t press for words. Put your attention on the exchange of energy you feel with the person in the dream and you will be much more satisfied with your experience and much more satisfied with any words you do get.

If you choose to give some time to them, these dreams are a wonderful opportunity for you to communicate with guides, with loved ones at the higher levels, and with Spirit. And if you undertake this work I will be sending you some of my energy to help you. It will be an interesting adventure on your path!




Hi Vywamus

...hows it going? My names Tyson and I'm needing to know how can I remove the core fear matrix that is inside me along with the other psychic attachment garbage? I also read about your school thats in the inner planes..... your ASHRAM for Ascended masters in training... how can can i go there and shed my being from all negativity? As i have trouble visualizing and meditiating.... and also what is the most successful way in changing my core beliefs so they support my life and bring about positive thoughts and just a better reality? .
thanks mate.

Dear Tyson,

As you may guess, there are many schools on the inner planes to help you humans be active partners in your own transformation. In the dream state you are already going regularly to classes at the Ashram you speak of. If you make the intention to go there and remember it on awakening, you may be able to do so.

Let me remind you, every one of these classes has also a “lab,” which is the work you do in everyday waking life. You probably need no help in remembering what’s happening in the lab! While your soul grows into the higher energy levels at night, during the day emotional baggage such as the core fear matrix, the “other psychic attachment garbage” you mention, and other obstacles to your growth come right up to the surface to be noticed and worked on in the laboratory of your daily life.

There are many good systems for doing this work, including therapy, if you find a wise therapist. Whatever is compatible for you. The key is to be in and allow the present moment. This includes being present in your heart and body, of course, not just your mind – being present to whatever is going on, whether that is fear, or anger, or joy, or anything else. In any moment of fear, or any “negative” emotion, the smart approach is not to fight or try to get rid of or get away from whatever you think of as negative. Rather, express and feel a negative emotion in your body by movement or dancing. As you do this and actually allow the energy to flow through you, you will eventually notice that every “negative” emotion also has some positive kernel within it, some aspect of it that expresses something positive in you. It may be your wish to be, to be more alive, to be more fully yourself, or it may be something else. As you dance or move, take time to notice and accept whatever is positive about your “negative” feeling -- and see what happens.

As you continue this practice, you will also gradually experience that no matter what traumas and negativity you encounter in everyday life, there is also a You above and beyond them, a You who is always all right. Sometimes your spiritual practice is to hold awareness of both the personal “negative” experience and of the Self beyond it, and to accept them both, rather than make the negative go away. As the positive kernel in every seemingly negative situation becomes clearer, it’s easier to hold both.

If you can do this whenever negative emotions come up (or when positive ones do!), you have no need of other kinds of visualizing and meditating. With our help, the more you accept your own emotional reactions to the daily events that arise, and let them flow through your body, in movement or dance, the freer the higher spiritual energies will be to move through your body without obstacles, so that you can live and walk in Spirit more and more of your day. There is no higher form of visualization or meditation than this.

You have my love and support in these efforts, and that of other guides who are working with you.




Dear Vywamus

During a recent meditation I had after asking about my son's spirit guides, a male energy appeared to me that looked blue with purple eyes and white hair that was shaped in a square. This image appeared and felt like it was pulsating energy towards me, it looked odd, but not scary. It definitely seemed not from this earth or not in human form. Am I going crazy? I do not know what to make of this vision. When reading Doreen Virtute Archangels, and Ascending Masters book I came across the section where she mentioned the name Vywamus, and immediately remembered the vision. So is this you coming to me or another being making trying to make contact?


Dear DeAna,

I have been working with you for some time, much of it in the dream state, and I am pleased that you picked up my energy so easily in meditation, and had enough confidence in your intuition to connect with my name. No, you are not going crazy – simply opening up more to the realities beyond the physical. This is part of your birthright as a human, to be able to live simultaneously in both “worlds” – the physical everyday world you all acknowledge, and the infinite world of Spirit which is also your true home.

Your vision is a signal to you from your higher self that you’re ready for a fuller and more conscious contact with me and other guides if you wish it. If you undertake this, you will experience this contact in a variety of ways, and the pace can be as rapid or as slow as is comfortable for you. On the Newsletter page of this web site I have made some suggestions about opening to the reality of Spirit and to guidance from the spiritual levels. Some of these practices you are already following. As you continue to practice, your ability to hear me and other guides will become more clear and accurate and you will feel more grounded in your approach.

Remember, I and others are always available when you call us.

Blessings to you,



Dear Vywamus
I have been opening to spirit all year very subtly but find it difficult to make a real connection and think sometimes that I am making things up in my head. I happened to fall upon your name yesterday and thought I sensed you around me but wasn’t sure. Will I continue to open up to receive clear messages or will my communication always be this sublte and just “in thought?”
Thank you for your help

Dear Rebecca,

Yes, I was around you at the time you mention, and other times as well. I am glad you have written to ask about this.
First, I would say, you are in exactly the situation that many other evolving humans find themselves at this time. Having been brought up in the old framework of identifying with mind and ego, the first steps of breaking out of this old and limiting mindset often seem cloudy and uncertain. You have been taught to live in a “reality” where only concrete things are considered “real,” and where the only way of understanding your world is through the mind. To break out of this limiting pattern you have to develop your inner receptors so you can be aware of the energies around and within you that are beyond the physical and the mental. This is what has begun to happen for you in your opening up to Spirit, and it can continue, if you want it, to a level where you have a much greater sense of clarity and certainty about what is “coming through.”

There are several things which may help. Some of them you are doing already. And, since a number of others who wrote in have similar concerns, I’ve placed, on the Newsletter page of this web site, some general guidelines for all of you. Please use whichever of these suggestions resonate with you to assist your further opening of yourself to the energies of Spirit. I am always available to you when you call on me, and your ability to “hear” me will improve significantly as you practice.




Hello from Ireland,

In the past, I had a number of "experiences" that lead me to read more about Vywamus and other Beings and other Worlds. I would say that Vywamus, along with Djwal Khul, helped me step out of the fear and also helped me "remove stuff" that kept me in fear. For that I am grateful beyond words. Since then, however, I have seriously doubted myself for one reason and another. I would like to think that I am an awakened being and perhaps someone with a mission and purpose, but so far, nothing seems to be happening that would indicate that. I was quite "delusional" about myself thinking I may be someone important in this crazy world! How can I be sure what I am here to do and accomplish? I seem to have no discernible gifts or purpose although I am waiting for something, I don't quite know what, to happen.
Thank you for this opportunity to write to you and thank you, Vywamus, for your help in the past, I still call on you when I need help!
Pamela Davis

Dear Pamela,

You are in a period of gestation – a time of questioning and doubt waiting to know your next step -- which occurs with everyone on a spiritual path, usually more than once. Have no doubt that there is a purpose for which you have incarnated here, and that your soul is already moving toward fulfilling it, even if your mind does not see it clearly as yet. As various conditions in your life and within you come together, you will also have some “answers” for your mind about what has been going on. Meanwhile, you can help the process along by removing certain obstacles and by learning to more easily recognize the subtle cues that are nudging you along on your true path.

With some obstacles you have already made great progress, in stepping out of fear, for example. Another obstacle that many of you face right now is the limiting mental framework in which you were brought up. In this framework, the importance of your accomplishments is judged by material standards such as power, fame, and wealth. Yet most of you on spiritual paths at this time have “been there, done that” in other lives already. You have been leaders, or well known, or powerful in other ways and made an obvious mark on the events of your time and place. That was the old form of being important and making a difference in your world. Now, in this phase of human evolution, it is time to step out of the old, narrower way of thinking and into the realization that you are an infinite being, and that Infinity expresses itself in all you do. Every least thing you do, whether it seems “important” to you or not, is Infinity acting in you, and it influences all of humanity and all of your world.

How do you decide which things to do? There are already, or will be when you notice them, certain situations which present themselves in your everyday life, choices to be made and so forth, and if you approach each of them in a sense of oneness with the Infinity in you, you will usually feel an inclination to make one choice rather than another. Based on that choice, another choice point will arise, and soon, if you continue to make these “little choices” in a way consistent with the Infinity within you, you will sense you are being led on your true path. You often may not have a complete vision of your mission at the start, but only of the next step that seems right to take. Then, at a certain point, you may look back and see where all these “little steps” have been leading you and how they are coming together, and at that point you may have a clear vision of the whole.

Yet now while you are in the midst of uncertainty, do not think that nothing is happening. Everything is happening! Just stay at one with the Infinite in you, and make the choices that feel right in the moment. If you’re doing that, you’re already fulfilling your soul’s purpose whether your mind knows what it is or not. And eventually your mind will catch up and you will also see with your mind’s eye exactly what is your purpose and what you are and will be contributing to the world.

I and other guides are always with you to help you along on your path, with our energies and our guidance. You may wish to read the section on Guidelines for Further Opening to Spirit and Receiving Higher Guidance on my Newsletter page in this web site for more suggestions. Some of these suggestions you are following already, but others you may wish to try out. Meanwhile, please keep calling on me or other guides whenever you need us. It is our pleasure to help you along.




Hello-I have received visions of a big blue eagle/bird and I believe he is my guide. I keep wanting to call him "Wu", are you the same entity? This being is very kind and gentle yet very powerful, thank you for any information you can provide.

Most radiant blessings, Cecilia~

Dear Cecilia,

Yes, I am one of your guides, and “Wu” is another. The vision you received was of both of us. We often travel together, and humans perceive us in different forms at different times. The blue is a color frequency I often use. The eagle form stands for wide vision and the ability to soar, but also when the eagle comes to its nest it nurtures its young and keeps them under the warm feathers of its wings.

We sent you this vision because you were ready to receive it. We appeared to you in this particular form to encourage you to soar in the spiritual realms, even more than you already do, and also to convey that you are under our “wings” – our care and guardianship -- when you feel you need it. It is one of my missions on earth at this time in your evolution to help all of you know that you can soar into the higher spiritual levels, which are your real home. And the entity you know as “Wu” has had many lives on earth, one of them as an ancient Chinese physician actually named “Wu.” His work in particular is to help those of you who are evolving with the bodily healing and adjustments you need to make as your world and your bodies change to a higher frequency.

You can call on either or both of us at any time of the day, or ask for us to visit you at night in the dream state. We are always available to give you our love and guidance!

Blessings from myself and Wu,



Note from Andrea: Even though the following letter is addressed to me, and not directly to Vywamus, I have asked the writer’s permission to post it on this page, with my response. It touches on some points that may be of interest to other readers. I invite you also to let me or Vywamus know if you have opinions on this subject


Dear Andrea,

In the “Ask Vywamus” section of your web page, you shared a reading you did for “Natoya”. Part of the response was “you will need an individual session”. As a student of Janet McClure and Saemmi Muth for many years, Vywamus always said that we “need nothing”. Also, to suggest that an individual session is needed really makes me wonder if you weren’t “advertising for profit” during a “channeled” session.

Looking forward to your reply.


Dear Morgan,

You make some important points. I agree we truly “need nothing,” that we and our reality are perfect in every moment, and that when we are able to go deeply within ourselves, all answers are there, and there are not even any questions that need answering. Yet, in our everyday world few of us are always able to access this deep wisdom of our being -- or, if we do, our ego comes in and raises doubt, and we sometimes look for “more objective” input to validate our deep knowing.

I believe humanity is evolving a consciousness to include a connection with Spirit that will encompass this deep knowing all the time. Then, a column like “Ask Vywamus” will be redundant. As this happy condition has yet to come about for most of us, we still have columns or web pages like this one for questions, and we still have individual sessions.

In my channeled response from Vywamus to Natoya, the emphasis is on encouraging her and suggesting ways she can access her own inner wisdom and her own connection with Vywamus to answer her question. If she wants more detail and depth than she arrives at by these methods, or by reading this column, then she might in that sense have the "need" of an individual session for additional assistance. That is the spirit in which the word "need" was used here.

As regards individual sessions and readings, there are often times when I think it’s good to consider that option, when you’ve done all you think you can on your own. It’s certainly a different experience than working in the core of your deep Self, and different from receiving a brief answer in this column. In individual sessions, at least when he is working with/through me, Vywamus likes to converse back and forth with someone and help draw out their own inner wisdom as well as offering his own. That requires a more in depth dialogue than I can offer on our "Ask Vywamus" page, especially when specific issues of work, relationships, direction in life, and health are to be addressed in detail.

When you raise the question of self advertising, you refer to Vywamus’s response to Natoya where he says, “For more detailed answers…you would need an individual session.” He made a similar suggestion in a letter to another reader. I acknowledge I did not realize until you pointed it out that the wording might be unclear, or the statement might need elaboration. I’m sure that in these responses Vywamus simply intended to point out, through me, that when dealing with complex life issues, having an individual session could be helpful in getting more depth and detail. This individual session would not necessarily have to be with me channeling Vywamus, or even with Vywamus coming through another channel, it could be with any qualified person. And of course, it would be up to the reader whether to follow through on that suggestion. In my experience, Vywamus is always respectful of a person's ability to make their own decisions, and while he points out possibilities to try, he never tries to talk anyone into anything, including an individual session. I try to follow his lead.

I do welcome people who want to use my services as a channel, and of course I do advertise myself elsewhere on my web site, that’s one of the reasons I have it. Yet I consider the "Ask Vywamus" page to be a special place on the web site, in a way set aside from the others, and not for advertising. It is not my intention to try to “drum up business” for myself here. Rather, my goal on this page is purely to give Vywamus an avenue to communicate and offer help and support to readers in various ways, and to stimulate interest and discussion among us about the spiritual energies that affect our lives.

I thank you for expressing your concern and alerting me to the inconsistencies.
I agree that transparency of our motives is essential and especially in the field of spirituality.

Please write back about this if you wish.




Note: The following question was received from a reader in France, and I have edited it for readers of English so as to minimize any lack of clarity resulting from language differences. If this is not quite an exact rendering of your question, Corinne, I apologize. However, the answer from Vywamus, I feel quite sure, applies to your question exactly.

----Andrea Seiver


Hello Vywamus,

By the intermediary Saint-Gabriel in April, I learned of you. I will like to ask you the following question: what do I have to do to receive the messages which I (need) to write about the (presentation) of CACD ? Am I able to carry out this (presentation) to announce the light? … How can I proceed in truth and love?
Thank you very much.

Corinne from Paris

Andrea Seiver wrote:

Dear Corinne,

Thank you for your question, I am glad to hear from you. In order for me to more clearly channel an answer for you from Vywamus, can you tell me what is CACD, and what is the work you are trying to do with it?

Thank you,


Andrea Seiver

Dear Andrea,

CACD is a (presentation) which speaks about the awakening of the conscience of humans. CACD is a play on words. It stands for "Coeurs A Corps D... " which in French can also be understood as "Coeurs Accordés" or in English "Hearts in Accord". (In my work) I put the accent on the body, with Tai Chi Chuan and the elements of nature, as well as dances coming from the four corners of our planet. The whole is accompanied by words of … light.

I would like to be inspired by great wisdom …, or to do automatic writing. Either way, I do not want to tell silly things and I check myself. I have lived sometimes luminous and sometimes traumatizing events in other dimensions, and I know. Yet to know is not to know how to say it. And I wish to say it to a greater number of hearers with simplicity and clearness. I feel able to do this but not without some counsel and a guide for informing me on finding luminous words. I do want to avoid the pitfalls of the ego.

…Only one presentation is envisaged in Paris on March 10, 2010, and I still haven’t written anything. Also, the organization which proposed it to me ( doesn't yet have the budget. Is this a good organization to carry out this project? I do not doubt the person who contacted me but now I cannot do it without money and I fear a little on this level.

Thank you very much in advance and all my respect for your works and Vywamus.



Dear Corinne,

First of all, I and the other guides and teachers at my level enjoy your little play on words with the CACD/"Coeurs A Corps D"/"Coeurs Accordes!" We thank you for the work you are doing in helping humans see what they may become, and evolve into that vision. The forms you have chosen to work with at this time -- the elements of nature, the dances, Tai Chi, and so on -- will resonate with many people who have been suffering because of the emptiness of their everyday lives, or because they are stuck in their egos and their intellects. You can give them new hope, and a sense of their own aliveness which many lack right now.

In writing or in making a presentation, your own being and the way you embody the energy you are trying to bring through to others are more important than the particular forms or words you choose. If you go deep into the core of yourself -- as you often are already doing with meditation or movement -- and you then carry that core Energy into your interactions with others and your presentations, then the "right" form and the "right" words to impact those persons and those situations will come to you effortlessly. So, in communicating with others, it is being in the Energy that is most important, and the words or movements ride along, like foam on top of a wave. This takes some practice to do consistently while communicating with other people. And I promise you it will be very rewarding...

As long as you stay true to that core Energy, any words you receive in that state (as you call them, "luminous words" and as Andrea might call them, "channeled words") will be clear and will reach into the heart of anyone who is ready to hear them. This is true whether they are spoken words or written. Sometimes such words seem very simple and obvious to you, but be trusting: if you let them come from that place of deeper Energy within you, the words will be just what your hearers need to hear. They will never be silly, because the Energy carrying them is true and deep. And of course, you will avoid the pitfalls of the ego.

As of now, the probabilities look good for having the money needed for panoramixe well before March. Yet even if that changes, do look for all other possible ways to get your work out to the public. It is important work, and you are much needed.

We here send you our ongoing love and support in all you do.




Sep 15, 2009

(Dear Vywamus)

Was that you that I channeled while meditating?! Do you have a message about health and career for me?
Infinite love Vywamus
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Dear Natoya,

Yes, we have met a few times, and in other lives as well as this one. You did pick up my energy while meditating, and I touch in with you often in the dream state as well, whether or not you remember it. If you continue to meditate, or if you pose me a question before going to bed at night, I can often bring you an image or words which will be meaningful in answering your question. Just take whatever image you get in a dream after posing the question, (even if it is a picture of a bowl of onion soup!) and write it down. In meditation later I can give you other images to help clarify the dream image.

You can use this method to ask me your questions about health and career, or anything else. In this way I can often help you when your own reasoning and common sense don't seem to be enough.

For more detailed answers to your health and career question, you would need to have an individual session. But I can tell you in general, that as regards career, whether you are working now, laid off, or working and thinking of a change, you are much needed in the world at this time to do what you are most inclined to do. Many of you these days are being pulled into work that will help in humanity's evolution, whether this is paid work, or work that you do "on the side" while you are in a more conventional job setting. So listen inwardly, and in the dream state, and allow yourself to be pulled in the direction you find. This will help you take the first steps in what you need to do. And, a fringe benefit: Not only will you find life more fulfilling by following these inclinations, it's also good for your health. You have access to greater energy, and to the healing or easing of physical ailments you may have.

Above all, remember you are not alone. Many others are being pulled along, as you are, for the good of humanity. And we guides at our level are always there for your support.




June 21, 2009

I like to know what is my scope in this life and what are the jobs, reference to this.

Dear Diana,

Your questions are important ones, and they are questions many others are concerned about in these times. Here in this letter I can offer you some general principles on how to move toward answers to these questions. You may find, however, that because these questions are so central in your life right now, they deserve the time and attention and individual tailoring to your needs that would be part of a conversation with me during an individual session. On the other hand, applying these general principles may bring you enough success that you have no need of an individual session.

As to your scope, the scope of your life on earth, each of you has a main path and one or more personal paths to follow. Your main path is to learn how to live in touch with the deep aliveness that is within you and in all things, a deep aliveness that you may call Universal Love, or All that Is, or Spirit, or God. You do this in many ways, but essentially it is by being in the moment every moment and simply accepting what is. There are many fine writings and classes in meditation and other forms to help you begin to do this, so I need not go into that here. When you live that way, even in the midst of everyday concerns, you make your life easier and you help advance the unfolding of the greater consciousness of humanity. So this is the main mission of every one of you on earth, and the form of what you choose to create in your everyday life is less important. If you are following your main path, the forms you need in your personal life arise more easily and you notice them more readily.

Now as to your personal path, be aware that you do create your own reality, but you are not alone in doing so. You are always working within circumstances and conditions created by the collective human energy field of all of you creating together. You have influence in that, of course, sometimes a great deal of influence, but yours is not the only influence. So, for example, because of circumstances in the United States, and how you have all collectively designed it so far, someone living in the U.S. would have much more difficulty finding a job as a shepherd than as a data entry operator or a mail carrier.

In general the best approach to job hunting is to first let your mind do some ground work: What interests do you have, what are you inclined toward, even if you have had no training? What would you not want to do? What kind of circumstances would you like to work in, and which would be unacceptable to you? What kinds of openings might there be in the area where you live, and how willing are you to relocate if there’s nothing near you? And so on all commonsense steps that you may have already taken.

Next, put that aside for a bit and go below the surface level of everyday concerns, deeply within yourself, to your own core energies. Bathe in these energies. This is the soul level. Ask there that what is for the good of yourself and for all will come to you. That you be guided into finding work in the everyday world that is most congruent with the path of your soul.

Then, come back, and look for clues in your everyday reality. Be alert. Many signs and hints will pop up that may lead somewhere. At first, don’t throw out any of them. Let your mind accept all these possibilities. To decide which of these possibilities to follow up, go to your heart (your emotions) and your body feelings about the option you’re considering. (Your mind, if consulted alone, may like one job possibility very much and consider it the most practical, but if you have a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you think of that kind of job, do listen to that feeling and explore it.) An important decision like this should be made with all of yourself body, heart, mind, and spirit. And don’t fall into the trap of believing that whatever you choose as your next job is a place where you will have to stay it may merely be a stepping stone to position you for the next step that’s right for you.

At all times, keep staying in touch with the core or soul level, to keep yourself on course, and because that level is where all realities are created. Remember, the more you focus on your main path, the more likely you are to effortlessly bring forth energies that will clear and strengthen your personal path in the everyday world.
And remember, we guides at my level are always available to support you if you call on us.

My blessings to you,


Dear Vywamus,
In a spiritual work here in Brazil, I saw a huge energy protecting the work and the house too, and I cried of emotion and bliss. A name came to me: Vywamus. I never heard that name, than I google it... and I came to here. Was that you??
In divine friendship,

Dear Rose,

Yes, that was myself that you perceived, and a number of other guides who work with me. We are always working to protect and aid your good work, and that of other good people in the world. But not everyone sees us.

You saw and experienced our presence because you were ready. Your heart and mind are open to us. You received my name, Vywamus, one unexpected and unfamiliar to you, to prove to you that this experience was genuine and not one that you could have simply imagined on your own. If you had imagined it, you might have come up with Mary or Jesus, or some other familiar name. Instead, it occurred as it did -- that my name came to you, you reached out and found me here, and I’m now responding to you -- as a confirmation that what happened to you is authentic and real.

Please take the bliss you received from feeling my presence and that of the other guides into all the moments of your everyday life. We are always with you, and you’re always living with us in that state of bliss, even when you focus your attention on everyday matters.

Thank you for seeking me out, and for sharing this experience of yours.

Many blessings,


Dear Vywamus,

What’s the most important thing you want us to know at this time?

Vywamus: That you are more than you think you are. It’s easy to experience that you are a person in a body, living in a particular place and time, with limits and in particular life circumstances that you may or may not like. Yet you need to know and truly realize that you are an eternal, totally alive being who can never be limited. To be human is to learn to experience being both limited and limitless. As you do so you begin to emerge from your feeling of restriction, suffering, striving, and, yes, boredom. Your vast energies are free to bring about changes you have hoped for in your life and in the world around you.